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Chapter 31
(Jacob's POV)
Running. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately; however, the more running that I did, the better I had become. I could feel all of the minds in my head. I could hear their worry at my disappearance after everything that had happened with Haley- I felt a stab in my chest at the thought of her- however, this time I was able to block out my sights and sounds. No one knew where I was going, not even me.
"Jake, would you cut it out? You're being ridiculous," I heard Quil say, although he didn't know what he was talking about. He was the ridiculous one. His imprint was going to grow up in the world of werewolves, but my imprint had just found out that the monsters of the night were real, and that she had been hanging out with them on a regular basis.
"Yeah, dude. Get over it. Your imprint's tough. She can take it," I heard Paul's voice in my head. Out of everyone, I wanted his to be gone. I wanted to know where the sudden optimism had come from. Paul was volatile and selfish, and yet when it came to Haley, he was harmless. That was another ridiculous matter.
"Jacob, come back, now," Sam's voice rang through my head. I felt my knees buckle slightly until I regained control.
"You can go to hell," I snarled through my mind and felt his complete shock at my utter lack of regard for his command. That was a problem, too. My life was just full of problems. Obviously, my heritage was deciding to make an appearance a lot more than normal. I was able to defy Sam nine out of ten times, just proving that had I wanted to be Alpha, then I could have easily.
"Dude, you're gonna' regret not listening to us. Just you wait," Paul said, although there was sarcasm and a hint of a devious tone to his mind that left me uneasy. Before I could comment on it, he phased out, leaving Quil, Sam, Jared- who had yet to say anything, weird, I know- and me.
"I'll go make sure he doesn't do anything stupid," Jared said, phasing out, just as Quil responded, "Good luck with that," his tone highly skeptical.
I sighed, not really focusing on anything. Sam tried several more times to get me to turn around, or even talk to any of them, but I had nearly given myself over to my primal instincts. I was so mentally tired. I just wanted to turn everything off. Although, the idea was not as appealing because of Haley. If I never phased back, then I would never see her again. Sure, the guys would keep an eye on her for me, not only because she was part of the pack, but because they liked her as a person; however, I would never be able to hold her hand like I had wanted to, or see a movie that I didn't have to leave in the middle of. I sort of just wanted a normal life, one without vampires and werewolves, but, in a way, I was grateful. Without the imprint leading me to Haley, I probably wouldn't have had enough brains to know how perfect she was. I had been obsessed with Bella for far too long to give her up, but Haley had changed all of that for me. She had made me whole.
"JAKE, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE BEFORE I LEAVE HALEY HERE!" I heard, from far away. It had to have been nearly fifty miles, but as soon as I heard the words come out of Paul's mouth, I was sprinting as hard and as fast as I could to get to my angel. If he had done anything to hurt her then I would tear into him. If she was frightened because of him- I saw red. Everything was red with the fury that I felt towards Paul.
As soon as I reached them- in a new record of fifty two seconds- I growled as low and as menacing as I could. I thought about lunging at him, but Haley was too close, and she seemed scared by me.
Scared... By me... Her imprint. The thoughts came slowly because of my incredulity. It was hard to comprehend that my imprint would ever be scared of me. As if I would ever hurt her. The thought sent physical pain through my body. I whimpered at the sensation, as well as the sight of her fear.
I couldn't help but send a glare in the direction of Paul... AND JARED! Out of everyone, especially the one who said he was going to attempt to reign Paul in, I had not expected Jared to be a part of this. They were laughing like two hyenas. I yearned to phase back and slap them upside the face, hopefully breaking both of their noses in the process.
"Well, I'd say that worked pretty well," Paul said, barely containing his chuckles. I twitched forward in response. One broken bone wouldn't actually kill him.
"Yep. We couldn't find you, Jake. You kept blocking us out. We weren't sure if you were running to Canada again. At least next time you need to pick us up some Canadian bacon," Jared said. I honestly couldn't tell him wear I had been heading. I had probably just been wandering until I had enough guts to go plead for forgiveness from Haley. In regards to the Canadian bacon... He had scared my imprint; he was getting jack crap.
"Again?" Haley asked quietly, her voice melodious. It almost seemed like she sounded concerned, or bewildered; probably both.
"Oh, yeah. You should have seen him after-" Jared started, but I growled a warning. I had made sure to ask Sam to give an order not to tell Haley about the imprint, but that didn't mean Jared couldn't tell her what pain the imprint bond had caused me after I had hurt her.
"Fine!" Jared shouted in defeat, and I couldn't help but smirk internally. I was sure that I still looked pretty menacing on the outside.
"Well, we're gonna' go," Paul said suddenly. It was probably his way of making me make a move with Haley. He probably hoped that I was going to make up with her so he wouldn't have to deal with me constantly breaking down after a conflict with her. After he had an imprint he would understand that no amount of heartbreak could compare to a single smile coming from your imprint. Nothing.
"I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THAT CANADIAN BACON, JAKE!" I heard Jared shout. I was sure that he was serious. It didn't make him any more likely to get any Canadian bacon on my watch.
I sighed. This was going to be difficult. I slowly laid down and looked up at Haley, hoping to appear less frightening as well as pleading with my eyes for her forgiveness.
"I can't- I just-" She started. This was going to be it. The moment when she said she couldn't be around me anymore. I put my head on my paws and closed my eyes, waiting for the words to come; however, when none came, my eyes opened again. I didn't know what to do. I felt an internal struggle. I wanted to be closer to her, but I didn't want to scare her away.
I debated for a moment, but figured that if she was going to run, then I was at least going to attempt to salvage some sort of relationship with her.
I got up and started moving towards her. As her eyes widened slightly, I hoped that she wouldn't take off. I didn't want for her to hurt herself as she ran through the woods, with various roots that would trip her. Luckily, she remained where she was so I was able to put my nose under her hand and get her to start stroking my fur. It was one of the most amazing feelings, causing me to nearly purr in content. Once she stopped, she sat down and looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.
"We need to talk," she mumbled. I nodded in affirmation and trotted off to phase back. I was nervous that she was waiting until I was less threatening to tell me to leave her alone, but I took the chance anyways. I walked back to her after grabbing the shorts that I had tied to my leg and putting them on.
"I know that I have a lot explaining to do," I started, unsure of where I needed to start. Was I supposed to start with the legends of the cold ones and move forward?
"Not really," she said quietly. Had I heard her correctly? I obviously needed to explain what had happened. Unless she was in shock, in which case I needed to get her to a doctor, as long as it wasn't that vile, putrid leech.
"Huh?" was my brilliant response. I still hadn't completely comprehended that she didn't need me to explain what was happening to her.
She closed her eyes and laid back, looking far too peaceful in her current situation. I slid to the ground next to her and gazed at her beauty.
"I know what you are. I know what the Cullens are. I know why you wanted me to stay away from them, but what I don't know is why I'm allowed to know," she spoke in a voice that finally conveyed concern. Good, that meant she was finally understanding what was going on.
As much as I wanted to give her everything that she desired, I couldn't tell her that she was an imprint. If she hadn't run away yet, then she surely would if she found out that she was a soulmate to a giant wolf.
"I can't tell you that. Not yet. I'm sorry," I said. More sorry than she could comprehend.
Suddenly, her eyes popped open, fury plain in their depths.
"You can't, or you won't?" She spat.
"It's not that simple-" I started, but she cut me off.
"It is that simple. Everyone has been telling me 'it's not my place, it's not my place.' Jared won't tell me, Paul won't tell me, and now you. You all just need to get over yourselves and tell me what the hell is going on!" She shouted. No, this wasn't right. She was supposed to be mad that I was a giant werewolf, not because I wouldn't tell her the one secret that I vitally needed to keep. As scared as I was to lose her and as much as I didn't want her to run away because of who I was, I couldn't help it when I crushed my lips to hers.
She was so beautiful and the way she cursed was just... Wow. She needed to do that more often, just not directed towards me. If this was to be my last moment with her, then I was going to me damned if I couldn't have this moment.
I had expected her to push me away, maybe if attempt to slap me, but she didn't, thank God. She responded with forceful desire. It seemed that she longed to be with me almost as much I wanted to be with her.
Of course our perfect moment was cut short by a thunderstorm, but what could I say, I was happy just the same.
I waited for her to say something about the kiss. How amazing or fantastic it was, but my imprint would never make life that easy.
"Ugh, rain," she said, as if the kiss had never happened. I wasn't doing something right if right after we kissed, she was more concerned about the rain than me. The way she tried to move out of my embrace nearly caused me to growl. Did she want to get away from me?
"That's all you have to say?" I asked, although the smile on my face probably seemed a little too cheery. I tried to tone it down, but I was just too happy from the kiss.
"No. 'Why did you kiss me?' seems to be sufficient." She spoke, her tone slightly bewildered and shocked, yet not fearful.
"I've never heard you curse before and I didn't want you to be mad at me. I figured if you hate me I was going to get one more kiss from you before you left me. I had nothing to lose," I said, still smiling. I tried to make myself stop but it was a lost cause.
"Yeah, well-" It seemed like she was about to make a snarky comment, but she was cut off by a boom of thunder.
"C'mon, let's get you out of here," I said, picking her up and running in the direction of home. With the luck I'd been having, I was glad that she didn't get struck by lightning on the way home.

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