"seriously i had to go and shop with natalie swan and i didn't tell her that we were vampires if she found out that she'll know the facts." said jason.

"the last time you said you'd never meet her and now we know why but don't be doing to much fun around her or she'll know." says rosalie

natalie's pvos

"mum and dad i didn't mean to come home late. it's just that i was shopping with jason cullen." i say sadly

"really on a school night?" mum says furiously

"mum you know that i had to go shopping." i say sharply

"look at her mum and dad do you really not care that much about natalie?"

"no we don't we only care about you and only you. natalie go up to your room we'll discuss this later." dad said angryly.

"this is stupid mum and letting her go up to her room for no reason." i heard bella agrue downstairs with dad and mum and afterwards she came in my room.

"how was your first day of school natalie?" i nodded confusedly.

"it interesting because i came out and then we got to go lunching." i say cheerfully

"you do know that lunching isn't a word right?" she says with curiousity

"i do know that lunching isn't word i made it up." i say funly.