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The liquid washed down Klaus's mouth, he slammed the glass back on the counter and ordered another, his youngest brother, Kol, patted him on the back and Klaus had to restrain himself from snapping his neck, again.

"I think about her every day," Kol muttered, "I don't think I can ever stop, who forgets their favourite sister?"

Klaus ignored him, becoming intensely interested in the mud brown wall directly in front of him whilst he heard Rebekah whack Kol round the head and his mock cry of pain.

"I'm right here Kol!" She hissed, sipping her drink delicately and avoiding looking at Klaus, "And technically she wasn't our sister."

Kol winked at Klaus and bumped his shoulder, "Who knows it better then him? Tell me, was she good in bed? I bet she was the best fuck of your miserable life, if the only one," He laughed into his glass which was quickly knocked out of his hand as Klaus flashed round to behind him and pinned him on the table, leaning over to hiss in his ear but suddenly Elijah tore them apart and held Klaus at arms length whilst Kol laughed and compelled the barman to serve him more vodka.

Rebekah hit him again, looked around and growled, "Your lucky we're the only ones in here idiot."

Kol opened his mouth again but Elijah silenced him with a stony look, "That was unacceptable Kol; do not bate your brother."

"Sorry mum," He said rolling his eyes, he watched Klaus behind Elijah still struggling to get past him, hatred burning in his eyes, his tarnished soul on fire and still Kol didn't feel as if he had enough torture to punish him enough, "Forget our father Klaus," He implored leaning closer towards him, "Forget his ridiculous deal, find her, bring her back home, bring her back to us."

Klaus immediately stopped, his eyes widening, "You've been infuriating me on purpose? You know I can not break what we agreed upon."

"I NEVER AGREED!" Kol roared throwing his glass at Klaus who staid motionless, it smashed on the wall behind him and yet the hybrid did not flinch.

Kol fell back into his seat, "I miss her ok?"

Elijah put his arm on the boy's shoulder, closing his eyes and remembering the blonde beauty from his childhood, the one so obsessed with Niklaus but never him, never Mikael, "So do we all."

"I'm bored of this," Rebekah yawned, "Nik; can't we leave to visit Stefan now?"

"Want to get into his pants as well little sis?" Kol laughed, dodging Rebekah's incoming punch, all laughter ceased however when Klaus shoved past them all and walked outside of the bar, his back leaning against the cold brick wall as he closed his eyes and remembered her, her golden hair, her aqua blue eyes, her insecure smile and the way she always used to swing his hand back and forth in hers.

"Niklaus, where's Elijah?" His mother asked upon entering the hut, the small ten year old knobbly kneed boy raised his head gloomily from the table and squinted past his mother trying to see what she was concealing behind her back.

"Father took him," He muttered wincing as he hopped down from the chair and hastily pulled his clothes further down so his mother wouldn't see the bloody beating he had received from his father only hours before.

"Oh well," She said waving her hand in dismissal, "I suppose I can leave the task to you."

Klaus refrained from jumping up and down in enthusiasm, finally a chance to prove himself, instead he tried to appear more mature by holding his hands behind his back and standing straighter, his mother beamed down at him and stepped to the side, revealing a beautiful yellow haired girl only several years younger then himself.

"Her family died," Esther muttered sadly, coming to stand beside Klaus and kneeling down so that she was eye level with him, "We are her family now."

Klaus couldn't take his eyes away from the girl, he was transfixed by her, she looked so sad, her cheeks were damp with her own tears and she was staring at her feet, her small shoulders shaking slightly.

"I want you to take care of her Nik," His mother whispered, her hand on his back, pushing him forward slightly so he approached the girl.

He hesitantly held his hand out and the blue eyed child raised her head, a cautious smile coming across her face as she took him in. He took her hand and shook it delicately and his smile widened when she didn't let it go, clinging to him for support. She stepped towards him and they stood side by side looking at a joyful Esther.

"Nik, this is your sister, Caroline."

"Must you always torment Kol?" Rebekah asked when they were halfway to Mystic Falls in Klaus's car, when he didn't answer she pressed on, "He misses her too."

"He doesn't understand what that means," Klaus snapped, grasping the steering wheel tighter.

"Why did you not let her near Elijah?" Mikael hissed during the dinner, pretending that Klaus and Caroline weren't in the other room listening to every word.

"He was with you at the time, anyway she has taken to Klaus quite well," Esther muttered.

"A little too well."

"I'm hoping that you are not joining me with the intention of ruining Damon's wedding," Klaus said, watching his sister stiffen out of the corner of his eye and smiling grimly.

"I have a little more dignity then that," She huffed crossing her arms and watching the 'welcome to Mystic Falls' sign whiz by, "Despite the fact that he seems to have chosen someone who looks exactly like me."

"That is probably a great exaggeration sister, Stefan say's she's actually helping him get over Katherine."

"And I wasn't?" Rebekah almost shouted, sighing when she saw Klaus smirk, she rested her head against the window and they remained silent until the car finally arrived at their mansion.

Klaus grabbed all 20 of Rebekah's bags whilst she walked into the house and screeched in delight when she saw Stefan already waiting for them in their living room. She ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, he twirled her round laughing before setting her down, she smoothed her skirt and watched as him and her brother patted each other happily on the back, rolling her eyes at their manly greeting.

Klaus motioned to Rebekah's bags on the floor and smiling one last time at Stefan she picked them up and left the room.

Klaus poured Stefan a drink and laughed when his friend refused, "You were fun as the ripper."

Stefan shook his head and took the bottle of scotch from the table next to the sofa, watching Klaus tear into the blood bag and drain it dry with only a hint of resentment.

"I can't believe you've come back for my brother's wedding," Stefan mocked.

"I always thought you'd be the one to get married first," Klaus smirked, "And how can I miss this? Damon? Married? It's fucking ridiculous, who's the unfortunate girl? Vampire I presume?"

"Of course," Stefan laughed, taking another swig from his bottle, "He thought she was human though at first, tried to compel her like he usually does but then she revealed her fangs, and, well the shock that went through Damon, it was comical, he was so preoccupied with trying to fuck her that he didn't even realise she doesn't have a heartbeat."

"Typical," They laughed, "And there's no one who's captured your attention?" He asked and Stefan only laughed more.

"Those days are behind me," He said, "But what about you, no woman has yet tamed you I see."

"One day, we'll run away together," Caroline giggled, twirling the rose between her fingers and rolling on her side to face Klaus in the meadow.

"Your ten Caroline," He smiled, taking the rose out of her fingers and putting it in her hair, "Your dreams are too big."

"Your dreams are too small," She insisted, pulling out shreds of grass and throwing them around her, "Don't you want to see the world?"

Her joking expression vanished when she saw a pair of boots before her and she muttered a silent prayer that it wasn't Mikael and was relieved when she raised her eyes to see Elijah who knelt down before her and smiled, "Kol wants to know if you want to play chase with us."

Caroline bit her lip and looked at Klaus who rose his eyebrows at his brother, "We've never been invited to join in with you and the others before."

"Well," The older boy said extending his hand to Caroline who only looked at it with uncertainty, "You two have always been so preoccupied, we didn't want to intrude."

Klaus opened his mouth to ask more but he saw Mikael standing behind the hut watching them intently and he swiftly nodded to Caroline who slipped her hand into Elijah's and he helped her to her feet.

Klaus rose from the floor and dusted grass and rose petals off of his clothes before proceeding after them, trying not to be jealous of Elijah and Caroline's still linked hands.

Rebekah joined them a while later, bounding into the living room and twirling before them in a emerald green dress, Stefan watched her with appreciation and Klaus fell further back in his seat.

"Spoiling the festivities already?" He asked, "Showing us your dress for Damon's wedding won't ruin it Rebekah."

Her cheeks turned a shade of pink at Stefan's questioning gaze and she glared at Klaus who only raised his drink towards her and winked.

"You look beautiful Bek's," Stefan insisted and she sighed contently and sat opposite them.

"When do we get to meet Damon's fiancée?" She asked looking at her nails and Klaus's grin only spread wider.

"Tomorrow if you like," Stefan said rising from his feet and walking towards the front door, "In the morning, you'll be surprised at how much she contrast's to Damon."

"So she isn't a drunk whore?" Klaus asked pleasantly.

Stefan shook his head smiling and left, unaware of the pair of eyes that watched him depart before they finally settled on the windows which displayed Klaus and Rebekah.

Rebekah threw a pillow at Klaus who caught it easily and threw it back before leaving the room and walking towards his bedroom, he only barely heard Rebekah swear at him before he rested his head against the pillows and fell asleep.

"Klaus," Caroline yelled, he almost dropped the buckets of water in surprise and turned to face the young teenager bounding towards him.

Caroline had aged well, now fifteen she had almost fully developed and her hair reached her waist, Klaus had to keep reminding himself of their two year age difference, and the fact that she was his adoptive sister.

She reached out and took one of the buckets from him, when he tried to protest she only rolled her eyes and he smiled warmly at her.

"I haven't seen you all day," He said trying to hide disappointment as he saw that the sun was soon to disappear, limiting their time even more.

"Elijah," She muttered, "Courting, again."

This time Klaus did drop his bucket, the water went all over his feet and he knew he'd get a beating for it later but he didn't even care, Caroline did however and shoved her bucket towards him, picking up his on the floor and holding it close to her.

"You?" He asked stunned, his hands clenching into fists.

Caroline laughed in horror, "Of course not! No, the new woman; Tatia, the beautiful one."

"You're beautiful to," Klaus said relieved, the words slipping from his mouth, he looked at Caroline quickly and she smiled gratefully at him.

They fell into a comfortable silence throughout the rest of their journey but Klaus could see that Caroline was pondering his previous words and he tried not to blush.

When they entered their hut Mikael roared about the lack of water and raised his hand to Klaus but Caroline quickly interjected that it was her fault, Mikael looked at her and gave her a fake smile, his gaze lingering on her chest. And, that's when Klaus dropped the other bucket of water.

Klaus tried not to comment about his sister's lack of clothing, her ridiculously short black dress left no room for imagination and he found it hard not to wrap a towel around her, when he opened his mouth she rose her hand and told him to shut up.

During the walk to the Salvatore household Rebekah's true questions finally came to surface:

Do you think he love's her?

Do you think she's beautiful?

Oh god, do you think he's given up drinking for her?

Klaus held his tongue and squeezed his sisters hand gently before knocking on the door, there was silence and then a faint female voice shouting for them to 'come in.'

The door swung open and Rebekah entered the house as if she owned it, standing in the middle of the room and looking around her, trying to see if there were pictures of Damon's soon to be wife, she was disappointed to find there was none.

Klaus came up behind her and looked around, finding no trace of the Salvatore brothers until his gaze finally rested on a note from Stefan saying they'd have the pleasure of meeting the woman in private, they had suit fittings to get too since Damon was 'useless' and couldn't actually remember the appointments.

A soft pleasant voice sounded behind them and Klaus tensed, "Hello, I'm Damon's fiancée," Klaus closed his eyes and prayed that the voice was just a figment of his imagination, he turned slowly and faced her, the blonde beauty of his childhood staring warmly at them, "I'm Caroline, and you are?"