A/N: For everyone who follows me on FFn. If you've noticed, I've pulled all of my stories, save for the first chapter for the remaining stories. I will keep them up there, because I do not want to lose the reviews, or whatnot. I will not be updating on FFn at least in the foreseeable future (except to post this message as an author's note). They removed two stories...A Prescription for Love and A Ilha do Amor...both of which were 'award-winning' because of violation of TOS. I know I violated the TOS, but a warning would have been nice.

I will be posting on TWCS, AO3 and FictionPad. All of my stories are currently on there in their entirety, unedited and filled with smut.

To say I'm pissed is an understatement. A warning would have been appreciated so I could have pulled it on my own accord, not losing the reviews and followers. I will post COMPLETED fics in the files as PDFs or EPUBs. If you can't access them, PM me and I'll send them to you via email. However, it would mean more to me if youfind them on one of the other sites...review and leave them love. Please?