Title: Mentality of a Missing-Nin

Summary: He is a Nara, loyal to a fault, none of them had ever betrayed the Village before, but he killed their allies and ran off into the night. Now he's joining Sasuke against them and even the most stubborn of friends may have lost faith in him.

Fandom: Naruto (manga/anime)

Characters: Shikamaru and Sasuke

Pairings: Sasuke/female!Shikamaru

WARNING: Ninjas, secrets, betrayal, manipulation, mpreg (sort of but not really because he's in a female body at the time), boy/boy love (sorta), boy/girl love (kind of), love, depression, and even more betrayal. (Don't worry I mostly just gloss over the whole pregnant bit.)

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Mentality of a Missing-Nin

Part 8

He's been with him for just over a year, making it fourteen months since he went rogue, when Sasuke calls him into a private conference and finally gets down to the issue Shikamaru always knew was coming. Sure he's still on an "I hate Konoha" kick and wants to destroy the Village, which Shikamaru usually ignores, but they're twenty now and the life expectancy of a ninja is short at best. So Sasuke lays out his problem, the reasons he doesn't want an outsider, or one of his soldiers, involved, and waits for Shikamaru to give him the answer. Closing his eyes he thinks, really he's had this planned from the beginning, he knew Sasuke would come to him with this eventually, now he just needs to re-enforce his own decision.

There's one obviously top choice so he shares a few alternatives with the other man and knows he'll have objections to each. Finally he gives him the plan he wanted to all along, knowing Sasuke will be shocked he's careful how he phrases it and with what reasons he gives. When Sasuke realizes what Shikamaru wants it to mean he actually laughs; yes it will solve all his issues and Shikamaru gets to lie around doing nothing for another year. Obviously it gives them both what they want, without the complications from additional people, so he agrees, as Shikamaru knew he would. If it means they need to stay low and not attack Konoha for that year, well to Sasuke it's an unfortunate side effect and to Shikamaru it's one of the best reasons for his plan.

The jutsu he uses isn't technically forbidden; it's just a high level, complex one that needs tons of chakra. He probably wouldn't have made it without Sasuke's medic-nin channelling the Uchiha's chakra into him. But he does, and now he's stuck like this for a few weeks, just to make sure it worked properly, and then around nine more months after that. That's right, Sasuke wanted to start rebuilding his clan but didn't want to have to deal with finding and convincing a strong enough Kounichi to bear his children without getting attached to him. The solution? Shikamaru uses a high level jutsu to turn himself into a woman to bear the kids and there are no real women involved. He gets to laze about and bask in the protection Sound offers without needing to do much in repayment and Sasuke won't have a second parent to deal with.

Personally Shikamaru thinks the kid(s) will end up beyond messed-up in Sasuke's care, but he's a freaking S-class missing-nin who just wants to watch clouds all day for the rest of his life so if he has to get pregnant a few times to earn that he'll deal with it and ignore the rest. At least that's how he explains it to Sasuke and the rest of the Sound Shinobi. He's still their General, he still plans their attacks and defences, he still trains many of them, but now he gets hours to himself. Lying out on a field or in a rice paddy he watches the clouds and talks softly to the birds that land near him. No one notices that at least once a week one of those birds is a raven, mostly because he's got pregnancy hormones attacking him and warping his usual laidback manner so much so that most of Sound avoids him.

Sasuke spends most of his time training and plotting, since he has to stay nearby and give Shikamaru more chakra almost every day. Babies take a lot of energy and if his gets too low his body will try to change back into its original state to recover. The added bonus of Sasuke being the chakra donor is that the baby will absorb that chakra and become even more Uchiha-like than before (as if Shikamaru was part Uchiha as well). It's not nearly as relaxing as Shikamaru hoped it might be and he notices that when he complains Sasuke's smirk is the one that says he's hiding the urge to smile or laugh. It's understandable, it is, he's been around the guy longer than he was a part of Team 7 by now and he's carrying his kid.

But the understanding doesn't stop it from hurting still. Because Sasuke may be falling in love, or at least like-more-than-anyone-else, with him and he's already got hundreds of different potential plans for the future that involve him betraying the man. He never wanted any of this: all he ever wanted in life was to spend time with his best friend and watch clouds. Now he's up a river without a paddle, heck he doesn't have a boat, because he's going to betray Sasuke eventually, he can't help that, and he's already betrayed his friends in Konoha. The scenarios running through his head aren't good, he can think of everything from having to raise his kid off in some other country, in hiding, to the Village taking the Nara/Uchiha from him and then killing or imprisoning him. Those shouldn't happen but reasoning with civilians or power hungry elders is hard. Even Tsunade may not be able to help him.

Yet he keeps talking to the ravens, telling them everything and not receiving much back, again standard procedure since he is out here living with the enemy. He keeps planning for both of them, he keeps playing Shogi and Go against Sasuke, and he keeps winning, every game. His stomach gets larger and Sasuke gets softer, but only so he can tell, and he knows the time is coming soon. It's make or break, this time there will be no one to catch him, unless they've played this just right. So he sets up the battlefield and readies his pieces and sends one last message with the ravens a week before his due date. Just four days later it all comes crashing down.

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