Hanged, Drawn, Quartered

"There are other dealers."

Chuck is disgruntled; her long tanned legs are in his lap and he doesn't like the way her bare feet flex and frequently knead his crotch for no reason other than because she finds it funny. He doesn't like her tight white shirt over her ripe breasts or the well-developed vintage of her figure, aged only fifteen. Serena likes to play and Chuck likes to win, which is why he doesn't enjoy her being draped across his couch, smoking his finest and popping out smoke rings from between her Peach Parfait glossed lips.

"None who'll let me try before I buy."

"I know hookers with the same problem." He coughs, not from the weed but to cover his discomfort. "Can you move? And aren't you supposed to be at Blair's pre-party drinking and degradation of her newest recruits?"

"Blair can wait. Stop wriggling, we both know your hard-on is perfectly natural and normal. Besides, it isn't meant for me."


"No." She leans close to his ear. Her hair tickles his cheek, a significant button on that insignificant scrap of a shirt drags across his sleeve and very nearly pops open. "Blair," Serena breathes, giving the name three syllables and drenching it in syrup and flickering her tongue like a snake. Pulling back and taking another drag, she giggles throatily, mirth and marijuana. "You're like a dog around her, I can't tell if you want to hump her leg or pee on her – maybe both?" He throws her legs off his lap, which just makes her laugh harder. "It's the virgin thing, isn't it? You lie awake at night all sticky because there are parts of her that no one has seen, that no one has touched…"

"Have you?"


"Have you kissed?"

"Once or twice. Blair doesn't kiss like a virgin, in case you're wondering. She's naturally greedy. It's why she…anyhow, she gets amorous on champagne, so always make sure you ask permission for her hand or any other body part after she's had a few glasses of Dom. Or I'll kick your ass."

"Let's talk about your ass instead." For want of a better pursuit, for want of getting his mind off the topic of Blair on Serena or Serena on Blair or Blair herself, the lace dresses and the pale skin and Very Cherry rather then Peach Parfait, Chuck runs his hand up the smooth slope of thigh, waiting for her to stop him. She doesn't. She looks at him from beneath long black lashes with bright blue eyes, cooler than Nate's but emptier. It sometimes seems as if she doesn't care about anything but her best friend and her next hit of the high life.

His next hit is the the hem of her skirt, and she only blinks at him.

"You wouldn't," she says calmly, no hitch in her voice, no heat in her cheeks. Serena likes to play with her woman's sinful body and her girl's spiteful mind. Light turns her on like a bulb, and so do boys who don't care either. He doesn't.

"I would."

"Have sex with me," she challenges, then pauses as if she might have more to add. Instead, Serena swings herself back into Chuck's lap, straddles him and wraps the arm holding the blunt around his neck. She isn't wearing any stockings. Her Peach Parfait lips are above his. She smells like fruit, sugar and sweet smoking garbage. "Have sex with me," she repeats. "And Blair will never want you."

"I don't want her."

"Prove it." She licks at the corner of his mouth like a dog, like a cat, like a Chucktease.

And he thinks about it.

Serena –

And he tastes weed in the air.

– effing –

And he tastes her taste, how she would taste, like a name drenched in syrup, like an hour's worth of sunshine.

– van der Woodsen.

Chuck grits his teeth

"There are other dealers."

And Serena smiles her bad girl smile that matches her bad girl hemline but not the old movies she watches on a Saturday morning. She lets strangers pour tequila down her throat and take her back to their 'studio apartments' and dreams of a grand romance with someone more than them, but it isn't him.

She climbs off him to help herself to the stack of blue pills on top of a CD case, to twirl around the room and reach out her arms to the future.

He puts a pill on his tongue, and he tastes her taste, how she would taste.

Very Cherry gloss and blood when she bit his tongue off for treason.