Hey, I just thought of this while driving to the supermarket with my mom. Just pure drabble and not to be taken seriously. Also, don't complain about how an object that will be revealed later shouldn't be here.
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The Fellowship had stopped at in the forest while on their way to Lothlórien and was trying to sleep. Merry and Pippin, though, were awake and needed a little something to take their mind off the death of Gandalf. "So, do we just spray it?"

"Read the bottle Pippin."

"Oh, okay, now we just wait for five minutes before we wash it off."

"I hope he likes his new look."

"Yeah, so do you want a midnight snack?"

"We don't have any food left Merry."

"I saw an apple tree over in that direction earlier."

"Let's go than!" The pair raced over to the tree and began to eat the apples that had fallen. "Merry, do you think it's been five minutes yet?"

"Aren't you keeping track?"

"No, I thought you were."

"Well, I thought you were."


"Quick, get the bucket!" Pippin raced to where they had put a bucket full of water and grabbed it. He threw the liquid on a sleeping form and ran after Merry. "Run!" they shouted, waking the rest of the Fellowship as the victim jumped up.

"What is going on?" he yelled after them. The hobbits didn't reply but ran deeper into the forest and away from the victim. Said person turned to look at his friends and was shocked to see them laughing hysterically. "What is going on? What is so funny?"

That's when he noticed his hands. They were orange! "Aye, they got you good laddie!" Gimli howled with laughter.

"We're sorry Legolas; we didn't mean to turn you orange! We just thought you would look better with a tan so we took the liberty of spray tanning you. But we were eating and lost track of time. Please don't kill us!" Pippin apologized from his hiding spot. "You turned me orange! I look like a… like a… like an orange!"

"Well oranges are plumper, stouter, and rounder than you. You look more like an orange flower," Aragorn told his friend trying to contain his laughter. "Well, you are no longer that fair elf prince," Boromir added.

Legolas picked up his bow and arrow and got his revenge. Later that year all of Middle Earth fell under the rule of Sauron because Legolas killed the hobbits who helped defeat Isengard.

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