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Chapter 6

Since this was Kady's first time around Bella and the children, Edward suggested they go hunting to which she was quick to agree. He watched as Kady expertly scented, stalked and caught a huge mountain lion. She was so strong and confident; it felt good to be with someone so self-assured. They hunted longer than usual; Kady wanted to make sure that she wasn't thirsty when she met the humans for the first time.

Edward was glad that he'd remembered Rosalie's birthday was coming up when Kady and he had gone to Seattle on a shopping trip the previous month. They visited a jewelry store that he knew had the style Rosalie wore. She would love the heavily studded diamond and sapphire necklace and bracelet set they bought to give to her.

When Kady first saw it in the store's case, she was taken aback.

"Wow, that's quite a set there."

"Rosalie's quite a girl." he laughed, thinking of his ostentatious sister.

While they were there, Edward had bought Kady a simple yet lovely onyx and diamond set she admired. When she came downstairs, ready for the party, he noticed she was wearing it. It looked exquisite against her smooth pale skin and raven hair and it pleased him that she decided to wear it to the party. Her silky black pantsuit was stunning and Edward found himself growing aroused again.

Kady was pleased Edward wanted her again but she was too anxious to follow his lead. Every time she thought about Bella Black she felt a sense of violence rise up in her. It was unreasonable; this she knew, but it was there all the same. She supposed it was jealousy resulting from her low self confidence in herself. She needed to give the human a chance at least.

Edward sensed her anxiety and just held her to him, murmuring gently.

"Edward, I want you to do something for me."

"Anything love."

"Monitor my thoughts while I'm at the party."

This totally took Edward by surprise since Kady fiercely guarded her privacy and never let him enter her mind. He thought maybe the apprehension she was feeling wasn't worth even going.

"Are you okay with this Kady? I can call and tell them we won't be going."

"No, I want to go. I have to go. I have to meet Bella and come to terms with the way I feel about her. I know it's unreasonable but I think I might hate her and, well, I just don't know how I will react to her."

Kady was serious; she actually thought she might harm Bella. Edward knew better though.

"I don't think you'll find anything about Bella Black to hate Kady. Yes, I will monitor your thoughts but I doubt I could stop you if you wanted to do anything."

Kady was a strong vampire, definitely stronger than himself and even Emmett who was the most physically powerful of them all. Plus she had gifts. He shook his head; nothing could convince him that Kady would harm any human regardless of her power. She was jealous though and he would monitor her thoughts as she asked. He went one step further.

"You know that Jasper is an empath, right? Would you like if I called him to ask if he could monitor the emotional atmosphere when you meet Bella for the first time?"

"Oh Edward, yes please!" He could hear the relief in her voice.

He made a quick phone call to Jasper, explaining the situation. His request wasn't at all unusual for Jasper since he routinely kept the emotional climate calm when situations arose.

Kady didn't really feel she would harm the human. After all she had never bitten a human in all her vampire years. Her control was firmly in place but then she had never loved as strongly as she loved Edward. She was possessive of him and these feelings were still foreign to her. She was relieved to hear Edward would have Jasper monitor the meeting.

On the drive over Kady thought about her relationship with Edward and his family. This was all still so new for her. She had never been a part of any family although when she was a young vampire, she found herself craving the security of a coven. That definitely changed with time since she had learned pretty early to take care of herself and not to trust anyone. Trusting Nico had been the first time she had opened herself up and of course that ended badly. She wanted to trust Edward and she was sure she did but part of her deep inside still held back. A part she hid from the world that was still raw with anger and hurt.

Meeting Bella Black was going to be interesting. Kady was going to try and keep an open mind. Surely this human had to be harmless if the whole Cullen family loved her. They loved Bella the way Kady secretly yearned to be loved. Maybe that was what she was jealous of?

Kady shook her head and chastised herself.

Silly bitch, what the hell is wrong with you?

Edward noticed the little shake and squeezed her hand reassuringly. She still had not opened her mind to him but he said nothing, knowing that she would when she felt she needed him.

They arrived early and his family affectionately greeted Kady.

Rosalie squealed over the beautifully wrapped gift Kady handed her and ran to place it on the table that was by now overflowing with presents of every size and shape. Mostly from Emmett, Edward guessed.

Earlier Edward had threatened Emmett so he wouldn't voice out loud any of the sexual innuendoes he had been throwing at him the past few weeks.

Emmett was laughing as he mouthed in Edward's direction, "Did you get any yet?"

Edward ignored him and he gasped.

"Oh my god he did, he finally did!" Rosalie jabbed him hard with her elbow and Edward heard him yelp.

Kady sent Edward a seductive smile to which his body responded to immediately. He returned her smile thinking he just wanted to disappear with her.

Since the children were coming, Alice and Esme had made a wonderful cake and had even bought ice cream to go along with it.

Rosalie was so excited about having the kids come to the party. They loved their Aunt Rose and in them she had fulfilled her fantasy to be a mother. Bella trusted Rosalie completely with her children and had allowed all of the Cullens to become very close to them.

The Cullens all loved the kids but of them all, Rosalie had an especially protective instinct when it came to them. Edward knew they would always be well protected. Plus, between her and Alice, the children were lavished with gifts and were the best dressed children in Forks. He could only imagine how Jacob felt about that.

They heard the SUV pull up outside. Edward let the others go out to welcome Bella and her family, opting instead to stay inside with Kady. Jasper stayed as well and stood off to the side, sending Kady a reassuring smile.

Edward could feel Kady's nervousness so he reached out to pull her tightly against him. She opened her mind to him.

Tell me it's going to be okay Edward.

"Its okay love, I know you'll be fine."

Edward was struck at how wonderful it was to have access to her thoughts. She was just as lovely inside as she was out. He remembered that she had called him a good person. It took one to know one he supposed. He also noticed that there was something she quickly hid yet he caught a glimpse before she was able to do so. He saw anger and pain; then it was gone.

Of course she still has anger and pain. It's still so soon after Nico. He still affects her.

Edward would of course think that the pain she hid came from her relationship with Nico. Little did he realize her issues went far deeper than that one relationship that went wrong.

Together they waited for the family to enter the front door. Edward monitored her thoughts which were fraught with trepidation but not in the least alarming. Jasper sent out a calming vibe and Kady responded, visibly relaxing a bit.

The boys, Jesse and Cole, burst through the door first followed by the rest of the family. Rosalie was carrying Skye and Emmett had little Jacob Jr. which everyone now called Jakey. Anya had hitched a ride on her grandpa Carlisle's back and Bella came in with Alice's arm around her waist. Jacob was not with them to Edward's relief.

Jasper stood off to the side and Edward immediately felt another calming vibe go through the room. Bella looked expectantly in our direction so Edward pulled Kady forward to make the introductions.

"Bella, I want you to meet Kadence. Kady, this is Bella Black."

Edward watched Kady's thoughts closely and Jasper imperceptibly moved a little closer.

The human and vampire stared at each other for a moment. Kady's face was impassive as she took in the human standing before her.

Bella stuck her hand out towards Kady with a sincere, sweet smile on her face.

"It is so good to finally meet you Kadence."

Edward listened intently to Kady's thoughts as she met Bella for the first time.

As she took the human's hand, Kady noticed that the woman's chocolate brown eyes had such depth to them, kindness and goodness fairly emanated from the girl. Her hand was warm and her sweet scent caused her head to spin a little.

Kady couldn't help the smile that made its way to her mouth. The woman was positively fascinating in some way she couldn't describe.

"It's good to meet you too Bella. I've heard so much about you. Oh and please call me Kady."

Just then Anya called to her mother from the kitchen.

"Excuse me a moment guys."

As Bella turned, she tripped over her own feet. Kady quickly reached out to catch her and set her upright.

"Oh thanks, typical me, always tripping on my own feet. Forever needing assistance, that's me." Bella was muttering, obviously embarrassed, an inviting red flush staining her cheeks.

Kady's thoughts turned almost maternal as she watched Bella make her way into the kitchen.

Edward saw Jasper visibly relax as he went to sit on the sofa in front of the television.

"Thanks Jasper."

No problem Edward. Anytime.

Kady turned to Edward and whispered too low for the humans to hear.

"I can see why you're protective of her. She's so endearing, I even feel protective of her and I just met her. She also really smells good, too good. How did you resist that scent for so long?"

"It took lots of control."

He really didn't want to talk about Bella right now. He was so proud of Kady and all he wanted was to be with her, beside her, inside her.

Jasper cleared his throat, interrupting the sexual tension that was beginning to build inside Edward.

Kady relaxed visibly. She sensed that Bella Black was not a threat to her relationship with Edward and the protective instincts she felt for the little human were intensified by the woman's sweetness. However she felt she still needed to stake her claim, albeit gently.

Edward saw that Bella had come back into the room and was walking towards them.

"Excuse us Edward, I want to introduce Kady to my children."

Without an ounce of fear or hesitancy, Bella took Kady's hand and led her into the dining room where the Cole and Jesse were dancing around the table making as much noise as they could. Kady let her lead her, obviously amused and still utterly confounded by the very strange human woman.

While Rosalie hovered, Bella introduced her children one by one. Kady found the children charming, especially Cole who was jumping up and down reaching up for her to hold him. She reached down and gently took the child in her arms, immediately feeling a very strong protective feeling towards him. As he chattered, he stroked her cheek and twisted a bit of her hair around his little finger.

Kady chuckled to herself and watched him as he told her all about what they got Rosalie and how he helped Anya and Jesse wrap the present.

Edward stood close by watching Kady interact with the little boy.

She is truly amazing.

After the introductions Bella asked Kady if she could talk with her. Kady placed Cole on the ground and followed Bella to one side of the room. Edward again stood close by, standing in the doorway of the family room with his back to them. He continued to monitor the conversation as well as Kady's thoughts.

"Kady, I'm so happy for you and Edward. He deserves to be happy. I suppose he told you about our past and I want you to know that what happened between us is history. Edward is very special and I care about him but only as a very good friend. I want you and me to be friends also if possible."

Edward smiled; Bella was trying in her sweet way to assure Kady that she wasn't a threat to them.

Kady was very still and listened to all that Bella had to say. Edward could see in her mind that she was amused by Bella's attempts to let her know she had no romantic claim to him, but she was also wary. When she spoke her voice held a slightly possessive tone.

"Thank you for that Bella. Edward is a very special vampire. He is kind, compassionate and a gentleman and I have never met anyone like him. I love him very much and I have no desire or intention of ever letting him go. I appreciate you talking with me and I too hope we can be friends."

Kady smiled at Bella, effectively softening her words.

Bella gave her a quick hug and joined the family at the table where they were lighting candles before singing Happy Birthday to Rosalie.

Bella didn't seem to catch it but Edward knew Kady had given Bella a carefully worded warning as she staked her claim to him. Edward also knew that it was lost on Bella who was totally in love with her husband. It gave him a thrill hearing Kady speak of him in that manner.

Kady enjoyed the party and at the end she was spending lots of time with little Cole. He was a daredevil and Kady was having fun catching him as him jumped off of the playground equipment. The child seemed to have no fear. Edward was enjoying watching them and the other children as they played in the paradise Esme had created for them.

Kady was having fun with the little boy. She never experienced this kind of play as a child before. Her orphanage upbringing was full of harsh memories of being forced to work in sweat houses and then of numerous types of abuse as she grew older.

Cole laughed and planted a wet kiss on her cheek before wriggling down to climb up once again.

Kady felt a surge of affection followed by a strong protective vibe. She vowed never to let anything hurt the four beautiful human children playing so happily. She didn't even try to understand why she felt this way, she just accepted it.

Bella seemed totally at ease with letting Cole so close to Kady.

Bella's trusting to a fault. Edward mused.

An overpowering scent of wolf hit Edward hard and he instinctively looked up to find Kady. She had been alerted too and stood still with Cole in her arms.

It's Jacob.

Edward nodded his head in her direction, acknowledging her warning.

Let me know if he gives you any trouble.

Kady was keeping a close eye on him; Edward smiled thinking how strange it was to have the role of protector turned around.

Hey bloodsucker.

Hey Jacob.

Jacob had come up to stand beside Edward and stood there with his arms crossed looking out at Kady who had resumed playing with Cole.

"So what's this I hear about you and Kady? You guys really together now?"

"Yes, we're together, now and always." Edward bristled at his insolent tone.

"Yeah, well you could do worse, that's for sure. Kady is a classy chick, even for a vamp. Better be good to her."

What was this? Jacob telling him how to treat his mate? Edward managed to keep his composure.

"You talk as though you know her well." Edward said this between gritted teeth.

"I feel like I do. We've talked a few times in town and that night we all met her, I could tell she is genuinely a good person. It's not her fault she's a vamp and I know I can trust her." Jacob said with an emphasis on the her.

Jacob was as sincere as he could possibly be while still managing to insult Edward.

Edward let the insult go and smiled, thinking Kady also had a gift for making people like her. There was no end to her abilities it seemed.

"Well, thanks then."

Anya, Jesse and Cole came running up to Jacob from the playground and Jacob scooped all of them up at one time. Edward could see and feel the love he had for them and for Bella who came up behind him with Skye in her arms. She encircled his waist with one arm.

Edward moved away from them and turned to Kady who was walking towards him from the playground.

She put her arms around him and sighed.

"They make a cute family Edward. The kids are all great but it's funny that none of them smell as good as their mother."

"It's the wolf in them." He joked to Kady.

She punched him and they started walking back up to the house.

Charlie was pulling up in the driveway as they neared the house, apologizing before he was even out of his truck.

"I'm sorry to be late; I had to finish up some stuff at the station."

'Oh hey, no problem Charlie, it's good to see you again. I want you to meet my fiancée, Kady."

Kady gave Edward a curious glance.


Edward shrugged and smiled at her.

Charlie's thoughts, although muddled, were clear enough for Edward to see that Charlie found Kady fascinating, effectively causing him to fall over his words.

"Oh, uh, hi there Kady. I've seen you around town, welcome to Forks and uh, it is good to see Edward happy."

"Hey there yourself Charlie, good to meet you too. You have a wonderful family."

"Yeah, they sure keep me busy."

At the mention of his grandchildren, Charlie's face split into a huge smile and he turned to welcome Bella, Jacob and the kids as they surrounded him with cries of "Grandpa, Grandpa!"

Edward was hit again with the sense that things were right in the world. This is the way it was meant to be. Bella was happy and safe; she had her family and would always be loved.

Kady and Edward left the happy family, continuing up to the house.

Later that evening, after the party, they headed back to Kady's house. During the drive home Edward could scent Kady's arousal building; he saw her hands clinching. He smiled and ignored her to see how it would all play out.

Kady's anxiety over meeting Bella Black had subsided to only be replaced by a sense of longing. Longing turned into arousal quickly as she started having visions of what she was going to do to Edward when she got him home. She had closed her mind to him again so she could surprise him.

He's in for it. She smirked to herself.

As soon as they got inside the door, she physically attacked him, almost knocking him over. Her hands were everywhere all at once. In a flash, their clothes were gone and she had slammed him to the floor. Desire raged through Edward also yet he remained submissive and allowed her do exactly as she pleased. She positioned herself above him, her golden eyes glittering with electric blue flecks. Edward was enthralled at the erotic image she presented.

What the hell have I been missing all of these years?

She came down hard, leaning forward, pinning his arms, riding him. She made the most delicious noises he had ever heard. He loved this assertive Kady and allowed her to do as she willed. He watched her as she drove down on him again and again, slightly changing the angle causing her to moan loudly. He closed his eyes then and enjoyed her ride, feeling his own climax building.

Kady screamed as her orgasm hit her hard, taking him with her to a mind blowing climax. Afterwards, he spiraled down and lay with her on the floor in the foyer, caressing her gently.

Kady collapsed on top of Edward then rolled off to the side a little. Edward looked over at her and smiled. Her eyes were closed, her sensitive nipples were still rock hard as her orgasm slowly receded. She was amazed at the different sensations she was feeling as Edward began caressing her.

Edward couldn't resist kissing her relaxed body, nipping her here and there. He made love to her slowly, driving her mad as he would bring her close to climax then pull back. He turned her over on her stomach on the smooth foyer floor, and massaged her beautiful backside, nipping her back. She whimpered, rising up on her knees, backing into him, offering herself. He rubbed the length of his erection between her lush cheeks, reveling in the sensuous feel of her. She groaned and pushed back harder towards him. He pulled her up closer, and teasingly entering her inch by inch until she was screaming and bucking, trying to get him to push all the way into her.

"Dammit Edward, fuck me already!"

Reveling in the control he had for the moment, he grasped her hips, pulling out just until he was at the entrance and then proceeded to slam into her as hard, giving her exactly what she wanted.

Kady cried out as she lay submissively under Edward as he lustily thrust into her. The domination of the position thrilled her; usually she was the one who liked to be in charge. In this position he was finding places inside her she had never known existed.

She never let Nico take her like this although he had always begged her. She was fortunate enough to be stronger and therefore was able to elude his attempts. She allowed this with Edward only because of the trust she had built with him.

Edward slammed into her again and again until she started screaming his name and something like - oh yes Edward, yes! - until he couldn't hear anything else. He enjoyed the control he had as he held her down and drove into her until they climaxed and collapsed, spent and sated.

They had destroyed the little table by the door and put a hole in the foyer wall; the splinters and plaster lay everywhere. They looked at each other and started laughing.

He scooped her up, taking her up to one of the bathrooms boasting a huge garden tub which he proceeded to fill.

"Edward, when you introduced me as your fiancée to Charlie, did you mean it?"

Obviously this beautiful creature didn't realize she meant everything to him.

"Kady, before I met you I didn't have much hope that I would find someone to spend my existence with, much less someone that I would love. I dreamed of finding someone to spend eternity with. Then I met you, the sparks flew and I realized that I had indeed found my true soul mate. I told myself that I would win you and once I did, I would never let you go. Now you ask if I meant what I said when I called you my fiancée? Kady, I want to make you my wife, my partner in every way possible. I want us to be forever intertwined so nothing will ever be able to part us."

Kady thought about this for a moment. This was serious, more serious than even her relationship with Nico. He had never declared love for her in the way Edward was. Nico said he loved her and the sex was fairly good but it was as if he was always hiding something. Of course his dark secret became exposed later. Kady shook her head at the memories.

Now she was the one hiding something from Edward. The anger and pain from her past was always with her. Unlike many vampires she was cursed with remembering every detail from her life before she was turned which included abuse of many kinds. Rape that started at the age of nine, repeated beatings, being made to work in a sweat house and never knowing a kind word. Numerous failed friendships with other vampires came after that and then of course the Nico fiasco. She knew she needed to deal with her issues.

Can I really make it work with Edward? Doesn't he deserve better that me? Will I ever be whole?

He pulled her over on top of him, the bubbles of the bath all around them.

"Kady, would you please do the honor of marrying me? Would you agree to spend eternity with me, as long as we both shall exist?"

Kady looked at his handsome, sweet face. The love for her was so evident in his eyes and in his touch. Kady pushed back the memories and accepted what he offered her.

"Yes Edward, I will. I love you."

She laid her head on his chest and for a time they lay there together in the huge garden tub filled with bubbles, listening to the sounds of the night birds outside the window. Kady found that she was able to forget the past for a while.

Kady thought for a long time, going over their first meeting, the progression of their relationship. She felt she truly knew who Edward was. She trusted him with her life which was something she had never trusted anyone with. She thought to give him a gift.

Edward heard her voice inside his head as she dropped her mind's shield.

Edward, from this day forward, my mind will be open to you. I trust you Edward.

Kady opened her mind but was careful to hide her anger and pain in the furthest corners of her mind. Pushed it all back instead of sharing it. She knew she should be open with Edward about her past and the baggage she carried but she just wanted to be happy. At least for a while.

Being able to hear Kady's thoughts had other benefits. Edward found that since her mind was open to him, he knew exactly what she wanted, when she needed it and in doing so, he was able to fulfill every fantasy, every need and desire she had.

They took a leisurely bath, soaping each other, unable to keep their hands to themselves. When she bent over to rescue a sponge from the floor, he took advantage, taking her quickly from behind. She let him ride her, moaning her delight, begging him for more. He was learning how to please her quickly thanks to the ability to read her thoughts. He knew exactly the angle she needed in order to peak which she did hard and long.

Letting you into my mind was the best idea I've had in a very long time.

Edward chuckled, turning her around and guided her head down.

She sighed happily and turned to him, taking him into her mouth, sending him once again to that rapturous place that only belonged to the two of them.

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