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Bruce walked into the manor exhausted. He and Gordon had been searching the city for the past two hours and they finally decided to give up for the night. Bruce felt absolutely terrible. The last thing Dick said really got to him.

He walked into the kitchen and saw Alfred washing dishes. He went over to the fridge, pulled out a soda, and then leaned up against the counter. "Ruff night?" Alfred asked not looking away from his dishes.

"We got Dick away from Steve."

"We as in you and Master Wallace, correct?"

"Yeah, and he brought Dick down to the police station so we could get Dick away from Steve for good." Alfred just nodded, still not looking away from his dishes. "Well, the more we talked, the more we learned that Dick may never be able to live with us again."

"And?" Alfred asked, knowing there was more.

"And Dick wasn't too happy about that. He stood up, yelled at me, then ran out of the office. Me and Gordon searched hours for him."

"You looked everywhere?"

"Pretty much. The only places we didn't look was the orphanage, the schools…"

"Or here," Alfred interrupted finally turning around. He had just finished with the dishes and was drying his hands.

Bruce's eyes went wide. "He's here?"

"Yes, upstairs in his old room," Alfred said then walked out of the room.

Bruce sat the soda down on the counter and ran upstairs. Alfred was already up there, heading for his room, but stopped in front of Dick's room when he saw Bruce coming. Bruce stopped in front of Alfred and tried to open the door, but Alfred just moved closer to the knob. "Alfred, move."

"I'm sorry, Sir, but no."

"Alfred, he thinks I don't care about him, that I never did. Please, I need to talk to him."

"Master Bruce, you betrayed his trust. I'll be surprised if he ever trusts you again. After his parents died, he felt alone. You took him in and told him that you would always be there for him, no matter what. It's no wonder he thinks you never cared."

Bruce stood there shocked. "You know that's not true. I've cared about him ever since…"

"Ever since you saw his parents fall to their deaths?" Bruce looked away. "He thinks that the only reason you ever took him in is because you felt sorry for him."

"I did feel sorry for him." Alfred narrowed his eyes. "His parents died like mine, unexpectedly, but that's not why I took him in."

"Then why?"

"I took him in because I knew how he was feeling and I thought I could help, and the more time I spent with him, the more I felt like he was my son all along."

"So why would you get rid of that?"

"I made a mistake, I know that, and nobody's letting me forget it, but what Dick yelled at me tonight… I didn't think about what would happen." Bruce sighed and walked away.

"Where are you going?"

"To call Commissioner Gordon and tell him Dick's here. He's not going to like it, but I've still got to tell him." With that he disappeared down the stairs. Alfred just sighed sadly and walked to his room.

Dick slowly opened the door and peeked out. Once he saw no one was in the hall, he slipped out and quietly went down stairs. He wanted to know what Bruce was really going to say to Gordon.

Once he got down the stairs, he walked as quietly as he could to where Bruce was talking on the phone and hid around the corner.

"Jim, he's already asleep. Please, just wait until morning to come pick him up… No, I didn't know he was here until I got home and Alfred told me… Yes, I promise."

'What did he promise?' Dick wondered, really wishing he could hear both sides of the conversation.

"What about Steve?" Dick tried to lean closer. "What do you mean he got away?"

Dick backed up afraid. 'He got away? He's going to go through with his threat.'

"I don't know… Well, when I came home he was in the kitchen washing dishes. We got talking about Dick being here, and after that there wasn't a good time to ask… I can take him and then drop him off if you want… Ok, then we'll see you when you get here in the morning. Oh, did you ever get a hold of them… I see." Bruce got sad. "Thank you. Good bye."

Bruce hung up the phone then turned and stared up the stairs. "I'm sorry, Dick." He then walked up the stairs and to his room.

"The CPS must have told the Commish that Bruce can't readopt me." He looked down sad then back up with a determined look on his face. "We'll see about that." He then walked toward the study.


Gordon showed up at around ten-thirty to pick up Dick. Alfred led him to the dining room where Bruce and Dick were just finishing up breakfast. "Jim," Bruce said as Gordon walked in.

"Good morning, Bruce, Dick. You ready to go, son?"

"Yes, sir," Dick said sadly, bowing his head. He then got up and walked over to Gordon. 'It didn't work.'

"Jim, please, isn't there…"

"Bruce, I already told you. The lady I talked to said that they looked into you after you gave Dick up. They found no good reason for you to give him up. They won't let you readopt him."

Bruce looked sadly at Dick, walked over to him, and knelt down. "Then I'm going to say good bye this time." Dick jumped onto Bruce and both of them clung to each other, Dick crying. Bruce then pushed Dick back enough to see his face. "Dick, there is no way for me to fix what I've done to you, and no way for me to tell you how much you've done me. I promise, I will ask whoever adopts you if I can come visit often, ok?" Dick just nodded, still crying. Bruce pulled him in for another hug. "I love you, Dick, and I always will, no matter what."

Dick pulled away from Bruce and took a step back. "I love you too, Bruce," he replied, still crying, but not as much.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do anymore to help," Gordon said.

"It's alright, I did this to us. I'll walk you to the door."

They all walked to the front door and Bruce opened it. "I'm sure his new family will let you visit," Gordon said before he walked out the door.

Bruce just nodded and watched as Gordon and Dick got in the car and drove away.

Dick watched Bruce close the door then turned around and looked out the window. Once they got into town, Dick turned toward Gordon. "Did you ever get Steve and Sarah?"

"No, we tried their house last night, but all that was there were boxes. We figured they must have ran, and when we tried again this morning, the house was empty which confirmed it."

"So he got away," Dick said then looked down at his hands in his lap.

Gordon looked over and saw Dick's worried face. "What's wrong?"

"Before I left Steve's house, he threatened to find me and make me regret even being born."

Gordon looked at him surprised then back to the road so he didn't hit anyone. "Why didn't you tell me this last night?"

"I don't know," Dick said continuing to fiddle with his fingers.

"Well I promise, that's not going to happen."

Dick nodded and looked up when the car stopped to see they were at the hospital. "What are we doing here?"

"We need to get your arm and leg looked at."

Dick just nodded and they both got out of the car and went in."


About an hour later, Gordon parked the car in front of the orphanage. Dick still didn't want to be here, but knew he had no other choice. Gordon got out, went around and opened Dick's door, helped him out of the car, and got the wheelchair out of the back.

Dick didn't know which he hated more, the orphanage, the wheelchair, or Steve. He sat down in the wheelchair and Gordon wheeled him into the building.

When they got in the building, they saw a woman with long brown hair that looked like she was in her mid to late twenties, talking with Charlene.

"Oh, here they are now," Charlene said as she pointed toward Gordon and Dick.

"Ms. Sanders, what are you doing here?" Gordon asked. Dick also looked confused then smiled when she looked sort of scared.

"Commissioner, I'm here to say that I've changed the minds of the CPS and we've decided that if Bruce can promise never to do this to Dick again, that he can readopt Dick." She then looked down at Dick, gulped, and smiled nervously. "We are very sorry we told Commissioner Gordon that Bruce wasn't fit to take care of you, and we hope you'll forgive us."

Dick just smiled big. "Done." He then looked up at Gordon. "Can I go back to the manor now?"

"Ok, that's all I have to say. Oh and Commissioner, don't try contacting me at the CPS building anymore because I quit this morning, but they told me I had to tell you personally." She then looked around nervously then back at Gordon. "Good bye. Tell Bruce he won't have to worry about me again." She then quickly walked, or rather ran, to the door.

Gordon and Charlene just stood there shocked and very confused just staring at the door, while Dick was trying so hard not to laugh. "Did she look scared to you?" Charlene asked.

"She did seem edgy. I'll look into it when I get back to my office," Gordon replied.

"Can I go home now?" Dick finally asked, making both Gordon and Charlene look down at him.

They both snapped out of the shock as soon as Dick asked the question, and Charlene went over to the desk, picked something up, and brought it back. "Ok, just have Bruce sign this and bring it back by the end of the day and it will be official," she said as she handed a stack of papers to Gordon.

"Ok," Gordon replied as he took the papers. He then looked down at Dick. "Let's get you back home."

Dick just smiled.


Bruce sat in front of the TV just flipping through channels when he heard the door open.

"Bruce, I'm home!"

Bruce got up and ran to the front door, but stopped as soon as he saw Dick. He then looked up at Gordon. "What's going on?"

"Shirley Sanders, from the CPS, was at the orphanage when we got there and said you are able to readopt Dick, and that they're sorry they ever said otherwise. All you have to do is sign these papers," Gordon replied, holding up the adoption papers.

"Really?" Bruce asked as he walked over and took the papers.

"Really," Gordon replied as Bruce scanned the papers to make sure he was joking. He then smiled and held up a pin. "Need a pin?"

Bruce took the pin and signed the papers. "Do I need to turn these in myself?"

"I think so, but you have until the end of the day."

"Then I guess we're gonna have to make a trip down there, huh?" he said looking at Dick and smiling.

Dick smiled back. "Now that's one reason I will go there."


That night, after the trip to the orphanage, Dick invited Wally, the team, and the League to a celebration at the manor.

Bruce sat on the couch watching as Wally and everyone signed both of Dick's casts when Diana sat down next to him. "I'm so glad you got him back."

"Me too, but the thing is I almost didn't," he said looking at her. She looked at him confused. "Gordon told me that the Child Protective Services lady that he talked to said that I couldn't readopt him, but this morning she was at the orphanage and told him that I could and that they were sorry they said otherwise."

"That's pretty strange."

"Yeah, but what's even more strange is that Gordon said she looked scared."


They heard laughter coming from the kids and looked over to them holding up drinks. "To the best plan!" Wally said happily.

"To the best plan!" the others repeated then they all hit their cups together and laughed at what they did.

"I have a feeling they didn't change their minds on their own," Bruce said. He then raised his glass and looked back at Diana. "To the best plan."

Diana smiled and raised her own glass. "To the best plan." They then hit their cups together and laughed at the thought of what the kids might have done.

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