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It was nighttime by the time it happened again.

The sudden quicken heartbeat, the terrified cries of anguish. It was another realistic nightmare. The mistress of the Spiral watched from her balcony, and sighed. Maybe she should have taken her teachers advice and go out for a vacation. She watched the bright moon, taking a while to realize it was a full one. The frail white-haired girl would have smiled, if she wasn't so disturbed by her unconscious hell. She ran her slim fingers through her nightgown. Why was it suddenly so chilly? She could have sworn that it was humid and steaming hot in the afternoon. Refusing to move from her spot, the mistress decided to withstand the cold. The girl wrapped her arms around her body, completely enclosed inside her thoughts.

"I see you've been waiting for me all night"

It was a familiar voice that made the royal girl turn around. She would have normally given her back, but she knew who exactly it was. At the sight of him, she warmly smiled.

"Oh please, I'm the heir to the King Adrian of the Spiral. I don't wait for peasants like you." She answered. The boy, who leaned lazily against her room's door, gave her a smug smile. He then stood upright, and bowed.

"Alexia" He said.

"Evan." She giggled, and did a quick curtsy. Before Evan got a chance to stand back up straight, Alexia quickly ran over to him, and tackling the boy into a hug. The boy was taken off guard, but being strong, he stood his ground. Alexia buried his face on his shoulder feeling the warmth of his clothing. When she looked at Evan, her warm smile was replaced with a smug smirk. "Have you been to Wintertusk recently?" She asked. Evan raised his left eyebrow.

"I have, why do you ask?" He smoothly pulled the girl away from him, holding on to her shoulders. Whenever he done that, Alexia couldn't help but notice how short she was compared to him.

"You have a large coat on... and you hate coats." She point at him. Evan copied her facial expression, releasing his grip on her and crossing his arms.

"Why are you so curious, I'm a wizard anyways." He said. "I train in new areas"

"Where is my gift?" She demanded. Evan lightly chuckled.

"I forgot it." He said. Alexia bit the bottom of her lip.

"Its under you coat." She said, lunging forward and attempting to rip out his coat. They both fell down and Evan tried to maintain himself from bursting out laughing.

"Alright, alright. Here, here!" He said, holding both of Alexia's arms with one hand, and digging inside his pocket through another. As soon as Alexia ceased her movements, he pulled out a simple slip of paper. Alexia snatched the paper from Evan and stared at it. It only had markings and magical runes.

"Summon it, summon it!" She complained. Evan rolled his eyes. She was honestly like a child at some points. Evan took the paper from her, and closed his eyes, conjuring a spell. The paper glowed at started to take form of an 3d object. After a while, it stopped glowing and The two were staring at a fully bloomed rose. Alexia's eyes widen and she took the delicate flower. "It's beautiful..." She said, almost in a whisper.

"You say that every time" Evan said, winking at her. Alexia stuck out her tongue and got of him, standing up. Evan remained on the ground and raised an eyebrow.

"Now, give me my gift." He said. Alexia glanced at Evan for a second, before staring back at her flower.

"What gift?" She asked. Evan stood up and had a confident look on his face.

"You owe me a kiss."


"Come on! Just one!"

Nope nope nope" She said playfully. She grabbed his arm and pushed him against the ledge. "Now go before I call the guards" Evan stood on it and crossed his arms.

"You wouldn't"

"I would."

"I dare you" He challenged. Alexia grinned and took a deep breath.


Evan jumped off. Alexia laughed victoriously and looked over the ledge. Evan was already on the lower grounds holding a teleportation crystal.

"You still owe me a kiss!" He called out. She rolled her eyes, brought her hand to her lips, and blew a kiss at him. He pretended to catch it, and balled his hand into a fist. He waved and disappeared within an instant. Alexia sighed and stared at the empty ground, wondering if she would ever be as free as she would like to be.


She was born as the heir of the Spiral. Alexandria Lolinda of the Feuer family. Though her father wouldn't have any of it, she preferred to be called "Alexia". Something about it made her feel like a normal teenage girl, not that she was one. A teenage girl, yes, but normal was out of the question. After her marriage, she would rule over ALL of the Spiral. Like her father, she would have to control the militia, go through meetings with powerful kings/leaders from other worlds, control the economy, and blah blah blah.

Gods, did she hate politics.

Alexia's father, Gregory Feuer, took control of the palace after her grandfather's death. He was prepared for everything, and all he ever wanted was Alexia to be prepared herself. Alexia knew she was a disappointment in her father's eyes. She knew he had always wanted a strong, reliable child. Not to mention the fact that that "child" had to be a boy. When she was born, her mother fell ill with a sickness in which she was unable to give birth to any more babies. It was sad, considering Alexia was their first, and only child. Though her mother wanted her to live a peaceful life, filled with choices that she made, her father tried his best to teach Alexia how to rule the world in the future. It has gotten to a point where her father gave up and decided that it was up to fate that Alexia would marry a smart and political man. After her mother died, her father seemed to grow father apart from Alexia. In all honesty, she really didn't care. She really didn't like her father. Alexia had tried to escape her life, and live a normal one. Hell, she was fine with those ironic romance novels she adored when she was a child. She just wanted to be seen as Alexia, rather than the queen of the Spiral. It was the first time that she escaped where she met Evan.

Of course, that's a whole other story.

Alexia wanted to be free. She wanted to finally smell the fresh air, rather than the baked goods master chefs she would smell everyday. She wanted to cry from a cut or something dangerous, rather than cry about the latest meeting she would have to go to, or if she was being stalked by the guards again. She wanted her life.

A life.

For that to happen, she would have to think of a new plan. Her finger caressed a small knife in which she was holding. A small playful smile appeared on her face, as a plan formed. Oh, this was going to be fun.

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