Titanic, arrived in New York, 09:00 AM, a Wednesday, April 20, 1912. Her arrival, as expected, was hailed by thousands of people, the high society of Philadelphia, was there, all ready to see the magnificent ship.

'' Damn, I'm sorry Jack'' said Fabrizio, while all passengers were on deck, watching the ship pass by the statue of liberty

'' sorry? why?'' said Jack confused

'' Well, you're not missing anything, after all, the statue of liberty, is not so beautiful.'' replied his friend, making Jack burst out laughing

The first to disembark, was Mr. Ismay, all proud, telling everyone, all the qualities of his ship. However, to his displeasure, a reporter asked

'' What you have to say about the killing, which was on the ship in the early days of travel, Mr. Ismay?'' Asked the reporter

'' Oh, do not worry about it, the killer has been identified and put into a saddle that we have in the control room'' said Mr. Ismay

'' Who was the murderer?'' asked another reporter

'' The killer was the victim´s fiance, Mr. Caledon Hockley, who seized with jealousy, strangled his own fianceé'' he said.

'' you have any proof of this, Mr. Ismay.'' said a police officer '' Yes, we have, Mr. Hockley confessed to murdering Miss DeWitt Bukater, moreover, he was caught trying to escape the ship'' he said

'' and how you managed to get him?'' said the report

'' Well, let's say there was a certain kind of teamwork between the passengers and crew of the ship'' Mr. Andrews said, finishing the questions.

Luckily for Mr, Ismay, however, all third-class passengers, left the back doors of the ship, then, no one noticed, that among the immigrants, was a passenger, who had lost his sight, accidentally, in the long-awaited trip.

A few days after arrival, Cal went to trial, almost all passengers who were aboard the ship, attended to see Rose's killer be tried and sentenced to a life imprisonment. Sure, Cal wept on hearing the sentence, but nobody seemed to give a damn for his crocodile tears

After that trip, then the passengers of the Titanic, followed different paths, not doing anything, except, wait. Wait to die; wait to live. Wait for an absolution, that would never come.

The first to move on, were Mr. Ismay and Mr. Andrews, who very disturbed by the events of the maiden voyage, decided to sell Titanic to another company that could look after her. After that, each one, decided to open their own business.

Old Captain Smith, made that trip, his last job as a ship captain, although he still gave some assistance to young men who wanted to enter the arm of Navy. And the team of officers, sailors and the rest of the crew decided to go to this other company, along with the Titanic.

As for the passengers. Well, Molly Brown and Mr. Brown, have applied the politics, but only managed to get elected in 1914. The Countess, married and moved to Nashville, Teneessee. Mr. Duff-Gordon and his wife returned to England in 1913, after spending a year in the U.S., opening business contracts. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss, re-opened, the Macy, who became a great success, after some time

Mr. Astor and Madeline Asto, moved to Chippewa Falls, Wisconssin and built there an elegant railroad. Mr. Guggenheim and his mistress, bought a huge factory of woven and called Fabrizio and Tommy to work with them.

Ruth DeWitt Bukater, having lost on the Titanic, her most precious treasure, did not mind the lack of wealth and turned her home into a boarding school for girls, whose name she put Bella Rose.

As for Jack, well, before landing, he had given to Cora his sketchbook and since the girl's mother was also a designer, he knew his old job, would be in good hands. After that, once he achieved on solid ground, without money, sight and without anyone, the former artist, decided to stay in New York, until make enough money to go back to Chippewa Falls.

In the six months that followed, Jack worked as a musician in a small nightclub, playing the old accordion that Tommy had given him then, with the help of another blind man, relearn how to read enough, to survive. Meanwhile, he managed to gather some money and so in the winter of 1912, he finally returned home.

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was falling in torrents, in the town of Chippewa Falls, when Jacques Lautrec Dawson, arrived at his grandmother's house, with his accordion and a improvised cane. Sure, at first, the old lady did not recognize her own grandson, because she had confused him with a beggar, however, after a few hours, she finally realized that the boy was her grandson and allow him to enter her house.

Time passed, Jack was able to work in a bar, playing his accordion, he married a kindley woman, had children and could build a pretty happy family.
However, the human heart is a deep ocean full of secrets. And there on the deeper side of his heart, right down the bottom, Jack had never forgotten her, his Rose, his Beloved Immortal and the Titanic´s guardian Angel.


finally reached the end of history, thank you all for reading. Only I want you to forgive me if the ending was a bit boring, but happens that the ideas were already running out.
anyway, thanks again
A. Mois