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"We have been here for almost half an hour," Damon said, staring intently at his glass, "And all you've tried to do is drink me under the table."

"It wouldn't be the first time," Rebekah chided, glancing around the Grill, but there was no sign of Klaus, meaning she still had to play the part of the distraction, she flipped back her golden hair and leant towards Damon, "And it certainly won't be the last."

He snorted at her lack of appeal and she recoiled, he reached out a hand towards her, wanting to comfort her, but when he saw hope rekindled in her eyes he smirked cruelly, "Why did you come back? For the wedding? Wanting to stop me are we? Wanting some more Damon love?"

"Damon love?" Rebekah looked away in disgust, "That's not how I'd put it."

"Fine," He sighed, "The best sex you've ever had."

"Now, that's just plain arrogant."

"Is it?" Damon teased, taking a swig from the bottle of whiskey in front of him, he rolled his eyes when Rebekah's younger brother finally made his presence known, stealing his bottle and sitting next to his sister, glaring at Damon from over her head.

"So Klaus has finally let you out of your little box?"

"I've never liked you," Kol hissed narrowing his eyes, "Now piss off, and leave my sister alone for once."

Rebekah whipped her head round frantically, her eyes meeting Kol's, desperately trying to communicate that Damon absolutely, could not leave, but Kol waved sarcastically to him and by the time Rebekah opened her mouth to beg him to stay, he was gone.

"Home to Caroline," She lamented, putting her head in her hands for a brief moment, wallowing in self pity, but when Kol put his hand comfortingly on her back she snapped at him, "You idiot. You absolute evil little-"

"Wooh, wooh," Kol raised his hands in surrender, "What have I done this time?"

Rebekah put her head back in her hands, "Nik's going to kill me."


"Because if Damon gets back to early then Caroline will still have her memories and –" She felt the air stir beside her and glanced up, but Kol was no where to be seen, "Fucking Caroline," She spat, gripping Damon's left over bottle so tightly that it broke between her fingers.

Caroline tried to assess the situation; Klaus was walking towards her like a predator, his eyes ready to compel, to take away her entire life, again.

Insulting him hadn't worked, begging hadn't either, even bringing up their past appeared to have no effect on him, she slacked against the wall, waiting, finally he was cupping her face, stroking her cheeks, apologizing, and no matter what she said, what she did, nothing would stop him, "Your like your Father," She whispered, clenching her fists at her side and closing her eyes stubbornly.

Klaus's grip on her faltered and she pushed him backwards, he slipped on the rug and crashed to the floor, without even thinking twice she fled from the room, her hand scrapped along the walls as she ran down the corridors.

He was chasing her and she bit back tears as another memory resurfaced, them as children, playing an innocent game of tag, she stumbled forwards just as she got to the front door, it flew open under her weight and she fell on the gravel outside of the house.

She only just managed to scramble to her feet when Klaus pushed her back down, he crouched over her, baring his fangs and she cried out in aggravation.

"Brother!" Stefan called to the retreating figure on the outskirts of their property, but he didn't stop and Stefan laughed inwardly, "Can't wait to get back to her can you?"

"What can I say?" Damon replied over his shoulder, "I'm whipped."

Suddenly Caroline careened out of the door, her hair plastered to her forehead, she was drenched in sweat and tears, so fearful that her eyes were constantly looking forward as she fell with a loud noise to the floor; she hadn't even noticed their presence and hastily got back up.

Damon rushed towards her with Stefan close behind but they didn't reach her in time, her attacker ran out of the house and pushed her to the ground, it was when she screamed that Damon pushed the vampire away from her.

But the vampire's arm swung back, punching Damon in the jaw, he recovered quickly and put himself in front of his fiancée, shielding her when the attacker came back for more.

"Stefan," Damon shouted, "A little help."

But Stefan was rooted to the spot, for he knew who the vampire was, he'd seen that face a thousand times in his ripper days, Klaus. He approached him cautiously, Caroline clung to Damon, and they almost ended up fighting each other for the front position, each hell bent on protecting the other.

Stefan sprung on Klaus, wrapping his arms around him and struggling with him, pulling him away from the couple, another pair of strong arms helped him and he looked to his left to see Kol grappling with Klaus, together they managed to put a distance between him and Caroline.

"Klaus!" Kol hissed, meeting Caroline's sparkling eyes over the hybrids shoulder, she smiled weakly at him before diverting her attention to Damon who pulled her into his grasp, his arms around her waist, his lips pressing against her forehead.

Once he was satisfied that she was calm he advanced towards a now human looking Klaus, "What the hell man? You sick son of a bitch! I'll kill you, I swear I will."

"Damon," Stefan warned, watching Klaus's nostrils flare like an angry dragons, "It was probably a misunderstanding-"

"He attacked my wife!"

"She's not your wife mate," Klaus said hauntingly, his eyes transfixed on Caroline's.

"She will be."

"What happened?" Stefan addressed Caroline, stepping between Klaus and his brother, worried for both of them; Kol hung back, a ridiculous yet creepy smile plastered on his face as he surveyed the scenario.

"He…he…he," Caroline stuttered, trying to find a reasonable excuse, behind Stefan she saw Kol pucker his lips and point to them, "Tried to kiss me!"

Kol nodded encouragingly and she watched as Stefan was flung to the side by an infuriated Damon who knocked Klaus to the ground, no one noticed her grab Kol's outstretched hand and flash them away into the safety of the forest.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this," Caroline began, leaning against Klaus's bare chest, tracing patterns on it with her thumb, "It's just feels, so, surreal."

She felt his laugh and looked up to his face, sucking on her lip shyly, he cradled her closer in his arms, "Hiding is becoming tiresome," He commented, looking around the small cabin which the family used to put their tools in, but ever since his father's accident when he had fallen off of his favourite horse no one had come near it, their privacy was a necessity.

Caroline nodded, placing a soft kiss on his lips, she tried to pull away but his hand gripped her hair, forcing her closer, she lost her balance and fell against him, she laughed at her clumsiness and he kissed her embarrassment away.

His hand fell from her hair to roam over her body, bunching the fabric of her dress up at her hips, applying pressure, she put her hand on his to stop him, "We can't," She moaned as he began to kiss her neck.

"We can," He smirked against her, flipping her over so she was underneath him, he grabbed her leg and hoisted it around his waist, her breath hitched in anticipation as he leant closer towards her.

"Klaus," She giggled, pushing at his chest, "I'm a lady."

He raised his eyebrows and she mock punched him, standing up and throwing him his shirt, "Now cover all of yourself up. Temptation is not fair."

He pulled the item of clothing over his head just as she opened the door and stepped outside into the bright afternoon light, "It certainly isn't," He whispered following close behind her, taking her hand in his and dropping it when they got sight of their camp.

Hiding was the worst torture around.

Kol's hand never left hers; they ran through the entire forest, down streets, round corners, until arriving at what looked like a very sleazy motel, Kol shrugged apologetically at her accusing stare.

"You haven't changed," She whistled, following him up the stairs and entering his hotel room.

When the door closed shut behind him she felt uncomfortable, unsure of what to do she sat on the sofa, her hands in her lap, fidgeting as she picked at her nails. Kol poured her a drink and sat on the chair opposite the sofa, leaning towards her, his eyes raking over her, not quite believing she was real.

"Hey Caroline," He smiled.

"Hi yourself," She laughed but then the drink slipped from her hand as she clutched her head in pain, a sudden migraine overcoming her so violently that if it wasn't for Kol's supporting arm she would have been passed out on the floor.

She sobbed into his shoulder, the face of a small blonde boy sprung into her vision, he gave her a flower before skipping away from her into the arms of a young man, she looked on as the man picked him up and swung him around, the boy looked back at her over his fathers shoulders, his smile showing his dimples.

"Stefan!" Damon roared, "Why are you defending him?"

He struggled against his brothers grasp, trying to reach the snarling Klaus, they heard laughing behind them and froze, turning to see an almost hysterical Rebekah, holding a cell phone in her hand, "They're being so territorial that they don't even know she's missing," She wiped fake tears from her eyes and bid the person on the other end goodbye before snapping her phone shut.

Klaus seemed to forget all about his wife's fiancée and demanded to know who the speaker had been, Rebekah tried to appear resentful, pretending that she wasn't currently freaked out of her pale vampire skin and she raised her chin, "Elijah."

"And your reason being?"

She crossed her arms, "Because I'm bored."

"Fantastic," His sarcastic response was instant; he grabbed Rebekah roughly by the shoulder and pulled her aside, "You're useless-"

"Thanks, I love you too-"

"Kol's got her. We've got to find her before she remembers more."

"You took away her past?" Damon asked, anger building inside of him as he remembered the first time he ever met Caroline Forbes.

"I didn't order this," She murmured, pushing the drink over the bar towards the bartender who simply placed it before her again, nodding in the direction to her right.

She lolled her head round lazily, expecting to see an old withered perverted man winking at her, that was certainly not the case, she smiled discreetly at the raven haired male and put a straw into the drink of orange juice he'd bought for her.

She sucked on it greedily and turned her back to him, she wasn't surprised when he took the seat next to her.

"Didn't think I could handle a proper drink?" She smirked, boldly swapping their glasses, he didn't complain, merely grinned at her and she relaxed slightly.

"Damon Salvatore," He introduced.

"Caroline…..Forbes, and don't tell me that's the name of an angel or whatever lame chat up line your about to use."

"Fair enough," He chugged the orange juice back and wiped his hand across his mouth, she tried to hide her smile at his antics, "But I do have to ask why someone like you is sitting alone at bar all by herself," He cocked his head to the side and surveyed her, "You don't know how many men have looked at you within the last five minutes."

"Well luckily I have my night in orange juice armour."

"Very lucky," He remarked, gazing into her eyes, his pupils dilated to black and she held a breath, listening to his heart beat, he had none what so ever.


"You're going to come to my hotel room with me," He smirked, believing his compulsion was truly having an effect on her.

She widened her eyes, she knew well enough what the compelled looked like, she'd lost count of how many times she had made humans obey to her demands.

"I'd love to," She smiled sweetly, grabbing her bag and following him outside, he opened his car door for her and she climbed in.

Now, a normal girl, who cared for her own preservation would have sprayed pepper spray, called for help, or simply, refused to get in the car.

But Caroline, not so much, despite not knowing her exact age, she was strong and curiosity always got the better of her.

Curiosity killed the cat.

"So," Damon began, putting the car in reverse, "Why were you really in the bar? Answer truthfully."

Caroline had no other option, if she was to be convincing he couldn't suspect, and so, she told the truth for once in her life, to someone who probably had the intention of draining her dry.

"Because I have nothing else to do."

"No boyfriend?" Damon snickered.

She ignored his jab, "No."



A concerned expression almost came on his face but he hid behind his mask once more, "Family?"


"Impossible," He said to himself, then demanded to her the reasons for her isolation.

"I woke up one day, no memories, no recollection, no idea of where I was, but there were cuts all over me, blood pouring onto my clothes," She noticed his mouth salivating and tried not to cringe away from him, "And I realised," She looked over at him, "No one is good in this world," She turned her gaze to the window, "Your better off by yourself."

"Well," Damon said cheerfully, "That's a very bleak outlook on life."

"I don't know what to do, this is ridiculous," Kol hissed over the phone, "She hasn't responded to me in ages, I've sat in front of her constantly for two hours and all she does is twitches occasionally."

"Has she asked about him?" Elijah's voice was full of concern; Kol could hear Elijah's flight being called from over the phone and shut his eyes, wishing his brother could get to them sooner.

"About Nik?"

"No, has she asked about him?"

"Oh," Kol said, guilt washing over him, "No."

"It's only a matter of time, and when she does Kol, it's imperative that you lie. Only Nik can be the one to tell her the truth."

"We can't let her keep believing he's alive," Kol whispered, glancing over to Caroline who remained expressionless, caught in another of her memories, "It's cruel."

"Listen to me Kol, she's in a state of shock, can you imagine what would happen to her if she found out he was dead?"

Kol knelt down in front of her, waving a hand across her face, but, as usual, no response came, he sighed and looked at the floor, "We'd have a suicidal vampire on our hands."