Summary: Bella left Edward to become a writer in New York. But over the years Edward has been looking for her, and grew very dark, and possessive, when it came to Bella. And now that he's got her, he won't ever let her go, again.


Chapter 1: Prologue

He held me close, tightening his grip only when he felt me rub soothing circles on his back every now and then. He was heaving, shuddering, crying hard into my neck. He would smell my hair and put his hands through my brown locks.

"Bella..."He croaked, sometimes he would say my name with a dreamy sigh, other time he would saay it frustratingly like he was trying to figure out a hard puzzle piece. But this time he sounded desperate, scared, and hopeless...

"Yes Edward" I answered him softly massaginf his backbones. "W-Why, do you...incist on loving me if...I only cause you...pain" He sniffled gripping me hard around my hips.

"I already told you Edward, because I love you"...


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