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Precious Sky

Chapter 12

"What's this?"

Mido looked over his shoulder to see Tsuna being handed a black PDA by their dorm head, a well-respected third year middle school student by the name of Kudo Suzaku.

"This is your pass." He replied, bright green eyes shining kindly. "It allows the school to track the students so we know where you are if you are missing, along with providing your school ID." He took out his own PDA, typed the password in, and showed the three boys how to bring up an ID with his picture and information. "Show this to a cab or bus driver and you can ride for free. It is just charged to your school account. Also, this is your pass to get passed the gates at the train station. Just place the screen over the scan and it allows you access. You can also use this to get on the internet or send a quick message to friends or classmates you don't want to give your phone number to."

"Just so they don't get mixed up, girls have silver PDAs while guys have black." Mido informed them, earning three nods in return, though one was a distracted nod as Tsuna was already playing with his PDA, ignoring everything else.

"Mido will show you three to your room. You are all in room 112." Kudo informed them, looking at his clipboard briefly to find their names and double check he had the right number. "It's three to four kids a room."

"Alright. Thanks, Kudo-senpai." Tsuna replied, smiling at his dorm president as he was finished with fiddling with his PDA. He slipped it into his pocket and picked up his bags once more.

"Oh, wait." Kudo said before the boys could leave. He gestured to a wall in the entrance hall of the dorm. On the wall were thin white plastic plates that had names on them or were completely white. "We like to keep track of who is in the dorm and who isn't in case we need you for something or if there is an emergency. If you're in, you turn the plate so your name is facing front. If you are leaving, flip it over so the blank side is in front."

Nodding their heads in understanding, the boys did as they were told before following their friend towards a spiral staircase. "There are five floors. This floor consists of an office, cafeteria, store rooms, and a room for the dorm head, among other things. The other four floors are the dorms. Since you are room 112, you will be on the second floor. You move up a floor for the next year." Mido explained to them, stepping off at the first platform they came to. "There is an elevator you can use, but considering you are only on the second floor, it seems quite pointless at this time."

"Who is th–" Hayato started, but was cut off by a growl. He glared at Takeshi, who was rubbing his stomach sheepishly.

"I think I'm hungry." Takeshi chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"There is no 'I think' about it!" Hayato snapped. "You're either hungry or you aren't!"

Tsuna sweat dropped and glanced at Mido. "This is what I have to deal with nowadays." He mumbled to him, causing the taller boy to laugh.

"Well, our next stop can be the cafeteria. It's almost dinner time anyway." Mido said, rubbing his own stomach as he did. "I am beginning to feel the pains of hunger myself."

Grinning, Tsuna motioned in front of him. "Then lead the way, Mido-kun."

Smiling back, Mido led his three friends to the bustling cafeteria. There were boys sitting everywhere, chowing down on their dinner and talking. Though, it was strange that it wasn't loud. Tsuna would have thought that a cafeteria full of teenage boys would be impossibly loud.

"Why is it so quiet?" Takeshi asked, rather loudly which earned him many shushes from the boys around them and Mido.

Tsuna blinked, scratching his cheek. "Strange. What is with–"

Mido slapped a hand over Tsuna's mouth. "Quiet yourself." He hissed very quietly. "You don't want to draw his attention."

Hayato glared at Mido for covering his boss's mouth. "And who is he?" He demanded roughly.

"You guys are either idiots or very brave." A blond muttered, holding a sucker between two fingers as he looked at the group. "Which is it?"

Tsuna looked at the blond, who was sitting at the table they were standing next to, with curiosity.

"Oh, shut up, Spanner. They are all new to this school." Mido told him before looking back at his friends. "He is the head of the Disciplinary Committee, an eighth grader that is feared by everyone, even those in the high school division. You don't want to anger him. He hates noise and crowds which is why it is so quiet in here."

Gokudera scoffed. "I'm not scared of anyone. I bet Tsuna-sama could easily beat this guy."

Twitching, Tsuna looked at his friend, sweat dropping. "Don't–"

By pure sense, Tsuna dropped down to his knees and bent his head backwards to see a tonfa, of all things, passing over just where his head was moments ago. Eyes widening, Tsuna tilted his head a bit farther back to see himself staring into grey eyes that were glaring darkly down at him. "Uh, hello." Tsuna greeted the black haired boy.

From near him, Tsuna heard someone slap their forehead.

A slight growl came from the older boy, who was glaring down at Tsuna. When Tsuna noticed his hand start to move, his hands flew to the ground to balance himself and his leg swept out behind him as he twisted his body around. His leg knocked into the boy's legs. He started to fell over, but then he hooked a second tonfa onto the underside of a table to pull himself up and he jumped into the air and flipped before landing on the table to regain his balance.

Blinking in surprise, Tsuna slowly rose to his feet. "Sooo, this is?"

Mido groaned, covering his face. Only Tsuna…only Tsuna could get into trouble like this. "This is Hibari Kyoya, Head of the Discipline Committee. And Gokudera just challenged him for you, Sawada."

Tsuna didn't reply as he stared at Kyoya with narrowed eyes. The boy in front of him looked absolutely sadistic to Tsuna. He had narrowed grey eyes and short black hair with fringe that joins in the center of his face and parts to the side. He was dressed in black slacks, a white button up long sleeve shirt, and a black jacket resting on his shoulders.

Kyoya took a step back on the table before getting ready for his next attack as he stared into Tsuna's eyes. When the boy first dodged his attack, he noticed he had brown eyes, but right now, those eyes looked like they were tinted orange. Eyes did not change like that.

"In the future," Tsuna started, only to pause as Kyoya suddenly charged at him, swinging both of his tonfas at him to take his head out. Faster than the students could see, Tsuna reached into the back of his belt and pulled out a short rod. Pushing a small button on the rod without looking, the rod extended into a staff that was about six inches taller then him. It was a black staff that had a line caved around it in a few places to separate the staff into a few sections. Each end of the staff was covered in golden bronze tubes. He spun it around his fingers in his right hand before grabbing it in both hands and slamming it in front of him to stop the tonfas from hitting him. "Do not challenge people for me, Hayato!"

"Noted, Tsuna-sama." Hayato said sheepishly.

Takeshi whistled lowly. "Tsuna is actually using his staff."

Mido looked at him in confusion. "Is that something big?"

"Well," Takeshi grinned at his friend. "I never saw him actually use his staff outside of training."

"Wait, so was Tsuna-sama going easy on me when I dueled him the other day?" Hayato demanded as he thought about his fight with Tsuna. There was not a single weapon in his hand that day.

"Hmm," Takeshi hummed thoughtfully as he crossed his arms. "Hard to say really. Tsuna actually started training to be a pure martial artist four years ago. He only started using a staff two years ago. He is quite skilled with and without a staff, but he prefers fighting with his fists. His weapon of choice was just a backup plan, though it probably comes in handy when fighting someone like this Hibari-san who uses tonfas."

Nodding in satisfaction, Tsuna pushed Kyoya's tonfas back, only to have Kyoya push back against him with so much strength that Tsuna felt his feet slide back. Growling, Tsuna pushed his feet into the ground with more force for a second before propelling off as he jumped backwards. With his staff being pulled with him, Kyoya lost his wall and fell to one knee before he was back on his feet and jumping after Tsuna, raising a tonfa and swinging it down. Tsuna twisted his staff around to behind his back with one hand while his other hand came up to grab the tonfa in his bear fist.

"Should we do something?" Takeshi asked Mido and Gokudera, fingering the black straps of the cloth that wrapped up on his sword.

Mido gave him a look as if he was insane. "You do not fight Hibari-san. Even the Student Council is scared of him. The President of the school doesn't even cross him."

Takeshi laughed. "Sounds interesting. So is he also the one in control of punishing the students when they break rules? Or is there a committee for that too?"

"Well, there is a Detention Committee." Mido said, looking at Takeshi, completely ignoring the fight going on behind him. "But they don't just give detention. For those big rule breakers, they also do lock ins. Since students from this school come from all around the world, they can't suspend them and kick them off the island so the Detention Committee makes lock ins. Basically it is when you are confined to your room. They take away all your games, phone, music players, and whatever else you can use for fun and the students in the committee take turns being your guards so you can't escape. But there is also a solitary confinement rule for the really big troublemakers."

The black haired boy gave a low whistle. "This place is crazy. Don't you a–" He looked at the silver haired boy, but was surprised to see him not even focusing on the conversation. His eyes were narrowed in on the fight between Tsuna and Hibari.

Looking back at the fight, Takeshi watched as Hibari's tonfa slammed into Tsuna's shoulder, sending the boy flying back onto one of the tables, skidding along it. He winced as Tsuna groaned. Instead of staying down and waiting for Kyoya to come back for his next attack, Tsuna twisted his arm back onto the table and flipped himself up into a one-handed handstand just as Kyoya's tonfa slammed into the table where his torso was moments ago.

"Dangerous!" Tsuna cried. He bent his body as he lowered his feet to the ground. When he was on his feet again, he jumped to the next table to escape Kyoya. "I think you really are out for blood here."


Tsuna paused, blocking a tonfa with his staff as he stared at Kyoya. "Hn? What does 'hn' mean?"


Tsuna jumped into the air and landed neatly onto Kyoya's tonfa. "Creepy laugh!" He cried, twisting around, while maintaining his balance, to see who was laughing. Standing next to the table the two fighters were on was a boy slightly taller than Tsuna with a pineapple hairstyle that was blue. What was really creepy about this boy were his eyes. One was blue while the other was red with a kanji in it for the number six. He wore black slacks with a long sleeve white button up shirt on top. He had two belts around his waist, which crossed over each other. One was white while the other was dark blue. His hands were covered with black gloves with two fingers on his right hand having rings on them. His feet were covered in black boots with a buckle strap at the top of them. The bottom of his slacks were tucked into the boots and the straps were buckled tightly around his legs.

"….Pineapple." Tsuna said.

Mido slapped his forehead. What has happened to Tsuna in the past few years?

The smirk slipped away from the boy's face to be replaced by a very dark scowl. "I'll kill you." He suddenly had a trident in his hand.

"Woah!" Tsuna exclaimed. He slammed the bottom of his staff on the table to block the trident that was trying to kill him while also throwing his foot up to block Kyoya's tonfa, which caused a lot of pain to flare through his entire leg. "What school allows this many weapons?"

"Are we having a brawl now?" Takeshi asked excitedly, pulling the straps free from his bag, revealing his shinai.

"Who gets excited about a brawl?" Hayato sneered at him.

Takeshi laughed. "Says the boy who challenged Tsuna to a fight the moment he met him."

A faint blush spread across Hayato's face. He shoved his hands in his pockets and when he pulled them out he had three sticks of dynamite in each. "The way I act is not any of your business, sword freak."

Upon hearing that nickname, Tsuna looked away from his bloodthirsty opponents to scowl at Hayato. "I said no name calling, Hayato." He said, jumping over Kyoya's tonfa before walking to the end of the table where he jumped down to the floor. "Can we stop trying to kill each other now?"


"I didn't get much of a chance." The pineapple head said, smirking darkly now.

Mido groaned and covered the upper part of his face with his hand. "Hibari Kyoya, Head of Disciplinary Committee, and Rokudo Mukuro, Head of Detention Committee. You met both of the most feared people on the island in less than five minutes."

Hayato scoffed. "Most feared? I see nothing to fear."

Mukuro chuckled darkly as he made his way over to Hayato with a creepy smile on his face. "New meat, I'll show you why you should be very scared of me." He said, but before he could get any close to Hayato, a staff was hitting his shoulder and created a roadblock for him. His eyes drifted over to Tsuna, eyes almost completely orange, which made Mukuro raise a brow in surprise.

"There will be no more fighting today." Tsuna ordered before he pulled his staff back and retracted it. Once it was back in one piece, he slid it back into the back of his belt. He shot a look at Takeshi and Hayato. "That means you too."

Hayato sent one more glare at Mukuro before he put his dynamite away.

"Hmm, I didn't even get the chance to draw my sword." Takeshi muttered dejected as he readjusted his bag on his shoulder.

Tsuna just shook his head in amusement. "Mido-kun, can you show us where to get some food? After almost getting killed, I'm starving."

Mido blinked a few times, trying to figure out where Tsuna got his calmness from after a situation like that before he just nodded.

As Tsuna walked away with his friends, he never noticed the interested looks that the students gave him after the brief fight. But their interest was nothing compared to the look of desired bloodlust from Hibari or the narrowed, contemplating eyes of Mukuro. Those eyes…Mukuro let his illusions do their job of dispersing his trident as he turned his back to Tsuna. He had a feeling things were about to get interesting around here.

*Room 112*

Takeshi whistled as he dropped his bag in their room. "They sure make every effort to make sure we are living in comfort." He said as he and Hayato looked around at the dorm. It seemed this room was only built for three. The room was divided in two. One half was dedicated to three beds. Two of those beds were a bunk bed while the other was a single bed that was on the opposite wall. There were three dressers and a closet and a door nearby that led to a bathroom. On the other side of the room was a small living room type area with a couch, flat screen tv on the wall, and a mini fridge and microwave on top. Adjacent to the couch and next to the glass sliding doors that led to a balcony, there was a desk, which Tsuna immediately moved to and pulled his laptop out to put on top of it.

"But I am amazed!" Hayato turned away from admiring the room to look at Tsuna with excited eyes. "It is lucky that we all got put in the same room."

"Hmm?" Tsuna looked away from turning his laptop on to smirk at him.

Seeing the smirk and understanding Tsuna better from knowing him longer, Takeshi had to laugh. "Blackmail or hacking, Tsuna?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Tsuna retorted as he turned back to his laptop. "I don't let anything fall to chance." He looked at Takeshi out of the corner of his eyes. "We make our own luck, right?"

Takeshi blinked.

"What about my bad luck?" Tsuna asked.

Yamamoto grinned. "I don't believe in bad or good luck. I think we make our own luck in this world. And Tsuna?"

"Yeah, Yamamoto-kun?"

"It's Takeshi. Get it right already. I won't have my best friend calling me by my last name."

"Thank you, Take-kun."

That conversation from years ago…Takeshi grinned and nodded. "You're getting it now, Tsuna."

Hayato looked at the two in confusion, feeling a bit left out as he didn't understand what they were talking about. But figuring it was something they talked about before in the past, he shook it off and went over to the bunk bed.

Takeshi noticing him moving, grinned. "I call the top bunk." He shouted as he snatched up his bags and ran over to the bunk bed.

"Why should you get it?" Hayato retorted as he turned to glare at the overly cheerful idiot.

"Cause I called it first." Takeshi replied, still grinning as he tossed his bags to the top bed. "And my stuff was there first."

Hayato blinked as he just realized he let that idiot get one over on him. He soon scowled and went to hit Takeshi, but stopped when he saw Tsuna walking over to them out of the corner of his eyes. "Tsuna-sama?"

"Is it really that big of a deal? You could just take the single bed, Hayato." Tsuna pointed out.

"Single bed is for Tsuna." Takeshi replied before Hayato could get a chance, which just left Tsuna blinking in confusion while Hayato actually nodded in agreement with Takeshi.

"Wow, I get no choice, huh?" Tsuna said with a shake of his head. It's not that he minded much. If neither of his friends wanted the single bed, Tsuna would gladly take it. Though he hoped that this wouldn't lead to Takeshi and Hayato killed each other with how close they would be sleeping. But as long as they both stayed on their own bed, it should be fine, hopefully. "Fine, fine, I'll take the single bed, Hayato can have the bottom bunk, and Takeshi gets the top bunk."

"Well, if Tsuna-sama says so." Hayato said begrudgingly as he shot another annoyed look at Takeshi.

Seeing this, Tsuna just sighed. Was Hayato going to do everything he said? He was allowed to argue with him about the choices he made. But all Hayato seemed to want to do was agree with him, even if he didn't like it.


Back at the Sawada residence, Nana was sitting at the table in her kitchen, staring down at her cell phone. Her youngest son left today to go to Namimori Academy with his friends as a dorm student. Her oldest left with his friends to Italy to finish training to be Vongola Tenth. Now her house sounded so quiet, like there was no life to it. It has been so long since it was peaceful in the house like this, and she didn't like it. She missed all the noise that accompanied her sons.

But as of now, she was faced with a difficult choice. Her son was at Namimori Academy where no protection could get him, but then again, no one should be able to get him there since no Famiglias should be crazy enough to attempt to breach the sanctuary of that island and risk a war.

Though she still felt she should tell Giotto or Reborn. She felt that they deserved to know that Tsuna had locked himself away at Namimori Academy.

And though she felt she should tell them, her hand never reached forward to grab her phone.

And it was all because of Tsuna.

*Flashback: six hours ago*

"Mom, can you do me a favor?"

Nana looked at her son's back as he stopped when he was about to leave to go to his new school. Seeing him standing there, back straight, head held high with confidence radiating off of him, reminded Nana so much of his father and Giotto when they were leaving. And to see it on her youngest before he was about to leave almost brought tears to her eyes. "What is it, Tsu-kun?" She asked as she forced herself to be strong. This wasn't goodbye. Her son could still visit her. He wasn't leaving the city, just going to a nearby school on an island in the ocean. He would still be nearby.

"Please don't tell Reborn or Giotto or any mafiosos where I went." Tsuna requested as his hand tightened on his bag strap.

"They'll be worried."

"I know." Tsuna replied quietly. "But, this is something I have to do. I need to prove to all of them that I can take care of myself. I can't do that if they know where I am and are hounding me." He turned his head halfway around to give her a small smile. "When I'm ready, I'll tell them everything."

*End Flashback*

It was Tsuna asking this of her that kept her from calling anyone to tell them what Tsuna did. He wanted to prove his strength and that was something she could understand. When she was still a new hacker, she had to constantly prove herself in the beginning to show just how valuable she was. She wasn't sure how Tsuna planned to do it, but he was going to this school to escape Vongola's grasp and prove to them the strength that he held. He wanted to break Giotto's protectiveness and show he wasn't weak it seemed.

And understanding what Tsuna was after was the reason why she accepted his request.


A shaky hand rose to point at the video that was sent to his PDA. He didn't have to though since Takeshi and Hayato got the same video on their own PDAs. It seemed that the video was sent to all the students. He has only been at this academy for two hours now and he was already regretting it.

Takeshi played the video on his PDA and started laughing when he saw it was the fight between Tsuna, Hibari, and Mukuro in the cafeteria earlier. "I wonder who filmed this." He said as he watched Tsuna whip his staff out.

Tsuna leaned over Takeshi's shoulder to watch the video, eye twitching as he saw it showed the whole fight and then him defending Hayato from Mukuro. It was all on there. Whoever filmed this wasted no time in sending it to all the students, but for what purpose? The story would have spread soon enough with how many boys were in that cafeteria. Everyone on campus would have known so why send a video of it?

The video showed him walking away with his friends before it the screen went black and the words "Sawada Tsunayoshi for Student Council President!" appeared in white and left Tsuna gaping at it.

"H-How did they get my name?!" Tsuna screamed as he tried to steal Takeshi's PDA to throw it at a wall. "I don't want this!"

"It's mine!" Takeshi shouted in protest as he ripped his PDA out of Tsuna's hands before he could destroy it when he just got it not that long ago. "Geez, Tsuna, stop trying to break my stuff."

The youngest Sawada sighed and held his hands up in surrender to show he wouldn't steal it again. "Fine, it's yours." He dragged his fingers through his hair in frustration. "But how can they be promoting for a new Student Council President already?"

"It's because a new president is chosen at the beginning of each school year. They like to wait until this time in case they are any potential candidates in the new arrivals to the school. You know, no president has lasted more than one term, but they are desperately searching for one that could last." Hayato explained with a huge grin on his face. "And of course, Tsuna-sama would make the cut! He is just that great."

"But I don't want to be the president." Tsuna muttered. He's heard the horror stories about being the Student Council President here when he was applying. Apparently it was so bad that some students left the academy entirely before their term as president was up. It seemed leaving the school or getting expelled were the only ways to get out of being Student Council President before the six month term was up. So basically, leave the academy of one's own free will or find a way to be expelled. He guessed no one really wanted to leave this school, but the stress of being Student Council President was too much for those kids.

Takeshi laughed as he slipped his PDA back in his pocket. "So it seems Tsuna is really becoming the boss he declared he would be four years ago."

"I was joking." Tsuna protested weakly as he face planted on his bed.

"I think it will be fine." Takeshi replied in a hope to cheer his friend up. "I mean, that video was just of you fighting Mukuro and Hibari. I doubt that is going to do much to make people want to make you the new president."

"What?" Hayato turned to glare at Takeshi. "Are you saying that Tsuna-sama couldn't be president?" If it was Tsuna-sama, he knew that he could be a great president for the school. He was strong and kind and someone that Hayato would gladly follow. There was no way he would fail like all those other wimpy presidents who couldn't last more than one term.

Takeshi put a finger to his lip to shush Hayato and shook his head as his eyes moved to Tsuna. "You know, this is partially your fault for challenging Hibari for Tsuna."

Hayato blinked. His fault? He looked at his depressed friend then back at his PDA where the video was still waiting for him to hit play. His friend was depressed right now because he accidentally drew him into a fight earlier?

And now Hayato was curled into a depressed ball on his bed, making Takeshi chuckle weakly in surprise.

Takeshi scratched the back of his head. Great, now both of his friends were depressed. What was he supposed to do about this?

Tsuna moaned into his pillow. His Hyper Intuition was flying off the charts. Something was going to happen. Most likely tomorrow and all he wanted to do right now was run away.

…Run away? Didn't Reborn always tell him to never run away? To stand up and face life's challenges head on.

And besides, wouldn't running destroy his plan of proving his strength?

"I'm just like you, Hayato." Tsuna said, sitting up as he did so. He ran a hand through his hair, giving a tired sigh. "You want to prove yourself to your dad and all those mafia Famiglias that mocked you. I need to prove myself to my brother and his guardians. I need them to see that I am not some weak little boy that constantly needs protected by them. They need to learn to let go. I secretly applied to Namimori Academy to get away from them so that I can grow and show them what I am. I can't do that with them constantly looking over my shoulder and sending people here to secretly or not secretly protect me. I will prove myself to them."

That's right. Didn't he say that just the other day? Yes, he said that to Hayato. And yet, he was whining because someone dared to suggest him to be the Student Council President? Tsuna's hand curled into a fist over his covers. His brother was working to become the tenth boss of Vongola and yet he was scared of facing the chance to become a Student Council President?

Tsuna sat up on his knees, staring at the plain light blue wall. If his brother could face the job of being a mafia boss, then Tsuna could face the chance of being the next president of this school. If it was truly as bad as everyone made it out to be, then Tsuna would take the chance. He wouldn't sit here and whine about not wanting it. He would take it, he would prove himself by lasting more than one term, and he would show his brother that he wasn't a weak kid needing protection. As Master once told him, he had a Sky flame, just like his older brother. Being a Sky, it was normal for him to fall into some type of leader role at some point. It seemed that those with Sky flames were good leaders each in their own way.

And since his flame was a Sky and the younger brother of the next Vongola boss, he was going to prove himself to be a leader and strong just like Giotto.

"Tsuna?" Takeshi asked confused, not having expected him to suddenly sit up like that.

"Student Council President, leader of Namimori Academy." Tsuna said with his voice drawing Hayato out of his depressed state to look at him. Tsuna turned to face them with eyes alit with new found determination. "I'll do it. I will become this school's leader, but I can't get to that position alone."

Hayato didn't even hesitate. He immediately jumped off his bed with a smirk. "You don't even have to ask, Tsuna-sama. I will help you reach that position."

An equally determined Takeshi stood at Hayato's side as he looked at Tsuna. "I don't know what changed your mind so suddenly, Tsuna, but you know you can count on me."

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