A/N: This I believe will be my last chapter and almost as a little epilogue because the game in practically finished! Anyway, thank you my lovely readers it has been a blast.


Wednesday Addams sat perfectly still beneath her father's gaze while Joel fidgeted every so often. Morticia stood by the fireplace and smiled at her strange husband.

"A baby?" Gomez closed his eyes slowly.

"Yes Father, a baby." Wednesday's eyes flicked towards her mother who beamed at the news. Finally, for many years she had panicked that her only daughter was going to end up alone and insane; at least Morticia had the comforting thought that she wouldn't be alone.

"A baby?!" Gomez repeated, his hand rubbing across his forehead. "My little daughter is going to have a baby?!" He cried out suddenly standing. Wednesday rolled her eyes, he was going to be his usual self with over dramatized gestures and emotionally soaked words. Was it any wonder she was so emotionally barren?

"Gomez, it's lovely we're going to be grandparents!" Morticia rested a dainty hand on his shoulder and gave him a knowing look. "Do you remember how your mother reacted when she found out we were expecting?" A haunted look crossed Gomez's features and he nodded, seemingly defeated.

It wasn't until they left Mr Addam's scrutinising look that Joel tugged on Wednesday's hand, turned her around and kissed her hard.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" He whispered. Her dark eyed grin still gave him shivers, partly out of fear but mainly out of lust.

"Joel, it's just another player in the game."

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