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Next day, America, without his glasses, was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone, which is hard considering that there are more than 50 mouths to feed, it was understandable that he was a little stressed, but it was okay, considering that he loved his children very much.

When Canada woke up, Kumajirou was still asleep, so he quietly got out of the warm bed, put the necklace on and tiptoed to the door; he slowly opened it and left the room, before slowly closing the door until it clicked. Looking around, he tried to figure out how to make his way to the kitchen as he smelled the scent of pancakes wafting through the air. As he walked, passing many doors on the ways, he was startled when there were several yells just as the nearby grandfather clock struck 9, making him look around in fear as one of the doors that were shut burst open and a person that he saw yesterday stumble out. It was followed by more doors opening and more people from last night stumbling out of them.

"Morning Uncle Canada," Alaska greeted upon seeing him.

"M-Morning erm…" Canada stuttered out.

"I am Alaska, mummy's 49th son,"

"N-Nice to meet you," he said shyly

"Are you going to the kitchen?"

"Y-Yeah, but I'm kind of lost," he mumbled

"Well you can follow me then, sister is collecting the other nations, so follow me," he grabbed his uncles arm and started pulling him down the hallway, after a few twists and turns, they arrived in what he saw was the dining room. The room was large and decorated quite tastefully, Canada's eyes grew wide as they landed on the dining table, and it was huge as the states took their seat, still not fully awake.

Alaska tugged him into one of the seats before he himself took a seat next to a girl who looked younger than him. After a 10 more minutes, the rest of the nations arrived and sat next to him, the state who led them there took a seat next to one of their siblings. Once everyone was seated, they started to talk, or argue in some of the states cases, leaving the teenage nations to feel uncomfortable as they felt like outsiders. Before long, America came out, pushing a very long and very wide food trolley out which carried many plates of pancakes and mugs or glasses of coffee, milk or orange juice.

"Morning everyone," he smiled warmly

"Morning Ma'/mum/mummy," the states all greeted, each of them had stopped what they were doing.

"Morning America," the Nations greeted

"Alright, breakfast is served so I want Texas, Virginia and Idaho to help me pass them out," the said states grumbled slightly but did as they were told, once everyone had something in front of them they started to eat, with America sat at the top of the table.

"So what are you going to bake today Ma?" New York asked

"I hope it's those peanut butter cookies," Rhode Island said

"No, it'll be more maple cookies," Pennsylvania said

"Like hell it will!" Delaware glared, "it'll be a lemon and chocolate roll!"

"Fuck you!" all the states started arguing whilst the de-aged nations with frightened by all the noise.

"QUIET!" America yelled, the states froze, "okay, I had already decided what to bake, and that will be Edilin cakes," all the states looked sharply at him.

"Are you sure?" Georgia voiced everyone's surprise and worry, "I mean, you haven't made that since the civil war," the southern states shuddered at the memory.

"Yes I'm sure," he smiled softly, "I think it's time to make it again,"

"That's great!" Missouri said, "I had forgotten what they taste like," the others murmured in agreement.

"I'll start making them after breakfast, and while I do that, I want Florida, Oregon, Kansas and Maryland to show our guest around, whilst Virginia looks for a counter spell,"

"Sure thing mum/mummy," the mentioned people said

"Great," he grinned, "by the way, we have another guest visiting later on, your Auntie Belarus," the states shuddered as they sent him looks of horror, "so if you don't want to meet her, I suggest you stay away from the living room," they didn't need to be told twice.

Later that day, whilst the cakes were baking in the oven, America was sat in the living room, with Belarus sat opposite him. Both were drinking a mug of coffee, with a plate of biscuits on the coffee table in the middle of them.

"Where is my brother?" Belarus asked

"He and the other nations are in the study with one of my children," America answered, "they're teaching them the technology until Virginia finds the counter-spell,"

"And how long will that take?" she demanded

"I don't know," he sighed, "we don't know what England used so it might take at least a month,"

"I am going to kill him," she hissed, an ominous black aura seeping out of her.

"That won't be a good idea," he calmed her, "it might cause a international crisis and I don't think your brother can forgive himself if you're dead,"

"What do you want me to do then?" she glared at the blond, who didn't even flinch.

"Right now, I want you to stay here and be with Russia until he turns back to normal; I think that he would need some familiar presence around him,"

"What of the others?" she calmed some what.

"They should be fine, and I don't think I can trust anyone to look after them in this state,"

"Oh America…" her gaze softened, "you know you'll have to trust them,"

"I know," he sighed again, "but I just can't bring myself to do it, you're one of the very few nations that I actually trust,"

"And it makes me feel honoured, but what are you going to do with the others once they turn back to normal?"

"If they remember everything that is happening in the current state, I might have to ask Virginia to erase they're memories, just like with Spain 89 years ago,"

"Well I better go and call my boss," she stood.

"And I need to call all the bosses for the nations, and come up with a convincing lie," he also stood

"I will handle Russia's boss," she volunteered

"Thanks Bel," he smiled and they separated to different parts of the house.

In the kitchen, half an hour later, America had taken the cakes out of the oven and now waiting for them to cool. He had already called the other bosses and easily came up with a lie as to why the de-aged nations are staying with him, and they believed it. Belarus was with Russia right now and explaining some things to him, whilst the other nations were with his states, who were all spread out. Kumajirou for his part was outside in the garden bathing in the sun with Gilbird who often visits Pennsylvania, and the bird also helped keep the place and his children a secret, Tony had left to Uranus or something to do some work.

America walked over to one of the cabinets, opened it and took out a large bowl, he opened one of the drawers and took out a wooden spoon, putting them both on the counter, he went to the fridge and collected some ingredients, then walked to another cabinet and took out more ingredients, once he had everything, he started making the topping for the cakes. Maine came in just when he started spreading the cakes.

"Hey Maine," America greeted with a grin looking up, as he continued to spread the cream on the cakes evenly, "what's up?"

"Just wanted to tell you London and Moscow are here," Maine said

"Any reason why?" he asked curiously, inwardly thanking he made extra cakes

"Something about them wanting to hang out with New York and Alaska respectively," she shrugged her shoulders, "also, I got a call from Guam, said he's coming over in 5 to escape Quebec who broke into his house again, and tried to force feed him bottles of maple syrup,"

"But doesn't he, live several hours away?" he raised an eyebrow, his eyes shining with unmasked amusement.

"Yeah," she giggled, "he's breaking some laws to get here, and by that, I mean he's breaking every road law known to man,"

"Well I would too if Quebec tried to force feed me maple syrup," they both shuddered, "by the way, why don't you go and gather everyone, the cakes are nearly ready,"

"I'm on it mum," she saluted and ran out of the room, leaving America chuckling at her antics.

Maine barged into the closes room, which turned out to be the library, to find Wyoming and Washington there, both reading a book.

"What the hell Maine?!" Washington yelled, both she and Wyoming glaring at the newcomer.

"Sorry," Maine said sheepishly, "anyways, mum says that the cakes are nearly ready," the two states, instantly stood, throwing the books they were reading carelessly behind them.

"Why didn't you say so in the first place?" Wyoming said, causing Maine to sweatdrop.

"Anyways…I need you to help me gather everyone else,"

"Sure," he and his sister agreed, "you'll search the north side of the house, I'll search the east and Washington can search the west,"

"What about the south side?" she asked

"That's where Auntie Belarus is," they all shuddered, "so we'll get Alaska to go there,"

"Agreed," Maine and Washington immediately said

"Alright you two, spread out," the trio ran out of the room and went their assigned sections, slamming open every door they came across, and getting yelled at by the states residing in them.

Washington burst into another room, startling the occupants within, who turned out to be the de-aged nations and Maryland, who was showing them a book about technology and modern gadgets.

"What do you want Washington?" Maryland glared after calming the nations

"Maine asked me and Wyoming to tell everyone that the cakes are ready," Washington quickly explained

"Why didn't you say that in the first places?" she immediately stood up, "okay everyone, lets go to the kitchen for some cakes okay?" she led the group to said place, leaving Washington to look for the others.

By the time the group made it to the kitchen, several of the states were already there looking at the decorated cakes laid out on the counter, with America stood behind them, making sure that no one makes a grab for one.

"Hi mum," Guam greeted as he climbed in through the window, and stood next to said nation.

"Hey Guam," America grinned

"So where are Uncle Canada and all them?" he asked lazily

"They're right behind you," he pointed, and the territory turned around to see the de-aged nations staring at him warily, "Russia is with your Auntie Belarus right now though," Guam paled.

"Why didn't you tell me she was here?!" he yelled in fright, "I'd rather be stuck with Quebec!"

"She's here to help Russia," he grinned in amusement, "anyways," he turned to the other nations, "this is one of my territory kids, Guam,"

"Hey," he said a little pale at the thought of Belarus

"Alright everyone, there's no point in waiting for the others to come because that might take a while, so help yourselves," he grinned, the others didn't need to be told twice and quickly snatched one of the cakes, though Virginia was kind enough to hand one each to the young nations before getting her own. The others slowly trickled in and also took a cake, each one avoiding Belarus except Russia, Alaska and America.

"America, my sister is coming over to see brother this evening and will be joining us for dinner," Belarus said, savouring her cake with each bite.

"That's okay I guess," America said, "hey London, Moscow," he called, gaining said capitals' attention, "you two staying for dinner?"

"Da," Moscow said

"That would be great," London smiled, "Paris said she might also come here, said something about wanting to talk to California about a new fashion collection that came out," California squealed from somewhere within the crowded room.

"That's great, I needed to talk to her about something anyways," California said

"I guess I'll have to extend the tables then, unless we eat in the ballroom," America mused, "what do you think Bel?"

"I suppose it will be nice to eat in the ballroom, it will save a lot of time rather than extend the tables in the dining room," Belarus said

"That's true," he chuckled

"Mummy?" Hawaii tugged on his sleeve

"Yes hun?" he asked softly

"Can we go shopping?" she looked up hopefully

"Sure, I guess," he sighed, as she cheered and ran off to tell Rhode Island, "why do I feel like I'll regret this?" he muttered as he stared at Rhode Island and Hawaii warily, who were talking excitedly.

"That's because you will be," Louisiana said with a smile

"Gee, thanks…" he said dryly, giving her a deadpanned look

"I'm just saying," she held up her hands in defence

"Whatever," he rolled his eyes with a sigh, "so are you going to go shopping with them or going to visit Venice?"

"Both actually, I'm going shopping with them and Venice is tagging along,"

"Does that mean he's joining us for dinner as well?"

"That's the plan," she nodded her head

"Hey Bel, Ukraine won't mind helping me cook would she?"

"Not at all," Belarus said, "she would want to feel useful,"

"Great, I need all the help I can get," he sighed, "oh yeah; Denmark might also be visiting today,"

"Is there a reason he's coming?" she scowled slightly

"He needs to get some paperwork for his boss," he shrugged his shoulders

"I do not like him,"

"Just because of that incident 25 years ago at Christmas," he gave a cheeky grin

"I still do not like him," she huffed

"Come on, he's not that bad," he got a 'humph' in return, "also, have you heard from North and South? Haven't seen them all week,"

"Nyet, I have not seen them since last month," she shook her head

"That's weird," he frowned slightly, "hey 'Ginia," he called, gaining said person's attention, "have you seen North or South? We haven't seen or heard from them all week,"

"They were at my place, but left 2 days ago," Virginia answered, "I think they went to visit Tokyo,"

"That would mean that they are planning something," Belarus said, frowning, "that is the only reason in which they would visit her,"

"I just hope it isn't like what happened last time," America sighed, "that was a pain to explain to my boss,"

"I don't think they're planning anything," Kentucky said, "North told me that he and South wanted to pick up the latest Fatal Frame game from Japan,"

"A new one?" he titled his head slightly, confused

"It's for the Wii, and not available anywhere else," he shrugged his shoulders

"But can't they just order it?"

"I think they said something about wanting to touch it first,"

"I still do not trust them going to Tokyo unsupervised," Belarus said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Wait, does this mean Tokyo will be joining us for dinner as well?" America asked

"Most likely, I mean, Honshu and them went to visit Beijing for the weekend," Delaware said, "and we all know if Tokyo is left alone, she'll just eat junk food,"

"That's true enough," he muttered with a sigh, "now I have to think of what to make,"

"What about making dishes from four countries?" London suggested

"Why four countries?" he blinked, tilting his head slightly

"I don't know," she shrugged her shoulders, "it just seemed like a good number,"

"Right…" he sweatdropped, "but that's not a bad idea. Now I just have to think of which four countries,"