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Buffy's Boy

This is about a two-year-old boy named Ezra, he has light blond hair like his mommy and he got his angelic face from his daddy. Yes this is the boy of Angel and Buffy.

This happened when Angel was turned in to a human by the blood of the Mohra demon – as anybody would assume, he and Buffy got back together (if you know what I mean…).

The next day he went to the Oracles and asked if he can get his vampire powers back. Then the Oracles said that they will make Buffy and everybody else forget the day except Angel himself – he alone will carry the memory of that day.

Two months after that Buffy felt sick – little did she know it was the morning sickness.

She knew something was up and considered the consequences that she might be pregnant at the time she was with Riley.

She didn't want to scare him away, so she did the test on her own – it turns out that she was pregnant. She told Riley and he demanded a paternity test.

Two months after that they went to the clinic and did the test – it turns out that the baby was not Riley's. Riley as a result, left Buffy and skipped town. Buffy was a wreck and didn't know what to do; she knew that she didn't cheat on Riley (or rather, she didn't remember…).

Eventually, after finding out, Angel came forward and told Buffy about the Oracles and the Mohra demon that made him human. After that, he then told her that they got together and that their time together was the reason why she was pregnant at that moment.

She was angry and unhappy because he had her memory taken away from her, but at the same time, she was ecstatic that she is caring Angel's baby.

He stuck around until she had the baby – it was a beautiful baby boy. They named his Ezra Summers – because the Forces of Darkness knew the Summers's name, they would fear the boy.

Buffy was the first Slayer that had a child. The Counsel gave her a gift so that she will never be able to die, but little did they know the offspring of a Slayer will receive the ultimate power of immortality and strength.

Two years later on Ezra's birthday, he received his power – he was able to walk, run, fly, and kill demons with a smile as they burst in to flames.

Buffy never had to fight demons ever again and they all lived happily ever after!