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Beck knows that he's popular at school.

It's not that he's conceited; it's just a true fact that people like him and are always hanging around him, wanting to be his friend. Beck guesses that it's okay, but he's not particularly fond of it. Popularity changes people, making them want more power until they eventually become mean, cold-hearted, and ultimately greedy. Maybe it's the town or maybe it's just the way humans are, but Beck knows that that's not the way he wants to end up.

But really, Beck's got a secret that would shock the whole school. He spends everyday on the break of confessing, wishing he could just stand up in the middle of lunch and shout out what he's been hiding for so long. Even though Beck doesn't exactly love his popularity, he knows that if he comes clean, he won't have anyone at all. No one would want to be around him, not even his friends. He figures that being surrounded by people and being miserable is better than being alone and free.

Beck's an actor, after all, and he has to go by the script. If he doesn't, if he begins to write his lines and alter the plot, then he's finished. He's putting on a live show that he just can't mess up. If anyone found out about him, it would all be over. His parents would disown him, he wouldn't get any of the roles in play or movies, and suddenly he would become that dorky boy from sixth grade with glasses, a buzz cut, and acne. Life will turn back into long days of being bullied in harassed, just like in middle school.

He can't go through that again.

But at the same time, Beck is tired of living this lie each and everyday. And even though he has his popularity to keep him company, it means nothing without him. He's the reason Beck wakes up every morning to face the day, he's the only one Beck wants in the world, and he probably will never feel the same. Truth is, Beck Oliver is gay.

It doesn't matter, though.

Without Andre, it's all irrelevant.

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