Momo: *comes in with a younger girl* HEY EVERYONE :D MEET RIINA!

Riina: H-Hi…

Zane: *notices and takes hand* Well, hello. My name is Za-


Zane: *murmurs* fine, fine *walks away*

Sakura: *pats head* good. Anyways, hey Riina! You're Minako's cousin, right?

Riina: Yeah…

Momo: Anyways, welcome! :D

Riina: thank you…

Sakura: *looks at Zane* Did you say hi?

Zane: yeah =.=

Sakura: *pats head* good boy.


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Momo: (whats with the full names?)

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~God, that was a long disclaimer scene~

It was funny to see everyone's reaction once I told them what happened. Evan seemed to be happy for the two. Zane just rolled his eyes and continue to fidget with his bow.

"So when are they coming back?" Evan asked. I shrugged.

"I left them so they could talk in private or something. Should we wait? I mean, it might be all day." I said. Zane yawned.

"I wish I could go back to sleep." He complained. Seth, who followed us along, nodded at that last comment.

"How about the Arena?" He suggested. The two boys face lit up, and I gave a puzzled look.

"T-the Arena..?" I asked. Evan nodded and got up from Zane's table.

"Yeah! It'll be awesome!" He said. Zane followed his friend and got up from his lazy state. Once Evan passed by me, I heard him whisper to me. 'I'll teach you how to battle.'

~Meh, Bored (No POV)~

Evan said they should wait in the library since the Arena wasn't going to open for another hour. Everyone but Zane didn't seem to be hungry, and Jenna wasn't back. So Zane decided to leave and search for a small café in Marelybone or something. Zane looked around in Olde town and noticed a group of female wizards' trading cards. He wanted to go between them, but it was too early. He's usually lazy before 12:00 p.m. A thought went through his mind, thinking about his sister. She's always been joking around and a tough kind of girl. But inside she was miserable because of Stephen. Now that he's back, Zane kind of felt happy for Jenna. And gosh, he would have paid a MILLION gold pieces to see the look on Jenna's face. Thinking how happy Jenna was made Zane wanted to feel the same way, about seeing someone you love.

And you wouldn't believe what happened next.

There were a few shouts and a female voice screaming "watch out". Zane turned around to see a girl in black zipping through the air in her broom. She seemed to lose control of it. Zane looked closer at her face and before his mind processed on who it was, she knocked into him. The two went tumbling down a mini hill, and when they finally stopped, Zane moaned in pain. The girl sat up and glanced over to Zane.

"Y-You okay?" She asked. Zane immediately recognized the voice. He turned around and his eyes widen. The girl did the same.

"Zane?" She asked.

"Titania?" Zane blinked. The fellow redhead curly haired Diviner gave an idiotic smile.

"Hey! Never thought I'd see you!" She said, helping Zane up. Zane mumbled something but shook it off.

"I could see you're an amazing mount rider." He said. Nia pouted.

"Stop it. I just bought it. It's not like everyone is a genius at it!" She said. Nia grabbed her broom and slowly sat on it. A few seconds passed when her broom started to act up again and she fell down on her bottom.

"Oww~" She complained rubbing her back as she got up. Little tears appeared in the corners of her eyes. Zane almost laughed.

"You really cry that easily?" He asked. Nia frowned, wiping her eyes.

"N-NO!" She pouted. "I'm just a little angry about the cards…" sighing at the last comment. Zane raised an eyebrow.

"The cards? How important are they? I mean, they're just treasure cards." He looked at Nia's face and immediately regretted says those words. Nia hissed and punched him to the ground. Zane fell to the ground and stared at her in shock. "W-what was that for?!" He asked. Nia huffed and glared vemonously at him.

"It meant a lot for me. I worked a lot to get them. And it's the rarest in the spiral. So don't you dare say that." She said. Zane blinked and wiped his mouth. He got up and sighed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." He murmured, loud enough for Nia to hear. Nia's face fell and then she warmly smiled.

"I… didn't mean to hurt you either. But its alright." She said. She held up her pink. "Friends?" Zane tilted his head and stared at it. Then he grinned and took out his pinky.

"Friends. I swear it."

~Line Break~

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