Summary: Bella left Edward to become a writer in New York. But over the years Edward has been looking for her, and grew very dark, and possessive, when it came to Bella. And now that he's got her, he won't ever let her go, again.


Chapter 3: Memories

All of my memories keep you near

In silent moments, imagine you'd be here

All of my memories keep you near

Your silent whispers, silent tears

Memories By Within Temptation

Preovisously on Masochist:

"I found you Bella! I found you, I found you, I found you!" He kept chanting. I gave a defeated sigh.

"You Found Me, Edward"


While Edward kept chanting that he found me I zoned off into space...


I was late! On me and Edward's anniversary night! Shit! I knew I shouldn't went out shopping with Alice, she has a major fetish with clothes I swear! I quickly got in my car and drove off to my apartment as quick as I could hoping I could change into something more decent before our date. I'm 17, and emancipated, yep thats right I live on my own. I was getting sick and tired of staying with Charlie and his dip-shit of rules, about me and my boyfriend Edward saying I had to be back in at 9.00 pm! So thats where I drew the line and left. Ever since I moved me and Edward have had a sexual and awesome relationship. Edward is 24 but he acts like a 30 year-old. He's also a publisher who works for world wide publishing companies, and I'm trying to get a job at New York's Publishing, which reminds me I have to send in my application first thing tomorrow.

But thats not all thats changed since I moved out of Charlie's, I don't know I just have a feeling that Edward, is well getting a little possessive, and I mean yeah the usual, no going out late, stay safe, but when I can't even to talk to a boy without him breaking their nose! But anyways... I drove through traffic, What the hell traffic in Forks! Are you Serious! I finally made to my apartment complex. I saw Edward's volvo in the parking lot, gret he's fucking here! I dashed up the steps to my apartment and looked throught the window. Thats wierd? The lights are all out, usually Edward would make himself right at home...hmph?

I unlocked the door and closed it slowly behind me, I was deep in the darkness now. I called out Edwards name but got no response, Okay? "Dammit I need some fucking light" I mumbled to myself. As soon as I turned the light switch on I wished I turned it off. There Edward was in my kitchen looking dead at me with anger on his face (the kitchen faces the door). "H-Hey Edward, what are d-doing over there?" I asked dumbly, well clearly Bella he's drinking water and waiting for you to get home like a stalker he is.

I think I said that out loud because he slammed the glass on the counter and came straight over, funny he's still in his suit from work normally he'd take that off. "Yes Isabella, you did say that outloud." He seethed at me. I sighed knowing I had to explain myself, "Look Edward, me and Alice got caught with shopping today sorry." I said looking down taking in the submissive pose. He grabbed my chin roughly, "Thats it Isbella I forbid you to go see anymore, till I feel like letting you." He stated looking me dead in the eye. I was furious, no one tells me to stay away from my friends. I took my chin out of his grip and glared at him "Edward I'm tired of you telling me what to do!" I yelled in his face, and stormed over to the dining and sat down to calm myself down.

Edward stalked over to me, He was standing infront of me and lokking down at me. I just stared back at him. He loosened his tie and took it off. He just stood there contemplating rolling the tie around his left hand looking at me. But I did not see this coming, he grabbed me by my hair and I yelped out in pain. He threw on the table face down and bend me over. He grabbed both of my wrists and tied them together.

"Edward what the hell are you doing!" I said struggling to get out of the tight knot he tired around my wrists.

"Tired of me telling what to do Bella...huh?" He said flipping me over looking face-to-face now. "ANSWER ME!" He yelled.

"Yes! Yes Edward!" I yelled bakc at him. I felt a pain from my right cheek, and my head snap in the other direction. Did h-he just slap me! I looked at him horrified, but what I saw scared me, Edward's eyes were like a coal black color and it frightened me. "Ed-Edward-" He cut me off by laughing humourlessly, "Bella, you really shouldn't push my buttons, except for the ones on my pants, you know I'm actually turned on by you tied up like this. At that I looked down to see that he was infact turned on by the huge bulge in his crotch area. "Ed-Ed stop you d-don't wanna do this please." I pleaded. Tears were forming in my eyes.

"You should of thought about thay before you came home late on our anniversary night!" He tore off my clothes and underwear. "Edward PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!" i was full-on sobbing now, but he only unzipped his pants and without warning shoved his dick in me. I screamed out of pain and pleasure.

"Ohhh fuck yes" He thrusted in hard inside of me.

"Please... please" I kept saying but he kept thrusting roughly inside of me, he would pull out all the way out and slam back in me with and inhumane pace.

"Ah...Ah...Ah Fuck Isabella yes your so fucking tight!" He grunted.

"Mine" He slapped my ass while slamming into and I clenched around him at every slap. "Mine" slap "Mine" slap "MINE" I came hard and thrusted 3 more times and spilled his seed inside of me and collasped on my back.


That was the same night I left. I gotta get out of here before I break down. I ran out of my room and went to Jessica's desk, "Jessica tell Tanya and Angela I'm leaving I don't feel to well." I quickly said in one breath. "Are you ok do you need a doctor?" She asked fully concerned. "No I-I just need to leave..." I walked out the front doors and made to the parking.

"BELLA!" I heard someone call I turned around to see Edward running after at my car. I quickly unlocked my car and drove home. I as soon as I opend the door I slid down it sobbing.

There's one person I can call for help...

It's 3:21 a.m. where I live at and I'm fuckking tired and sexually frustrated!."

Hope you enjoyed sorry for not warning you for major Lemon alert.

Just to get this straight Bella actually likes thatside of Edward but she tries hard not to because she thinks its wrong, or malevolence so she tries to run away from Edward, and also yes Edward has a spilt personality but I won't say more for that's further into the story.

Who is Bella gonna call? Find out in the next chapter.