This story was running through my mind for so long but I didn't knew how to put it in words... Finally, I decided to do it, I hope you will like it. English is not my first language so I hope it's not too messy...

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This fiction is totally a fantasy and it's totally AU even if I tried to keep the personality of the main character.

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EDIT : After talking with my so dear Jayne, I realize that some things I will wrote could be misunderstood because of the age of Rachel, so we decided to make her 2 years older than in the first version. So, now, she is 14 at the beginning of the story. Sorry for this mistake.

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Some said that she was a lucky spoiled girl who always had what she wanted. Cuddled in the arms of his lover, the one and only Finn Hudson, she was finally ready to admit with a smile that she was! Well till nobody knows it...

Chapter 1 : Every story has a beginning...

4 months before her birth, her mother came to his brother's home, Hiram, to tell him the horrible truth she was hidding for almost 5 months... she was pregnant and alone. Hiram was totally devastated at the news because he knew that for a jewish girl it could be totally dishonored to be a single mother.

She was so desperated when she explained how their parents threw her out of their house, telling her she wasn't her daughter anymore because of the shame she brought to her family.

Hiram gently gave her a reassuring hug while made eye contact with his husband Leroy who nodded to him sternly. They made their decision in only a few seconds but they never thought this one will affect their life forever.

The day Rachel came to life, Hiram received a call from the ER because he was the person to warn of his sister. He let down all he was working of and ran in the hallway of the hospital as quickly as he could after send a message to his husband to join him.

When he stepped in the room, it was filled with pained and anguished screams. His sister was trying to give birth but her face was drained and he was panicked by the lack of colors on his normally so pinky sister's cheeks...

She tried to reach out her hand to him to take but she seemed exhausted by the effort and her hand lay down near her body, strenghtless... Hiram stepped forward immediatly and took her hand, caressing it with his thumb in a comforting and tender way, locking his eyes on hers til she gave finally birth and the last spark finally be extinguished.

When he get out of the room, he walked like an old and burned out man. He made eye with his husband and only shaked his head, suddenly sustained by Leroy's arms while his tears flowed down, repeating without an end : " she's gone, she's gone, she's gone..."

Finally they made their way to the pediatric wing of the hospital and stood behind the window while someone show them their niece. She was so incredibly tiny and pretty and her wide dark eyes was looking directly in Hiram's eyes, a reminder of other's beloved ones. His husband took his hand on his and their decision was took, without a word.

Fourteen years later, they was sitting for their breakfast, sharing a knowing and happy smile while listening the rambling of their daughter, the one and only Rachel Barbra Berry. She was talking about her dance lesson and the fact that she was the best on it and it was a shame that nobody trid to work as hard as she did to, at least, try to seem not so far from her skills.

Yes, Hiram couldn't deny it, she was a spoiled girl, but she was the most amazing and adorable one... at least at his and his husband's eyes. Hiram couldn't forget that she losted her mother the day she birthed and that she spend her first months in the state crib til the day the Berry could adopt her.

All the adoption thing wasn't easy and she had been separated to them sometimes when the papers needed to be done and she couldn't support being put again in a social center with boys and girls who couldn't stand her. All right, her spoiled child attitud didn't really help her to be accepted but her dads' always learned her that she was special, unique and that nobody could take her talent away at least if she worked enough to keep it and not let anything came between her and her big dreams...

They wanted her to be a huge Broadway's star. They even named her like them forever idol : Barbra Streisand. They wanted her to be as famous as her and maybe better, why not? Fathers can dreamed...

Of course, this run for stardom wasn't without ambush and pain... Rachel was always alone much because of her ambitious way but also because she was raised like if she was a princess and everyone needed to be at her service, pushing other's limit til they can't bear her anymore. She saw that nobody couldn't stand her but she was totally unaware of why and sometimes, when she was crying in her pillows about her loneliness and asked why nobody loved her to her fathers, they always gave heer the same answer : "The road to Fame is a lonely way, only your art exists and matter. Others are only jealous because they know from the start that you're too far away for them to reach out!"

She believed what they told her and she was certain she was better than anyone else, maybe except Barbra Streisand herself but her dads said continuously to her that even her was on her reach! So she continued to grow as a selfish girl not even knowing how good and tender her heart could be and how she someday couldn't understand how she lived so long before realizing it.

Leroy Berry, judge of Lima's Court was a just and earnest judge who never fear to work on difficult or dangerous case. But when he started to work on a drug traffic case, he started to receive threat letters and he had to think about reinforce his own safety. So, even if he didn't want to do it, he finally gave up under Hiram's insistence and he hired a bodyguard.

One day finaly, he came. The first time Rachel saw him, she was totally impressed. He was so huge! She felt so tiny when she came to shake his hand, rising her head her eyes wide to look him in his eyes. And he was so handsome that even all the male stars of her Broadway favorite movies seem to be insignificant compared with. He has wonderful hazel eyes who soften a little when he said hello to her but became stern few seconds after, brown messy hair, soft incredibly large hands and a voice that made her thought immediatly what would it be when he sings.

Even his name was a pleasure... "Finn Hudson... Finn Hudson... Finn... Finn..." she repeated in awe for herself, loving the way it sounds in her mouth and breath... He was here to stay, to stay with her. Yes, all right, his own mission was to protect her father but maybe she could use him to her advantage and maybe with a so handsome man (not a boy, he was a man, a REAL man!) at her service, she could impress her peers and received a little the stardom she died to live... Usually, no adult could resist to her when she asked for something and made her incredible puppy eyes and started to pout... plus, being the judge Berry's daughter wasn't bad... nobody wanted to disappointed her because everybody knew she was her Daddy's girl. Why would he resist to her and didn't do what she wanted? This insane thought almost made her laugh. Looking him a last time in the eyes, she turns her heels to him launching her "that will be a cake to make you do what I want" look. Yes, she definitely could use him!

Finn was talking pleasantly with his new employer when his daughter came in the room, stoping only when she reached her father, hugging him on the waist. She looked at him and her eyes wide in shock when she realised how huge he was. Finn tried his best to hide the smile this kind of attitude would create. Usually he wanted to growl, irritated that no one could see him without overreactiong. But with her, it was different. She was so tiny, he could understand how surprised and weird she could feel near him.

Judge Leroy said to him that his little "baby" had just come to 14 and that she was the most incredible young lady in the world because of her talent and her smart side, no need to talk about how beautiful she was. Before seeing her, Finn thought that the judge may have been foolish because she was his daughter and for all parents, them kids are the best.

But when he saw her, he was really impressed. She was very petite, yes, but she had those wonderful wide dark eyes who seemed too smart and malicious to fit a so tiny and youngest kid. She has full lips red and soft promises of heaven when she will be ready to let someone taste them. And when he shaked her hand, he could feel how tiny hers was and couldn't hide for an instant the softness in his eyes. Her name Rachel and she seems to be like an angel on earth. It was a pretty name for a pretty girl and he thought suddenly that if she was a few years older he will not be the last trying to date her.

Yet, he caught something in her eyes that he didn't like immediatly. He could see the wheels worked on her brain and when she turned her heels to him with a knowing look, like if she had him in her hand and could make him do wathever she wants, he thought to himself that she was definitely not as angel as she seem. He should be aware to keep his distance from her because she started to leave swinging her hips softly, like if she was totally aware of her power on the men. His first impression was right : she was a spoiled girl, she has the habit anyone gave her everything she wanted and he didn't want to be her new toy. He was working for her dad and he might should remember it to her the last time she would act again like if he was at her service.