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2 months ago Bolin and Asami got married.

Now it's my turn.

Asami was fixing my hair and make-up.

"Ok almost done...there done" she said smiling.

Obiously she's my maid of honor. She's wearing something similar to the dress she made me wear for her wedding. (ON PROFILE)

"Thanks Asami" I said as she helped me with my Elegant Sweetheart Column Court Train Sleeveless Lace up Bridal Gown that she helped me pick. (ON PROFILE)

"Ok I have to get in to place see yeah out there sis" she said as she left the room.

She called me sis because in a few we will be sister in-laws. Then I heard a knock and in came Tenzin.

"Are you ready" he asked "yes" I said.

The reason Tenzin is walking me down the aisle and not my father Tonraq, is because my father got very sick and passed away last year.

"Let's go" he said we got to the end of the aisle I looked forward and Mako was at the end in a black tux with a golden tie.

Soon we made it to the altar and I held on to Mako.

"Dearly beloved we are here to join these two in holy matrimony if anyone here objects please speak now or forever hold your peace" the pastor started then paused and then she continued "good now the couple has written their own vows you may say them" she said.

"Mako when I first met you, you were just some annoying hot head. And now you're still that annoying hot head. (Everyone giggled at that) But you're my annoying hot head. And I love you Mako. After all that we went through together I know our loves strong and nothing can break it. I love you Mako." Korra finished with tears in her eyes (happy one of course).

"Korra when I first met you I thought you were one of Bolin's fan girls. (Bolin and Asami smiled at that) But it turned out you weren't one of his fan girls you were the avatar and one of my fan girls.

(Everyone started to laugh a little at this) But you're not just the avatar you are an amazing strong thoughtful girl and beautiful to. And I love you with all my heart korra" when he finished Korra was laughing a little and crying a little from happiness.

"Congratulations I now pronounce you husband and wife you may continue kissing the bride" she said with a smile on her face.

Before she finished Korra and Mako were already kissing.

Everyone cheered and gave there applause.