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~Line break~

Wolf forced the front doors open and was welcomed with the sound of a piano. Of course, he knew his boss was playing it. He always listens in his room. His boss usually plays it when he's bored or he's in the "moment" (I don't know either…). Wolf waited about ten seconds before getting his attention.

"Sir." He said. Wolf tried to be fierce and brave, once the piece immediately stopped and his boos turned around Wolf didn't feel any macho anymore. "Sir." He said again, without bowing, kneeling, or showing any respect.

His boss got up from the stool and grinned under his mask. "You wanted to say something?" He asked. Wolf clenched his fists.

"Where is she?" He asked. His boss raised an eyebrow.

"That girl? Oh, yes yes yes… about that…" He chuckled. Wolf's eyes widen . He felt like screaming, going crazy, destroying everything in his path. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realized his reached for his dagger that was fastened in his waist belt. The shady mastermind realized it quickly and broke into a laugh. "You'd like to fight me? Ha! Like you'd survive! You know, I bet this moment always happened ever since Scarlet died." The name made Wolf's body shiver, reminding him about her ghost (which he talked to a few chapters ago). "Yes, I'm sure about that. Shame she was a spy. I was beginning to like her. Of course you know about spies. How dare that self-less, idiotic, stubborn girl do this to our-" Without realizing his actions, Wolf ran towards him, successfully locking his boss's hands and pushing him to the wall. The man was caught off guard from the attack and stared at his minion in shock.

"I said. Where. Is. She?" Wolf hissed. It was bad enough for Wolf to allow his anger take over him, but threatening to kill his boss? Might as well die right now. Instead of fear, his boss returned to his original grin and shook his head in shame.

"You should never threaten me, Wolf." He said. His eyes changed color and somehow blinded Wolf. The white-haired hunter (Momo: *sigh* I haven't called him that in a while =w=) lost his grip and staggered back. A ghostly hand came out of the ground and grabbed Wolf's foot, resulting in him tripping. His boss lifted his hand and it started to glow. Wolf suddenly felt like he was chocking and he was forcibly raised up into the air. His boss approached him. "I had so much fun with you. Too bad you had to die. What was the girl's name again? Ryan?" Wolf looked at him in the eyes hard. "Good, now I know who the kill first." His boss closed his glowing fist and everything went blank.

~Break of de lines~

"ARENA'S OPEN ARENA'S OPEN!" Jenna started to scream, in result of me waking up. I blinked and looked around, seeing all my friends (including Stephan, Titania, and Seth)together sitting in a circle with a feast of pastries. Great, they had a feast without me. Everyone was caught off-guard by the red-head's outburst.

"How do you know that?" Zane said. His twin sister pointed at the clock above us.

"It's 10:00. That's when it opens, idiot." She said. Nia raised an eyebrow.

"Zane's not an idiot…" She complained. The boy blushed when she took his side. The three started an argument and Evan looked behind the group to check on me. He noticed I was awake and did a small wave. I waved back and watched the mini fight between the twins and the necromancer. Seth noticed me too and warmly smiled.

"Morning sleepy-head." He said. I let out a smile and everyone turned their attention to me, even the three teens stopped arguing. There was a long silence when everyone said good morning. They all continued to eat and Evan offered some of his loaf cake to me, I didn't enjoy loaf cake so I declined the offer. Evan shrugged and took a bite out of it and Seth sat close. "Want some Danish?" he asked. I looked at the fresh pastry and felt my mouth water.

"S-sure." I said. I took one and happily munched it as Evan glared at Seth again, showing signs of jealousy. Jenna glanced over to me and gasped.

"OH. MY. GOD I ALMOST FORGOT?" She screamed. Zane winced.

"What? To shave off your beard?" Zane asked. She elbowed him in the stomach hard.

"No, I forgot that Alexa's suppose to have a haircut today!" She squealed. I blinked and tilted my head. Haircut? I don't remember anyone mentioning that. Nia gasped too.

"You're getting a haircut?! My gosh I GOT to see that!" She said. The boys exchanged looks and Evan stretched.

"In that case, I guess we could cancel the Arena plans…" He said, in slight disappointment.

"W-What about after the haircut? Can't we go then?" I asked. Evan shook his head.

"N-N-No… I… um…" Evan started. Stephan took over.

"How about while the girls do that, we could go for some PvP, eh?" He asked. The rest of the boy agreed and everyone got up.

"So when should we meet?" Jenna asked.

"How about noon?" Seth asked. Everyone nodded and the two groups parted away. Jenna leaned forward, near my ear.

"Time to make you pretty!" She laughed.

~Line break~

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