Revised Author's Notes: I'm back~.Welcome to the revamped Whirlpool and a Vampire story, now called Whirlpool and a Vampire(s). Except this story to be like Whirlpool of the Dead…cool crossovers that I can weave into one world. Enjoy.

Original Chapter 01 Author's Notes: After reading stories like Sage Eyes and Godly Powers, The Return of a Legend, Tales of a Demon Fox, Kitsune of Gakuren Unleashed, and The Kitsune Rebel of Yokai Academy; it made me want to do my own Naruto/Rosario + Vampire fic. The format may be the same, but there will be major differences that'll make this story stand out from the other crossover. This story is the first of my new series of fanfics: Naru EX Unleashed.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, School Life

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Content

Tags: Modern/Smart/Badass/Intelligent/Overpowered/uber-Godlike Naruto, Minor multi-Crossovers, Mass Harem, Ecchi, Limes/Lemons, Het, Yuri, Uzumakicest, Tsukune Bashing, OOC

Pairings: Naruto/Sophia/Moka/Uzumaki-Girls/Harem

-Naruto's Harem

From Rosario + Vampire: Moka Akashiya (Outer and Inner), Tsukuno "Tsuki" Aono, Kurumu Kurono, Tamao Ichinose, Yukari Sendo, (same age as others), Ririko Kagome, Ruby Toujou (servant), Mizore Shirayuki, Kyouko Aono, Shizuka Nekonome, Kokoa Shuzen, Tsurara Shirayuki, Ageha Kurono, Akasha Bloodriver, Akua Shuzen; (R+V OCs ladies will be revealed when finalized)

Others: ? Uzumaki (formerly ?) from ? Vampire and ? Uzumaki from Skullgirls, among others, the Uzumaki ladies of course; (As always, there will be females from the Naruto series that'll have a minor role and will be in the harem. See Naru EX Unleashed series section in the profile for more info); might be other ladies from different series…

Universe: Mangaverse/Animeverse

Series: Naru EX Unleashed -Modern Side- (see profile for info)

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WARNING: Not for really serious fanfiction readers, since my writing skills are not that good, but improving. You have been WARNED!

Now Presenting: Whirlpool and a Vampire(s)

Chapter 01: Unvampire and…a Skullgirl

(Bus to Yokai Academy)

"It's been a while kid. How's life?" the bus driver greeted as three people boarded the bus.

"A bitch, and she's in heat. Not anymore though now that I put Konoha Academia behind me for good. You? I'm sure it's quite boring ferrying students around the Human and Monster Worlds every month."

The driver shrugged as the bus rolled on, "Pay's good."

"Keh. I'll bet… What?"

"Where are your sisters? And who's your new girlfriends?"

"My sisters are testing the gateway Mito-baachan and Mikogami made between Uzu Island and the Monster World. As for these lovely ladies…"

A year ago, boy meets girl. Well, in this case, Twilight Celestial meets… blood spurting vampire…and a former Skullgirl…

Said Twilight Celestial is 16-year-old, is 5'8", has medium-short spiky blond hair with red tips, electric ocean blue eyes, an impressive muscular, yet semi-slender body build, whisker-markings on his cheeks, and wearing the male Yokai Academy school uniform.

He is Uzumaki Naruto, aka Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda, and he's not just another human walking the streets of Japan. Hell, he was barely human at all.

The same could be said for his vampire companion, who wasn't human at all, but might as well had been due to her former…embarrassing condition. But now that condition no longer plagues her, as she went from unvampire to true vampire without losing her Daywalker status.

His companion is a young 16-year-old girl who's 5'1" tall with medium-short maroon-violet hair, orange-red eyes, an ample D-cup bosom, and wearing the female Yokai Academy school uniform.

As for the former Skullgirl, Naruto and his companion found her much later. She's 5'4" tall, has long black hair with teeth-like appendages, mahogany eyes, a body build that not too fat but not particularly skinny or toned, with plump E-cup breasts, and also wearing a female Yokai Academy school uniform.

How did he get here? How did he meet his companions? Why was she with him? And how did they find this now former Skullgirl?

Well then, let's start from the beginning, and find out.

(Opening Theme: Scarlet by Brace;d)

(A Failed Attempt at a Temporary Normal Life)

After getting the flying hell out of Konoha Academia, the school that screwed over Naruto and his sisters more times than a hooker, his sisters went to Uzu's Spiral Academy for the rest of the school year, while Naruto headed to a random school in a random backwater town in Japan called Shiihaba City as a transfer student under the name "Arashi Redgrave", looking for things to be a bit normal during this short time at the school, which to why he changed his hair from blonde to black, and his eyes from blue to green.

However, he chose the wrong town to live a temporary normal life in.

As soon as he appeared before his new class alongside another transfer student, a tall kid named Usui Kenta, a girl in his new class suddenly fainted and had to be taken to the infirmary. Shrugging it off, he took a temporary seat only to find that it belonged to the girl who fainted, Maaka's, causing her to dash off. Later after school, he roamed around town until he saw Maaka and followed her to the park, discovering that she was a vampire; yet as odd sort of vampire, as she had a scent different from a normal vampire.

The next day, Naruto saw Maaka in a compromising position, via panty flash thanks to tripping over Naruto, while exchanging good mornings along the way to school. The same day in the afternoon, he helped her avoid injury at her job at a restaurant called Julian Restaurant where he got a bite to eat. Then he escorted her at night, questioning her about what happened at the park until encountering her brother, who he sensed was also a vampire, but not like her. The very next day, Naruto learned that her name was Karin, like his cousin, but she started avoiding him, whose curiosity about her increased, and met her again at the restaurant she works at, where she was his reluctant server. However he decided against questioning her. Two days later, Naruto sensed that she wasn't well, and when he went up to answer a question on the board, she ran out of the class when he got near. He gave chase, until Karin spurted out an awful lot of blood from her nose, covering Naruto and the stairwell they were at. Honoring her wish to keep her condition a secret as she passed out, he cleaned himself up and the area, and carried her out until she ran away in distress.

Two weeks later, Naruto got a job as a deliveryman at Julian to pass the time. He answered a recent call that turned out to be Karin, who hung the phone up on him in panic. He used his Spiral Corp manufactured Profiler-style iPhone to trace her call, getting her number and address, with the reason being that he find out that Karin's friend, Maki, has memory gaps about going to her friend's house. Investigating, he got the homework Karin missed and delivered it to her home, bypassing the vampire barrier undetected, and left the homework at the door before leaving via Hiraishin. The same night while hunting for lesser demons that terrorized the night, Naruto spotted Karin again with her brother Ren feeding on a young-looking woman. Watching from the sidelines, he saw she deliver an uppercut punch to her former boss who attempted to rape her, with Karin's brother erasing the memories of the event before the transfer student Kenta, the son of the woman, arrived.

Sometime later in early July just after midterms, Naruto and Karin's interactions were awkward, stemming from that night in the park with the woman. To end this, Naruto assists her with her studying to get to know her better. He then encountered her little sister Anju, who questioned him on who he was, with Naruto answering cryptically and vaguely until he lightly "threatened" her before disappearing on her. Later that night, he stopped a man from turning Karin into a "working girl", and sent his ass packing. The next few days, Naruto found himself getting tailed by Anju, so he disoriented her familiars and started traveling via Shunpo. The next night, he smelled blood in the air in the park area and erected a barrier over it, thinking that it's a lesser demon, only to find Karin feeding on the girl that man was looking for a few nights ago, and was horrified that see Naruto discovering her secret.

Karin ran for it, but couldn't get through Naruto's barrier. She yelled for Anju to erase his memories, but Naruto revealed that she couldn't get through his barrier, nor could she hear her through it. When questioned, she denied that she's a vampire and breaks down until Naruto snapped her out of it, revealing himself to be part-Vampire, due to the blood of his ancestor Alexander Corvinus, and Dracula himself, due his descendant, a Dhampir named Rayne, biting his mother Kushina before his elder sister Naruhi was born. Because of this, Karin realizes that she wasn't reacting to his non-existing misfortune or his unhappiness; it was the power in his blood, or something else in it. After calming her down, Naruto took down the barrier, and took Karin home via Hiraishin, leaving before her family detected him, not before leaving her to these parting words.

"I'll keep your secret, as long as you keep mine, Karin-chan. DO NOT tell anyone, especially your family, about me. Not even your little sister. I'll know if you do…"

Despite the threat, Naruto and Karin bonded as summer rolled on as they worked and studied together to the point that Naruto escort her home at night. They talked about a lot of things; like their lives mostly. Naruto learned that Karin actually enjoys being out in the day, away from her family, who resents her for her condition, so she prefers being somewhere where she can be accepted. When asked why she couldn't just leave, Karin says that she has nowhere else to go, and then there was her little sister who still accepts her…for now in her mind. Their talks brought the two close together.

At the beginning of summer break, Naruto resumed his Devil Hunter job full time, all while helping Karin with her studies. One day, Naruto sensed that Karin was holding in her blood, with her explaining that Ren was going after Kenta's mother, Fumio, to spite Usui due to him recently trying to investigate Karin, who he saw biting his mother one time. She was going to bite her, but didn't tell him to stay away as somehow he was causing her blood to increase, which led to a "little" incident the very next day.

Naruto had just finished a delivery for Julian when he ran into Karin who collapsed on the street. Noticing that she was about to spurt blood, Naruto took her to an abandoned construction site and summoned a barrier around it. Unfortunately, the site was home to a human-made demonic seal that served as a gateway to the Demon World, where demons were sneaking out to attack during the night. Naruto used Yamato to eliminate the demons in hiding and destroyed the seal. Then he was suddenly attacked by Karin, who snapped and lost control over herself due to holding in her blood for a long period of time, and injected it right into Naruto. While her blood didn't affect Naruto, the close intimate proximity caused his pheromones to leak out thakns to his tenants the Kyuubi twins, causing Karin to heat up with her passion that ignited Naruto's demonic instincts. Long story short, they had sex.

When Karin awakened, she saw that she "attacked" Naruto and extremely embarrassed to the point of trying to run away, but Naruto stopped and calmed her down. Later that night, Naruto ran into Karin and Ren, who were fighting over Fumio, arriving just as Ren struck Karin. In retaliation, Naruto thwarted Ren's attempt and kicked his ass. Afterward, he put a repellant seal on Fumio that prevented Ren to getting several meters close to her unless he want to feel extreme pain in a "certain area". He then punted Ren back to his house. After Naruto escorted Karin back, she broken down in her room, revealing that she actually has the memories of her and the blonde having sex, and confesses to herself that she's actually in love with Naruto.

As for Naruto, Karin's blood in him finally took effect in the form of a different Karin who took residence in his mindscape, and prodded him to add Karin to his and his sisters' already massive harem back home.

The School Festival then rolled about, with Naruto and Karin's class choosing a Haunted House for their project. During the setting up of said haunted house, Naruto ran afoul of a doppelganger of Karin, who awakened and feeding to revitalize herself. She attempted to erase his memories, but Naruto used Wind Style: Great Breakthrough in retaliation, allowing him to get away and give her the slip. He later learned from Karin that she is Elda Marker, her grandmother who was responsible for bringing Karin's family to Japan years ago. She looks like Karin, but without the large rack, and she downright completely hates humans.

On the night of the School Festival, the success of the haunted house was the least of Naruto's concerns, as he chased Elda around the school while she gathered blood of young people. When she stopped, Naruto let her go when Karin found her and dragged her back home.

Naruto and Karin's next set of problems during the winter break involved the Usui Kenta kid and his mother Fumio, resulting in them getting tangled in their family struggles when Kenta's "deadbeat" father came to town. All three of their misfortunes caused Karin to suffered and have nosebleeds twice in a week, but Naruto was there for her to make sure she didn't snap like last time. After her recent nosebleed at the time, Naruto had enough and tracked down Kenta's father, Iizuka Shusei, and learned of this past with Kenta and Fumio, and vice versa and vice versa and vice versa. Using his unpredictability, he lured all three to a room in an office building, along with the detective looking for Fumio and Kenta, and locked them in the room with various seals until they all straighten things out. After a whole day, they finally did, with Shusei and the detective leaving town and Kenta and Fumio having a sense of closure.

After the winter break, things have been…"uneventful", except for Naruto's working on Karin's confidence and the Karin within him fading away, but the smallest events can lead to much bigger events that no one, not even Naruto, could predict at the time. For example, he would never have thought that the arrival of the seemingly ordinary young woman named Tachibana Yuriya would trigger a chain of events that would alter Karin's path.

But that fact was far from their minds as they enjoyed their first "date" together at a zoo on Valentine's Day. It was on this date that on the Ferris Wheel that Karin revealed that she remembered that she and Naruto had sex a few months later during her berserk spell, creating an awkward atmosphere that was broken when he revealed this true identity and appearance to Karin, shocking her to the core, as she knows of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans and their bloodlines from their ancestors. He went on to explain the reason why he's in her town, and talked about his family and…harem. The last part broke Karin's heart, as she understood why he has a harem, and thought she had no chance with him, but Naruto assured her that it wasn't the case, as he knew that she was in love with him, and he's interested in pursuing a relationship with her, since he has feelings for her as well. The date ended with a peck on the lips and on a high note, with Karin being happier than she had in ages.

"I love you, Karin-chan, just as much as you love me. Will you continue to go out with me?"

"I-I'd love to, Uzumaki-kun!"

"Geh, Naruto will do, Karin-chan."

"Hai, Naruto-kun!"

The next day had Naruto running into Anju over what happened yesterday, revealing that she shadowed their date. She threatened to wipe his mind should he betray Karin, with Naruto responding in kind, adding that he acknowledges that she's the only one in her family that's on Karin's side, but should she turn her back on her, he would "punt her into space". Before Anju could retort, he disappeared via Shunpo to meet up with Karin so that they can go to Julian's. During Yuirya's teasing, Naruto noticed that Anju was still spying on him and Karin, but was alarmed when Yuriya also noticed Anju's familiar and chased it down. When Yuriya questioned the two if they saw the bat, naturally they denied it, with Naruto using chakra to enhance his nose and sniffed Yuriya's scent, smelling that she has a blood of a vampire within her, making him suspicious of her and her real motives for being in town. A few nights later, Karin was to bite Naruto to prevent a nosebleed, but was tracked down by Yuriya. Due to her interference, Karin had a nosebleed right on Yuriya and passed out. After taking Karin home, Naruto washed Yuriya's clothes of Karin's blood and saw her out of his (temporary) residence.

"I don't know why you're here, but if you're really looking for these "bats", then you're playing a dangerous game, and better off skipping town before hell rains down upon you."

When she left, Naruto had a Kage Bunshin tail her, and upon seeing her attack a human and erase her memories, discovered that she was a Daywalker-type vampire like Karin, but not like her, meaning that she's a Dhampir. Meanwhile, the real Naruto took Karin back home via Hiraishin, and decided to investigate Yuriya. However, she suddenly disappeared the next day, not arriving her work, but Naruto knew that she caught the attention of the Marker family, and they've captured her for questioning due to her being on their turf. Karin practically confirmed it the very next day while heading to school. Naruto already knew this of course, but this fact was the furthest from his mind in the next few days.

Elda reawakened and confronted them during their night outing just as they're about to kiss.


"Oh boy. Looks like your grandmother's boredom spell just ended."

As Elda dragged Karin away, she tried to intimidate Naruto, but was shocked as it didn't work, and even more shocked that he turned the tables. Backing down, she took Karin back home. This allowed Naruto to head to Yuriya's house while she was asleep and tapped her phone line with the Profiler to find out why she's really here.

The next day…again…Naruto was looking for Karin when he saw her family heading out, and heard that Elda has both Karin and Yuriya captured. Knowing that Elda will kill Yuriya due to her hatred of humans, which no doubt extended to half-bleeds like Yuriya, Naruto took flight and flew to where they are, arriving around the same time as her brother, and booted him after he assaulted Karin just after she revealed her secret that she's a blood-making vampire. Ren tried to retaliate, but Naruto's killing intent held him back just as Karin's mother, father, and Anju arrived, saying that they'll explain the rest. When they saw Naruto in his guise, he used Shunpo to leave, and Karin with her family but taking Yuriya back to her apartment to heal her. Since then, there were no calls between Yuriya and whomever she's talking to.

Before the main event, there was one more sideshow, and it involved Karin's sister, Anju, during the beginning of the last semester Naruto will be in town before heading off to a different school with his sisters. While Karin didn't know, Naruto was detecting a change within Anju, and find out that she was awakening as a vampire when he talked with her and Yuriya at the park. Karin herself found out later through Anju's classmate, and in Naruto's mind, did something extremely stupid and unlike her to see if it's true.

"Hot sauce, Karin-chan. Really? Well played…"

Anju then visited Naruto, who promised that he'd take care of Karin in her steed, with Anju being grateful. However this would be the "last" time they would last civil towards each other, as a few nights later, her first target practically destroyed the relationship between Karin and Anju.

Tokitou Maki, who was jealous of the relationship between Naruto and Karin, and was feeling lonely since she ended up spending less time with her, despite being in class. The fact that Anju taunted Karin about it didn't help matters. Soon, Anju would have the same views about Karin as her family, angering Naruto to the point of tracking her down, but unable to find or catch her. This lead to Karin spending less time in her family's house and more time with Naruto after moving some of their important stuff to his residence, who wanted to give her family a piece of his mind, but Karin would stop him, saying that it wasn't worth it. But with the only family member abandoning her, she feared that Naruto would one day leave her too, with her own misfortune causing her blood to increase. Naruto tried to help, but she rejected him and ran away.

She ended up in the park and was about to bite someone when that someone countered her and saw her fangs, yelling that she's a monster. Before he could go get back Naruto arrived and neuralyzed him just as Karin had a nosebleed. As he helped Karin, she revealed that they couldn't be together because if they had a child, they would be born sterile. Naruto assured her that it wouldn't be the case with him due to what he is, and that it wouldn't stop them from being together; that no matter what, he won't reject her. Karin passed out after the declaration with happiness within her. Their relationship resumed afterwards…along with studying together so Karin won't fail…again…

As for Yuriya, he was now extremely cautious of her, due to listening in on her recent call. She was in contact with her uncle, who was looking for a vampire who was okay under the sun just like her, and after a few sounds, Yuriya practically sold Karin out, meaning that a storm was coming her way. Naruto didn't know if Karin sensed it or not, but she made a decision that after the semester was over, she was going with him since she had nothing left. Naruto was confused, but Karin explained that Anju erased Maki's memories of her being friends with her. Now they were just classmates, which explained Maki's odd behavior with Karin. Naruto offered to restore her memories, but Karin said it was fine.

"It's for the best. As long as she's close to me, she'll be targeted by Anju again…"


"As long as she's safe, that's all that matters… I'm…coming with you, Naruto-kun…"

Karin's declaration led to their real, pure first kiss, followed by biting each other, with Naruto marking her as one of his many mates, while Karin injected her blood into him, allowing the Karin doppelganger to reappear within Naruto again. With Karin's resolution, the two lovers looked forward to putting Shiihaba behind them after the semester is over.

However, their timetable was sped up due to the uncle's arrival that was earlier than Naruto anticipated.

Naruto had warned Karin that Yuriya wasn't to take trusted because she sold her out to her uncle. Karin was confused why despite Naruto explaining, which came to bite her in the ass as she was lured outside Shiihaba where Yuriya's uncle, a full-blooded vampire named Glark, was waiting. Naruto gave chase thanks to the other Karin within him, cornering them on the outskirts of the city next to Shiibaha, but he was hit with a truck by one of Glark's associates, Bridget Brownlick and her bodyguard. As Bridget gushed over a distressed Karin, the bodyguard was less fortunate-

"Hey, dirtbag…"

-via a dazed and pissed off Naruto recovering and punching the bodyguard across several feet before wrapping a ultraviolet light-style Chakra Chain around him, ashing him.

"Ashes to asses, dust to fuck. You shouldn't have hit me with a goddamn truck!"

Taking advantage of Glark, Yuriya, and Bridget's shock, Naruto was close to getting Karin away, but failed to heed the inner Karin's warning in time, getting blindsided by Henry and Calera Marker, Karin's parents, with Ren tagging along, blasting him through several nearby trees. It was revealed that they allowed Glark to take Karin with permission to help revive the vampire race since they're on the decline. The attack was enough to allow Glark, Bridget, and Yuriya to escape with a betrayed and despairing Karin. A temporary injured Naruto managed to get away before the Markers could get to him.

The morning after, Naruto cleaned out his apartment, sealing his and Karin's items in scrolls before leaving. Dodging the Marker family's familiars, he went to the school to un-enroll himself and Karin from the school, and handed in his and Karin's resignation papers. Thanks to the mate-mark on Karin, Naruto tracked her to Yuuga Valley, a valley up in Northern Japan just a day away from Shiibaha.

Before he left Shiibaha for good, Anju stood in his way. Remembering her betrayal to Karin, he gave Anju two minutes to hear her out before he activate his Devil Trigger and went full demon on her ass. Anju explained that despite her recent actions, she committed them in order to eliminate all ties to their family and Shiibaha City in order to give Karin her freedom. Maki just happened to be nearby when Anju fed on her jealously and loneliness, but it allowed Anju to set things in motion for Karin to be free. To Anju, Karin was everything to her, and it pained her for her family to mistreat her because of her condition, and was unforgivable for them to let the Brownlicks take Karin for whatever they're planning. Naruto was surprised that she wasn't barely lying, only lying about the part where she said she wiped Maki's memories, as she made Naruto promise that no matter what, he would protect Karin in her steed, and also made him promise not to reveal the conversation between them until the time was right. With that, Anju allowed Naruto to sneak past the Marker barrier around Shiibaha City with his Spiral Corp-modified crimson-colored Spy Hunter G-6155 Interceptor III.

Along the way, an interesting individual appeared in the passenger seat in his car halfway to Yuuga Valley. He was of average height wearing all white robes with a hood over his head, but from what Naruto could see about his face was that his eyes were completely white.

"... Uzumaki Naruto, I presume?"

"That depends. Who wants to know? I'm in a hurry."

"I'll be brief them. I am Mikogami Tenmei the Exorcist, Headmaster of Yokai Academy and one of the Three Dark Lords. I've come with an offer for a job that acquires your… unique talents."

"And what would the headmaster of a school for...monsters...want with a normal high-schooler to be like myself?"

"Don't play coy with me Uzumaki-san. I know who, no… what you really are."

"…Try me Exorcist."

"Very well then. (ahem) You are Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto Sparda, the only son of the Uzumaki Kushina, the Red Princess of Death, and the late Namikaze Minato the Yellow Flas, as well as the descendent of the Rikudou Sennin and his mother Ootsutsuki Kaguya the Rabbit Goddess; the Dark Knight Sparda; the Half-Angel Eva; the Dragon God of the Hayabusa shinobi clan; the Demon King of War Raizen; the Hero King Algol; the Konqueror Shao Khan; the Onimusha Samanouke the Last Avatar; the King of Gods Zeus; the Jedi Master and Sith Lord Revan; Adam and Eve of the First Civilization via the Assassin Desmond Miles; the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages via Bayonetta; the First Immortal in the World Alexander Convinus; Dracula via The Dhampir Draculina BloodRayne; and the Demigod of Wrath Asura the Destructor. Along with your twin sisters Naruko, Narumi, Naruhi, Naruna, and Tsubaki, you are also the chosen avatar of Kami, Yami, and Shinigami, and classified as a Twilight Celestial. Did I get that right?"

"Wow. You're well informed Mikogami-san. My ancestors indeed left their marks in the different worlds I've heard about from my parents. Deh, what do you need of this one?"

"(sigh) Yokai Academy is a school where we teach monsters to promote peace with humans. Unfortunately there are those who seek to destroy it within my school. If they succeed, our world will go to war with the Human World. I was hoping that you could help me with a little… weeding, as a sleeper agent."

"Weeding eh? Sounds fun, but what's in it for me?"

"I've heard about the various false tales against you in Konoha Academia. They really favor the last male Uchiha don't they?"

"You have no idea. Thank god that Satsuki-chan and Mikoto-chan are the only good apples on the tree."

"Well then, if you accept this job, not only will you get paid well, but you will be transferred to Yokai Academy from that disgrace of a school as a freshman, not to mention boarding and get a proper education, no offense."

"No problem. It helps to steal textbooks from the school using my bloodline from the Assassins. Besides, I'm smarter than most of those morons let on. Even smarter than that prick Uchiha Sasuke."

"I'll bet. So the answer to my offer?"

"It's nothing to think about, so the answer is yes, on a couple conditions."

"Name it."

"My friends and family gets in on the action whenever they want, and my new lover Maaka Karin gets admittance as well. Also, if I catch you trying anything against me and my loved ones, your ass is mine. Deal?"


"Excellent. This better be worth it. Now if you'll excuse me…"

"Hold on, my friend. For accepting my offer, I'll tell you why the Brownlicks are after your blood-making friend…"


There was more to Karin's nosebleeds than meets the eye. Her blood was practically her life, as well as for the vampires. Her condition made her a rare vampire known as the "Spring of Psyche" that's born when her vampire species is struggling, with her blood bestowing fertility in other vampires. Also, the Karin in Naruto is known as Sophia Pistis, a goddess who was born inside a vampire and was the psyche known as "the fountain of life". For thousands of years she was reborn within the body of a vampire of the Armash bloodline, the same family Karin's mother is of, and forced to have a child to continue that bloodline. Once the next member of her bloodline was born she would be drained of her blood to help the other vampires reproduce.

Unfortunately as the vampire she was reborn in could not drain the blood of another, they had a limited lifespan and would eventually die, becoming part of Sophia's life essence in the process and forcing her to be reborn in the body of another member of the bloodline, meaning that Karin was the reincarnation of Sophia. The vampires who have her tends to rape her to impregnate her against her will to continue the Psyche's existence, and once she gives birth to it, the vampire will drain her dry. However, the kiss between Naruto and Karin caused her to be passed over to the former, thus breaking curse and obligation to be reborn, freeing her, but since the Brownlicks didn't know, Karin was still in danger.

At the end of the explanation, Mikogami teleported away as Naruto stepped on it, cursing Karin's family and their vampire species for Karin's suffering, and recited his promise to Anju to protect Karin.

It was early nightfall upon entering Yuuga Valley. After getting there, Naruto spotted Kenta and Yuriya talking near the hospital, with Yuriya leaving quickly afterwards, allowing Naruto to set a tail on her with a Kage Bunshin Naruto then met up with Kenta, and followed him to his grandmother's hospital room where she and Fumio are. He revealed that he and Karin are leaving town, and told Fumio that there's a job opening at Julian, and the manger is expecting her since Naruto referred her. Both Kenta and Fumio thanked him for his help, with Naruto saying his farewell to the two.

After leaving the hospital, Naruto's Kage Bunshin dispelled after finding where the Brownlicks are keeping Karin after tailing an unsuspecting Yuriya. He headed there, and found the "abandoned" house Karin was being held captive. Using Eagle Vision, he located Karin, surrounded in the aura of darkness and despair, with Naruto figuring out that she learned the intentions of her kidnappers. While staking out the place, he found a familiar aura in the basement.

The aura of the dangerous and legendary artifact, the Skull Heart, within a chained-up girl that is the current Skullgirl.


Realizing the vampires' true motive involving Karin and the Skull Heart, Naruto came out with a plan to bust Karin out and retrieve the Skull Heart; a plan that lived up to his and his clan's reputation of being crazy and unpredictable.

Using a Kage Bunshin and Henge combo, he had it transform into Karin's father Henry Marker to call Glark an hour before dawn and make it sound like he and his family betrayed him and are waiting at a faroff location to get his daughter back. Thanks to that little ploy, it worked, as Glark and all combat-ready male vampires left to confront "Henry", lessening most of the security except for Yuriya, who was still outside Karin's door.

With the Interceptor parked outside, Naruto stuck.

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(The Rescue and the Skullgirl)

"Make a sound, and I'll blow your head off. Then your precious, beloved Uncle Glark will be next."

Naruto, in his normal appearance and wearing an all black outfit is a long sleeved shirt with an Assassin hood under a long trenchcoat with two tails, baggy jeans, combat boots, a headband, stylish sunglasses, and fingerless gloves, had his double-barrel magnum revolver Blue Rose trained at a terrified Yuriya's head, who had her hands up and her body shaking.

"Redgrave-san, I-"

"Step. Away. From the door, you bitch…" Naruto growled at her, cocking the barrel threateningly, "And if you think I won't shoot, I modded this gun with silencers designed specifically for vampires so they can't hear. Don't test me."

Deciding not to do that, Yuriya stepped away from the door as instructed. She was then shocked when Naruto summoned a Kage Bunshin to also hold her at gunpoint.

"And don't get any ideas, because if you do…" Naruto pat his Kage Bunshin on the shoulder, "I will know."

Naruto opened the door to find Karin against the wall, wearing a sleeveless white dress that showed a lot of her cleavage, curled up in a fetal position and crying with her hands over her head. Naruto strode over to her, pulling his hood off, and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, Karin-chan…"

Karin gasped and slowly looked up to see her boyfriend smiling at her.

"Naruto…kun?" she asked as she felt his face to see if he was real.

"The one and only- Oof!" he responded with Karin leaping forward and hugged him with all her might, crying with happiness and relief now, "Shh. It's okay. I'm here."

He returned the hug and used his aura to calm her down.

"After what happened, I thought you… I thought you were…" she whispered as he stood her up.

"It'll take way more than that to kill me." Naruto told her with a grin, "Now come on. Let's get out of here."

Karin latched on to Naruto's arm and followed him out of the room. When they exited, they saw Naruto Shadow Clone and Yuriya, the latter on the ground out cold.

"I hit her with a concussion shot boss. I took my eye off her for one second and she struck." the Kage Bunshin explained with the real Naruto glaring at the downed form of Yuriya.

"Take her into the room and dispel."


Karin watched with a neutral expression as the Kage Bunshin dragged Yuriya into the room, with Naruto closing and locking the door after them. Despite her reason, there was no excuse for what she did.

"Alright, we have one more occupant to spring, then we're out of here."

"One more?"

While Karin followed Naruto down to the basement, she whispered to him why Yuriya sided with her uncle and sold her out.

"She wanted to stop us from being together to prevent more children like her. I know she means well, but giving me up to her uncle to do what they were going to do with me even without knowing…"

"She must've done it for acceptance since she's a Dhampir, but I doubt she had a guarantee that it'll happen. Here."

Naruto opened the door to the basement and headed downstairs until they came across a door that was chained up to the extreme.

"Who's in there?" Karin wondered, with Naruto grimacing as he summoned one of Sparda's demonic swords, Yamato.

"A childhood friend if mine and sister's, who's the current and soon to be former Skullgirl." Naruto said, with Karin looking horrified, as she knew about the legend of the Skull Heart from the books in her old home.

Back in the day, Naruto and his sisters Naruko and Narumi were friends with a young girl named Filia. Their parents were good friends with their other, which allowed their kids to meet. Unfortunately, Filia and her parents come from the Medici Mafia, and Filia was the granddaughter of Lorenzo Medici. Because of the bad blood between the Uzumaki clan and the Medici Mafia, the latter who struck first, igniting the feud, Filia and her parents had to hide their relationship with Naruto and his parents.

Years later, they disappeared, with Naruto following the trail, learning about the Skull Heart, its powers, and everything connected to it: person, place, and thing. By the time Naruto finished investigating, it was too late. He learned that a parasite called Samson killed Filia's parents and possessed her, wiping out her memories n the process, and manipulated her into getting the Skull Heart, with Filia playing right into his hands by making a wish to restore her friend Carol's memories. A year later, she became the new Skullgirl, and suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

How Naruto knows why.

One swipe from Yamato, and the chains were turned to dust, with a boot from Naruto breaking down the door to reveal the current Skullgirl Filia inside the room in a comatase state.

"This stench… It's the blood of Sparda! Wait, you're that childhood friend of her from her memories I suppressed! What are you doing here?!"

Karin jumped as she heard a rough, demonic voice coming from…Filia's hair. Naruto had to clamp his head over her mouth as she screamed loudly, seeing a second "face" on top of Filia's head, complete with yellow eyes, long teeth, and a long tongue.

"Freeing Filia-chan from here, but you won't be joining her. I know what you are, Samson, and I know of your habit of manipulating your hosts to go after the Skull Heart. You crossed the line when you slaughtered Filia's parents and possessed her…" Naruto stated bluntly as he loaded a special bullet into his Blue Rose and activated a Sound Barrier Seal, "…and now you're going to pay the price. The end of your existence starts now."

"As if you can separate me from this female pig. If I wasn't held back from these chains these vampires made, I would unleashed the full power of the Skull Heart on you- Ugh!"

Smoke came from the barrels of Blue Rose as Naruto shot Samson between his yellow eyes.

"You were saying?" Naruto muttered sarcastically as he holstered Blue Rose.

"Is that all you got, you- Gaa!" Samson coughed up some black blood, "What do you do?! Blegh!"

"Purging you and the Skull Heart from Filia-chan, you piece of shit…"

Samson couldn't get another word in, and tried to channel the power of the Skull Heart within in host, but Naruto saw that coming and plunged his hand through Filia using a red glove with a the image of a skull surrounded by blue flames.

"Uzumaki Style Fuinjutsu: Purge of the Wicked…"

Naruto withdrew his hand, tugging until he had the Skull Heart out of Filia's body and in his hand, with Samson screaming in rage as his essence withdrew from Filia's head and shaped itself into an orb. As Naruto sealed Skull Heart into a scroll and layered it with several high-leveled security seals, Samson attempted to attack Naruto in his sad state, but Naruto held up his Oni Gauntlet that materialized on his right arm and absorbed Samson's essence.

"Tha-That was…" Karin stuttered as Naruto lifted Filia's body over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, "Filia-san, will she be okay?"

"She is, but I'm not a medic, so we'll know once we get to Uzu Island." Naruto said before pausing and suddenly grumbling a curse under his breath.

"Naruto-kun? What's wrong?" Karin asked as Naruto grabbed her arm and led her back upstairs.

"My distraction had an unforeseen complication. Never thought your parents would show up to say their final goodbyes to you, so my clone used a Katon: Bunshin Daibakuha (Fire Style: Clone Great Explosion) to slow them down, but they're coming." Naruto muttered as they went through a window.

"What?!" Karin panicked, "Then how will we escape?"

"In my car…" Naruto said, leading her to his car hidden by some trees, "The Spy Hunter G-6155 Interceptor III, an All-Terrain Destruction vehicle."

Karin was dumbstruck as Naruto put Filia in the backseat and secured her. He then put Karin in the passenger seat and belted her in. Naruto soon entered the driver's seat and started the car, just in time for a cloud of bats to appear on the horizon, prompting him to step on it.

"They're coming!" Karin squeaked out as she looked back.

"Not for long. Where we're going, they won't be able to follow." Naruto assured her.

Karin saw what he was talking about and started to sweat.

"Um, Naruto-kun. That's a cliff…"

"Yes, I know, Karin-chan."

"That means the ground's going to end!"

"Yes, I know!"

"Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun~!"

Naruto drove the Interceptor off the cliff, with Karin screaming her head off as the car hit the water and instantly turned into a speedboat.

"Huh?" Karin looked awe as she saw the changes to the Interceptor, "How?"

"All-Terrain, Karin-chan, all-terrain. Complete with my own personal touches like…submarine…"

"Vampires are bad with water. That means…" Karin realized.

As the bats closed in, the Interceptor went underwater, with the bats unable to pursue.

"Hold tight." Naruto said as he press to the nitro button on the side next to the emergency brake, giving the Interceptor a boost as both occupants were pressed against their seats.

Maybe it their imagination, but they swore that even though they're underwater, they could hear Glark's roar of rage at the lost of the Psyche.

Karin could hardly believe it. She was free. Free from her family and their torment because of her condition.

"So, how does the taste of liberation taste?" Naruto asked, with Karin responded by leaned onto him and kissing him full on the lips, with Naruto switching on the autopilot before hugging her close and returning the kiss, her tongues dancing around each other before pulling back.

"Sweet!" she answered meekly before returning to kiss the blond again, with Sophia watching from the backseat with a smile on her face, just as Filia started walking up with a yawn.

"What happened? Where am I? Samson? Samson?" she mumbled, breaking Naruto and Karin out of their kiss, "Wait, I remember. Samson, he…he…!"

She finally remembered. Samson had tracked down her family and killed her parents, before latching with her and forcibly bonded with her through her hair. She tried to fight it off, but failed as he suppressed her memories, making her a blank canvas for him to manipulate.

"That parasite that's been leeching off you is gone, Filia-chan. You free now, just like Karin-chan here." Naruto said, his arm around Karin who clutched at Naruto possessively.

"Wha-? …Na-…Naruto?"

(Ending Theme: Astrogation by Nana Mizuki)

(Bus to Yokai Academy, Present day)

"…Uzumaki Sophia and Uzumaki Filia. They're were originally under the protection of my clan, but have been adopted since then."

Several months have passed since escaping the vampires at Yuuga Valley. Naruto, Karin, and Filia managed to get to Uzu Island without being followed. Naruto's family and friends were happy to have him back, and accept Karin and Filia into their fold. As Filia caught on old times with Naruto's sisters, Karin found herself at the Uzumaki's private beach area, with Naruto arriving just in time to see Karin cut her long hair, signifying a new beginning for her.

"With this, I say goodbye to who I was…"

She then felt an unfamiliar urge and bit Naruto, discovering that because of Naruto marking her, his power that came from Dracula mutated her into a real vampire that sucks blood, while still maintaining her Daywalker status. During her feeding on Naruto's blood, she merged with Sophia, evolving her further.

From her arrival on Uzu Island merging with Sophia to following Naruto to Yokai Academy, she wasn't the same Karin from a year ago. She discarded her birth name of Maaka Karin and changed it to Uzumaki Sophia upon her adoption into the Uzumaki clan as one of Naruto's new fiancés alongside Filia. Due to Naruto's influence, along with hanging out with Naruto's family and her harem-sisters, and participating in Mitarashi Anko's School of Hard Knocks, Karin…no, Sophia was a changed young woman. No longer was she the shy and meek Maaka Karin without a backbone, who gets easily flustered and humiliated when embarrassed. She was Uzumaki Sophia, a Daywalker-type vampire who's more bold, confident, assertive, and at times, a little aggressive and flirtatious. Her facial appearance was now similar to her grandmother Elda, and her intelligence increased as well. She is also combat-ready, having been trained by not only in the shinobi arts by some of her older harem-sisters, but the Dhampir Rayne as well. Her time training in Naruto's mindscape, where a minute outside is an hour inside, did wonders.

In short, Uzumaki Sophia was the lioness lurking inside Maaka Karin, and now thanks to Naruto his girls, she's come out to play, and here to stay; and should she get the chance, get revenge on Glark for now only kidnapping her, but feeding on her blood from her breast of all places. She barely managed to reign in Naruto's rage when he found out, calmed him down, promising to leave a piece of Glark to finish off.

She was also told her about Anju's true motivations behind her actions involving Maki. One the outside, she was stoic and neutral, but on the inside, she was a wreck when this was revealed to her, and worried about Anju's wellbeing if their family finds out about her betrayal. She also shared Naruto's suspicions that Anju was lying that she was the one who wiped Maki's memories of her, and suspected Ren, since he was looking for a reason to spite her after his failed attempt at feeding on Fumio. Sophia vowed to herself that when she was strong enough, she would save Anju and Maki.

As for Filia, her life changed for the better after getting the Skull Heart extracted from her and arriving at Uzu Island. Taking it to his subdimension, Naruto activated 70 percent of his sealed power and utterly destroyed it with an overpowered Seiton: Metsu Cho Reigun (Holy Style: Destructive Spirit Gun Mega). Next he delivered Samson to the Goddess of Chaos and Discord Yami, who looked way too happy to finally get her hands on Samson who evaded her for so long. Filia was there for that, and enjoyed Samson's cries of rage as he was dragged straight to Hell to be tortured for eternity along with another criminal known as Black Zetsu.

Next, Filia found that her liberation of Samson allowed her to gain control of his power to use over her hair. As she spent time learning to control the power Samson left behind, she kept tabs on her old friend Carol, glad to hear that she's living a normal life, and helped Spiral Corp identify the Medici Mafia's members, sleeper agents, cells, and hideouts to be hunted down. As for her relationship with Naruto and his sisters, she was happy to be a part of their family, but was a bit prudish, as she was not ready to do perverted things yet.

After hearing from Naruto about accepting a mission from the Exorcist Mikogami, they both joined him to help out, not to mention that they were fascinated that there's a school for monsters; especially Sophia, as she wondered if there were really other types of vampire species.

And here they are, on the yellow bus heading to Yokai Academy.

"A Twilight Celestial, a Daywalking vampire, and a former Skullgirl. I wager half a year that Yokai Academy will come tumbling down once you raise some hell; and I'll be out of a job." the bus driver said in amusement.

"Oh come on driver. We're not THAT bad." Naruto said as he, Sophia, and Filia took their seats and laughed.

"No, you're worse…"

A few minutes later, the bus stopped to the trio's curiosity as its doors open, and two young, average-looking kids onto the bus.

One looked like a normal kid while other looked extremely cute, not to mention hot. Upon closer examination, he noticed that they're twins with brown hair and brown eyes and they're wearing the standard issued green Yokai Academy school uniform, just like Naruto is right now, except that the boy is wearing pants like Naruto while the girl is wearing a black skirt like Sophia and Filia. That and her blazer did little to hide the curves of her C-cup breasts, and the same could be said for Sophia and Filia. Another difference is that the boy had a short spiky hairstyle while the girl's medium length hair hung down.

At first, Naruto began to think that the twins were soft and pampered monsters; with most monsters living in relatively peaceful times. That theory was shot straight to hell when he and Sophia caught the twin's scent. Even Filia noticed the 'normal' air with them.

"What the? They're actual humans!" Sophia thought in surprise as she narrowed her eyes at them.

"What are they doing attending a school for monsters?" Filia wondered as she looked at him curiosity.

"Is this Mikogami's doing? I really hope not, or he'll answer to me…" he thought, concerned for them due to reading the school rules and knowing the monsters' stance on humans like them.

As the boy sat in the back of the bus and looked nervously at the occupants on the bus, the girl took out a book about occult stuff, and was about to read it when noticed the good-looking blonde and blushed, deciding to sit behind the trio, to try to muster up the courage to talk to him.

Sophia saw this and closed one eye, "She may be human, but I'll see if she's worthy of Naruto-kun's attention…"

"Oh boy. Not a day has passed and I'm already starting to attract the ladies. Hmm… wonder if she has a friend?" Naruto thought sweatdropping, gazing out the window with Sophia and Filia latching onto his arms, as the bus started moving again.

Onward to Yokai Academy.


Next time – Chapter 02: First Day and…another Vampire?!

-Naruto, Sophia, and Filia meets Outer and Inner Moka, and begins their first day at Yokai Academy. It didn't take long to encounter trouble, but they gain two valuable friends and allies to their group.

Naruto: Can somebody say...jackpot?!

Side note: The events in the Chibi Vampire light novels happened as well, different of course. I skipped explaining them due to having just 1 and 3, not all of them.


The idea to bash the Marker/Maaka family came from the defunct Naruto fanfiction last updated in 2010: Betrayal by King of the Fallen, who is still active(?). Sidenote: Disn't have the heart to bash Anju completely.

Shunpo is a Flash Step technique Soul Reapers use in BLEACH.

Rayne is from the BloodRayne video game series.

Devil Hunter is an occupation from the original Devil May Cry video game series.

The Profiler is a smartphone used in Watch Dogs.

"Neuralyzed" - Naruto used a Neurolyzer (from the Men in Black series) on one of Karin's/Sophia's victims when Anju was unavailable.

The "Ashes to asses…" quote came from the Nostalgia Critic's review of Ghost Rider… Nicolas Cage lol…

Devil Trigger is a transformation ability used by Dante, Vergil and Nero from the Devil May Cry series.

The G-6155 Interceptor…came from the Spy Hunter video game series.

The Dark Knight Sparda and the Half-Angel Eva (Devil May Cry)

The Dragon God of the Hayabusa shinobi clan (Ninja Gaiden)

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The First Immortal in the World Alexander Convinus (Underworld)

The Demigod of Wrath Asura the Destructor (Asura's Wrath)

The Skull Heart is an artifact from Skullgirls.

Blue Rose is Nero's sidearm from Devil May Cry 4.

The dress Karin was wearing is the same dress she wore in the final episode of the Karin anime.

Samson is a parasite latched onto Filia in Skullgirls.

The glove used against the Skull Heart is from BLEACH.

"That's a cliff…" "Yes I know" is from the Wild Wild West movie starring Will Smith.

Seiton: Metsu Cho Reigun (Holy Style: Destructive Spirit Gun Mega) - "Metsu"-enhancement from Street Fighter, and Spirit Gun Mega from Yu Yu Hakusho.

The Medici Mafia is an evil organization from Skullgirls.

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