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Storm Warning

Chapter 1

Wes Mitchell sighed out loud as he push the door to the bank open, Travis Marks close behind him talking loud about his latest conquest, Macy.

"Travis, why don't you stay in the car? Why?" Wes sounded tired.

"And make you miss out on my story about Macy?" Travis smirked.

"Oh, thank you..." Wes said as he tuned Travis out and looked around as he stood in the line, there weren't that many people around as it was still a bit early.

He heard the door open again but didn't look back as he looked down at the check in his hands, it was for Alex.

Sighing again he looked up and saw four masked men with guns making their way thru the bank and he froze as he thought he recognized one of the men.

"Travis…." He said in a low voice. "Keep a low profile, please."

But either Travis didn't hear him or he just ignored his partner as he whipped out his gun and yelled:

"Police! Drop your weapons!"

The masked men halted their progress but neither did drop their weapons and one of the moved slowly and carefully over to the two policemen.

As he came closer his walk turned confident and with a swagger he stepped a few steps from Wes and Travis.

"Well, look at that!" The masked man said sounding happy. "Wes Mitchell! I knew that this is your bank but not in a million years I thought as to be as lucky to run into you!"

"Hey!" Travis said, a bit confused by the robber's words. "I said drop your weapons!"

"And that will make you Wes's partner, Travis Marks, right?" The robber said as he turned to Travis. "You better drop that gun or one of them" he pointed to the other masked men "will start to shoot the innocent people over there and then I would shoot Wes here." His gun now pointed at Wes who had not drawn his gun.

"Alright." Travis looked over to his partner with a glance and didn't like what he saw.

Wes was pale and tightlipped as he kept looking at the robber in front of him.

"Good, now drop your gun to the floor, kick it away and up with your hands." The robber moved closer to Wes, leaned forward to whisper in his ear but still loud enough for Travis to hear. "I'm violating the restraining order big time now, huh?"

"What restraining order?" Travis asked, his voice pitched high.

Wes and the robber ignored him and the blonde detective closed his eyes as the robber slowly patted his shoulders and then down his chest checking for guns, taking the detective's gun and put into the back of his pants and then continued down both his legs.

Travis watched with a growing feeling of uneasiness as Wes grew paler and paler, his lips a thin white line.

When the robber was done he straightened himself, he was a few inches taller than Wes and wider and standing that close made the size difference apparent.

"Guys, you know the plan. Keep going and I'll handle this." The masked man said and the other three men did what he said.

"How long have you been out, Sam?" Wes finally found his voice and ignored the shakiness in it.

"Not long at all." Sam looked at Wes his brown eyes sparkling as they met the reserved blue eyes and then he looked over at Travis. "Did my Wes tell you about me?"

"No." Travis was still confused but he was creeped out by Sam's behavior and "my Wes"?

"Aw, that's too bad."

"Maybe you ain't that memorable?" Travis said.

"And maybe Wes doesn't trust you enough?" Sam said hitting a nerve and Travis looked at Wes with questions in his eyes, not knowing what to think.

"Hey!" The blonde detective said in a low voice. "Both of you stop it."

Before anyone could say anything more one of the other masked men called on Sam and the brown eyed robber fished out both detectives' handcuffs and cuffed them with their hands behind their backs and then ordered them to sit down as he made his way over to the other robber.

Wes tried to avoid Travis eyes as he followed Sam but he could feel his partner's eyes on him, oh how he wished that Travis had stayed in the car.

"Wes…" Travis sounded unsure so Wes looked at him. "What's going on?"

"I…" Where to start? Wes sighed and hung his head. "When I was a rookie cop I stumbled on a robbery in progress. Sam was one of the robbers but I didn't know that because he was masked like now. I was first on the scene and he had a pregnant woman as a hostage. She went into labor so I offered myself up as hostage. "

Travis didn't know what to say, he just kept looking at his partner and trying to support him.

"I don't know why or how but Sam took a shine to me, his partners wanted to shoot me right on the spot. I don't remember it all, I was hit in the head as the situation grew more intense. It ended somehow with Sam's partners shot but he escaped somehow. "Wes looked up glanced over at Travis and then down again. "After that this brown haired man started to pop up asking for my phone number, saying that I saved his life and then I started to get flowers sent to my desk, notes on the police car and strange phone calls home. Alex thought I was having an affair." Wes shook his head. "One late night when Alex was away on a business trip Sam came by our house and he tried to invite himself. We fought and a neighbor broke it up. After that I got that restraining order but it didn't really stop him."

Travis looked away from Wes over to Sam and he was boiling on the inside. He just wanted to walk over to the robber and beat him to a bloody pulp.

The robber turned their way, meeting Travis eyes and he walked over to them again.

"I thought Wes was playing hard to get." Sam stopped and crouched down, looking Wes in the eyes. "Admit it, he is quite stunning. I know you see it too." Sam turned to Travis. "He hasn't changed much, gotten a little bit skinnier. Don't you take care of your partner?"

"I'm an adult." Wes said a bit affronted. "I can take care of myself."

"I was happy to hear that you and Alex split up." Sam continued, ignoring Wes's words. "She wasn't the right one for you."

"But you are?" Travis said with a huff.

"Maybe." Sam said his brown eyes turning cold as he looked at Travis. "You think you are?"

"You are not my type." Wes said as he tried to draw back Sam's attention to himself, not liking the tension between Sam and Travis. "You never where and never will be!"

Sam turned his head toward Wes, sadness showing for a second in his eyes and then he took his gun and pointed it at Wes's forehead.

"Why do you say that?" He caressed the blonde man's face with the gun letting it rest at the hollow of Wes's throat. "You have never given me a chance. I would do anything for you! I went to prison for you!" He grabbed Wes by his shirt and pulled him up, changed his grip so his hand was around the blonde's throat, breathing hard and just kept starring at the young man as his air supply was caught off.

"Sam! Let him go!" Travis yelled panicked and tried to stand. "You are killing him!"

"Sit back!" Sam yelled at Travis as he threw Wes down on the floor like a ragdoll. Then he turned around and walked over to his companions.

"Wes, are you alright?" Travis moved towards his fallen partner.

Wes was breathing hard and his eyes were shut as pain radiated from his left wrist, he had landed on it badly and he was pretty sure that it was broken.

"Wes?" Travis's voice was filled with worry.

"I'm…" Wes swallowed. "I'm alright, Travis."

"I don't believe you." Travis said but had a small smile on his face that disappeared as he looked over at the robbers. "What a mess."