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The next time Juliet awoke, her mind was foggy and it took her a few seconds to remember what had happened. She however had a warm buzzing feeling in her abdomen. Funny how dreams about a man could do that to you…

She looked at the ocean as the sun began to set over Santa Barbara. Juliet let out a happy sigh and leaned back into the warm body behind her. The man wrapped his arms around Juliet and kissed the side of her head.

"It's so beautiful," Juliet couldn't take her eyes off the water and sun.

"Not as beautiful as you," Juliet looked up at the man. Shawn smiled and tugged her closer to his body. "Trying to get something are we?" Juliet teased.

"Mmmm no… and yes." Shawn let his signature cocky grin take over his face. His smile was just about as radiant as the sun itself. Juliet was sitting in-between Shawn's open legs at the beach. "I like the way the sun hits your hair," Shawn commented making Juliet blush.

"Shawn…" she said.

"What? I only tell the truth," he kissed her hair. Juliet closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She let it out slowly, enjoying the moment with Shawn. "I love being with you." She told him.

"I love being with you," he repeated her words, setting his cheek on the top of her head. Juliet tilted her head so their lips were millimeters apart. "Close talking?" Juliet mumbled.

"You wish," Shawn simply answered leaning the rest of the way in, kissing her. Juliet leaned into the kiss, god she loved to kiss those sweet, plump lips. The kiss deepened as her tongue slid into his mouth. His mouth always seemed to taste like pineapples…

"Ow," Juliet groaned putting a hand against her temple. She removed her hand and sat up straighter. Juliet gathered up the courage, and she looked down at her leg only to wish she hadn't. Her leg was red, blistering, and was swelling into a nasty form.

"That looks pretty bad," a voice hummed. Juliet looked up gritting her teeth, the woman was sitting backwards in a chair, watching her every move.

"It is," Juliet let out. The woman stood up with an object in her hands. Juliet looked closer and saw a tripod and a video camera. "What are you doing?"

"Filming," the woman simply said.


"I think Shawn needs to see what's going on." The woman explained. Shawn… the last thing she needed was for Shawn feeling guilty.

"No! No, no, no please! Don't show him this." Juliet begged.

"Too bad," the woman smiled and a little beep sounded. "So I thought I should start recording our life together," the woman began, turning towards Juliet. "I'll start by hurting our dear Juliet," the woman suddenly kicked Juliet on her burnt leg.

"Ahh!" Juliet yelled in agonizing pain. She was kicked again and did nothing to stop the tears running down her cheeks. Juliet tried to stop crying, she was a cop, and she was supposed to be strong. But she was still hurting…. And it hurt. So much…

"This is what you get!" The woman sneered kicking once more. Juliet couldn't take the pain and she blacked out.


Shawn walked into his empty apartment, threw his keys on the table and shook of his jacket and shoes. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few beers out of the box. After opening the first one which he drank in mere seconds he picked up the second.

There was a knock on his door, so Shawn walked over to open it. "Hello?" no one was there. He happened to look down and he saw a video tape. He picked it up and made his way inside; he popped it into the VHS and sat down on the couch.

"So I thought I should start recording our life together," a woman said appearing on screen. She turned around and Shawn got a glimpse of Juliet, she was clutching her leg. "I'll start by hurting our dear Juliet," Shawn's mouth opened as Juliet was kicked in the leg. He would never forget Juliet's scream as the woman's foot came in contact with her leg. When the woman kicked her again, Shawn jumped up.

"No! Damn it!" he shouted even though no one could hear him. After Juliet passed out, Shawn did nothing to stop his own tears. Juliet was getting hurt because of him. In anger and sadness, Shawn threw his beer bottle against the wall. The glass bottle slammed into the wall and exploded. The contents flying everywhere, same with the glass. Shawn didn't move as the glass headed straight towards him.

"Ah," Shawn hissed as a piece of glass found its way into the palm of his hand. He jerked his hand back and looked at it, he ignored the blood starting to run down, he watched as it dropped and fell onto the carpet. You could clearly see the little red stain on his floor.

Shawn clenched his fist and seethed as the glass went deeper into his palm. He couldn't help but think: This is nothing to what Juliet is feeling. And she's feeling that pain, because of me. It's my entire fault.

"I'll find you Juliet, I promise." He mumbled.

Juliet POV

I woke up some time later, my leg still stinging from yesterdays or… huh, I had no idea how long I've been here. I'm guessing maybe a day or two, but I can't be sure, there was no window in my little hell. The woman was nowhere in sight, and the camera had been put away. I let my eyes drift close as I fell back into a dark sleep.

A big crash made me jump up. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. It was pitch black; I couldn't even see my hand two inches in front of my face. There was another crash. "Shit!" the voice yelled.

"Who's there?"

"Jules?" just the voice I wanted to hear.

"Shawn?" I asked hopefully.

"Juliet where are you?" he whispered.

"Just follow my voice," I said. I heard Shawn moving around and finally something touch my leg. I moaned and I sensed Shawn freeze from where he was. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, you just hit my leg." I explained.

"Sorry," he said. Soon I felt a hand against my shoulder, and a body next to mine. Shawn took something out of his pocket, he turned it on. He held up the flashlight and the light beam hit against my eyes. "Oh Juliet, thank god you're alive." He sounded worried.

"Of course I am,"

"I was so freaked, when I saw that video. And it's my entire fault Jules I-." I cut him off with a kiss to his lips. His breathing picked up and I stopped kissing him. "What was that for?" he questioned.

"You were rambling Shawn, so I kissed you. That's how they do it in the movies." I repeated the words he had said from when we had our first kiss. Shawn grinned and slowly moved in for another kiss, which I allowed. A door banged open and our dark room was filled with light.

"Well, looky here. Shawn came to save Juliet. Isn't that sweet?" the woman's voice echoed around the room.

Shawn found Juliet and they kissed. Soooo cute :)