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How about a chapter where Nicole is twelveish and gets her first period? And her parents don't know what to do (after all, they're both male)..



When Nicole woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible pain in her stomach and a warm wet sensation under her the first thought that came through her mind that she just wet the bed. "Ugh Nicole your too old to be wetting the bed!" Nicole said to herself. Slowly she sat up winching as the wetness shifted under her. Gross.

Flying Chocolate Bunny awoke as he felt his kid-owner sit up. He was also overwhelmed with a… Familiar scent of some sort. "Ugh ew. It feels so weird." Nicole whimpered slightly as the pain in her stomach grew as she continued to shift.

"I… I can't tell father or daddy… I'm too old to wet the bed it's so… Embarrassing." She said sheepishly. Looking back at FCB she patted him. "Please help me change the sheets, love." The brown bunny with wings nodded supportively. The aroma was still familiar though…

Nicole got up and winced as the pain in her stomach sort of churned throughout her. She also felt a slight wetness run down her leg. She made a disgusted sound. Although, she was confused that the room didn't smell awful like it usually would. That's strange. Going to the lights she turned them on with a click.

Flying Chocolate Bunny stared in horror at the stained bed sheets. No wonder the smell was so familiar. He never saw anything like this before though.

Nicole trudged her way to her bed but admittedly stopped in her tracks as she saw the bed sheets. A dark red puddle stained the sheets. "That's… Not pee… Is it?" Nicole uttered out staring in horror. FCB whimpered. The girl looked down. Yep that definitely was a red trail of liquid running down her leg.

Stumbling back she was absolutely horrified and didn't know how she was still capable of standing on her own two feet. "E-ew! What is this? Oh my god!" She said out loud but tried to quiet. She couldn't have her parents seeing in her in such a state! Gulping down the scream in her throat she new she had to someone clean this mess up. Firs things first, clean her profile.

Rummaging through her drawers she took out a pair of undergarments and a new night gown. No doubt that it stained through both of them. "Can you be a dear and change the sheets FCB?" She said pleading. The winged bunny nodded already starting to pull of the sheets. Sighing in relief she sprinted off to a very obvious place to fix this. The bathroom.

She cleaned up the blood on her leg while muttering her ews and ughs. It was a very gross sensation that she was witnessing and she knew that it wasn't going to go away anytime soon. Hurriedly she changed but the blood obviously didn't stop. She did the only thing she could think of at that time. Stuff toilet paper down there until further notice. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, every time she moved she could feel the blood dripping out. Disgusting.

She made her way back to her room silently seeing her bed newly clothed with clean sheets. Hesitantly she laid down and groaned as the pain in her stomach spread. "This is the worst…" turning and thrashing she managed to eventually fall asleep.

The Next Morning

Nicole was disgusted to wake up seeing the paper she put down there completely covered with blood. She had to put more of it down there. When was this going to end? She thought to herself.

Eating breakfast with her parents felt awkward. She felt grouchier than usual. Arthur noticed the frown on her face. "What's the matter sweetie?"

Nicole looked back at him forcing a smile. "Nothing." She stated bluntly. Alfred lifted an eyebrow. "Well alright. You should probably go on ahead to school."

The brunette girl (with blonde streaks) nodded getting up and slinging her back pack over her shoulder. With a goodbye she left feeling herself grow angrier and angrier. She had no idea why though, if anything she should feel worried that blood was coming out of her.

She went early to class knowing that maybe her favorite teacher would know what's going on. Opening the door she walked in slowly.

"Nicole? What are you doing here so early? Class hasn't even started yet." The teacher said. Nicole rubbed her arm awkwardly. "Uh… Miss… I think there's something wrong with me."

She sat up concerned. "What is it sweetheart?" 'How embarrassing' Nicole thought but mustered up the courage to tell her what was going on. "I woke up in the middle of the night to have… Blood coming out of me and now it won't stop. Why is that? Am I going to be alright? What is it exactly?" She said quickly, looking down. "Oh…" Her teacher said knowing well. She coughed.

"Nicole do you know what the process of… Growing into a woman is?" The teacher asked trying to sound nonchalant. Nicole looked up in thought for a moment. "You… Grow?"

She chuckled but shook her head. "There is a cycle for woman that prepares you when you get older. I am sure you're aware on what a period is, right?"

Nicole blinked. She fiddled with a piece of her blonde hair thinking. "A… Period? What is that?"

It was the teacher's turn to blink. "O-oh that's right. You have two dads. I'm pretty sure they haven't talked about this to you." She sat up straight. "Do you mind if I give you a small lesson?"

The girl nodded. "Sure!"


Nicole busted through her door calling out "FATHER! DADDY!"

The two rushed to her side quickly. "Is everything alright Nicole? Are you hurt?" Arthur asked concerned. "I'm not hurt! Well… I guess not! Anyway my teacher said I am growing into a woman!" The young girl said.

Alfred stared with a look of "what the fuckery is this?" "Uh… What do you mean exactly, kid?" He asked.

"Um I have something called… A period!" She said aloud the same crooked smile on her face, like nothing was wrong for what she just said.

Arthur stared in horror as Alfred choked on his spit. "WHAT?!"

Nicole was confused to say the least.

After she blurted out that she had this period thing her parents began freaking out and choking on air. Then they admittedly told her to put an over-sized sweatshirt and sweatpants. And if that wasn't enough, for some reason she was sitting in a box full of tissues with a heater next to her turned on keeping her warm. She was also holding tea that Arthur insisted that she have.

What the heck is going on?

Alfred was going through the internet panicking as Arthur kept making Nicole many types of tea. Nicole's brain felt confused. The cardboard box filled in with tissues was nice but strange and the heater kept her relaxed at least but still a horrible pain was in her stomach. Ugh.

"Daddy my stomach hurts. A lot." Nicole said grimacing as another pang of pain panged in her insides.

"ALFIE HER STOMACH HURTS. HURRY UP AND FIND SOMETHING!" Arthur screamed as he kept bringing more cups of tea for the puzzled girl.

"I'M GOING AS FAST AS I COULD OLD MAN." Alfred shouted back as he hastily typed in the computer. Arthur 'hmph'd' being referred as old man and would've told Alfred about manners but at the moment he was more focused on his beloved daughter.

"Uncle Matthew, save me." She muttered as she fiddled with some of the tissues.

"Yo, I think I found something! We have to buy these… Pad things." The brunette said. "Oh also these pills to stop her cramp things!"

Arthur grimaced as he said pills. He wasn't a big fan of those and believed that his daughter will choke on them but if it's to relieve her pain… "Let's get on going then, love! Call your brother to take care of Nicole while we're out! I can't force her to move from the state she is!"

"Yeah, yeah don't nag me!" The red-eyed male dialed his brother. Nicole looked around awkwardly not knowing what to do. Looks like the box filled in with tissues will be her comfort for now.

"So you needed me for what-"

Matthew was cut off as Alfred and Arthur whipped passed him and slammed the door with a quick "STAY HERE!"

Matthew stared. "That's… Normal- Oh what the hell." He said as he saw Nicole sitting in a box full of tissues. "What stupid thing did they do this time?" She just shrugged saying "They insisted putting me in here while I was going through this thing called a period."

"… Oh."

"Well I guess that would make sense seeing as you live with dudes. No wonder you don't know what it is. Those idiots." Matthew and Nicole were having a conversation to pass time. She couldn't exactly do anything since everything she tried to get up she'd have a headache and her stomach would groan in pain.

"I never knew growing to a woman would be so… Freaking painful." She said dumbfounded. Matthew felt pity for the girl since now she has to go through this painful cycle over and over again.

All of sudden two parties burst through the door and the strawberry blonde rushed his way to Nicole and hugged her tightly. "It's alright sweetheart we're going to make it all better!" He said with dramatic tears in his eyes. Nicole stared at him. "Ow."

Alfred was busy getting a glass of water, when he was done he sprinted towards his daughter's side. "Look you need to take this pill. It's okay if it takes you few times to try to swallow it down."

"Oh uh thanks, father." She grabbed the glass and the pill. She put the pill in her mouth and took a large gulp of water. "Hm, that was easier than I thought." Nicole said.

"Good, good! Now uh… You have to put this on." Arthur took out a cube like bag that was green. "Don't worry it has instructions!"

Nicole felt really humiliated about the situation. She grabbed the bag and quickly went to the bathroom. Reading the instructions thoroughly she discarded the paper to put on the soft pad on in place. It took a few attempts to put it in place but managed well. Well at least now it wasn't as uncomfortable then before!

Skipping her way back to the living room she felt more cheery than before. "I'm good! I'm so glad that this just takes a few days! After this I'm never going to go through this pain ever again!" The crooked smile was plastered on her face. Poor Nicole, she hasn't learned all the ways of becoming a woman.

Alfred, Arthur and Matthew all looked at each other flinching slightly knowing better. "Um Nicole… Sweetheart. It's a regular cycle you know… That means you will have it every month."

"Ha… Ha ha. Daddy what do you mean exactly?" The girl asked nervously.

"Well you see Nicole… Uh… Matthew, take it away!" Alfred said feeling extremely uncomfortable about talking about this topic.

Matthew rolled his eyes. "Listen Nicole. Every single month you will have this. It goes to three to five days or sometimes seven. That's the process… Yeah."

"… Dammit."