Title: Reunions Suck

Summary: Annabeth and Percy used to go to Goode together, just after the Titan War. After graduating, they broke up because of a misunderstanding. When they see each other at their ten-year high school reunion, will their feelings be rekindled? Or will they have changed too much?

Time Range: Both are at twenty-eight years old.

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO, in any way, shape, or form.

Note: Their personalities may be a bit OOC, which is the point, since they have changed since seeing each other ten years ago.



Well, I wasn't exactly ecstatic.

Nope, I was pretty nervous.

In the ten years since I had graduated from Goode, I was successful in work. My personal life? Non-existent.

High school always called for a social life, or just to be popular. Of course, I went against the grain. In a high school reunion, however, it was different.

Everyone would be comparing his or her life to yours. While I had completed my dream to become an architect after graduating college, I had nothing else.

My father had died. Bobby and Matthew had moved out and never talked to me. Christine and I, my stepmother, never kept in touch, mostly due to her calls being missed. Which was in no way my fault. I was just busy.

I had no family, since I refused to come to camp, since he was there. Who is 'he,' you may ask?

Percy freaking Jackson, my ex-boyfriend. Also known as player-galore.

Ahem, let me fix the last sentence. Ex-fiancée is correct.

Anyway, I was at my apartment when someone knocked on my door. As I got up, my hand slipped and caught the side of my desk.

Rubbing it, I pulled open my door and was shocked to see a fifteen year old standing on my doorstep. "Miss me?" Thalia asked.

My jaw hit the ground. I hadn't seen Thalia since before Percy and I had broken up. This was a surprise, but a pleasant one.

"Thalia!" I said, opening my door wider. "Come in."

Thalia stepped in and looked around the apartment. "Where's Kelp-Head?" she asked.

I winced. "He's not here."

"When will he be here? I gotta ask him a question, Lady Artemis grudgingly asked me if I could ask him for help."

"He… he won't be here anytime soon," I said, looking down.

"You- you broke up with Percy?" she asked, surprised.

"Yeah, Thals. We had a fight after my first year in college. We haven't seen each other in almost nine years."

She sat down on my couch. "Well, looks like you're going on a date, anyway. What's with the dress?"

"I'm not going on a date. It's for the Goode High School reunion."

Her mouth formed into an 'o' shape. "Well, maybe you'll lure a few single people there," she said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

I cracked a smile. "Not sure if I want to date some old nerds, Thals."

"So some taken men, then? For a little action?"

I shook my head, my smile widening after smacking her shoulder. "Thals, I didn't say that."

"But you didn't deny it," she countered, her expression blank again.

I raised my eyebrows, before saying, "I thought you were a Hunter; why are you so interested?"

"Just because I'm a Hunter doesn't mean I can't dredge into your love life, Annie."

I let the nickname pass. "So Artemis approves?"

"Probably not. But, you gotta get going, don't you? It starts as six, and its already five thirty."

"Yeah, I d- wait, how did you know what time it started?"

She jerked her finger at the flyer stuck on my mini-bulletin board.

I nodded before heading for the door. "Aren't you coming?"

"Yeah, I'll be right out. Gotta use the little Hunter's room. Where is it?"

"Down the hall, two doors down to your left. And Thals-"


"Don't take anything."

Before she could protest, I closed the door behind me.

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