Detective in Danger

Carson Drew, his daughter, Nancy, her friends, Bess and George, and their housekeeper, Hannah, had gone out to watch a movie. After returning home, Carson checked the answering machine and listened to the message, which everyone in the room was able to hear.

"Nancy..." said a raspy, robotic voice on the phone. The voice sent a chill down Nancy's spine and she visibly paled."Oh Nancy...I want you. I need you. And I'm sure you feel the same. But don't you worry, my love, very soon, we will be there for each other."


Three weeks ago...

It was an unusually hot and humid day in River Heights, which led to Nancy, Bess and George seek refuge from the heat at the mall and do some shopping. After 3 hours of shopping, the three friends made their way out of the mall towards Nancy's car, all of them carrying shopping bags. George hopped in the front seat while Bess hopped in the back with all the shopping bags. Nancy was putting her bags at the back when George spotted something on the driver seat.

"Hey Nan, take a look at this. It has your name on it." Nancy looked up, her brow furrowed at the sight of it. She took it from George and opened it up.

"It is a really hot day, and that is how hot I feel whenever I look at you"

"What is it?" asked Bess. Nancy gave the note to George and straightened up to look around. She didn't find anyone that looked suspicious and just sat in the driver's seat and started up the car. George snorted with laughter on her side.

"Looks like Nancy has a secret admirer!" she said. She passed the note back to Bess, who let out a giggle after reading the note.

"That is so cute!"

Nancy felt her cheeks turning a little red and said, "Well it's just a silly little note. I don't see how you find it cute Bess, it's kind of creepy. And it doesn't help that there is no name on it. I wonder who it is from."

"Uh Nancy, if there was a name on it, it wouldn't have been a note from a secret admirer!" Bess said.

"Whatever Bess" Nancy muttered.


Since that day, Nancy started receiving notes from an unknown person and each time, it kept getting creepier and more serious. And only last week, she had started receiving calls from a man with a raspy, robotic voice, proving that the person was using a voicebox. Nancy wished she could figure out who it was, but she couldn't think straight since she had never been in such a position before. Nancy started staying home much more and Bess and George, worried for their friend, didn't leave her side. Today, Hannah had insisted that they all go and watch a movie. Nancy was reluctant at first, but she figured she could have some fun with those closest to her for one night.

After the message ended, all eyes turned on Nancy. Carson clenched his jaw. He had had enough. "That's it! I'm not flying down to San Diego. I can't leave Nancy alone for a month with this freak after her!" he said.

"Dad!" Nancy exclaimed, "You can't just not go to San Diego! You have to go! It is a big case and you have to be there! I can take care of myself. Hannah will be there for me and anyways, Bess and George are going to be staying here with me the whole time you are gone. "

"But Nancy, you are more important to me than this case. Who knows what this maniac would do once I leave? I can't risk that."

"Actually Mr. Drew," George said, "Bess and I were thinking about this the other day. We know this is really crazy and all and how hard it must be for you. So we thought..."

"That we should call some more people over other than just me and George!" Bess said.

"Right. To be more specific, we were thinking that we need some boys to look after us. Boys who know what they are doing. Who can make sure we are alright. Who are actually teen detectives, just like Nancy."

Nancy's eyes widened as she realized who George was talking about.

"Who are you talking about, George?" Carson asked.

"The Hardy brothers!" Bess and George said together.