He wasn't sure what exactly had happened, but gasped out loudly as his burning hot body was touched by the freezing wet tentacles. He lost his clothes at some point and now he was defenseless.

His legs were held wide open by two tentacles wrapped around his ankles, his wrists bond and pinned behind his back, and one wrapped loosely around his pale throat. The raven struggled against his bindings, shouting out all profanities, screaming at the smug alien who sat there.

"ZIM! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! LET ME G-" Dib gasped loudly as a cool appendage wrapped itself around the boy's penis. He knocked his glasses crooked and bit his lip hard, trying not to moan as it started to pump him gently.

He glared at the alien, who was still enjoying himself, "I-I hate you… This isn't… I-Isn't fair…"

Zim just shrugged, then sat back, "I caught you and defeated you fair and square, Dib-filth. Now I will break your spirit…"

"H-How are you…? N-No! ZIM! STOP!"

The tentacles rubbed the teen's hardened nipples, making him writhe and struggle, teeth digging more into the soft flesh of his lip. They seemed endless as they started to wind around him, touching and teasing things that weren't supposed to be. Suddenly, Zim gave the tentacles an order in Irken and…

Dib's eyes widened as one shoved it's way inside of him. He gasped, then shook in pain, his mouth open in a silent scream. Another went right in his mouth, gagging him. They started stroking and rubbing his body, against the resisting teen.

Zim watched in amusement, giving the tentacles more orders. He sat back, enjoying how Dib's struggles were slowly growing weaker and weaker.

"HA! I'm breaking your SPIR-"

He was interrupted by a loud, strangled moan. Dib had given up fighting entirely, now he was moaning around the tentacle in his mouth, and grinding his hips on the one inside of him. Another was being pushed inside, making his body arch and shiver. Zim leaned forward, suddenly entranced by how the human was reacting.

Dib was moaning louder and louder, his erection growing and becoming hard. The tentacles were adding more inside of Dib's body and his mouth. The teen started thrusting his hips against them. His glasses had fallen off and his eyes were lidded, submitting entirely to the slimy appendages.

Zim was unable to look away. He was staring, his jaw hanging a bit as Dib lost control of his body. The human's body was tensing hard, jerking upwards and letting out loud, guttural moans. The erection was starting to drip fluids, showing how close he was. He gave an order to the tentacles to wrap around the hard organ and remove themselves from Dib-thing's mouth.

"Does Dib-stench like this?"

Dib gasped and shook his head, "N-No... Y-You're sICK!" he ended in a loud gasp.

"Something tells me you're lying, Dib-human."

The raven moaned out loudly, arching again, "I-I'm not! I ha-nhg… A-Ahn…" he whimpered, trying to finish, but the tightened tentacles made it impossible.

"Is there something Dib-pig would like to say?" Zim smirked.

"I-I hate you…"

"Why don't you beg? I might let you go…"

"N-NevER!" he gasped out.

"The torture would end…"

Dib fought an internal battle, then gave in, "Z-Zim… I-I love it… Pl-Please…. Please… I-I want to cum… L-Let me…"

Zim smirked again, "Am I your supreme overlord?"

"… Y-Yes, y-you're Zim, Supreme Overlord of the Mudball Known as Earth… Pl-Please… I-I need to cum…"

Zim gave the order and watched as Dib shouted out, orgasming onto the floor. He was then set down by another order.

The first thing Dib did when he was set down was drag the alien into a kiss, which surprised both of them.

"Um, Dib…" Zim started out.

"Yes, Zim?" Dib asked a little breathless.

"You're cleaning up."