Good evening to you all. Today I come to present to you, my first project in the movies section of this site. I say this because since I registered here, I've been writing stories for the TV shows. HOUSE MD and ONCE UPON A TIME.

However, before we begin reading, I'll explain some things about the context of the text.

1a) although this is my first story in the section TITANIC, I'm already know the whole story (both the real part, as the movieĀ“s ficcional part). Thus, the chance that I miss some information, is small, although some feature of the characters can be changed deliberately

2a) this story has its conflict between the scene after Rose goes dancing with Jack in the third class. However, in this story, there will be no is no iceberg for Titanic crash, thus the ship arrives safely in New York. anyway, I'd still like to drop you guys what will happen here, because obviously, the events described in this paper did not happen in the movie

3a) besides Jack, Rose and all the characters in the film, the characters Mr. and Mrs. Strauss, Macy's owners, makes a small part in this story.

4a for this story, like you, forget the character of the old Rose, for two reasons. Number one, is that as Titanic did not sink, so do not need anyone to tell the story. The number two is more obvious, but if I speak here, I'll ruin my own story.

Well, I hope, that the explanations are sufficient. very good reading at all. And please let me know what you think of this story.


The Author