"hey i waited for you draco but didn't tell me that you were with pansy." he said

"look i did that just last night and i thought i wouldn't to worry you, becacause i never had a chance. okay?" says draco

"oh snap i gotta go i don't wanna be late ." he says walking away

"draco." a voice from behind him.

"hermione what are you doing here?" he said to her

a flash back approuched her

"i thought i was suppose to be with you draco but you left me for pansy you choosed her over me!" hermione says to draco.

"i know i shouldn't have left you for pansy but it's the best for the both of us if we just move on to someone else different." he said.

"how could you think about us breaking-up like that exspeically you and now i have nothing to say because you broke my heart and if there was away you'd still love me but you just don't feel anymore about me and i didn't think you'd know the truth and and so what i gonna go and not talk to you until i am really.