Another: Episode 7

It's finally New Year's Eve! The gang spends it together, but will the end have a twist?

Disclaimer: I do not own Another

Me, Naoya, Misaki, Mei, Izumi, and Yuuya were lying on top of Mei's roof looking up at the sky.

"It's so pretty!" Misaki said.

"Sure is." Naoya replied. Suddenly firework went off making Izumi jump. "Hahahah." He laughed.

"What's so funny?" Izumi wined.

"Nothing." He playfully tackled her. I suddenly felt the blood from my face drain.

"Kouichi, are you ok?" Yuuya asked. I stayed silent. Everybody was staring at me now.

"Sakakibara-kun?" Mei asked. Then her eyes opened in horror at what was happening. "Kouichi, please don't leave me." She whispered, tears flowing from her eyes. My eyes were slowly closing. "NO KOUCHI PLEASE!"

Sorry it's so short. I've just gotten bored with this story so this is the damn ending. And sorry i haven't been posting much, school started so...

Yes, Kouichi died. I don't want to say how, cause that's classified. :/ So please don't ask.

Well here you go, the last chapter of Another.