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Last time on Whirlpool and a Vampire(s)…

"A Twilight Celestial, a vampire, and a former Skullgirl. I wager half a year that Yokai Academy will be tumbling down once you raise some hell; and I'll be out of a job." the bus driver said in amusement.

"Oh come on driver. We're not THAT bad." Naruto said as he, Sophia, and Filia took their seats and laughed.

"No, you're worse…"

A few minutes later, the bus stopped to the trio's curiosity as its doors open, and two young, average-looking kids onto the bus.

One looked like a normal kid while other looked extremely cute, not to mention hot. Upon closer examination, he noticed that they're twins with brown hair and brown eyes and they're wearing the standard issued green Yokai Academy school uniform, just like Naruto is right now, except that the boy is wearing pants like Naruto while the girl is wearing a black skirt like Sophia and Filia. That and her blazer did little to hide the curves of her C-cup breasts, and the same could be said for Sophia and Filia. Another difference is that the boy had a short spiky hairstyle while the girl's medium length hair hung down.

At first, Naruto began to think that the twins were soft and pampered monsters; with most monsters living in relatively peaceful times. That theory was shot straight to hell when he and Sophia caught the twin's scent. Even Filia noticed the 'normal' air with them.

"What the? They're actual humans!" Sophia thought in surprise as she narrowed her eyes at them.

"What are they doing attending a school for monsters?" Filia wondered as she looked at him curiosity.

"Is this Mikogami's doing? I really hope not, or he'll answer to me…" he thought, concerned for them due to reading the school rules and knowing the monsters' stance on humans like them.

As the boy sat in the back of the bus and looked nervously at the occupants on the bus, the girl took out a book about occult stuff, and was about to read it when noticed the good-looking blonde and blushed, deciding to sit behind the trio, to try to muster up the courage to talk to him.

Sophia saw this and closed one eye, "She may be human, but I'll see if she's worthy of Naruto-kun's attention…"

"Oh boy. Not a day has passed and I'm already starting to attract the ladies. Hmm… wonder if she has a friend?" Naruto thought sweatdropping, gazing out the window with Sophia and Filia latching onto his arms, as the bus started moving again.

Onward to Yokai Academy.

Chapter 02: First Day and…another Vampire?!

(Monster World)

After traveling through a tunnel, the landscape changed into a completely barren area. The only sign of life from the desolation was mossy covered trees. The sky was also a murky orange color with the background littered with tombstones. The sign for the bus stop was a black-caped scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern perched on its shoulders in place of a head.

"Last stop, Yokai Academy!" the bus driver announced, stopping the bus at the bus stop.

Naruto, Sophia, and Filia all stepped off the bus first, followed by the two humans who somehow got accepted to the Academy. The trio managed to talk to the twins a little (mainly the girl), learning their names. The absolutely normal joe Aono Tsukune and his twin sister, the occult loving and supernatural seeker Aono Tsukuno, the former hesitatingly getting out of the bus, casting frightened eyes around the surroundings while the latter looked around curiously.

"Amazing, but what are tombstones doing here?" Tsukuno wondered in awe, "Whatever this campus is, it getting more interesting by the second."

"What is this place? It's like a horror movie." thought a scared Tsukune, "And is that a river of... blood?!"

"Somehow, I feel right at home." Sophia said, taking in the sights.

Naruto smirked, "How intriguing. Way to attract tourists Mikogami. Oh well. Come on, girls."

Gathering mana in their feet, he, Sophia, and Filia used Shundo, leaving behind two stunned humans.

"Have fun kiddies." the bus driver said, snickering as he drove off to Tsukune's horror.

"Wait sir! I think you dropped us off at the wrong-"

"Oh, stop being such a baby." Tsukuno scolded, grabbing his ear, "Let's go!"

She proceeded to drag a nervous Tsukune on the path to the campus.

(Back to Naruto, Sophia, and Filia)

The trio appeared in a clearing several feet away from the school and decided to walk the rest of the way.

"How the hell did those two humans make it through the barrier?" Naruto wondered while sighing, "There's no way a guy like Mikogami can miss that."

"Maybe there's more to them that meets the eye." Sophia guessed, looking thoughtful.

The boy was nothing special, but she did sense a mysterious power within the girl.


Naruto blinked and groaned, turning to the source of the noise to find a bike sailing toward him and his girls on a collision course to his head. He held up his right hand, using an energy known as the Force to stop the bike in midair, making it jerk forward and throwing off the rider, prompting Naruto to catch the person falling off it.

"Great, Naruto-kun. We're barely in school and already you're having girls fall into your arms." Filia said amusingly, with Naruto shaking in head as he examined the girl in his arms.

She was a girl who's 5'4" tall with flowing pink hair that went past her waist and emerald eyes looking back at him in awe. She has long slender legs and D-cup breasts. She was dressed in a green blazer over a white blouse, and a plaid skirt. Around the girl's neck was choker with a strange necklace in the shape of a silver rosary cross containing a red gem in the center.

"I'm so sorry!" the girl apologized, "I'm kinda anemic and get dizzy easily. I'm sorry I nearly ran into you. It's just that you suddenly appeared out of nowhere!"

"No harm done cutie. I just stopped you in midair." he deadpanned while grinning.

She was about to reply when she caught the scent of...


She saw it trail down the side of his head from a wound on his neck where she accidentally scratched him while he caught her.

"Naruto-kun, you're bleeding." Sophia noted, swiping a finger across his wound, catching some blood, and putting it into her mouth, enjoying the taste.

"It'll heal." Naruto said simply.

"Looks like Sophia-san not the only one who enjoys the taste of blood." Filia said dryly.

She nodded her head towards the pinkette, as said pinkette stared at the crimson liquid as it flowed out. Her body and mind became completely enthralled by the life giving fluid glinting like rubies in the sun. Before she knew it, the vampire was pressing herself against him, her hands moved up to gently lean against his chest and she stood up on her tip-toes, bringing her face closer and closer to his neck.

"Eh…?" Sophia did not except this action from the pink-haired at girl, unless she's a…

"The scent of blood..."

Her need to feed awoke. Moka's green eyes flared and became slitted as she went and licked the blood from the blond stranger's neck, who blinked in surprise.

"I lose control when I smell it because..."

Pure ecstasy flooded her nerves and she moaned in pleasure. Her desire to taste the delicious blood from its source overcame her. Her fangs extended and eagerly bit down on the stranger's neck.

" She's a vampire!/I'm a vampire!/" Sophia exclaimed as Moka cried out, the latter biting down on Naruto's neck.

Naruto raised his right eye Spock-style as the pinkette began to drain his blood. It was pretty obvious to him what kind of monster she is, despite revealing it to him.

"Well, she's just like you, Sophia-chan, but different." he told the former unvampire.

"How's she different? She's feasting your blood like Sophia-san is." Filia deadpanned.

"She's not part of the vampire species that feeds on emotions." Sophia corrected her, while feeling a bit envious, but promptly squashed those feelings.

After about three minutes, Naruto gently pushed the girl away as she finally sated her thirst, erotically licking her lips of very single drop of blood.

"So pure… so intoxicating…"

Naruto thanked his lucky stars that one of his regenerating abilities involved producing blood cells faster than he lost them. It helps to be related to a God like Zeus, and it definitely helps since Sophia's gained a habit of feeding on Naruto or any of her harem-sisters during their usual sexual romps.

Very lucky indeed.

"You know my lovely new friend, if you wanted to suck my blood, all you had to do was ask nicely." he said with a hint of amusement.

The pinkette suddenly became flustered and let out a "Eep!"

"Now that sounded familiar…" Filia noted, thinking about a certain Hyuuga as she and Sophia laughed.

"May I ask the name of the lovely lady who was trying to drain me six ways from Sunday?" Naruto asked in amusement.

"…Moka. Akashiya Moka." she introduced herself shyly, "I'm sorry about that. I always lose control of myself whenever I smell blood."

"That's sounds familiar too…" Filia muttered, but Sophia heard her and smacked her on the back of her head, "Ow."

"Well, blood under the bridge then, Moka." Naruto said, waving off the apology as he picked up her bike and together they all continued walking to the school.


"Naruto. The name's Uzumaki Naruto." the blonde introduced himself with a foxy grin.

"Sophia. Uzumaki Sophia." Sophia introduced herself, while keeping her identity as a vampire on the backburner for now.

"Filia. Uzumaki Filia." Filia introduced herself, making her hair dance around a bit.

"Uzumaki? You mean you're members of the Uzumaki clan?" Moka asked, knowing about the Uzumaki clan due to her family hearing rumors that certain children within the clan having powerful ancestors like the Rikudou Sennin and the Rabbit Goddess, "They're not monsters, but they're really powerful like them, and don't hate monsters."

"You'll be surprised." Naruto said as Moka looked at them nervously.

"Um, Naruto-san, Sophia-san, Filia-san. You don't uh, hate vampires, right?" she asked with a hopeful tone.

"What? Hell no! You'll be surprised at what we truly are my pink haired friend. Now come on, we'll be late to the ceremony." he said, smacking her butt and running off laughing with Sophia and Filia following.

"Hey! Hentai!" Moka squeaked and took off after him. If they had stay any longer, they would have seen a frightened Tsukune and an awed Tsukuno.

"A real vampire!" the latter thought in excitement, "Yokai Academy. So the name isn't for show. Finally, life's about to get interesting."

(School Gates)

Two girls were seen leaning on the side of the gate, waiting for Naruto, Sophia, and Filia.

The first was 5'4" tall, has long blond hair tied into pigtails, icy, electric ocean blue eyes, thin whisker-marks on her cheeks, and a lean, slender hourglass figure with E-cup breasts.

The second was 5'3" tall, has long, red hair hanging down her head and violet-blue eyes, looking similar to her mother Kushina when she was young; thin whisker-marks on her cheeks, and a lean, slender hourglass figure with DD-cup breasts.

"Yokai Academy's got nothing on Konoha Academia." the blond noted as she watched various students pass her by, sensing their power levels, "I'd love to see duck-butt survive this place for a day."

Sensing a power similar to their own, they saw their brother Naruto, along with Sophia and Filia, coming out of the forest area, getting chased by a pink haired girl.

"Looks like the gateway works. Waited long? Naruko? Narumi?" he asked, pecking them both on the lips when he got close.

"Nope." the redhead said said, "Who your new friend?"

"Akashiya Moka." he replied, setting her bike down.

"Nice to meet you." Moka greeted, bowing, "Are you also Naruto-san's girlfriend?"

"One of many, but you can stay something like that." the blonde haired girl said smiling, making Moka's eyes widen.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruko, Naruto's twin sister, and this is our little sister, Uzumaki Narumi. Pleased to meet you, Moka-chan."

(Mikogami's Office, after the school entrance ceremony)

"Uzumaki-san, Uzumaki-san, and…Uzumaki-san, thank you for coming."

"As long as you give us a pass for being late to class, I'm good." Naruto said as Sophia twirled a random dagger she materialized.

Mikogami raised an eyebrow; "You do realize that I gave you an immunity pass, right? That you don't have to go to class everyday so that you can investigate freely?"

Naruto shrugged, "I know, but the classes might be more interesting than the ones at Konoha Academia."

Mikogami nodded, "True. Well then, on to business."

"You said that there's weeding that needs to be done. Where should I start?"

"Well, if you cause enough ruckus, the Public Safety Commission should come out and play. But first, please investigate two teachers in my employ."

"Names?" Filia asked as she took out a notebook.

"The art teacher, Ishigami Hitomi; and the gym teacher, Kotsubo Okuto. According to the rumors, their actions have been questionable as of late, but I have no proof…" said Mikogami, handing Naruto a book.

"What's this?"

"A Monster Guide. It has information on all monsters currently known. May come in handy during your time here."

"Thanks. Before we get to the teachers, I'll get to know everyone here first." Sophia said, "Question though, why are you having trouble controlling your own school?"

Mikogami shrugged, "Some staff and students are paid up with the right people. That's why you're here to found out. Besides…" he pointed to a stack of paper on the side of his desk, "I have my own enemy to deal with here."

Naruto nodded and motioned for Sophia and Filia to follow as he left the headmaster's office.

"Good luck." the headmaster said, grabbing a stack of paperwork and getting to work.

(Five minutes later)

"Room 2-A. Room 2-A." Naruto muttered as he strolled through the halls of the school, noting different landmarks and various rooms.

"Ah, there it is." Filia said, pointing to the room.

Naruto stopped in front of the door to the classroom and slid it open. The talking in the room stopped when he, Sophia, and Filia walked into the room. The girls blushed at Naruto's features while the boys shot some weak killing intent at the blonde.

"Ah, you must be the new students, nya."

They looked to see a lady who's 5'2" tall with short dirty blonde hair with two strands sticking up like cat ears, closed eyes while wearing glasses, D-cup breasts, and wearing an open white blouse over an orange tube top that shows her cleavage, a dark brown skirt, and low heel sandals.

"And you must be…" Sophia checked her class schedule, "Nekonome Shizuka-sensei?"

"Hai, nya! Please introduce yourselves and take a seat in any open seat, nya."

They nodded. They wrote their current known names "Uzumaki Naruto" ("Uzumaki Sophia" "Uzumaki Filia") on the chalkboard, introduced themselves (politely in Naruto's case mind you), and looked to find a seat to see Moka, Naruko, Narumi, and Tsukuno waving at him, motioning for them to sit with them. The trio took their seats near them in the back as Nekonome proceeded to explain what Yokai Academy was all about.

"Now, as I was saying, we as monsters are to learn how to blend in into human society. The fact is just that humans dominate the world. If we are to survive, we must learn to coexist with them. For that reason, you will stay in human form and are never allowed to reveal your true form."

"Like the first part will ever happen, judging by these negative emotions," Naruto thought as he and his sisters sensed said negative emotions from the students about humans, "But coexisting eh? Pipe dream no doubt, but is doable with the right humans." Naruto noted while Sophia thought about Maki.

"That being said, this school is purely for monsters. If humans were to enter, they are supposed to be killed on sight so as to continue our secrecy."

At this, Tsukune and Tsukuno stiffened, with the former starting to shake in his seat. Naruto, Naruko, and Narumi looked concerned at this, but the former frowned as he sensed some negative thoughts coming from Tsukune. Naruko raised her hand.

"Tell me, is it possible for humans to enter this place?"

Nekonome shook her head, "Nope. This realm is protected by a barrier erected by the headmaster himself. It's invisible to all humans, and the only way to enter is for humans to be accepted into the academy."

Naruko nodded at that while Narumi glanced at the humans.

"Hey sensei," one brown haired student piped up, "Wouldn't it be better for us to eat up those puny humans; and in the case of beautiful girls, better to molest them." he said, while stealing glance at Moka and licking his lips.

"Whoa. How extreme." Naruto thought before narrowing his eyes at the young man while sensing suppressed fear from Tsukuno. Tsukune however, was about to piss or crap his pants…or both.

"Oh!" the teacher actually thought about it?! "Incidentally, here at Yokai Academy, the teachers and students are all monsters, so there're no genuine humans here. Remember, this is a school for monsters."

Naruto sweatdropped, "That didn't even answer the question, I think…"

When class ended, Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, Filia, Moka, and Tsukuno walked down the hall together, talking about Shizuka's lecture, stopping when the boy from class stood in front of them.

"So you're Naruko, Narumi, Moka, Sophia, Filia, and Tsukuno? I'm your classmate Saizo Komiya!" He introduced himself as he grabbed Naruto by the cuff of his blazer and lifted him up, "What are three beautiful women like you doing with a guy like this when you go off and have some fun with me?"

Narumi, Sophia, and Filia looked at Saizou with pity, as they knew he made the worse mistake one could ever make against Naruto.

"Uh oh." Naruko thought, discreetly cracking her knuckles as an annoyed look crossed her twin's face and Tsukuno's eyebrow twitched, "This guy stepped in it now."

Moka glared at Saizou, "After what you just said in our class, I rather spend time with Naruto-san!"

Saizou snarled and was about to say something when a loud crack was heard and instead he roared with pain.

"Do watch who you put your hands on, you fucking scum!" Naruto snarled after breaking the offending wrist and landing a devastating Saizou in the face and landing gracefully on the ground.

''AAHHHH! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!'' Saizou cried in pain as he fell to his knees holding his broken wrist and face, "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?!"

Naruto shrugged, "Who knows, 'cause I'm not even sure myself."

Siazou then got up and lunged at Naruto. Naruto rolled his eyes and delivered some Sweet Chin Music (superkick) to his face augmented by fire chakra, sending Saizou flying into a wall while giving him a look of amusement. Waling up to Saizou, Naruto turned on his Rinnegan, put this hand in Saizou's face, and whispered, "Shinra Tensei."

The shockwave of the jutsu sent Saizou through the wall and out of the school grounds.

''Pick carefully on who you try to fuck with, or you might die next time!'' Naruto warned him, turning off his Rinnegan, motioning to the girls to follow him with students who witnessed the incident talk among themselves.

''Woah, that was scary…''

''What is he?''

''That was so cool!''

"He's so dreamy!"

''Lucky bastard still has those sexy girls with him!''

(Outside Yokai Academy, after school)

"That was so amazing what you did back there!" Tsukuno squealed, "How did you do that?"

"Mmm… Trade secret." Naruto said, winking at her, "But you'll find out soon enough."

There was a loud rumble, and everyone turned to Moka, who blushed furiously.

Naruto laughed lightly and offered up his neck, "Thirsty?"

Not wasting a second, Moka pounced on Naruto, wrapped her arms around him, and sunk her fangs into his neck. Pleasure shot through her as she drunk the life-sustaining substance that sated and spoiled her.

Not one to be outdone, Sophia leapt forward and bit the other side of Naruto's neck, also starting to drink.

"What am I, a blood bank?" Naruto wondered as Moka's eyes widened when she saw Sophia and withdrew.

"You're a vampire too?" she asked as Sophie drew back and licked her lips.

"Yep! That isn't a problem, is it?" Sophia asked sweetly, but was taken aback as Moka hugged her.

"Sister!" she squealed, "I never thought I'd visit another vampire outside my clan!"

Sophia laughed nervously, "Fist time for everything I guess."

"Does that mean you're vampires too?" Moka asked the other Uzumaki.

"Me, Naruko, and Narumi are part-Vampire, but…part-human too. Sorry."

Moka suddenly looked downtrodden at that, "So you're…Dhampirs?"

Naruto shrugged "Something like that. Not exactly, but something like that."

Moka was confused by the cryptic answer but decided to leave it alone.

"I'm no vampire. I'm just an empowered human with symbiote hair that I control, so I might as well be a yokai." Filia piped up while playing with her hair.

"I'm definitely sticking with this group. They sound exciting." Tsukuno thought, fascinated by their new acquaintances. Considering her own unique talents, she'll fit right in.

"Ne, minna-san, what do you all think of humans?" Moka asked her new friends.

"Where'd this come from?" Tsukuno wondered, suddenly nervous again.

Narumi shrugged, "Depending on what kind of humans they are."

Naruto frowned, "Let me guess. Your time with humans wasn't all sugar and rainbows."

Moka nodded, "Before I came here, I attended a human junior high school and they treated me badly. Though the teachers treated me nicely but the students picked on me all the time. Those years were some of the worst of my life. I felt isolated and everyone thought I was different."

Filia shook her head, "Don't let a school full of kids represent how all humans are."

"She's right." Naruko said, "Like Naru-nii said, we're part human ourselves, but it was because we are Uzumaki that we were hated in our old school for being better than their so-called prized Uchiha student."

Moka nodded her head in understanding, "That's how evil humans can be."

"It's just our old school, their politics, and the arrogant people that run it that are evil." Naruto said, "Humans have the potential to do good, so you can't hate all types. You just have to be careful of the ones who fear what they don't understand, because they tend to do some stupid shit. They see the world in black and white, good and evil, normal and abnormal. It's sad and pathetic really…"

"I see…" Moka said hesitantly.

"Um guys. There's something that I have to tell you." Tsukuno suddenly spoke up, all eyes in the group now turned to her.

"Nan da (What is it), Tsukuno?" Sophia asked.

"Moka-san. You don't like humans due to how they treated you at your old school, am I right?"

Moka nodded, prompting Tsukuno to continue.

"Like Naruko-san said, don't let those foolish kids represent what all humans think, because I'm not like them. Now it's your chance to make friends with one who don't mind who you really are."

"Tsukuno-san." Moka stuttered, "Are you-"

"Yes, I'm a human, a full human." Tsukuno revealed, shocking Moka, making her step back, with Tsukuno held on to her wrist, "However, I'm one of those humans who willingly wants to coexist with you monsters, especially you Moka-san. Besides, I'm like Filia. I'm no ordinary human."


Noticing the confused looks on their faces, Tsukuno turned towards a tree and held her hand out. The tree shook a bit before it was suddenly uprooted and now floating in the air. Smirking at the amazed looks on the other's faces, she made a fist, and the tree compacted with bark and leaves shooting all over. The debris stopped in front of Tsukuno, shielding her new friends from harm.

"Is that Telekinesis?" Naruko muttered, "Sugoi."

"Impressive. Most impressive." Naruto said, clapping.

"Thank you." Tsukuno smiled as she bowed with her hands on her skirts like a ballerina, and then held out her hand to the others, "Friends?"

Naruto nodded and put his hand on top of Tsukuno's.

"Friends." he nodded, as Tsukuno's made a good impression on him.

"Friends." Naruko agreed, putting her hand in, with Narumi, Sophia, and Filia following suit, "Moka-chan?"

Moka just looked into Tsukuno's eye for a moment, smiled, and put her hand in, "Friends, Naruto-kun… Naruko-chan… Narumi-chan… Sophia-chan… Filia-chan… Tsukuno-chan."

"My true friends, like you guys now, call me Tsuki." Tsukuno said, smiling.

"I have something to tell you guys too." Moka said, "Something…interesting…"

"What is it?" Tsukuno asked, now called Tsuki.

"It's about this rosary I wear." Moka explained, "It seals my true power and keeps my real self at bay. Once this get taken off, I'll turn into the real thing: a scary, terrifying, evil vampire."

Tsuki raised an eyebrow while Naruko smirked, "Oh, scary."

"Interesting." Naruto thought, "So the rosario seals off her true power. Looks like she's not your average girl next door."

"She's definitely exaggerating about the evil part…" the rest of the girls thought as Moka giggled.


The dorm buildings were tall for a reason. The rooms were practically small two-story apartments with a small kitchen, bed, dresser, bathroom, desk, table, and closet.

While most of the students had one all to themselves unless they accepted a roommate, Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, and Filia shared the same room on the top floor, which is home to the gateway Naruko and Narumi tested out to much success. After cleaning up, they read the book on monsters Mikogami gave them and read them in one sitting well through midnight.

When they finished, Naruko and Narumi started making out, while Sophia pounced on Naruto, straddling him as she started to slowly undress. Filia, who still in a prudish state, politely excused herself to check on Tsuki and her brother to make sure they're still alive.

Good thing that Naruto remember to put a Sound Barrier Seal on the room, because the sounds coming from within would be enough to give anyone a mean nosebleed.

(The next day)

Naruto slept in for a bit and ended up being late to school, not that he cares. As he walked towards the campus, Saizo came out of nowhere, grabbed his tie, and slammed into a nearby wall, making cracks in it due to the force.

"Oh, you." Naruto said, unimpressed.

"You bastard… You humiliated me and had lots of fun with those cute hotties yesterday! You're going to pay for that! Shed your human skin so I can tear you apart!"

Naruto yawned and looked bored, "Are you done?"

Saizo growled, punching and breaking the wall next to the blonde's head, "Forgot it! Don't go anywhere near those girls again, and that includes your sisters! If you do then you're a dead man- Wha?"

Naruto started laughing mockingly at the big guy, "I'm sorry, but are you in any position to threaten me? Especially since I fucked up your wrist and face yesterday? Ha! Now you better unhand me, before I embarrass your ass further."

"Raugh! I warned you!"

Saizou punched Naruto in the face, but was shocked to discovered that his head barely moved an inch from the force of the punch. Looking at the poor sap with mock pity in his eye, Naruto grabbed the offending limb and went bone-breaking Tom-Yum-Goong on it, breaking the arm to several places. Saizou howled in pain but was silenced from an Electric Wind Godfist uppercut followed by a high-powered Force Push that sent Saizou flying into the woods and crashing into trees.

Flipping him off, Naruto left as Saizou roared and painfully pointed at Naruto with a monstrous claw, yelling, "This isn't over you little runt!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

(After school)

For once, it was an uneventful day as Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, Filia, Moka, and Tsuki met up at the school gate.

"Have you guys seen Tsukune?" Tsuki asked worryingly.

"Saw him in class earlier. Why?" Filia asked Tsuki, who sighed.

"I'm worried. He's just a normal human, not to mention an annoying wimp of a doormat with no backbone. I think he's possibly trying to find his way out of this realm." Tsuki said, grumbling, "He did bolt after class was dismissed for lunchtime and didn't return since then."

"Not happening for a while." Naruto said, "According to the bus schedule, the bus doesn't come around for another month."

"Does he know that?" Sophia asked, looking in the direction of the bus stop.

"Come on. Let's go find him before he gets himself into trouble." Tsuki said with the others agreeing.

(Bus stop area, few minutes later)

Tsukune was currently running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He just saw the bus schedule on the Jack-o-lantern and was freaking out because he saw that the bus isn't coming back for another month.

"Now what to I do?!" he wailed, "I don't wanna be here! I wanna go home!"

"There he is!"

Tsukune flinched and turned to find Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, Filia, Moka, and Tsuki running towards him.

"Tsukune! What the hell are you doing out here?" Tsuki snapped.

"What does it look like? I'm trying to get out of here!" he said while praying for the bus to come.

"Uh dude, I'm sure you just noticed that the bus doesn't come for another month." Naruto said, jabbing his finger to the schedule posted on the Jack-o-lantern.

A raincloud appeared over Tsukune's head with his future now looking bleak.

"Tsukune-san-" Moka started.

"Don't come near me! I heard you yesterday! I heard you hate humans! I…I… I don't want to befriend monsters either!"

Moka eyes widen as tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Teme!" Tsuki shouted in rage, rushing forward and landing a haymaker right in his face, making him fly back and crash into the wall, "How could you! I can't believe my own brother is one of those people! I never expected this from you!" she raged.

"Damn. Your bro's a real douchebag." Naruto commented, shaking his head.

"What was the purpose of Yokai Academy again?" Sophia wondered aloud sarcastically as Narumi walked up to Tsukune, grabbed his by the blazer, and lifted him up.

"Apologize to Moka-chan, now!" she snarled, slamming him against the wall, unfortunately leaving him dazed and out of it, "Well fuck."

"Nice going, Narumi." Naruto joked as she dropped him, just as a scream pierced the air.

"Finally, I've found you! Perfect!"

Naruto and Tsuki whipped around to find the big guy Saizou holding Moka and Sophia by their arms.

"Moka-chan! Sophia-chan!" Tsuki cried as Moka and Sophia struggled.

"Dude, you're making a big time mistake messing with us." Naruto said slowly, his voice turning cold.

"Shut up!" Saizou snarled, "You're not worthy of having theses two beauties, and I'll prove it after I kick you ass and take them for my own pleasure!" he roared; his skin stretched and muscles grew as he changed into his true form: a seven foot hulking ogre with grey skin, sharp fangs and a long tongue.

"Man, are you ugly~!" Tsuki said while making gagging noises.

"No, not ugly. Just an ugly ass motherfucker who can't take a hint." Naruto said as his eyes turned icy blue with his pupils turning to slits.


At this, Moka started to struggle harder, crying as Sophia started to elbow Saizou in his ribs, causing cracks in them and making him wince. Several nonlethal gunshots then appeared on his form, with him once again roaring in pain.

"Ah~. Guess you want more humiliation. I'll be more than happy to oblige." Naruto said as he quickly pulled out a white and silver belt buckle-like object and equipped it to the front of his waist, with the buckle flashing and attached itself to him by wrapping a belt around his waist with a book-like object hanging from the belt's left side. He then pulled on the buckle, opened up the book-like object, and pulled out a card with a revving sound. Naruto raised the card, showing a picture of an armored being.

"Let's see how you like getting your ass kicked by a bunch of TV heroes idolized by human children. Henshin!"

He flipped it around, and inserted it into the belt, with it announcing, "KAMEN RIDE", and closed it, "DECADE", with multiple holograms appearing around him, and then converging into one and covering him in a black armor as ten cards appeared in the air and insert themselves into his head, giving his head a barcode-like motif and changing his color scheme from black to black and magenta as his eye plates turned green.

Naruto turned into Kamen Rider Decade.

Saizou blinked at the transformation, "What the hell is that? A Power Ranger?"

Tsuki was shocked, "No way. Naruto-kun's a… Kamen Rider?"

"Naruko! Narumi!" Naruto called out, taking out the Ride Booker and changing it into its Sword Mode, "Let's go!"

"What? Here?!" Naruko shrieked.

"But it's embarrassing!" Narumi whined.

"Oh don't you start! It was your idea to make these after all! Just hurry it up!" Naruto snapped at them as he charged at a dumbfounded Saizou.

"Fine!" Naruko growled as she held her right hand, with the red ring on her index finger starting to glow, as Narumi dug in her pockets.

Naruko shot her right hand out with rings materializing on her fingers: a red ring with the gem in the shape of a heart on her index finger, a white ring with the gem in the shape of a diamond on her middle ring, a black ring with the gem in the shape of a spade on her ring finger, and a yellow ring with the gem in the shape of a club on her pinky finger. The gem on her red ring starting shining, with a red card with a large, stylized R and heart designs appearing in front of her.

"Releasing Restriction 7929, Activating HVSS Dual, Code Red!"

The card shattered in front of her, leaving two bright red orbs, with the force of the release making the wind blow about. She bought her hands to the orbs and grabbed them, the orbs enveloping her clothes and forming into two large, red guns that transformed into scythes. The light on her uniform died down, replacing it with an outfit reminiscent of Little Red Hiding Hood, with a black blouse and a skirt with red trimmings, complete with a red cloak.

"Bankai! Ruby Rose, Double Crescent Rose!"

As for Narumi, she took out a cellphone-like device with a pirate motif and a red key.

"Don't get the wrong idea about this! Onii-chan and onee-chan started this first!" Narumi yelled in embarrassment as she inserted the key into the device, "Gokai Change!"


In a flash of red light, she appeared in a full body red and black outfit with a pirate captain motif, complete with a red helmet and a black visor, with a sword and gun in each hand.

"What-" Saizou started to say before getting slashed in the face by Naruko, forcing him to let go of Moka as he howled in pain. Naruto caught Moka as he slashed at Saizou while Sophia kicked him, wounding him across his chest and making him roar with pain.

Narumi then reared back, "Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu: Ryusousen… Dragon Nest Flash!"

Narumi fired off multiple rapid blows to the ogre, producing cuts all over his body as he staggered back. Filia then came in with her Hairball technique, cutting into his wounds.


"That's the idea, you horny fuck!" Naruko said as Naruto inserted a card into his Decadriver


Several Naruto's in Decade armor suddenly appeared with their Ride Booker's either in Sword Mode or Gun Mode and surrounded Saizou as they inserted their respective cards.



With the real Naruto still holding a stunned Moka, Naruto blasted Saizou with rapid gunshots followed by multiple slashes as the ogre stood his ground, but hurled his breakfast and lunch as blood poured from his wounds.

Tsuki's eyes suddenly dilated, as she sent a massive telekinetic wave at Saizou at the same time that Narumi fired off an overcharged bullet followed by a slash, damaging him further with Sophia landing an ax kick that dazed him. Filia them put the final touches by attacking with her Level 1 Blockbuster: Gregor Samsa, her hair taking on a cockroach-like state as she slammed into the orge, w knocking him over the edge of the nearby cliff.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he cried as he fell.

"That should do it." Naruko said as Naruto and Narumi nodded and canceled their transformations.

"How did you get those?" Tsuki demanded, "I thought Kamen Riders and Super Sentai were only TV Shows, and how did you take on Ruby Rose's form from RWBY, Naruko-chan?"

"As always, trade secret." Naruko replied with a wink.

"Huh. Well, that solves one mystery I suppose." Tsuki shrugged.

"Are you okay, Moka-chan?" Naruto asked, letting go of her.

"I'm fine." Moka nodded as she brushed herself off, who paled along with the others when they saw a huge hand on the edge of the cliff.

"Oh, you gotta be kidding…" Naruko moaned while shaking her head.

Their fears were confirmed as Saizou lifted himself from the cliff and let out a roar at the group.

Unknown to the others, a giant spot appeared on a now reoriented Tsukune's pants.

"Tch. He's persistent, I'll give him that." Sophia said with distaste as she materialized several daggers that floated in midair.

"You won't stop me! Akashiya Moka, Uzumaki Sophia, Uzumaki Filia, Uzumaki Naruko, Uzumaki Narumi, Aono Tsukuno, I want you all! I shall claim you and you little boy toy of a fool Uzumaki won't stop me!" he declared, stomping towards the group with bloodlust in his eyes.

''Don't you dare insult him!" Moka shouted, standing her ground, "He's the most caring and honest guy I've met in this whole Academy! "The rest are nothing but lustful boys and arrogant fuckers!''

Naruto and Filia blinked while Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, and Tsuki's jaws dropped at the surprising shout from the now seemingly innocent Moka. Saizou froze when he heard this. He honestly never ever expected the little sweet innocent Moka to curse and yell like that.

"Wow Moka-chan. Never knew you cared about me that way." Naruto said, smiling at her, making her blush.

"Another harem sister. Joy!" Naruko squealed in her mind.

Saizou's brain then rebooted, and gave Moka an evil lecherous look, "Yeah whatever. Just come to daddy now ya little slut- OW!"

"She passes, just like the rest of us!" Sophia snapped as she retracted her daggers.

"Yeah what she said!" Narumi snapped as she and Narumi prepared to unleash hell with Tsuki gathering kinetic energy, and Filia preparing her Level 3 Blockbuster.

Naruto agreed and was about to prepare a Blaze Style: Rasengan to end him, when he felt a brief pulse of youki that caught his attention. He turned to find the source from Moka's rosary. Remembering Moka's words about what would happened if the rosario is taken off her, curiosity got the better of him as he grabbed the rosario and gave it a slight tug, easily taking it off the chain.

"I do believe the 'true' Moka should have some fun ne?" Naruto said with the rosario in hand.

Moka stared at it, and then at Naruto.

"The rosary… you removed it… Onee-sama…" she whispered before her eyes glazed over.

The whole area was suddenly filled with yokai energy taking the shape of bats. Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, Filia and Tsuki were amazed at the saturation levels of the unleashed youki. It was enough to turn the sky deep crimson and the moon blood red as bats wrapped around Moka's figure.

"No way! This power! She's a…S-Class Vampire!" Sophia thought in shock, rmember the legends from her parents before her unfortunate awakening as an unvampire, "I never thought I'd meet one. They're supposedly really rare…"

When the bats dispersed, Moka's appearence changed. Her hair turned a shining silver, her nails and fangs lengthened, her breasts grew to F cup, and her butt fill out that her skirt barely covered it, making her hips more pronounced and her butt plump yet firmer. When she opened her eyes, they were blood red with her pupils now slits. She no longer had the air of innocence, but an air of aristocracy, elegance, and a devil-may-care attitude. Unfortunately, she had clear arrogance and pride in her eyes, but a bit of softness there. Despite that, this was the same Akashiya Moka, just a badass.

Overall in Naruto's mind, he had just one thing to say.

"H.O.T.! Can somebody say jackpot?!"

"No way!" Saizou stammered, "This is just like the rumors say… Those red eyes, the silver hair, and the huge demonic aura! So she's an S-Class Monster, a true, super vampire?!"

Moka smirked as she flipped her hair back and turned to Naruto.

"So, you're the one who freed me from the rosario and awakened me from my slumber, huh?" she asked, her voice now regal, sultrier, and seductive, with a smirk appearing on her face.

Naruto just smirked back and waved the rosario back and forth, "Guilty as charged."

"I see...'' she said, turning her gaze toward the now sweating Saizou, who was shaking in fear,

"What's wrong with my body? It's couldn't be… I'm trembling just from looking at her!"

Waiting for the ogre to make a move, Moka stretched out a bit before starting to bounce on her feet, her much bigger breasts bouncing along with her.

Saizou then steeled himself, shaking his head, "No way! Go for it! Who care's if she's super vampire?!"

Tired of waiting for her opponent, she yawned, "What's the matter Orge-san? I thought you wanted to take me by force. Well come on big boy. Come and claim me if you can, weakling." she taunted.

"D-DAMN YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU MINE YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!" Saizou roared, charging with claw forward as if to grope her.

Moka's eyes twitched in annoyance at his words, "You really think you can win with that mentality? KNOW YOUR PLACE YOU FILTH!"


Moka delivered a bone crushing roundhouse snap kick to Saizou's face, sending him flying.

"Man, that girl's got a really good leg." Naruko praised as she and the other watched as Saizou sailed in the sky before coming back down to Earth, and crashed into a hill.

"Oh, ow!" Filia winced at the impact.

"Oh my God!" Narumi laughed, "That guy got fucked up!"

When the dust cleared, Saizou laid there, his tongue hanging out and a dazed look on his face. "Hai. I'll be aware of it from now on…" he moaned, before succumbing to unconscious,

"Somebody read him a bedtime story. He is out." Naruto said, nudging him in the air as a boxing match-style bell sounded off, and a bat appearing above the group's head.

"This chapter's showdown took around five minutes! Whee!" he said, flying off.

"Who was that?" Filia thought as she looked around for the bat, but found nothing.

"Aw, he'll live? That's bullshit." Narumi grumbled, as Tsuki fired a telekinetic blast above Saizou, semi-burying him in a rockslide.

Naruto shrugged as Moka walked over to him, swaying her hips as she went.

"So, you're the real Moka eh?" he said, "I believe we haven't been properly introduced. I'm-"

"Naruto-san, right?" she cut him off with a smirk.

"Keh, right in one." Naruto said, as Moka leaned forward and suck his blood for a few seconds before pulling back.

"You're an interesting person Naruto-kun." she said with a smile, "I could tell from inside the rosary that you were holding back our own true power, and I can't wait for the day you unleash it. Your blood is delicious and I look forward to seeing you again. Until then…"

Moka leaned forward again, this time giving Naruto a lustful kiss, making his eyes widen; Tsuki and Filia blushed, and Naruko and Narumi sigh in embarrassment.

"Must. Not. Kill. S-Class. Vampire. Bitch!" Sophia thought, her hand twitching as Moka pulled back, looked at Sophia, and winking at her, infuriating her as Moka turned her attention back towards Naruto.

"Something to remember me by." Moka said, pulling back with the rosario in hand, "For now, please take care of my little imouto, the 'Outer' Moka."

Naruto nodded as Moka placed her rosario back on. Her powers receded, returning the sky and surround to normal. She physically turned back into the bubblegum pink-haired Moka that Naruto and the girls met as she fell into Naruto's arms, unconscious.

"Well, that was eventful." Tsuki said, looking over to where Saizou is, still knocked out, "What do we do with him?"

"Ah, leave him." Naruko said, "What about your brother?"

Tsuki shrugged, "Might as well take him with us. I really don't want to explain to our parents and cousin how Tsukune managed to get himself killed on the first day at a new school."

She went over to Tsukune, picked up his leg, and dragged him.

"You really gonna do him like that?" Naruto asked, carrying Moka bridal style.

"He insulted Moka-chan, remember?" she deadpanned flatly.

"Oh yeah." Naruto said as he and the girls trekked back to the direction of the dorms.

Unnoticed by any of them, a busty blue-haired girl was watching them, her eyes on Naruto.

"Those girls around him…could pose a problem for the search of by Destined One."


Next time – Chapter 03: Succubus and um... a Succubus

-Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Sophia, Filia, and their new friends Moka and Tsuki deal with a certain succubus.

?: You've been a very naughty little succubus~


Shundo - Instant Movement ability from Negima.

The Force - Star Wars…nuff said.

Naruto said the "Oh, you" line exactly like Black Widow did in The Avengers movie.

Tom-Yum-Goong is the alternate title of The Protector movie with Tony Jaa.

The Electric Wind Godfist is the signature move Kazuya Mishima uses in Tekken.

Naruto used the same kind of Force Push Starkiller uses in The Force Unleashed video games.

Naruto used the Decadriver to become Kamen Rider Decade.

Naruko donned Ruby Rose's outfit and weapon(s) from RWBY.

Narumi used the Transformation Cellphone Mobilate and the Gokai Red Key to transform into a female version of Gokai Red. In Power Rangers terms, she used the Legendary Morpher and Super Megaforce Red Key. (Ugh, man… Gokaiger Super Megaforce)

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu: Ryusousen (Dragon Nest Flash) is a technique used by Kenshin Himura/Battosai in Rurouni Kenshin.

Attack Ride: Illusion - Creates multiple images of KR Decade.

Attack Ride: Blast - Grants KR Decade's Ride Booker Gun Mode rapid fire capabilities.

Attack Ride Slash - Materializes phantom blades that allow the Ride Booker Sword Mode multiple hits.

Tsuki's massive telekinesis attack is similar to Alice's from the Resident Evil movies.

Gregor Filia's original name is Gregor Samson, which is a Level 1 Blockbuster special attack in the Skullgirls video game.

"Man, that girl's got a really good leg." and "Oh my god, that guy got fucked up!" "Aw, he'll live? That's bullshit." are references and lines used in Roosterteeth's Red vs. Blue series.

"Somebody read him a bedtime story." is a line Ice Cube's character used in the Lottery Ticket movie after uppercutting a poor sap.

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