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Gradually, things gained a sense of normality in the Avengers tower, Loki and Tony being the obvious exceptions. Loki was gradually regaining his confidence, but being around Tony after what was quickly becoming known as 'The Incident' made him noticeably uncomfortable, and Tony was at a loss for what to do about it.

"You have to give him time" This insight came surprisingly from their resident female spy, Natasha of course. Tony scoffed.

"Because you would know all about Loki wouldn't you?" Since his coming to the tower, Natasha and Loki had barely been seen in the same room as each other. Loki assured him he wasn't offended by it, they just needed their space, he assumed.

Natasha rolled her eyes imperiously at him, her face a picture of derision. "I knew enough not to hit on a rape victim because I was drunk" She intoned spitefully. Tony felt a flush move up his face. She had a point there.

Tony sighed. "What do I do? I asked Steve but he said to give him time too. I'm not a patient guy and I've scared away someone I thought of as a friend, Tasha."

They both had the sense to shut their mouths as Thor came walking into the lounge, blissfully ignorant as to the tension between his younger sibling and the owner of the tower he lived in. Not that it mattered. Thor had barely strolled into the room when Tony's attention was caught by JARVIS.

"Sir, I do believe Mr Laufeyson requires your presence in the training room. He appears to be rather distressed with you."

Tony gulped, heaving himself from his chair with a fleeting glance at Natasha, hoping she could read the resigned message that lay within.

Looks like giving him time isn't an option, now doesn't it?

She responds with a frustrated eye roll and gives him a shove on his way out of the door.

He finds Loki, as conveyed through JARVIS, sitting on the floor of the training room, surrounded by debris. Tony froze in the doorway, wondering if Bruce had recently had an episode. His heart was hammering out of his chest and he knew in his stomach that his fellow scientist had nothing to do with the wreckage before him.

"Why did you do it to me?" The question was whispered, reminding Tony bitterly of Loki when he first came to them, afraid to speak louder than that for fear of the repercussions. It hurt just a little -read: a lot- when he thought about how it was his actions which caused the tone. He turned his attention away from such thoughts, however, when he realized Loki was still talking.

"Was it a trick? Pretend to care for me, earn my trust, and then do things to me? Did you drunkenly reveal your desires ahead of time?" By this point Loki's hands were shaking with barely restrained rage, his face betraying nothing but calm.


"IS THAT WHAT THIS WAS ABOUT?" Loki screamed, a wind seemingly conjured from nowhere whipping his hair around, the windows behind him shattering. Tony flinched as tiny shards of glass opened cuts in both their faces, seeming to affect him more than Loki, whose features were contorted into a look of loathing that seemed disjointed from the tear tracks that glistened on his ivory cheeks.

The door behind Tony had slammed shut as the wind had picked up, and Tony could hear Steve and Thor banging on the door, calling through to him to apprise them of the situation. Tony couldn't find the words to describe it, and so stayed silent as Loki's destruction resumed. Eventually though, he had to end it, for the Gods sake if not his own.

"Lok-Loki, listen to me, okay? I was drunk, and I was stupid, and I'm a complete and utter playboy idiot when I'm drunk, we all know that! It was nothing to do with what happened to you before, nothing at all, and it wasn't some nefarious scheme, do you really think I would do that to you? Do you really think any of the others would let me do that to you? Steve? or Bruce? Or come on, Thor? Even Natasha was threatening to string me up by the balls after I did that to you, Clint replaced all the underwear in my closet with chastity belts!" The static in the air wavered, but didn't die. Tony was just relieved he had the Tricksters attention.

"Look, Lokes, I know you've been hurt, and I know it's not easy trying to get past that, I'm not blaming you for that, I swear, but you have to realize by now that we will never ever purposefully hurt you. In any way, okay? I swear on my suits. Heck, I'll swear on my life if that will help. You're our friend Loki, we just want you to feel safe here. I know I haven't really helped in that, but I promise I'll do better, okay? I promise."

Tony was knocked back as he suddenly had his arms full of a sobbing mass of Norse God. They sank to the floor of the training room, Tony stroking through Loki's hair as he sobbed, more heavy breaths than tears at this point. Tony couldn't blame the guy for being overwhelmed, he guessed. He'd been through the wars recently, and he was more than entitled to a bit of PTSD from the ordeal.

But as the magical pressure keeping the door closed abated and the other avengers piled into the room, only to lay eyes upon the sight before them and sink to the floor as one conjugal team hug, he knew Loki would recover from it.

They had their pasts, each and every one of them, but they were a team, and together, they could overcome anything.

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