Title: Mentality of a Missing-Nin

Summary: He is a Nara, loyal to a fault, none of them had ever betrayed the Village before, but he killed their allies and ran off into the night. Now he's joining Sasuke against them and even the most stubborn of friends may have lost faith in him.

Fandom: Naruto (manga/anime)

Characters: Shikamaru Nara, Choji, Ino, Tsunade, Naruto, Itachi

Pairings: none yet

WARNING: Ninjas, secrets, betrayal, killing, depression, and even more betrayal.

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Mentality of a Missing-Nin

Part 1

Being a good leader is difficult. You have to make decisions and live with them. You've got to spend your life with your mistakes, and so does everyone you lead. A general has to live with the responsibility for his soldiers' deaths. A mayor has to live with their citizens' unhappiness. Anything that goes wrong in that town is their fault. When you're both, and your citizens are your soldiers, you're responsible for not just their homes and their lives but also their livelihoods. Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions; sometimes you have to sacrifice something for the good of the people you lead.

They both understood this, she might lead the Village but he was one of her top Advisors and Generals. Now they had a choice to make. Someone, a soldier, had to lose everything in order to save the Village. They talked, debated, planned, and in the end she could only hope he was right. It was a risk someone had to take, she was sure that any of the soldiers would do it, or try, but he knew everything in play and didn't want to risk someone else. So now she was left keeping their secret and praying she'd get her General back in one piece, one day.

Shikamaru knew the risks, knew how this kind of mission usually ended, and he still did it. Because he knew the risks he knew he couldn't let anyone else make this sacrifice. If he had to condemn one person for the sake of them all it would always be himself. And this was something he knew he could do, sure he'd need to use everything he had but if anyone was going to make it out alive it would be him, or Naruto, but Naruto would never be able to do what the rest of the mission required. Still he almost shed a few tears in private when he thought about everything he was going to lose. He visited all his favourite places around the Village for the last time, had Korean BBQ with Ino and Choji, said a casual goodbye like he did every time they separated, and then left to start his mission. He thought maybe this was how Itachi Uchiha had felt. The next morning Shikamaru Nara became a missing-nin.

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