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Chapter 1

Edward didn't know how he would feel when he saw her again. Her physical appearance will have changed in the last ten years, but he knew her heart would still be the same. Bella would always be the self sacrificing, loving and wonderful person he had always known her to be. He stayed away from her all of these years to give her a chance to rebuild her life. She had asked him to do so and he felt he owed her that after what he did.

Edward had, unknowingly, completely broken Bella's spirit although that wasn't his intention when he left her. He strongly felt he was doing the right thing by leaving. He believed that everything dangerous that had happened to her was a direct result of what he was.

He found that he couldn't stay away from her for long and a few months later he returned to Forks, ready to beg her to take him back. He was ready to do anything, even give her the one thing she had begged him for - immortality.

When Edward did return, he was too late. Jacob Black, Bella's childhood friend and local shape shifter, had already taken his place in her heart. Edward had left a huge void that the wolf found easy to fill. Bella turned to Jacob and found the love Edward had denied her. Jacob was there for her in the darkest hour of her life and that fact cemented their relationship.

True to his animalistic character, Jacob was ready to kill Edward in order to keep possession of Bella. Edward was up for that fight but once he realized how badly he had damaged Bella, he backed off.

Edward realized that the love she felt for Jacob was not the same as she had for him. It was safer, more suited to the fragility of her mind. Jacob had imprinted on Bella during those first few weeks and because of this Edward knew that Jacob would never leave her. He would always be there to protect her and defend her to the death. He realized that this Bella was no longer his; his Bella had died when he left and in her place was this new person who no longer wanted him or the immortal life she had previously desired. With this realization came his decision to try and let Bella go.

Edward was glad that Bella had agreed to meet him alone despite Jacob's vehement protests. He needed to have some sort of closure and he would never forget those last few tortuous moments with her. He could smell Jacob all over her; he had definitely marked her as his once he imprinted on her. Venom filled his mouth; at that moment Edward hated Jacob for taking Bella at her most vulnerable time. In the few short months she was here without Edward, Jacob took her love, her virginity and her life as his own.

Edward still loved Bella in the same way; he wanted her as he always had. The difference in her confounded him but he knew why she had changed.

Edward held two medical degrees but he really didn't need them to know that the psychological blow he had dealt Bella was life changing for her. In order to prevent herself from going insane, he knew she had to completely let go of any love she had felt for him. Her fragile human mind could not handle the trauma she had undergone when he left. Her survival instinct kicked in when Jacob offered his life to her and she gladly went into his arms.

This is my fault, I was the one who screwed up and lost the love of my life.

Edward could see by her peaceful expression that she was happy with Jacob and he could hear it in her voice when she gently asked him to let her live her life in peace. Looking into Jacob's thoughts, Edward saw that that her love was returned; the imprint phenomenon ensured this.

Edward did as she so sweetly asked and left her once again. He fell into a deep depression for the first couple of years to which he almost succumbed; however with love and support from his family, he was able to find his way.

After a while, Alice began sending Edward regular updates and each time she told him that Bella was pregnant with yet another of Jacob's children, any small, pathetic hope he still harbored of having a life with her would fade a little more. They say time heals all wounds and so it began to be for Edward Cullen.

Now, after 10 years, Edward was ready to return to his family. After the initial two year depression, he managed to make the next eight productive. He had finally decided to officially become a physician like his father, Carlisle. Edward became a cardiologist and with Carlisle's assistance, he landed a job with the clinic and hospital in Forks. He was determined to rebuild his own life and half hoped that Bella would at least allow him to be her friend. He couldn't help but smile when he wondered how Jacob will feel about that.

Could Edward be just a friend to Bella? Even now, he could feel a strong connection to her. He hoped that he could deal with it and look at her with a different sort of love. He needed to see her and resolve the confusing feelings. This was to be one of the first issues he dealt with once he arrived home.

As he turned into the long driveway that led up to his family's home, he couldn't help but feel that he was back where he belonged. It was good to see the familiar house with its beautiful architecture and through the windows Edward could see his family waiting for him. Except for the occasional vacation in which they would all get together in Europe, he hadn't seen them for any extended period of time in the last decade.

Edward's mother, Esme, was the first to reach the car, wrapping her arms around his neck before he could say anything to her. The look on her face confirmed that he had stayed away much too long.

"Oh Edward, it is so good to have you back!" Esme whispered softly into his ear.

His family gathered around him, each welcoming him back in their own individual ways.

"Emmett, you can stop now." The incessant pounding on his back was getting annoying.

"Oh sorry dude, hey it's good to have my hunting buddy back." Emmett was grinning widely.

Carlisle was beaming his approval of Edward's return and the fact that he had decided to officially become a physician.

"I am very proud of you son."

"There will be no living with him now." murmured Rosalie, a hint of a smile on her lips. She was secretly very happy to have him home; she missed their bantering.

Edward heard Jasper's sincere thoughts as he welcomed him home. Edward embraced both he and Alice together.

"It's good to be back with you guys." He could feel the love emanating from them all.

Yes, it is good to be back.

The family made their way up to the house and into the brightly lit kitchen. There were flowers everywhere, no doubt Alice's doing.

Edward really only had one thing on his mind at this point.

"I want to talk to Bella; I'll need her number."

Everyone's mind went blank for a split second then he only heard confusion coming from most of them.

"Actually, I was going to invite Bella and the kids over to play. Perhaps you can talk to her then." Alice's cheerful voice announced.

"Is Jacob going to approve of that?" Edward's voice was incredulous, how could Alice think that Jacob would allow his children to come to a den of vampires?

"Oh, Bella is quite stubborn when it comes to what she wants and so far Jacob has had no problem with it. They come over all the time which is why Esme designed a play area for them in the back. Come see it."

Alice grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the back door.

Esme's face lit up as they proceeded out to the backyard area. A full set of state-of-the-art, brightly colored playground equipment was spread out in an area Edward knew had previously been wooded. There was secure chain link fencing around the entire area, small child sized picnic tables mixed with adult sized and a two story blue playhouse to the right towards the back. There was an automatic cover installed that was obviously used on rainy days so they children could still play. It looked like a children's paradise.

Then it hit him that Bella and her family were an integral part of his family's life.

"They spend lots of time here." Esme was almost apologetic.

At first he didn't know what to think. He knew they all loved Bella and of course they wouldn't have cut her or her children out of their lives. It made sense.

"I think it's great." He said and meant it. He was already wondering if Bella's children looked like her.

"I'll go call her." Alice danced her way inside.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay with this son?" Carlisle was concerned for him as always.

"Yea, I want to see Bella, I need to talk with her. Meeting the children will be a little strange, but I want to do it. "

Edward still wondered if he had done the right thing in leaving her alone all of these years. He had to know if she was happy, he had to talk to her.

Sometime later, they heard a vehicle pulling up in the driveway. Alice flew down the stairs and out the door before any of them could move. Edward paused at the bay window, looking out at the green SUV as it came to a stop.

Well, this is it, he told himself and went out to meet Bella's family.

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