Really, really short fic. :) Hope ya'll like it.

At the beginning of their relationship, Jason would only show his feelings to Dick in subtle ways. He would leave notes in Dick's pants for him to find. Most of notes had no words written on them, because even writing was out his feelings was just as hard as speaking, for Jason. He would draw a heart, and swiftly shove it into Dick's pant pockets while the other man was in the shower or for whatever reason, not wearing his pants.

Dick enjoyed finding those little surprises, and the notes were not only in pants. He would find them in his shoes, or in his motorcycle helmet.

"I think its cute of you to leave these notes around." Dick admitted, holding a small and unevenly ripped piece of scrap paper with the outline of a blue heart. He had pulled the paper out of a pair of pants that was laying on the bed.

Jason was helping him fold the newly cleaned laundry, and hang up their clothes, "Shut up." he grabbed a towel, trying to keep himself distracted and hoping that Dick would not notice the blush that was starting to show on his face.

"It's sweet." Dick continued, he reached over for Jason's hand and kissed it. "Subtle."

Jason dropped the article of clothing he had in his other hand, and swung his arm around Dick's back, pulling him int a deep kiss. Dick felt his feet lift off the carpet as Jason picked him up and shoved him down on the bed.

What was not subtle, was how loud they were in bed.

Jason stretched his hands underneath Dick's shirt, tracing his scars like braille. He kissed at Dick's neck, his mouth pulling at the skin.

"We're going to get the laundry dirty." Dick held back a moan, as his fingers tangled themselves into Jason's hair.

"Look up." Jason mumbled, as he continued to kiss at Dick's neck.

Doing what he was told, Dick shifted his vision from Jason to the ceiling. Tiny stick on, glow in the dark stars were pasted above them. The stars spelled out the words, I LOVE YOU.

"If you say its cute and sweet." Jason took his hands out of Dick's shirt, and reached to clasp his fingers around the other man's hands. "I'll punch you in the balls."

Note: For those of you who have been reading my How it Happened fic, I am working on a follow up story. I will try to finish the first chapter within a few weeks to a month.