Summary: Harry Potter, ever since the death of Cedric Diggory has been thought dead when he didn't come to Hogwarts for his fifth year. Who knew the last place they would ever find him is on the Island of site B? Who knew the people who would find him were a mathematician, paleo-animal-behaviorist, a documentary guy and a young girl named Kelly? Let's just say, the ministry of magic can be so stupid sometimes. Especially when they find him when he is fifteen.

AU, pre OOTP to pre HBP I might take scenes from Jurassic Park three. I'm catching up with Jurassic Park and Harry Potter when it comes to writing fanfiction. So don't kill me. OOTP is my favorite book and movie.

Again, I may take scenes from the third Jurassic Park so don't come at me with pitchforks or torches.

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Chapter one

They found something…a boy?

Sarah Harding slumped onto a rock in pure exhaustion hissing as she felt electric pain shoot up her spine. They have been walking through the lush foliage for an hour now covering only half a mile. It wasn't surprising, their equipment was destroyed earlier and they are on rations now for water. The group can't walk any faster to the heli-pad on the middle of the island in fear they will lose several more men and women to dehydration and infection. Kelly was a few feet away from her leaning on her father her eyes full of inner pain and exhaustion beyond her years. Kelly's dark skin was slick with sweat and her usually tight bun was slightly loose and a few hairs stuck out on her head. Ian Malcolm looked just as exhausted as his daughter, but instead of inner pain and exhaustion he looked more and more determined to get to the heli-pad and get off this island. His usually dark, curly hair was now flat, straight and wet from sweat and rain. His eyes held haunting flashbacks, flashbacks she wasn't there to experience. A few minutes ticked away and Peter Ludlow was already standing failing to act positive.

"Come on, up! We have to get going," He was making a fool of himself in front of these full grown men and women who looked glad to tear him apart like the Dinosaurs that live on this godforsaken island.

"Come on guys," Nick Van Owen, the man who was supposed to do the documentary said, "Let's get the heck out of here," He then left them behind allowing them to chose. The people of the team exchanged glances and agreed standing up and brushing past Peter who looked positively flustered and he followed his fellow team members. As Sarah walked she felt her vision going incredibly hazy, the pain in her limbs was coming to her full force, she was beginning to wander from the group. She stopped suddenly, dimly realizing that her team has left her behind, probably not realizing she stopped. She wobbled to a mound on the edge of the makeshift path to rest. She laid back and she felt herself blacking out from lack of thirst.

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Sarah felt incredibly heavy and tired and was lying on something strangely comfortable. When her eyes wedged themselves open she was face to face with a boy with emerald eyes and messy black hair staring at her with concern. She was more aware of her surroundings now, they were in what she assumed, was a water truck.

"Are you okay?" He asked warily, his face was riddled with scars from cuts and bruises. He was incredibly skinny and small; she assumed he was around thirteen years old. He had a British accent that was similar to Peter Ludlow's accent.

"Yeah," Sarah replied. The boy handed her a bottle of sealed water, she took it and quickly drank it.

"I figured you would need it you looked pretty worn out. I guess being chased by giant lizards does that to you,"

The boy said rubbing the back of his neck, grinning at her.

"How long were you here?"

"Five and a half months," the boy said sheepishly, "I went on a vacation with my relatives during the holiday, we came here, then just as we were about to leave, I have been marooned, pretty obvious seeing they're my relatives who hate me,"

"Oh," Sarah said, "Why do they hate you?"

"Various reasons," The boy said cryptically, "By the way, I'm Harry, Harry Potter,"

"Sarah," Sarah said she held out her hand to Harry who smiled broadly and accepted the hand.

"How did you survive on this island for five and a half months?" Sarah asked quizzically.

"Luck, I guess," Harry said, "Were you marooned here too?"

"No," Sarah said, "I'm with a team, I think I got lost, they went to the Central Compound,"

"Really?" Harry's eyes widened, "Do you mind if I tag along?"

"Sure," Sarah said, "You are a survivor, you deserve to go home,"

"Thank you," Harry said his smile rather serene, "I want to go home," The two sat in awkward silence in the dark and there was a click and a light illuminated dimly. Harry grinned at her and handed her a can of baked beans.

"How old are you Harry?" Sarah asked trying to strike up a conversation, "You look thirteen,"

"Fifteen," Harry replied, "I know, I'm very thin for my age," She was eating the baked beans, grimacing at the taste.

"Better than nothing," She muttered and she continued eating the beans. Harry tossed her a bar of chocolate,

"Think you're up for it?" He asked. Sarah shook her head wearily, and spotted pieces of cloth wrapped around Harry's leg, she wondered how much stress he put on the leg to drag her to the water truck.

"Harry?" she asked, she noticed with growing horror that the pieces of cloth were terribly bloodstained.

"Yeah?" Harry asked, she noticed that when he moved the leg he grimaced slightly.

"What's wrong with your leg?" She said, Harry moved the leg from her sight further and his eyes narrowed dangerously at her.

"Nothing," Harry said uncomfortably, "Just a scratch, really,"

"Don't lie to me," Sarah said sharply, "Let me see it!" She took Harry's hand and wrenched it from the injured leg. Harry looked rather worried as she took a look at the leg. The pieces of cloth were bloodstained heavily and Harry stared at the leg.

"I'm going to unwrap the leg, Harry, brace yourself,"

Sarah unwrapped the cloth and saw a large gash there it was dried and blood was clumped at the edges of the wound.

"It's healing," Harry clarified.

"It's infected," Sarah corrected, "Come on, let's get you someplace else, the team might be nearby," The two stood up, Harry, again grimaced and he climbed out of the truck.

"I know where I found you," Harry said, "I figure that the team is going in the same direction you were going,"

"They're going to the compound," Sarah said as they started walking. Harry had a brown backpack strapped tightly to his back; he was also carrying Sarah's lucky pack.

"That's not a very good idea," Harry said, "I went to the compound and had an encounter with six foot tall, scythe animals,"

"Velociraptors," Sarah said, "You know what a dinosaur is, right?"

"Yeah, but the names of every dinosaur found are fuzzy, I only know T-rex, and Triceratops," He smiled, "I've been here long enough to familiarize myself with the island, I don't know all of the dinosaurs, but I know the territories to each,"

"That's very smart," Sarah, said, "How close to the center of the island have you been living?"

"Pretty close, not near the compound though, I stayed away from nests with Velociraptor eggs so I figured that surrounding the compound were the nests of the Velociraptor, so I stayed on the inner rim of plant eater territory," Harry said as they managed to get back on the trail walking in the direction of where the team is going.

"What do you have in the pack?" Sarah asked.

"Stuff," Harry said, "I do have T-rex pee, it scares the Velociraptors enough, and it scares the smaller ones too," They walked another half mile for another two hours, until night fell. They continued walking through the island that was becoming rapidly dark.

"I have a flashlight in my backpack," Harry said, "Don't mind the stick and the silvery blanket there's a flashlight in there," She opened the backpack and sure enough she saw a silvery blanket and a intricately carved stick, next to it was a flashlight that was slightly dirty but nevertheless it looked like it still worked. She took it out and handed it to Harry.

"Thanks," Harry said, flicking the flashlight on as they continued to walk through the jungle. Finally, they made it to a clearing where the moon was startlingly full and glowing brightly, providing general light to the two. After another half hour of walking, they saw a camp where the team was. Everyone was fitfully asleep on patches of ground and Sarah ran towards the three still awake men. Harry stayed where he was, and she briefly wondered why he didn't follow her.

"Sarah!" Ian Malcolm flung his arms around her and she did the same, burrowing her face into the crook of his neck.

"Ian! We found you!" Sarah said happily, Ian looked confused.

"We?" He asked, "What's with the we?" Sarah turned to the boy who was still in the spot they stood in when they found the camp.

"Come on Harry, you're just as important as everyone else," Sarah reassured Harry and he cautiously approached the couple.

"Ian, This is Harry, Harry potter, he was stuck on this island for five and a half months when his relatives marooned him on vacation during the summer,"

Ian stared at the boy testily, he looked down at the ground and he sighed.

"We have another back to save," Harry looked up staring at Ian with surprise.

"No, no!" Harry said nervously, "I can take care of myself, thank you, it's just that you can call for help, and I can't I just want to go back home,"

"You're British," Ian said bluntly.

"Yeah, my relatives don't like me, but they're pretty rich," Harry said a nervous grin lit his features, "I know you may not like me, sir, but I want to go back home, I'll stay as far away from the team as possible! I promise!"

Ian looked appalled; he glanced at Sarah who shrugged.

"I like you," Ian said, "A kid like you willing to go through danger if someone doesn't like him, how old are you, anyway?"

"Fifteen," Harry said quickly, "I'm not thirteen if you're thinking,"

Ian swore under his breath and shook his head with disbelief.

"Some relatives," He said.

"Yeah," Harry agreed, "Tell me about it,"

Sarah joined Kelly Curtis in the tent nearby.


Harry looked around the camp and hoped that everyone was asleep. He called for help with the spell periculum several times and it didn't work. No one was coming, either they didn't care, or they were too afraid to help him. He dug a hand through the pack he had and pulled out a slender wooden rod that was his wand. While wondering through the compound, he found a dried out piece of paper. A map of two islands. One that was the island he was on now, Site B, Isla Sorna, and Isla Nublar. Harry didn't understand the meaning of Isla Nublar, but he's going to figure out. He pointed the wand at the piece of paper and muttered and incantation under his breath.

"Lumos," The wand tip lit up and he stared at the contrast of the maps. The Sorna map had a compound and nothing more, but Nublar had several exhibit like pens, a trail and a picture of each dinosaur on the designated areas. A picture of a building called "visitor's center" was there and there was trails on the map leading to a helicopter and a boat. Harry was struck with numb realization.

The map of Isla Nublar was a park. They were thinking of showing these monsters to people. By the looks of the compound and the island it looked like the island failed. What was the reason the team was here? The name of the company was Ingen, and Harry took a glance at some of the equipment the team had and saw a connection between the team and the company. Ingen had to be aware of the failure, why would the team be here? Were they aware of any deaths? Accidents? Injuries? Harry felt another strike of realization; they were here to regain their park. Harry pulled out two journals. One labeled, Dr. Henry Wu notes and or entries, and one labeled Harry Potter: Isla Sorna. He flicked through Henry Wu's journal and was struck by the fiftieth entry before he left it here four years ago.

July 17, 1991

Weather services say that a category five hurricane is hurtling straight for here in two days. They called this hurricane "Clarissa" and it was going to be severe. Other than hurricanes, the last embryo failed. Yet again, and infection is beginning to spread to the other embryos. All of them died except for a handful of Gallimimus and Velociraptor newborns. I need to send a note to the others about disinfection, immediately. Hammond wants me to start on a new batch of Pteranodon. It wont be easy, since it takes more than two days to create an embryo. Four hours past since I was heavily working on the Pteranodon. During the procedure, more infection sprouted for Velociraptor and half of our handful died today. I realize, that I won't be able to complete the Pteranodons on time, so I memo Hammond on the issue. Our handful of newborn Velociraptors all died today and I memo Gordon Johnson to try to sterilize the still uninfected Velociraptor eggs.

I get a response from Hammond, and he says that it's okay to give up the batch of Pteranodon. More infection sprouted today, reports say that the young Brachiosaur are beginning to die because of infection. It's becoming a huge issue now, we're struggling to keep this infection under control. I notice that some of the infection is beginning to affect some of the scientists attempting to control it. They are becoming ill with a slight fever. Despite the fact it's just a fever, all of the people who had the job disinfecting the facilities where the embryos are being made are getting infected themselves. Emma Robertson tells me that she's going to go in depth about the infection. Another few hours pass and I get a memo on my desk saying that the new infection is being called, DX. I was left to ponder on why Emma chose that name.

There might never be a cure for, DX.

Dr. Henry Wu,

Lead embryologist in the embryonics department.

Harry closed the journal, thinking, DX is an infection. Was this the reason why Ingen abandoned the facility, that the compound was rung with DX? Harry shook his head, pulling out a rusty pen and his own yellowed journal scribbling his own entry into the journal. Harry closed his own journal, now aware of the aching in his forehead. Neading his forehead wearily he closed his eyes, colors flashing across his eyes. There was rumble of earth, and Harry's eyes flashed opened and he spun his head around. The very earth under him was rumbling and shaking like there was an earthquake. He stared at a pond nearby, that was shining in the moonlight it shook also, and he froze.

A T-rex wandered into camp sniffing the air loudly. Harry gripped his wand, and he muttered,

"Nox," tapping the journal twice. He stuffed the two journals into the bag and strapped it to his back, his wand in one hand. The T-rex wandered into the tent where Sarah was and Harry held his breath.

No, no, please, no…stay quiet, stay quiet…

Out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the team members wake up, his onyx eyes opening blearily.

Stay quiet, stay quiet, stay quiet…..don't scream, don't scream…

Then he screamed, his eyes wide with terror. Harry stared at the man with horror, the other team members woke up all screaming and scrambling for safety from the T-rex. It tore away from the tent and he saw Sarah and a dark skinned girl around younger than him scramble from the tent that was ruined easily by the t-rex.

"DON'T MOVE!" Ian yelled, it wasn't working, no one was listening to him, "DON'T MOVE!" Harry turned and ran past Ian, Sarah seized his hand and the three were running for safety from the T-rex. Another T-rex followed Sarah's group and Harry was weighed down when he saw the dark skinned girl, fall. Sarah pulled her up and they continued to run. They ran into a cave with the others and Harry flattened himself against the wall, ignoring the pain in his leg. The T-rex's head popped into the cave and attempted to grab it's victims. A long tongue unraveled from the T-rex's mouth and it began to caress Sarah's bloody chest. The breath of the T-rex was horrible, like something rotting and dead. Sarah whimpered, her eyes shut tightly. A scream echoed through the cave and another man was spinning around the flash of an orange snake sliding into his shirt. The T-rex seized the man's arm and pulled him out of the cave. There was a crack and the screams were silenced, blood ran down the waterfall and Harry looked away from the waterfall his stomach convulsing horribly. There was a rush of breathing and water, and a man a few years older than Harry yelled,

"IT'S COMING BACK!" The dark skinned began to scream weakly and Ian Malcolm came into the cave soaking wet and blinking.

"DAD!" the dark skinned girl screamed slamming into Ian. They cautiously walked out of the cave and the girl turned to Harry.

"Who are you?"

"Harry," Harry said holding out his hand to her.

"I'm Kelly, nice to meet you Harry," Kelly accepted the hand smiling at him. The group walked towards another clearing, where stray team members were running into. The grass was eerily long and there were no rustles. The man who was a bit older than him walked next to Harry,

"I'm Nick Van Owen," He said, "You were just tagging along right?"

"Yeah," Harry said, "Sort of, I was stuck on this island for a while before you came, I'm Harry Potter, nice to meet you,"

"You look really young Harry, how old are you?" Nick asked.

"fifteen, my relatives marooned me here, they don't like me,"

Harry said.

"Oh, that's too bad," Nick said curtly.

"Don't go into the long grass!" An indian looking man yelled at the strays, "Don't go into the long grass!" He threw his pack into the grass running after them.

"You know," Harry said to Kelly, "The guy is right,"

"Why?" Kelly asked, quizically.

"There are raptors in the long grass," Harry said, "I managed to get away from the Raptors, dangerous blighters they are,"

Harry, Kelly, Sarah, Ian, and Nick shuffled into the grass behind the strays of team members. That's when, one by one the team members began to mysteriously disappear. When a raptor attacked nearby, Nick pushed Harry and Kelly to the front and told them to run.

"Wait!" Harry exclaimed to the adults, "What about you?"

"We'll be fine Harry," Sarah said with a smile, "Just go, take care of Kelly,"

Harry turned to the girl next to him who stared at him expectingly.

There was a hiss and more stray team members were dissapearing,

"Let's go," Harry seized Kelly's hand and both of them ran through the grass, Harry chugged harder as he nearly felt the claws of the raptor miss him. Then Harry felt a terrible pain around his ankle and a raptor tugged him down.

"Harry!" Kelly yelled and Harry only told her to go. She nodded fearfully and ran towards the forest. Harry turned to the raptor who's knife like claws dug into his shoulder. It pinned him down a glint of maliciousness in it's eye. Harry pointed his wand upwards and whispered,

"Stupefy," The raptor shrieked jumping off of him and running off in the opposite direction. Harry stood up dusting himself off, blood running over his shoulders from the cuts the raptor made. Other than the cuts on his shoulder, he was just badly bruised from trying to throw off the heavy raptor. He stood up and saw Sarah run into him. Her eyes were full of surprise,

"Harry!" She said, "Where's Kelly?"

"She made it, I got attacked," Harry groaned clutching his bleeding shoulders.

"How did you manage to throw off the raptor?" Sarah asked in amazement.

"magic, it's a secret," Harry said grinning wearily at her. They all ran from the grass and slid on something muddy. The group tumbled over and over and landed near a skeleton. Harry heard a crack and flashes of pain shot through his leg. He let out a scream in pain clutching his leg.

"Harry! What's the matter?" Sarah asked by his side. Harry was panting heavily clutching the leg.

"It's broken!" Harry gasped, "I broke it, when I tumbled!" A hand wound around his arm and pulled him to his feet, Kelly was holding his arm worry in her eyes.

"Thanks," Harry gasped, Sarah also helped him and they dragged Harry to a long piece of bone. Kelly tore off Harry's tee shirt and Sarah gave him her vest.

They tore the shirt to long strips and they wrapped it around his broken leg tightly, making a splint.

"I'm going to go ahead," Nick said and he trodded towards the Compound which was a village of some sort.

"Let's go," Sarah said, she and Kelly helped Harry up and they limped through the jungle to the village. They made it to the Village and Nick was no where to be seen. The silence was disturbing so Harry pulled out his wand, no reason not to use it. Suddenly a weight forced Harry down to his stomach and Sarah was pinned down by a Velociraptor, she slid from under her pack and backed away from the raptor. It then turned to Harry and he pointed his wand at the raptor.

"I really thought you were smarter than that," He muttered, "Stupefy!" The raptor fell over and shrieked running away from Harry, Kelly and Sarah helped him up and the moment that happened two other raptors sprinted towards the three younger people.

"Stupefy!" Harry yelled waving his wand wildly at the raptors. Kelly and Sarah gave him questioning looks,

"I'll explain later, alright!" Harry said, "For now, we have to get somewhere safe, they won't be deterred for long," They dragged Harry towards a shed and he leaned against the wall holding himself. The two raptors came back slamming at the door. Kelly and Sarah began kicking at the opposite ends of the shed. It wasn't knocked down and the raptors were beginning to dig under the door to get to them. Sarah and Kelly began digging and Harry forced himself off the wall to join them.

"No," Kelly said, "You're hurt you need to stay there,"

"Kelly," Harry said, "My leg is hurt not my hands," he began digging with them, not paying attention to the raptors behind them attempting to get to them. After a few minutes of digging deep enough, Sarah and Kelly stood and Harry clutched a part of the wall to haul himself to his feet.

"Alright, Kelly go," Sarah said, "You too Harry,"

"But what about you?" Kelly asked when she was about to help Harry.

"I'm right behind you," Sarah reassured, Kelly screamed as a raptor burst from the hole that was there. Harry stumbled backwards dragging Kelly with him.

"Come on," Sarah said she forced Harry to lean on her, and they climbed up the walls of the shed to the beams that were there. Harry sat on a beam his legs dangling. The raptor was hissing angrily at Sarah and they merely smiled down at the angry dinosaur. Ian came into the shed a few minutes later, and Sarah and Kelly were screaming,

"Watch out!" Ian turned around and backed away from the raptor that seemed satisfied with it's prey. Ian climbed up the walls and the raptor jumped after him, he finally made it to the top of the shed, standing on the beams. The raptor jumped also and managed to get on the beams also.

"Hey you!" The raptor turned it's head and Kelly jumped onto a pipe, she swung from the and began to routinely swing on the pipe. With a final swing she managed to knock it down into a pile of splintery wood. She jumped down from the beams and Harry followed after her, carefully climbing down from the beam he was sitting on. When he jumped back on the ground, he paled and winced hissing in pain.

"It takes a lot to have a broken leg and run from dinosaurs," Harry hissed angrily. Harry leaned onto Ian and the three looked up at Sarah who was still up there, the other raptor was looking for the hole and the three, Harry, Kelly, and Ian ran out of the shed and they saw Nick and helicopters. Nick was leading the three towards the helicopters and Nick yelled,

"How's Harry?!"

"He's fine! Just a broken leg!"

"Where's Sarah?!"

"She's coming, right about, now!" Ian said and sure enough Sarah burst from a window and crashed into Nick.

"Come on! Come on!" Nick yelled and they went up the stairs to the helicopter. One of the helicopter guys helped Harry onto the chopper and they all shuffled in.

"Are there more of you?" The pilot demanded.

"Yes, there may be still more survivors," Ian said. They all shuffled in and the pilot shut the door to the helicopter, then, they took off. Harry sighed wearily and he relaxed against the seat.

"Your wound is still infected," Sarah said, "We need to ge you to a hospital,"

"Thanks," Harry grunted, "for letting me come along and everything to go back home,"

"Don't sweat it," Nick said with a grin, he dropped some bullets on the metal floor, "You're a good kid you know,"

"And maybe Kelly developed a crush," Sarah said to the girl who smiled weakly her face tear stained.

"I did not," She sniffled, Harry knew there was a blush there it was too dark to see.

"Thanks you guys," Harry said.

"Oh my god," Sarah pulled the door to the helicopter open and stared down at the survivors. They were scrambling around with flashlights around a metal entrapment. Harry watched with grim understanding of the scene. He sat back, flicking through the journal he kept for six months. After a few minutes of silence, the air thick with tension, Kelly said,

"So how did you do the sparks and everything?"

"Magic," Harry said, "and I'm not kidding this time, I used something called a wand to cast spells, the spell I used was a stunning one, there's one you can use to kill but it's best if it's not used,"

"Anyhthing else?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, non magical people are called muggles, if you don't get a letter to a magical school then you're not magical. Magic is kept secret from normal people because witches and wizards were cast out of society a long time ago,"

"Well, this magic saved our lives," Ian muttered, "I have no problem with it,"

"Do you mind keeping this a secret? you weren't supposed to know," Harry said sadly, "The ministry of magic are idiots like that,"

"Sure, we'll keep it a huge secret, it'll be easy to forget too," Sarah said with a smile. Harry smiled back,

"I need to get back to London, I already missed a chunk of school," Harry said, "I go to a boarding school,"

"Oh, we'll get you a ticket home, Harry," Sarah said smiling widely, "You're the one who practically saved our lives,"

"I didn't," Harry said, "I just cast a few spells to throw off dinosaurs,"

"Still," Kelly interjected, "We owe you,"

"Thanks," Harry said blushing shyly.

They then flew to the mainland, San Diego california. Where they were away from dinosaur horrors. The horror, wasn't finished just yet.

-end of chapter one-

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