AN: This is my first fanfiction. and i decided i try and make an oringal Silent Hill fanfiction with an i hope is oringal story line, and newly created monsters. (im going to try and make them myself.) Please enjoy, rate,review and ya know~

It was a cold, rainy day, the clouds were dark like a thunder storm but no thunder, no lighting. Just the sound of the blowing winds, and a loud crashing noise, from the fierce wind causing a tree branch to snap off and hit and break the window of a local home. This caused a 14 year old girl, well almost 15 now to sit up from the floor in the living room of the home. She looked around confused, her long dark brown hair, almost looked black due to it being greasy. She stood up, her brown eyes looking around the living room. She walked around the room, checking to see if anything worked. The tv,lamp, lightswitch, practically everything electrical seemed broken. She examined a laptop with a cracked screen, despite knowing she probally wouldnt see anything considering the broken screen. If the laptop even turned on.

Hesitently she pushed the power butten on the laptop and jumped back out of shock from the loud 'EEEEERENNNNT' noise that came from the speakers. The noise went on for a few more minutes , when it stopped she finally recovered from the minature heart attack she had. She moved her finger along the touch pad the laptop battery was dying and she didnt see a charger anywhere, she blinked, seeing that the word pad on the computer had been opened. She clicked it and there was a note there, she could only read bits and peices.


Mom and dad...Car Accident...gone to Get a ri...has soo...has you ge...note.

- Rodrick -2/14/09.

She blinked at the note, knowing it was from her brother and that her mom and dad had been on thier way back from a 'perfect' secand honeymoon to a resort town. She couldnt remember the name to it. Her parents didnt really even tell her and her brother thier plans, for some reason. Her brother just woke her up one day and showed her a note from her parents saying they had gone to a resort town and would be back on the 14th. That had to be just this morning hadnt it? She remembered reading the note and falling back asleep. Thats all she could remember. The note had the name of the resort town on it and a brochure (sp?). It had to be somewhere around the house, She moved her way though a messy pile of clothes, dishes, and other things "Someone needs to clean up. But i dont have time for that now." She muttered, going to the door that led to her dining room, turning the knob and scrowled "What the...the locks broke on the door, I cant get it open." she muttered.

She tried various doors on the first floor of the house, most of them didnt open. The only ones that did where the doors to the Bathroom, the door to get to the stairs that led to the secand floor and the attic, and the front door. She was annoyed at this but made her way up the stairs, going to check the doors there, figuring the most likely place the note and brochure would be in her room or her brothers. She went to the door at the end of the hall, Her brothers room. she went to open the door but pulled her hand away, examining the large padlock on the door "Heh...he always did like his privacy. especially when he gos out of the house by himself." she muttered, she always did have the habit of talking to herself. Atleast when no one was around and when she was sure no one would hear her. She grabbed the large padlock and yanked on it trying to see if it wasnt completely locked, it didnt budge. She scrowled "great...i have no idea what the passcode is. Maybe he wrote it down somewhere...?"

She check the other doors, the door to her parents room was busted and so was the door to the upstairs bathroom. She checked the door to her room, lucky enough it opened. She blinked at the mess around the room "I really need to clean up sometime..." she kicked some clothes and other things from infront of her. She examied the room throughly, her electronics, even her new laptop didnt work. She picked up a old DS lite from her desk, turning it on. Its light was red, she looked for the charger but she couldnt find it. The recent game in there was acopy of 'Pokemon Black' but she didnt have time to play it. She switched the DS off and stuck it in her back pocket. She looked farther into the room and saw her A branch, in the middle of the broken glass. 'must of been what made that noise' She thought. She went and grabbed it just in case there was someone else in the house.

She walked out of her room, and gulped, her eyes falling on the stairs that led to the attic, she always hated it. Not just that attic, any attic and basements. They just creeped her out, made her feel like that if she got to close too a dark corner in the the attic that something would reach out and pull her into another world. Another demesion. Where her screams for help wouldnt be heard. She shook her head has if it would rid her fear, she slowly but surelt made her way up the steps of the attic. She stopped at the door and put her ear to it has if she could hear if anyone was in there. She jumped back and tumbled down the stairs when she heard a scream, an inhuman scream. she groaned has she was slowly envolped in a world of black.