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Chapter 1
(Haley's POV)
I had always wanted him, or at least a part of me. He never gave me the time of day or a second thought but his smile lit up my whole world. Even when he didn't notice me, I always payed attention to him. Please understand that I am no stalker, but I do have strong feelings for this man. He may not be a man yet but he acts beyond his years. He may be childish at times but he always brings warmth to my heart. Lately though, he had changed. He was no longer the happy go lucky man I thought I knew. I noticed that he had grown much taller and was far more muscular than he had once been. I wondered if he had turned to steroids but it was just a suspicion. He didn't seem like the type of person to do something like that. I may have been wrong though. He had been hanging with the wrong type of crowd, with Sam and his gang. They were the big shots who thought they could do whatever they wanted. They would almost never go to school and went cliff diving. As if cliff diving wasn't dangerous enough, they jumped from the highest point. I always saw them and worried about their safety. I had always had the strange urge to protect others, even people such as Sam. I started to notice Jacob take after Sam. He began skipping school and cliff diving. It wasn't just him though, my friends Paul and Jared had done the same thing, some time earlier in the year. They would no longer speak to me no matter how hard I tried. I would say hi to them in the hallway and they would just pass me by, seeming as though they had not heard me. As understanding as I was, it was starting to annoy me. I missed seeing Jake in school but it was not like I could control his actions. He was his own person and I respected that. It was strange that I knew as much as I did because I went to Forks High School while he went on the reservation. I probably know what you are thinking as to how I said hello to the boys on the reservation in their school while also going to Forks High School. Well, I am quite the over achiever. I take courses in both schools. The first half of my day is in Forks while the last half is on the reservation. The res school offers specific courses that Forks does not. I was able to go to both schools on the condition that I would tutor different students twice a week. I agreed and was honored that they would chose me as a tutor. I did have a straight A average but I didn't think that they would ask me to do such a thing.

"What's up Haley?" I was abruptly broken from my reverie as my friend Alice came over. It reminded me that we were in the school hallway and I needed to keep going. I waited for her to catch up and then kept walking. She may have been related to Edward Cullen but unlike him, she didn't feel the need to isolate herself from others. He only seemed to spend time with Bella Swan other than his family but it was nice to see him happy. As much as I wished he would give the time of day or say hello, I didn't want to push it. I had a good relationship with his sister and I didn't want any grief from her if we didn't get along. The only other Cullen I was friends with was Emmett. He had a funny personality and while most people shied away from him because of his buff exterior, I didn't find him frightening at all.

"Oh, um, nothing much." I answered back. She walked gracefully up to me and gave me a quick hug. Her cold temperature had taken some getting used to but it was well worth it to have a friend like her. She claimed that the temperature of her skin was caused by some sort of condition. I went along with it, figuring it wasn't true but you could never tell.

"That's your answer every day silly." She said, gleefully tapping my nose. I had grown accustomed to her eager personality which was good because almost every day she seemed to become peppier.

"That's because things don't change every day, Alice. What's up with you since my answers don't seem to be cutting it for you." I asked her, a smile on my face.

"Well, I am going to," She abruptly stopped, as though she had lost her train of thought. I noticed that her eyes glossed over and knew what this meant. She was having another attack. She said that she had some sort of disease that caused her to space out momentarily. I always thought of it as an attack, sort of like an asthma attack but she told me it was fine. There was just something different with her brain. Yeah, I never noticed that Alice was different. The thought never crossed my mind. I knew that I needed to sit her down. She told me that if this ever happened that I needed to get her a pad and a pencil for her to draw what she saw. It was an order from the doctor or something. Of course I always brought a pad and pencil just in case she ever needed it which had been multiple times. The pictures always seemed to be similar. The notebook had eight drawings of red eyes and one drawing of a field. I would never know what they meant but if I was helping her then it was good enough for me.
I sat her down as I retrieved the notebook and pencil from the bag on my shoulder. Once I finally got them out of my bag, I handed them to her. She started to sketch. I was watching intently, when I heard someone call for her. I looked up to see her boyfriend, Jasper running down the hallway. He was a pretty fast runner, I had to give him that. It seemed as though he made it down the hallway in no time at all. He always seemed to be around when she spaced out like this which was pretty weird to me. It was almost as if he could sense that she was having a 'vision.' That seemed as accurate a word as any.

"She's fine, Jasper." I whispered hesitantly. I had attempted to get to know him but he seemed to have no interest in me at all. I wanted him to like me, as Alice was my friend but it seemed a futile hope, almost as futile as a relationship with Rosalie. She always glared at me from across the room and I very quickly realized that she wanted nothing to do with me.

Jasper walked right past me and straight to Alice, who was slowly shaking her head with her fingers massaging her temples. She was trying to see the vision clearer, I guessed but I would never know. He knelt next to her and started to ask her questions, seemingly premeditated. They were the same every time. He would ask her what she was seeing or any details she could make out. After a minute or two she finally looked up. She glanced at both Jasper and then myself, as if wondering what we were possibly doing there.

"Why the glum faces amigos?!" She asked with a light hearted laugh. I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. If the world were to end at this very second she would probably make everyone happy with her upbeat attitude. Jasper laughed aswell, seemingly relieved that she was alright. He grabbed her hand and helped her up but she was pretty steady on her feet. Once she was standing, they looked deeply into each others eyes and gently placed their lips to one another. It wasn't long but it did make me think about just one kiss with Jacob Black. Even a soft one as Alice and Jasper had experienced. They were still kissing so I looked away. I didn't want to watch their seemingly private moment.
I had never truly understood Alice and Jasper's relationship. They were a couple, no one could doubt that but they acted as though they had been in love for decades. It was a crazy thought but it entered my mind none the less.
Almost as if they could sense my unease, they stopped their kiss and looked at me. I smiled sheepishly at them while Alice let loose a huge grin. I giggled slightly at the look on her face but once I turned to Jasper, my attitude abruptly changed. He was looking at me with a glare which I could not understand. I was trying very hard to be kind to him but he was starting to act like his sister. I couldn't understand what I had ever done to him but I didn't have time to ponder the thought because the bell rung signaling the beginning of class. I was late to get to the reservation. Crap! In my effort to help my friend I had forgotten that this was my longest locker break and I had to drive all the way to the reservation. It was a twenty minute drive and I was now leaving five minutes later than usual. The next class on the reservation started in fifteen minutes. I was screwed.

"Well, guys I'm running late I have to go." I started to walk away when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was cold so I assumed it was Alice but as I turned my gaze, I saw none other than Jasper looking at me. I had a feeling of ease as he touched me and I didn't know why. I was late, I should be running to make it in time but I was just standing there like an idiot.

"Thank you for helping her. I may not show my appreciation but it is within me. I might seem crude at times but it is only to protect the ones I care for. Thank you." At that, he left me to walk to his own class with Alice. I was shocked.

That was the first time Jasper had ever talked to me. I was confused as well as relieved. His cryptic statement made no sense but I would let it pass. There was no use in letting one statement control my thoughts. I was relieved because he had finally explained that he had no ill will towards me. It made sense that he would want to protect his family, although the reason why it was from me, I would never know. I abruptly remembered why I was previously in a hurry, the ease finally gone, and I ran to my car. It was a blue 1990 Ford Focus Coupe. I really liked the car even though it was pretty old. It ran well and I was able to buy it at a reasonable price. I hopped in the car, turned it on and headed to La Push, where the person I dreamed of would hopefully be waiting.

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