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When the hand appeared out of the grave and Joel Glicker still survived, Wednesday conceded that she'd have to resort to darker methods to kill the boy.

Little did she know, his love for her truly was undying. With every method of torture and murder she tried upon the young man the energy between the two grew, it wasn't until Morticia took it upon herself to explain to her naïve 17 year old daughter that the dark passion lodged firmly within her stomach was something a lot more than the desire to kill. By all means the desire was a physical need but far more carnal.

Wednesday had a lot to learn.

As she crept into his bedroom with the Addams household, she noticed his physique in the tangled blankets; he'd filled out muscle wise and even asleep, his aura was one of silent power. That didn't stop her though as she neared him she didn't see his arm dart out grab her leg and pull her down, the chloroform cloth lost she struggled against him but was alarmed that the weedy little nerd she'd first met was now a lot stronger than her.

"Mon cher." She gasped as he pinned her to the bed.

"Cara mia. I do not want to play these games anymore." He panted as held both of her tiny wrists in one hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Games?" Wednesday Addams had never been at a disadvantage, her brain usually powered over brawn.

"This trivial one Wednesday where you put me into some form of torture. You are naïve of the effects this has on both of us. You bury it, I can bury it no longer." Joel led the porcelain skinned girl up to the attic.

"You knew…" She stopped. He had known this is where she was going to torture him next. But instead it was her who was strapped into the chair, the leather restraints tight against her wrists. There was that strange feeling bubbling up in her stomach again and she shifted her legs as if to relieve the tension.

"Cara mia." Joel stroked the side of her face.

"You do not scare me Glicker."

"You no longer scare me Wednesday, you excite me, you fill me with a burning passion and love and I simply can be away from you no longer. But I fear to my impatient love drenched soul that I must wait a little longer until you see sense." He undid her braids and brushed her hair out, stroking it over her shoulders.

"Why Mr Glicker must you play this silly game when you know I can outsmart you." She closed her eyes, holding her will against the goosebumps down her skull and back.

"Wednesday Addams, you are incredibly dumb when it comes to the world." Joel Glicker kissed the top of her head and left her in her dark attic.