John the Demon Slayer
Book 1
Part 4

Rylan and I followed John into the city. It wasn't easy, I can tell you that. It wasn't like he was trying to lose them, but Rylan wasn't a experienced driver and John was. John stopped his car behind a rundown building in the ghetto area around the Strip. They followed him through a few streets, but John went through a section of shadow and just disappeared.
"What was that!" whispered Rylan. "He never said he could disappear!"
"Calm down!" I whispered back. "Lets just take a look around."
So we took a look around, and found the doors of a warehouse unlocked. Together we decided to take a look inside. Inside the warehouse was dark and damp. It had an oppressive feeling, as if some malevolent entity was watching. It smelled of mold and rot, and looked as if it hadn't been used in a long time. As I was looking around, I began to hear the murmur of voices.
I motioned Rylan over. "Do you hear that?" I asked.
"Yah," he replied. "Let's go check it out!"
"What?" I asked. "We don't know who -or what- it is! It could be dangerous!"
"This coming from the guy who came out here to hunt monsters," he mocked. "Come on. We'll be all stealthy-like."
So, against my better judgment, I followed him to find out who -or what- the voices came from. As we crept closer, we began to hear their words.
"We must mount a aggressive offensive!" one particularly loud voice declared. "The training camp is just outside the city. If we strike now, we can eliminate a source of reinforcements as well as make it nearly impossible to mount an offensive on our holdings."
"That training ground has been around for years," another voice said, this one quieter and much more authoritative. "I have studied it's wards myself. Assaulting the training ground would be like assaulting a fortress, and bring the entire Council on our heads. They knew what they were getting into when they pit a Warden training ground right outside White Court territory."
"We can't just let them train more troops right at our front door!" another one said. "What happens when those troops are finished training? Then we'll have an army at our doorstep!"
"What about the Demon Slayer?" another one asked, this one slightly timid. "Should we not concentrate our efforts on eliminating him?"
"The Demon Slayer?" the loudmouthed one mocked. "Superstitious nonsense! The boogeyman of the supernatural world."
"The steady stream of disintegrated minions would disagree with you on that point," the authoritative one said. "Besides, a creature as similar to a boogeyman as yourself should know better than to call anything "superstition". The question is not whether the Demon Slayer exists, but what it is. You cannot defeat an enemy if you do not know its weaknesses."
Rylan and I had finally gotten close enough to see who the voices belonged to. One was large, nearly John's height, with grey skin, a bald head, and red eyes. He was wearing a black suit and tie. Actually, they all wore suits and ties. One particularly angry looking one with slicked back black hair, pale skin, and unnatural black eyes wore a black suit with a red dress shirt, while a much more composed individual with white hair, strange grey eyes, and I feel weird saying it, but a very handsome, almost beautiful face, wore a white suit and tie with a black dress shirt. Those three were the ones that stood out the most.
"The Demon Slayer has no weaknesses," came that same timid voice, coming from a mouse-like man in the back. "He is a shadow in the night, the soldier of the dawn, the man that the monsters fear."
"You just called him a man," pointed out the man in the red suit. "If he is indeed a man, then he has many weaknesses, as all men do."
"It's simple," the large grey man grunted. "Find him, smash him, done."
"The man in the red suit made a disgusted noise. "Why Mab ever put you in charge of her court in Vegas I will never understand. You have the intelligence of a boulder and the face of one to boot."
"Watch yourself, bloodsucker," the grey man said, appearing to get larger. "My intelligence is not in question. If this Slayer is indeed a man, then he is made of flesh and bone, and thus can easily be crushed."
"If you two are done arguing," the man in white said calmly. "It appears we have a couple of eavesdroppers."
Shocked, me and Rylan turned around to run, only to see two very large, grey skinned men much like the one at the meeting. We tried to run, but they just picked us up like we were a couple of dolls. Rylan tried to reach into his pocket, where the magical pen was located, but his arms were strapped to his side. I tried to force the creature's arms open, for I was now sure they were not human, but either my powers weren't working, or the thing was just that strong.
"Now what do we have here?" the man in white asked. "What are two high school students doing in this part of town, eavesdropping on our meeting?"
"We didn't here anything!" Rylan exclaimed. "We were just leaving."
"Oh, I think not," the man said. "You've only just arrived. Please join us."
Furious at this guy for toying which us, I dis something incredibly stupid. I spat in his face. His head went back as if he had been slapped. Wiping the spit of his face, he turned his face back to me, his eyes now a frightening silver.
"I like this one," said the red suited man who the grey man had indicated was a vampire. The black in his eyes seemed to be spreading, filling his entire eyes with inky blackness.
I started shaking in fear, surrounded by monsters, my friend and I both rendered helpless, about to be eaten, or worse. The shaking got worse, and I felt my power rising up unbidden, filling my body, making me shake even more, convulsions wracking my body. The creatures took a step back, wary of this development. When my body could not take it anymore, my power surged out of me, sending everything within twenty feet flying into the air.
Finding myself suddenly free and laying on the ground, I tried to stand, only to be struck by sudden dizziness and exhaustion. Looking around, I saw all the windows were shattered, numerous wooden barrels and crates were now nothing more than driftwood, and monsters were sprawled all over the room. I started dragging myself toward the opening, only to be stopped by a thing from nightmare. Dressed in the remains of a red suit, the creature was very much like the one that attacked me the first night, with leathery skin and bat-like features, only it was far more terrible.
"You will pay for that, whelp!" the creature exclaimed in a raspy screech. Just as he was about to lick me with that narcotic tongue, there was a flash of light, and I was suddenly on the ground again, this time covered with a pile of ashes.
Standing there at the exit was John, staff shining in the darkness, trench coat flapping in the wind. I had to admit, he was much more impressive without vampire saliva obscuring my view. Pure white fire shot out of his outstretched hand, disintegrating two of the large grey skinned men. All the remaining creatures started running, except for the first of the grey men, the one from the meeting, and the mouse man.
"It's the Demon Slayer!" the mouse man exclaimed, orbs of green fire appearing in his hands.
"I will enjoy crushing him!" the grey man shouted, rushing at John.
John used his staff as a pole and leaped over the charging man. Looking toward the ceiling, he lifted his staff and called out a word that seemed to shake the building's foundations, but left my mind as soon as I heard it. Lightning came through the ceiling, leaving a massive hole, and struck John's staff. The staff was now full of electricity, lightning crackling along it's length.
John turned to the grey man with a grin on his face.
"Stupid ogre," he laughed. "You cannot defeat the divine!" Reaching out with his hand, the electricity went out of the staff, through his body, and out of his outstretched hand. The lightning stuck the ogre, gripping him in seizures. Then, to my shock, the ogre started struggling against the current of electricity towards John. John concentrated, and the lightning came out even stronger, sending the ogre flying, exploding into chips of stone and dust as it hit the far wall.
I turned back to the mouse man, and saw that the small orbs of green flame had grown into a single, massive fireball, aimed right at John's back. "John, watch out!" I shouted, just as the mouse man released the fireball. John crouched down before the fireball, staff before him. The flame struck, and I cried out as the mouse man exclaimed in joy.
Just then, the smoke cleared, and John was still crouching there, a sphere of golden light surrounding him. He stood up, the sphere vanishing. "Been a while since I've seen a warlock in this city," John said, walking toward the now cowering man. "You should never have come." His staff began to glow, and the man tried to run, far too late. John shot a blast of light at him, knocking him down. John's staff began to glow again, and the man started writhing as the light surrounded him. A bloodcurdling scream was torn out of his throat as a sickly green energy came out of his mouth, flying out before going into the earth. The man's eyes closed, and he was still.
"Did you kill him?" I asked.
"No," answered John. "I did something worse, for one such as him. I stripped him of his power. No longer will he be able to use magic for his own terrible ends."
Looking around the room, I realised something. "John," I asked "where's Rylan?"
A look of shock appeared on John's face. He looked around the building, but there was no sign of him. "Oh crap," John said. I had to agree with him.