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The Night After The Night Before The Night After

Kurt's nose scrunched once more in tired frustration. There was that noise again! He groaned and pulled himself up into a sitting position on the motel bed and glared at the wall straight ahead of him. The thudding noise quieted a little but just as Kurt was ready to lie back down it started up again – and continued incessantly. Beside him, Blaine was dead to the world, snoozing with his legs still entangled with Kurt's. Can he seriously be sleeping through that racket? Kurt frowned at him, more than a little jealous.

There was a slam, and Kurt swore under his breath as he climbed out of bed and stormed up to the wall with his hand raised to hit it. He was tired. He was exhausted. He had walked all day in the blazing heat, and he had spent his last waking hours shaking and panting beneath Blaine's merciless body – he was in no mood to have his sleep disturbed any longer. Just as he went to hammer out his frustration on the wall, however, a voice from behind stopped him.

'What're you doing?' Blaine mumbled, his eyes barely open and his arm draped over his head lazily.

'I can't sleep.' Kurt sniffed in self-pity. 'The bastard in the next room keeps slamming doors and moving stuff and-'

'-and you're going to help the situation by showing the bastard you're angry? Think what type of people stay in these hotels.'

'Murderers?' Kurt offered dryly, but with a hint of humour.

Blaine smirked. 'And Republicans. Now get that fine naked ass back here. I'm getting cold.' He yawned and rested back on his pillow with his eyes closed. Kurt sighed in defeat and moved to come back to bed – but flashing lights visible through the cheap motel curtains stopped him in his tracks. His blood ran cold. It couldn't be…

He crept over to the window and gently pulled back the drape an inch so he could peek out into the near-empty parking lot. As he feared, the flashing lights belonged to a lone police car. 'Kurt? Don't make me come get you, you'll regret-'

'Shh!' Kurt's voice was small and shaky. 'Oh God, Blaine – Blaine! Get up!'

Blaine sensed the panic in his voice and immediately sat up. 'What is it?'

'The police. Oh god, it's the police. They found us – Blaine, what do we do? They found us!' Kurt began shivering and his eyes welled up so quickly he became practically blinded by tears. 'Th-they've come to arrest us!' If they arrested him, he'd go to jail. His father – oh God! – his father would be no doubt woken by officers at his front door back in Lima. What would his father say when they told him he needed to accompany them to the station due to a crime his underage son – who he thinks is staying over at a friend's house – committed out of state? His heart had been so bad in recent months; perhaps Burt wouldn't be able to say anything as he clutches his chest, falls to the ground and has to be rushed to hospital because hearing what his precious son did brought on a heart attack! Kurt couldn't live with that. No, this couldn't be happening, this couldn't be happening-

Blaine was beside him in seconds and placed a hand over Kurt's stuttering mouth in an attempt to quieten him. 'Shh, Kurt, shut up…'

Even against Blaine's hand, Kurt continued. 'My dad – he's gonna find out, he'll have another attack and I won't be there to-'

'Kurt, shut the fuck up!' Blaine snapped at him, tightening his grip over the other boy's mouth, and his eyes roamed the parking lot for any sign of other cops but it seemed only two officers were there. One shut off the flashing lights of the squad car plunging most of the lot into darkness. 'This isn't right…there's no way they could have known…' Kurt fought against him but he held on. Unlike Kurt, he had been playing this game for years now and was no stranger to close calls. But he had been so careful this time – why were they here? His eyes glanced towards Kurt. Did he screw something up? Was he the reason the police were just a matter of feet from his car? 'Fuck!' Kurt jumped at Blaine's harshness. 'My stuff is in my trunk. All of it.' Kurt stared at him blankly, clearly not fully understanding what he meant by 'stuff'. Blaine watched the cops wander into the motel office and he quickly let go of Kurt and reached for the ice bucket. 'Wait here. I'll be right back.'

'But they'll see you!' Kurt whispered behind his hands. Blaine ignored him, still partly believing this was the slighter boy's fault. He silently opened the door to the walkway connecting all the motel rooms to the office at the end. Walking carefully so as to not draw attention to himself, he made his way towards the ice dispenser by the office door and pressed himself against the cool machine to listen.

'What's this all about?' It was the motel manager who had handed Blaine his room key just a matter of hours ago. He recognised the faint southern accent.

'The body of a young man has been found in Tipton County-'

'Oh yes, I heard the story on the radio. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.'

'Yes, well a car seen driving away from the area has been matched to one found in your parking lot. A possible resident. We'll need to see your log book for all those who checked in today.'

'Jesus! O-of course, officer. Give me a moment.'

Blaine swallowed hard. Fuck. His car was seen. And there he was blaming Kurt for it all. It didn't matter now, though. All that mattered now was that they get out of here. His racing footsteps went unheard as the manager fumbled around his desk for the log book.

'W-well?' Kurt asked as Blaine returned, 'Are they here for…?' The somber expression on Blaine's face told him exactly why they were here. 'Wh-what are we gonna do?'

'We're gonna make a run for it.' Blaine replied shortly as he began stuffing their belongings into each other's bags. 'We're gonna climb out the bathroom window, circle round the motel and get to the car. My car's fast; we'll get away if we make it there.' Kurt's fearful gaze betrayed the fact he didn't like the idea of trying to outrun the law quite too literally but he didn't argue.

One question did occur to him, though. 'Which, uh, which one of us are they after?'

'Does it matter?' Blaine snapped. 'Just hurry up.'

'It matters a lot.' Kurt replied hotly. 'Sure, it wasn't either of us who killed the guy they found but they must have evidence on one of us – otherwise why would they be here?'

Growing even more frustrated, Blaine turned to him with dark eyes burning into Kurt's. 'Right now I think you should remember that in this room there's enough evidence to put us both away, so the sooner we get out the better!'

Kurt, although intimidated, didn't back down. 'It's you, isn't it? They have something on you, don't they?'

Without giving Kurt a chance to brace himself, Blaine had him up against the wall with his hand clenched around the smaller boy's neck. 'Me? I've been doing this for years! Don't you forget I'm the professional here! You're the one who probably messed up and left a fucking blood trail right to us.'

'Well maybe this was one time your 'professionalism' failed you.' Kurt managed to snap back despite lack of air. 'You got sloppy!'

Kurt could see it in Blaine's eyes that he was beyond mad. Never before had he seen such danger in a person's glare and all he knew for sure was if he didn't find a way to defend himself, Blaine was going to kill him and get away on his own. He needed Blaine to help him escape. Most of all he needed something – anything – to get Blaine off him and as Blaine's fingers tightened around his neck he knew he was running out of time. His hand fumbled for something to hit back with but he found nothing. The outer rim of his sight was fading to darkness. Shit…


Both Blaine and Kurt jumped apart at the sudden slamming of their motel door. Kurt hadn't noticed before then that his eyes had filled up with frightened tears so after stumbling back against the dresser he had to wipe his eyes furiously in order to see who it was. There was no doubt in his mind that the dark figure now standing in their motel room was a cop, and his common sense told him now would be a good time to grovel.

Blaine's reaction, though, threw him. 'Who the fuck are you?' He sounded more bewildered than angry now. Kurt's vision cleared and he was shocked to have another young man come into focus. He was tall and slim, with perfectly placed brown hair and an intense stare. Admittedly he was quite attractive but a police officer he was not.

The man's sharp critical gaze studied Kurt and Blaine so confidently it almost felt as if they were the ones who had just trespassed, not the other way around. For a long moment nothing else was said. Then, the young man smirked. 'I don't think we need to use that type of language, do we?' It was then he casually lifted up an inky black handgun. Kurt gasped and immediately fumbled back. Blaine, too, backed away but his glare did not let up. The young man's gaze flickered from their disheveled, tousled hair to the messy sheets on the bed and his face lit up in amusement. 'Seems I've intruded on some kind of private liaison. I'm guessing it was you two I heard going at it like rabbits an hour ago. What's the matter, brown eyes?' He stalked up to Blaine, taking in his half naked frame approvingly before jerking his thumb towards Kurt. 'Did he win you in a raffle or something?'

Kurt's cheeks burned, feeling embarrassed and insulted but he kept his mouth shut with the gun precariously aiming at his naval. Blaine, however, seemed to have a little more nerve. 'You know, cops don't react well to citizens holding loaded firearms so why don't we put that thing away, huh?'

The man grinned, eating up Blaine's appearance greedily. The gun was thrust into Blaine's side roughly but other than twitching briefly he showed no signs of pain. 'What's your name?'

Kurt noticed his 'roommate' hesitated before finally answering firmly. 'Blaine.'

'You can call me Sebastian. Well, Blaine, I fear I have a confession.' The man – Sebastian - at last stepped away but kept his gaze locked on him. 'You see, I've been a bad, bad boy. I took a life. And now I gotta get out of here before the kind representatives of the police force try to take me in. And to do that I'm gonna need your help.'

Blaine's eyes widened and he stole a glance at Kurt, who had subconsciously pressed himself behind the dresser. 'You're…a murderer?'

Sebastian laughed. 'If we're being technical, I guess you could say that. You could also so say that if you both valued your lives you would do as I say.' He suddenly turned stern and refocused his aim with the gun. 'You guys came here in a car, right? The cops already checked out mine so I know I can't use it so we're all-' He tore his eyes away to look at Kurt too, 'going to get in yours and leave this crummy place far behind.'

Beyond shocked, the Lima born boy brought his hand up to his mouth. He couldn't be sure if he had understood the situation perfectly but if what this stranger and Blaine had told him were all true, Sebastian must be… No, that can't be right; the likelihood of that being the case was astronomical. Nevertheless, it was the only conclusion he could draw; Sebastian was the elusive third Tipton County killer, the young man spotted by witnesses leaving the scene of the crime, otherwise known as Jordan Hills, where another young man had been found slaughtered.

From the bewildered stare coming from Blaine, it was obvious he understood as well. Only, he did not seem as shaken by the revelation. 'And what if we don't go along with this plan of yours?' he asked darkly. Kurt could see that he hated not being in control and Kurt willed him not to do something stupid. For both their sakes.

Sebastian's eyes lit up again and he leaned in close to Blaine to murmur 'I'd hate to see a handsome guy like you get hurt but I seriously have no problem with putting a bullet through each of your heads. Do we have an understanding?' Blaine had nothing to say, and he hated it. 'Good boy. Might I suggest we adjourn to the bathroom? I'm sure there's a window in there perfect for a quick getaway.'

'Ah!' Kurt gasped, feeling the tip of the gun thrust into his back for the third time. He fell forward into a patch of mud and was punished with a small kick in his side.

'Get up, ladyboy. You hold me up any longer I'll snap your neck in half.' Sebastian snarled above him.

Just a little further ahead, Blaine turned round and came back to help Kurt stand up again. 'You know what tends to make people slow? Putting a gun to their back and kicking them when they're down.' He muttered, holding Kurt up against the back of one of the cabins. It had to be cabin 2 or 3 as they were almost at the end of the row before the office. The plan to circle around the motel was a popular one, only now Blaine and Kurt were not in charge. They could hear the officers and motel manager's footsteps as they headed down the walkway at the front. They listened intently. Timing had to be perfect if the plan was going to work.

At last, Sebastian motioned for them to continue. 'Get going! As soon as they go into my room we run for the car. Either of you stray, I shoot.'

Kurt whimpered as they trudged on. Unbeknownst to Blaine, when they climbed out the bathroom window earlier the intruder deliberately struck his ankle with the butt of his gun and now even walking was excruciating. He doubted he could run across the parking lot to the car in time. It was probably the man's intentions. Blaine was clearly being favoured, which was perhaps fortunate in one sense as before being the first to jump from the window Blaine had requested some of their belongings be passed out to him. Sebastian had seemed confused and disgruntled by the request but had allowed Kurt to grab a few things – namely Blaine's bloodied clothing and Kurt's camping knife, which he hid in a bundle out of Sebastian's sight – and pass them out to Blaine. Kurt had seen him dispose of the bundle amongst the thicket. Part of him wished he had washed the knife free from evidence beforehand so he could have kept it but he knew it was too big of a risk now. Besides, thankfully the favoured Blaine had considered the strong possibility police would search through their belongings too, therefore damning them both to a manhunt similar to Sebastian's. Kurt had been too focused on being shot to be so considerate. Finally they arrived at the end of the cabins and the edge of the parking lot.

'The manager is pissing about with the keys.' Blaine murmured, looking around the corner. 'He's got it. He's opening the door. They've went in – they're in, now!'


Kurt yelped as Sebastian shoved him aside and went after Blaine who had taken off running for his car. 'W-wait!' Kurt cried out, and tried to catch up. Each time he put weight on his injured ankle a jolt of intense pain shot through his body. He wanted to scream – to call for help – but he knew he had to make it to the car. If he was caught now he would be questioned. Why was he here? Why was he so far from home? Why had he lied about being elsewhere and why had his recent credit card statements showed that he had purchased a train ticket from Lima to a dinky station in Tipton County? And when Karofsky, his own murder victim, is reported missing – what then? Would it make a difference whether they found the body or not? It wouldn't take a genius to connect the dots, or much of an interrogation of his high school classmates to realise the motive. He needed to get to that car!

Blaine reached his car first and, after opening the driver's door, he turned back. The gun-wielding stranger was right behind him reaching for the front passenger door. Kurt, though, was still struggling over the tarmac and his eyes pleaded Blaine not to leave without him.

'Let's go, Blaine, now!' The stranger snapped behind him as he brandished his gun. 'Get in and let's go! Forget him!'

'I…' The police had heard the commotion and were exiting the motel room. One officer spotted Kurt and pointed in his direction. Blaine's gaze hardened. He pushed the key into the ignition and set off towards the parking lot exit. Kurt shouted for him. 'I can't.' He tore the car off its route, made a U-turn and stopped at Kurt's feet. Kurt lunged into the backseat in a flash and Blaine rocketed out onto the open road with the back door still open.

'Jesus, will you stop your fucking crying, ladyboy?' Sebastian snarled back at Kurt. Kurt pressed his lips together but couldn't stop the pained moans leaving his throat.

'His name is Kurt,' Blaine growled through gritted teeth, his hands choking the steering wheel and his eyes staring straight ahead.

Sebastian's frown deepened and he turned in the front passenger seat to mockingly say 'Oh, I'm sorry. Kurt, will you stop your fucking obnoxious girly crying because it's giving my short tempered head a migraine.' With that he threw himself back and stared out the front window. They had been driving for nearly thirty minutes by this point. Blaine had admittedly done an expert job at losing the police by taking multiple roads, doubling back and going well over the speed limit. Currently, though, he was driving carefully at an appropriate speed so as to lessen their chances of being pulled over. After all, he had just as much to lose from being stopped by police as Sebastian did. And it seemed Sebastian was catching on to that fact. 'So...I never did hear your story.' He drawled out slowly. 'Two fags out for a romantic romp in a one star motel - classy.'

'There's no story, it was just a hook up.' Blaine replied in monotone. Behind him, Kurt sniffed. Blaine ignored it.

Sebastian glanced back to the boy in the backseat before turning his attention back to Blaine. 'Every stud has their off day, I suppose.' He sighed, 'but then why go back for him? Don't worry, Blaine, I'm not mad at you anymore for wasting valuable time picking him up but I am curious to know why he-' He jerked his head back towards Kurt, 'was so eager to come and why you risked me killing you by going back. Sounds like there's more going on here than a simple 'hook up', Blainers.'

Blaine's lip twitched but whether it was due to the question or the nickname, Kurt could not tell. No one spoke after that. They drove along deserted highways before coming off and turning onto a lonely dark country road. Kurt wondered where exactly they were going and guessed that Blaine would be thinking the same, however neither of them asked and Sebastian didn't direct. It seemed they were still just trying to 'get away'. Finally, though, Sebastian gave an order. 'Stop here.'

'I – What?' Blaine had been broken out of a daze, it seemed, and his eyes darted towards their captive.

Sebastian leaned over and tapped Blaine's shoulder gently with the barrel of the gun. 'I said,' he licked his lips as Blaine watched. 'Stop…here.' Clenching his jaw tight, Blaine obediently pulled off the road and into a dirt path lane. The key turned and the engine cut out. Kurt bit his bottom lip anxiously, beyond glad that Blaine was the one in front looking so composed. 'Right, open the door. Get out. Hands up so I can see them.' Sebastian ordered. Blaine muttered something under his breath darkly as he climbed out the car. Sebastian then turned his attention to Kurt. 'And now you. Up and out, and stand next to him.'

Kurt nodded. Sebastian too got out the car at the same time, and nudged Kurt towards Blaine with the gun. 'What, so you're going to kill us now?' Blaine asked incredulously, as if it suddenly dawned on him what might be going on.

Sebastian laughed and leaned on the roof of the car so he could leer at him. 'No, not yet anyway. Here,' He tossed something in the air and Blaine instinctively caught it. Kurt's heart thudded heavily when he saw it was a role of thick grey tape. 'Blaine, would you kindly do the honors of taping Kurt's hands together? Not that I see him as much of a threat but I'd feel more comfortable knowing he was subdued.' Both Blaine and Kurt blanched. 'Tape him all the way up to the elbow, if you don't mind.'

'Th-that's ridiculous!' Kurt immediately shook his head, pulling his arms back in defence. He looked to Blaine for support but became even more alarmed to see the older boy turn to him with a dark determination in his eyes. His wrist was grabbed and yanked forward. Kurt tried to fight him off but Blaine's hold was steel. 'What are you doing?' He hissed in frightened anger.

Blaine glared down at him. 'Don't look at me like that,' he muttered in response so quiet only Kurt could hear. 'Remember, you were nothing more than a fuck to me. I just changed my mind about killing you. This doesn't mean we're anything other than mutual hostages at this point.'

A flash of unexpected hurt graced Kurt's face, and he swallowed hard as tape was pulled out and wrapped around his wrists. 'Then why did you come back for me at the motel? You and I both know that was a risk but you didn't leave me.'

Blaine let out a humourless laugh and glanced around the dark lane. 'Jesus, Kurt, that wasn't because-' He leaned down, pretending he was getting a better look at Kurt's arms, which were now half taped up. 'If the cops got you, you'd confess. You're weak and I couldn't risk you telling them about me. Truth is, if he does put a bullet in your head he might be doing me a favour.'

Tears were brimming in Kurt's eyes and as the last of his forearms were strapped together he choked back a sob knowing he couldn't wipe them away properly. Since Sebastian had burst into their motel room, Kurt had automatically seen Blaine as a partner, a companion who would be looking out for him as he was for Blaine. He now felt foolish; sex and a mutual understanding of each other's crimes was hardly the basis for trust and support. Blaine had planned to kill him before, after all, and had almost done when he nearly strangled the life from him. Kurt might have saw them as two against one, but Blaine saw him as just a loose end he couldn't let fall into the wrong hands. Sebastian had been watching them intently, unable to hear what they were saying but thoroughly enjoying the tears of betrayal in Kurt's eyes. Clearing his throat, he then said 'Tape up his legs too.'

Blaine growled in frustration and for some reason looked like this was all becoming a bit much now. Kurt, though, knew that he could not rely on his curly haired 'acquaintance' anymore and turned to argue for himself. 'No! No, no, absolutely not!' He snapped with some hysteria flecking into his voice. 'I'm unarmed, okay? I can't move my arms, that's enough. What if…what if I needed the bathroom? You expect me to pee in the back of the car in my pants?'

Blaine then turned as well, looking disgusted with the thought. 'Whoa, hold on, I'm not having anyone piss in my car nor am I helping anyone. Let him keep his legs, alright? I fucking refuse to drive my car smelling piss.'

Sebastian frowned. Finally he rolled his eyes and nodded. 'Fine. If there's doubt that Kurtikins can't hold it in, we'll leave it at the arms.' If it weren't for Blaine's earlier words, Kurt might have fooled himself into thinking Blaine convinced Sebastian to leave the rest of him alone for Kurt's sake. But the foul glances the taller boy was giving shooed such ideas away.

Just like before, Kurt was on his own. Only now he had no weapon. No power. No idea.

By morning, Kurt's wide and panicked eyes were bloodshot and straining to remain open. The sun was rising in a yellowy hue with clear blue skies promising another warm day. This time yesterday, Kurt realised, he had been cleaning the last of Karofsky's blood from his hands with the water from a rusted farmhouse pump. Then he had set off on his hitchhiking trip back towards Lima. How far was he from home now? He hadn't been paying attention. In a few days his alibi of staying with a friend for a few days would expire and his dad would start calling around looking for him. What would he do when he didn't turn up? What would he think when Kurt didn't answer his cell phone which Sebastian lifted in their motel room? Would Sebastian answer? Kurt felt sick at the thought. He knew he needed sleep but anything could happen at any moment, he knew, and he didn't want to be anything less than alert.

Sebastian's gun was still lazily aimed at Blaine's side. Judging from the slow blinking, Sebastian was growing weary too. At last, he yawned. 'Okay, Casanova, pull over. We gotta sleep.'

Blaine didn't take his eyes off the road as he turned in and shut off the engine. 'And how exactly do you propose we do that?' He asked rudely.

Sebastian leaned towards him and gave a wide grin, his gun motioning for Blaine to get out the car. Kurt was less-than-gently yanked from the backseat and found himself on the cool grey tarmac of the road. He winced, feeling a bruise-worthy pain in his thigh, and wished he was able to wipe off the dust particles which now stuck to the side of his face. Blaine pulled him up and dragged him to the back of the car. 'Open the trunk.' Sebastian ordered. Blaine complied. With the sun ahead of them, there wasn't as much light in the trunk as Sebastian would have liked. Taking the car keys from Blaine's hand, he poked Kurt with the butt of his gun. 'Okay, jailbait, get in.' Kurt stared back at him in shock. Was he seriously telling him to- 'You hear me, or do I need to clean out your ears?' To emphasise his words, Sebastian cocked his gun.

'For God's sake, just get the fuck in, Kurt.' Blaine growled, leaning down and pushing the contents of the trunk towards the back in order to make room. Kurt felt his throat hitch again but be bravely (and awkwardly) toppled himself inside. Blaine rolled him towards the back too, already aware what Sebastian's next order would be. 'Let me guess...me too?'

'You're a sharp one, babe,' Sebastian grinned, making sure to 'help' by pushing Blaine's ass when Blaine was already half-way in. He winked at Blaine's fuming expression as he slammed the lid down.

Kurt shrunk into the depths of the enclosed space, his bound arms limiting his movements. Blaine snapped at him from somewhere in the darkness to his left to shifting about, and Kurt swallowed back a retort. Kurt wouldn't be able to protect himself at all if Blaine decided to take his anger out on him again. It wasn't like Sebastian would step in, either. Kurt carefully turned away from Blaine's body and listened. The car started up again but only for a minute. It felt like the car was being driven further into the country lane, which made sense if Sebastian wanted to hide the car from anyone driving on the main road. After the engine cut out again, everything went silent. And it remained silent for a very, very long time.

When the lid of the trunk burst open again, Kurt was jolted out of his sleep. From the look of the sky above it was perhaps early evening. At some point during the day he had felt the car start up and it seemed like Sebastian had driven them a fair distance over the last few hours. Now, it seemed, their kidnapper was tired of being alone.

'Blaine, get back behind the wheel.' Sebastian tossed Blaine the keys and to catch them the dark haired boy almost dropped Kurt, whom he was pulling out. Kurt gasped in pain as his head make sharp contact with the bumper. Blaine mumbled a half-hearted apology, glaring at the reappearance of the gun in Sebastian's hand. The smirking boy considered Kurt after kicking him out onto the ground. 'I was going to leave you in there...oh well, you're out now. And I guess it saves time when we have a pit stop. Just don't piss yourself before we get to the next gas station.'

As it turned out the next gas station was almost thirty minutes away. By the time Blaine pulled onto the empty forecourt the sun was setting in the west and a cool wind had picked up. With Kurt still wrapped up tight in the backseat, Sebastian coaxed Blaine into joining him inside the store to pay for their gas and to buy foodstuff for their journey. As Kurt expected, neither of them tried anything with the clerk on duty, who barely glanced up from her magazine. Upon their return, Sebastian allowed Blaine to go to the restroom.

'Go on,' Sebastian motioned. Blaine looked at Kurt, uncertain. 'You aren't going together. Kurt can go after you get back. I'll take care of the tape.' Blaine gave a unconvincing 'whatever' and disappeared into the restroom. Kurt watched Sebastian with the uneasy feeling there was more to his words than simply being careful, and his suspicions were correct when the tall boy stalked to the trunk of the car and lifted the lid. Kurt listened as he rummaged around. Clanking noises mixed with the sound of a long zipper - like a duffel bag - caused Kurt to wish he had taken more notice of the trunk's contents earlier. What exactly was he looking for? What had he found?

Blaine leaned back against the drivers door watching Kurt stumble across towards the restroom. The boy's wrists and forearms were reddish purple in shade, no doubt numb or in agony after the manner of which Sebastian ripped the tape off. Even Blaine had to wince at the sight - it was a wonder Kurt's skin stayed on! Perhaps Blaine shouldn't have wound him up so tightly the night before. He had been angry.

Sebastian was whistling sweetly, rounding the car to stop in front of Blaine's folded arms. 'What's say...' He hummed, taking Blaine's chin in his fingers, 'we leave junior behind, hmm? Either take him out into the forest and leave him for the wolves, or just drive off now.'

Blaine's gaze flickered to his for a moment. 'No.' He then pushed himself off the car and picked up the gas pump nozzle, thrusting it back into the car. The tank was full but he wanted a distraction from Sebastian's searching eyes.


'No.' Blaine repeated. 'You know I can't agree to that. I'm not you.'

To Blaine's surprise and deep concern, he heard laughter escaping Sebastian's lips. He willed himself to be still as the heat of the other boy's body creeped onto his own. 'You and I…' Sebastian murmured near Blaine's ear. His hand gently rested on Blaine's hip.

'You and I what?' Blaine did not take his eyes off the still payment meter.

'We're cut from the same cloth.' Sebastian finished. He watched Blaine's expression and was clearly irritated by the lack of reaction. So he brought his voice down to a whisper which ghosted Blaine's ear lobe. 'I found your things in your trunk.'

Blaine's finger slipped on the gas nozzle and he almost dropped it altogether. 'What?'

Sebastian smirked, much happier with this. 'The rope. The knives. The blood. It's your car, I gotta assume they belong to you. I'd have a tough time believing they were twinky-toes, but you? Can't say I'm surprised.'

Blaine turned his head to stare into Sebastian's excited eyes. 'So this makes us comrades, is that it?'

Sebastian licked his lips and stepped in closer, pressing the other man into the car. 'I don't hear you denying it. When it comes to killers, it really does take one to know one. I recognise the scene; my car's trunk is almost identical.' Blaine steeled his glare, but the tall boy was in no way deterred. 'That's why I think you and I could get along. Forget this kid tag-along, let's just waste him and go it alone. You said he was a hook up. So let him stay that way. Why let him slow us down?'

Blaine stared incredulously, not believing how quickly this bird could change it's tune. The gun was still too far within Sebastian's easy reach for this to be a complete stale-mate offer, but it was an offer nonetheless. 'So,' He started slowly, 'You want to 'take care' of Kurt and stick together?' Sebastian's eyes lit up. 'Sorry, but I work alone. Kurt might not be as innocent as you think he is but he also isn't my issue, and I have my own reasons for keeping that 'kid tag-along' alive. You can force me at gun point to drive but don't think for a second I have any loyalties with anyone.'

Sebastian's eyes hardened. That was not the answer he had been hoping for. Of course, they both knew he was still in control, but with his cards recklessly placed on the table and downright rejected by Blaine, there was an element of power lost which angered him. And this little comment of Kurt not being as innocent as he thought sent Sebastian's brain into a frenzy. What could Blaine mean? Surely not that- A little cough from behind him made Sebastian aware of Kurt's presence. From the worried-yet-oblivious stare, Kurt had not heard what they were talk about. Both Sebastian and Blaine were glad for that.


'Shut up.'

'Stop kicking me,' Kurt whined, unable to see the older boy in the trunk's darkness. His shin throbbed after a recent hit and there was only one person to blame. 'Blaine, stop moving about so much - what are you doing?'

'What do you think I'm doing?' Blaine replied, his voice sounding oddly heavy.

Kurt turned to face him. 'I have no idea - growing another set of limbs by any chance?' He felt a little braver answering back with his arms unbound and what felt like a crowbar lying at his other side. At last, Blaine's legs tensed but stopped moving. At first, Kurt was relieved. However, after a few seconds he began hearing some concerning wet sounds. 'B-Blaine are you-?'

'Shhh,' Blaine groaned, his hand stroking himself faster. 'Just...just shut up for five minutes.'

Kurt pulled a disgusted face and tried pushing the jerking off man further away. He couldn't believe after the last forty eight hours they've had that Blaine felt it necessary to knock one out. In his trunk. With Kurt right beside him. 'Stop it! Geez!'

Blaine pulled back his elbow and knocked it firmly into Kurt's unsuspecting stomach, drawing the smaller boy into a world of pain without air. 'Fuck-! You push me again, Kurt, I'll shove my dick so far down your throat you're last meal will be my come, understand me?' Kurt coughed in response and quickly turned away, cradling the crowbar against his stomach. He might have thrown up if he had been given more than half a sandwich to eat back at the gas station. His eyes welled up with tears which he cried in shaken silence until the pain has more or less passed. He listened to the slick sounds of Blaine's hand jerking rapidly over his cock and his escalading panting as he neared his climax. God, what if he made a huge mess? Kurt hoped nothing got on him, which was strange considering he practically rolled around in Blaine's release just the other night and had greedily swallowed every drop he could suck from that sweet slit on his head. Oh, how times had changed. Kurt squeezed his eyes shut when he noticed Blaine's breath hitch and a low, animal-like groan broke free from the other boy's throat. The pleasured sigh which followed sounded as sickening as the sticky sound coming from his crotch area. Perhaps Blaine was wiping it off on something? Kurt shifted uncomfortably. 'You know,' Blaine's lazy voice started, 'It would have been nice of you to give me a hand. Doing this solo gets the job done but-'

'I can't believe you just... Ugh, right beside me too.' Kurt grimaced. To think in any other situation the sound of Blaine's pleasured moans would have sent his own sexual drive into overload, but not now. Not this situation. 'And I doubt our old friend Sebastian is going to be happy you messed yourself.'

'I liked your mouth a whole lot better when it was blowing me.' Blaine muttered, turning himself round onto his stomach. Kurt could heard his voice rumbling right in his ear, causing him to shiver. 'Don't forget: you don't get any special treatment from me. You are a fuck I'm forced to be in the constant company of. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm in a much better position than you - present location excluded. Sebastian wants me around. He likes me. That's why I feel comfortable enough jacking off. You?' A short chuckle mocked Kurt's existence. 'You should just be happy I haven't taken up Sebastian's offer. In a way...you owe me your life.'

Kurt twisted his head around to him, his eyes wide despite his vision remaining black. 'What are you talking about?' He sharply whispered. 'What offer?'

'The offer to kill you together, dump your ass somewhere remote and celebrate our lack of excess baggage with a fuckfest under the glorious light of the moon,' Blaine replied dryly, sarcasm mixed within his tone so Kurt was struck in uncertainty. No, Blaine definitely meant what he said. Sebastian wanted him dead, to have Blaine for himself. 'Like I said, I haven't accepted the offer. Yet.' With that, the dark haired boy yawned and nestled his face against Kurt's arm. Kurt was frozen in his restricted spot, his body trapped between Blaine and the back of the backseat of the car. He stifled his sniffs even after Blaine's light snores graced the air; he couldn't risk seeming weak now. Blaine wasn't going to help him, that much was clear, and Sebastian saw him as some form of cockblock. All it would take would be for Blaine to grow tired of having him around - something Kurt had stupidly disregarded until now - or for Sebastian to get angry and shoot him in the heat of the moment. Both were eventualities, Kurt knew. Eventually one of them would happen. Unless Kurt did something. He needed to get away; to get out of their grip or...find a way to kill them himself.

Now there was a thought. Kurt wept silently as his fingers enclosed around the crowbar beside him and he slipped it into the leg of his pants.

The following morning came with an enlightened perspective for Kurt. It was obvious; forget being caught by the police - that didn't matter now that he was so far from the crime scene and evidence - he needed to get away from Blaine and Sebastian. The hours of lying awake shaking from the cold metal of the car and downright fear for his life changed everything. Before, when Kurt still held on to some sort of hope that he and Blaine would gain the upper hand and drive off into the sunset with no ties to their crimes, Kurt was willing to not make a hassle of his position. Obviously trying to attract police attention still wasn't an option as if Blaine was caught then surely he would condemn Kurt to prison with the sharing of the boy's secret. He killed David Karofsky, and Blaine knew where, when, why and how. No, Kurt could not go to the police. His getaway had to be clean and simple. Perhaps he could hitchhike again if he got the opportunity? The crowbar pressing into his hip might help disable the other two older men long enough for Kurt to make his escape.

However, by the time the lid opened to the mid-morning sunshine, Kurt's opportunity came from a simple utterance: 'Get out. There's a diner down the road with enough people to notice a couple of guys clambering out of the back of a car.' Sebastian was staring down longingly at Blaine, who had stretched out as best he could in the trunk space. His shirt had slipped up exposing a tantalising slither of a tanned and toned stomach. Kurt knew Sebastian's thoughts because they were likely very similar to his own. Why was Blaine so teasing with himself? Was he really trying to keep both other boys on some type of hook?

Kurt didn't have much time to question Blaine's motives as he was shoved unceremoniously into the backseat and after a brief minute's drive he was captivated by the mundane diner sign. From the look of the area it was mainly for truck drivers or lost folk in need of a meal and directions. Sebastian murmured something about having his gun on him to there wasn't to be any 'funny business' from either of them, although Kurt assumed the message was mostly aimed at him. Blaine looked more than relaxed, shouldering the door to the restaurant open and holding it with his foot for Kurt and Sebastian. Sebastian subtly groped his rear as he passed him and Kurt felt sick when he didn't see Blaine react at all. He was fine with it.

At their table, Kurt realised that as empty as his stomach was there was no way he could physically eat with his insides twisting and turning the way they were. In the end, when their server began taking their order and Kurt remained unresponsive, Blaine cheerfully ordered for him. 'He's a little car sick,' Blaine grinned at the waitress. The girl with the 'SOPHIE' nametag still looked concerned but nodded in understanding and promised to bring him a cool glass of water.

'Look at Kurt, getting all the special attention.' Sebastian teased quietly. Kurt stared down at his placemat, trying to ignore everything. 'Do me a favour; wipe that pathetic mopey look off your face. It's going to put me off my breakfast.'

'I feel sick.' Kurt held his stomach and risked looking up at his kidnapper's eyes. 'Let me go to the restroom, please. I'll feel better after, I swear.'

And then Kurt held his breath. Sebastian considered his face carefully as if searching for a hint of a lie. Kurt held his gaze almost pleading for just this little bit of mercy. Finally, Sebastian shrugged. 'It's not like you've anywhere else to go. Be quick, I don't want to have to come get you when the food gets here. I'm not normally so patient.'

Kurt's heart lifted ever so slightly but he tried not to let it show in his sickly face. As he rose from his seat, however, he felt Blaine's hand around his wrist effectively stopping him from leaving. 'Are you sure?' Blaine questioned, looking to the tall boy sitting opposite him.

'You don't think we can trust him?'

'He isn't about to try contacting the police, if that's what you mean.' Blaine pulled Kurt back down onto the seat. 'But I wouldn't say it unlikely he wouldn't try to run.'

Sebastian now looked back at Kurt, tilting his head with a frown. 'You planning on running, Kurtikins?'

Kurt fixed a glare on him. 'Would I run if I wasn't about to hurl, you mean? Yeah, probably. But right now I'd be lucky to jog three feet so gotta be honest you're giving me too much credit.' Sebastian laughed and it seemed like Kurt's half-truth and full on bluffing worked. Sebastian jerked his thumb in the direction of the restrooms and Blaine had to let go of him. Kurt wasted no time in leaving and even added a shaking walk to add to the effect. He walked straight to the men's room and ducked inside. He then counted to ten to steady his racing heart. Okay, he told himself, be quick. One plan had been begging a truck driver to take him wherever they were going but the restroom was completely empty and therefore useless. The second plan was putting to use the thin rectangular windows he had spotted upon entering the building. He raced into the only cubicle and climbed onto the porcelain sink. A few firm pushes and the window above him cracked open and Kurt was able to look out onto the car park. Across the road sat an array of different trucks, some of which contained some snoozing drivers or crossword solvers. Kurt's dad had been a truck driver many years ago and had once told him there was a sort of network around the country. If Kurt could convince even one of those men to take him then he'd be safe. Now it was just a case of getting through this shitty little window...

Kurt's foot slipped more than once on the toilet but he managed to avoid harming himself. Getting his head and shoulders through the rectangular hole seemed to be the most trialing part but he couldn't help but smile when he was finally able to pull his torso out - out into the sun. He balanced on the window edge with just his abdomen to shimmy through before he could expect to tumble out. A few more wriggles and he'd be-

'Shit!' shouted a voice behind him. Before Kurt knew what was going on, he felt a strong pair of hands grasp his flailing ankles and he was yanked back through the window without any time to grab onto the ledge or brace himself for his fall. Hitting his head off something hard - possibly the metal toilet paper holder - Kurt could only feel sharp pain and immense dizziness. Finally he was also able to feel the coldness of the floor and see a very angry Blaine standing over him. 'You little shit,' Blaine was growling at him. 'There's no way in hell you're getting out of this. Stand up!' Without waiting for him to move on his own accord, Blaine hoisted Kurt up onto his feet. Kurt promptly dropped onto the toilet seat, unable to stand. A few more agonising and disorientated seconds later, a freezing wet paper towel was pressed to Kurt's face. There was a sharp burn on the side of his head and Kurt soon discovered that the towel itself was now red with blood. What did he do? Blaine was giving no sympathy, forcing Kurt to hold the wet towel up to his head as he grabbed a few more. 'I knew you'd try- The little liar that you are, almost had me fooled. Fucking idiot, you're ruining everything...' Kurt wanted to ask what he meant but he had lost his voice in all the shock. Another minute passed - although Kurt barely noticed as he just focused on one spot on the floor - during which Blaine managed to halt the blood seeping from his head wound enough for him to finally deem Kurt ready to be dragged out. 'Get up - I'm not kidding around, Kurt - get up or I swear I'll drag you by your hair.' To avoid being shouted at again, Kurt obeyed. He was allowed to use Blaine for balance but otherwise forced to walk on his own. Suddenly he found himself back out in the hustle and bustle of the diner and he was being led back to a frowning Sebastian. It then all came back to Kurt - what he was doing, what had happened, how he had failed - and the boy almost gave way to tears. Almost.

'Remind me never to question your hunches, Blaine.' Sebastian said. He wasn't as angry as Kurt feared but perhaps that was because not even the roaring Incredible Hulk could look angry compared to Blaine at that moment. Wait...why was Blaine so angry with him? 'Trying to get out through the window?' Blaine nodded, and Sebastian tutted. 'Kurt, Kurt, Kurt...and just when I thought I could trust you.'

Kurt managed to muster a shamed glare. SOPHIE then appeared carrying their meals. 'Here you are, honey,' She said as she placed the promised glass of water in front of Kurt. 'I hope you feel better.' The table remained in awkward silence until the girl left. Alone again, the three of them began eating. Hardly a word was uttered until they got back to the car.

'Wait.' Blaine looked up in confusion as Sebastian stopped him from getting in the trunk along with Kurt. They were parked a little while up the road from the diner, tucked behind a giant road sign. As Kurt had expected once they were out of sight he was ordered out of the backseat and the lid of the trunk was opened for him. In all honesty, he had also expected some type of punishment for his escape attempt. A firm beating, a shot to the kneecaps - hell, Kurt honestly thought that he had signed his own death warrant with his diner stunt and had been waiting for someone to kill him. Which is why he was confused when he didn't even get a warning not to do anything like that again.

Now it was Blaine's turn to look confused as Sebastian pushed him back and slammed the lid of the trunk shut with only Kurt inside. 'Walk with me,' Kurt heard the taller boy say, and then the sound of their retreating footsteps followed. Kurt squeezed his eyes shut. This was it: they were going to go decide how they were going to kill him and where they'd dump his body. It was over. That was his punishment. Why was Blaine doing this to him? He hated Sebastian just as much as Kurt did - even more, considering Blaine's venomous glaring that first night - or at least he used to. Something had changed. Otherwise, Blaine would have let Kurt go. It wasn't like he had to worry about him blabbing about Blaine's crimes; he couldn't do that without also purging himself. So what would have been the harm in letting Kurt escape? Blaine must have changed his mind about Sebastian's offer and decided he wanted Kurt taken care of after all. The crowbar at his side felt flimsy and useless in his shaking hands. There's no way he could take them both on - especially when both Sebastian and Blaine were bigger and stronger and armed with a gun.

There really was no way out. Sebastian was going to kill him.

'I think we should let him go.'

Blaine rounded on the taller boy with disbelieving eyes. 'You what?'

Sebastian shrugged, playing with the gun in his hands as if it were just a toy. 'I don't see why not. You said you don't think he'd go to the police, that he just wants to get home, so why not let him...scarper?'

'Okay, so let's just kill him.'

'No,' Blaine moaned, pulling his head into his hands as if fighting off a headache. 'We can't. Not yet.'

'Why not?' Sebastian demanded. Blaine continued pacing back and forth among the weeds, grumbling to himself but not giving any reason. Sebastian steeled his gaze. 'Have you...developed feelings for him?' He asked bitterly.

Blaine head snapped up and shot him a murderous look. 'Give me a break, Sebastian.' He uttered, coldly.

'Call me crazy but that's the only real reason why you'd want to keep him around and not kill him!' The sexy coif of brown hair that usually graced Sebastian's features was pushed out of place in the boy's frustration. 'I'm willing to bet before I broke into your motel room you were fantasizing about where you'd marry and settle down, how many fucking kids you were gonna-'

Blaine advanced on the other man so quickly Sebastian barely had time to grasp his gun. Blaine ignored the weapon aimed precariously at him. 'You. Know. Nothing.' He spat. 'I was going to kill him, okay? Forgive me for wanting to screw his brains out and then take him away to some spot in the middle of nowhere to do it. He knows too much about me, he's a fucking thorn in my fucking side, and yes, I will need to kill him at some point but not yet. Not here. Until we find the perfect spot we need to keep him on lockdown. Okay?' The two young men stared at each other. Neither of them could tell when they both started treating each other like partners - they hadn't come to any proper agreement or anything - but for the first time since their meeting Blaine held most of the control, even if he wasn't holding the gun. Sebastian still did not look convinced. He glanced back towards the car down the road and then back to Blaine. The dark haired boy then demanded 'What is it now?'

'Nothing, it's just...' Sebastian licked his lips, choosing his words carefully. 'I'm all for this change of heart your having and I don't really care if we kill him now or in a few days time, but... I don't see why you need him alive right-'

Before the kidnapper could finish his comment, a pair of smooth warm lips covered his own. Startled by the suddenness of the kiss, he stumbled back and found himself be pushed up against a tree. Blaine's hands were sprawling down his sides, his toned body pressing in firmly grinding their hips together so hard and slow Sebastian released a moan, which turned into a hungry growl when he gripped Blaine tightly for more. 'No more talking,' Blaine was whispering into his mouth. 'No more questions. Deal?'

Sebastian had to remember to open his eyes - which had closed at some point when he had been enjoying his electric-like jolts of pleasure - to reply. He issued a smirk and he tilted his head to the side. 'Deal...if we move this somewhere more...fun.'

It didn't take long for Blaine to figure out where he meant.

Kurt was trying to remember how to pray. His mother would pray incessantly for everything, he recalled. God, as she would say, was her friend who was always available and always willing to listen. Kurt never felt any strong religious connection after she passed and his sharp tongue was no stranger to discrediting any faith which implied there was a superior being. However, with nothing but lonely darkness surrounding him, Kurt was willing to swallow his pride just this once. If there was a God, and if he did have it in him to listen, then Kurt would rather the last conversation he had be with Him and not either of his soon-to-be murderers.

How do you start prayers? Was there a strict way? Did God really care about church-like formalities? Kurt doubted it, so he started his own like he was writing a letter.

'Dear God... I-I'm sorry if you're mad at me. You'd have every reason, if you really are there. I've denied your existence my whole life and now... well, look at the mess I'm in. I'm a killer. I'm a liar. I'm lying in a trunk just waiting to be killed myself and it's all my own fault. I-I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. I don't want to die. Please, if you have any faith left in me...please don't let them...' He swallowed painfully, knowing how pathetic he sounded. 'But if I have to go...if there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening, then please look after dad. He's the greatest man I know a-and he loves you very much. Please look after-'

The slamming of a car door was so unexpected that Kurt broke out of his incessant ramblings just to stare up at the black mass which was the trunk lid. Someone just got in the car. It was only one door he heard close so that probably meant only Sebastian or Blaine got in - where was the other? He could hear lots of shifting around near the front of the vehicle but could not understand what was going on. Muffled voices alerted him to the fact that both of the young men were inside - but why only use one door? Then the car began to rock.

Kurt turned his head towards the front of the car as if the craziness of the situation would grant him the ability to see through the backseat. No... they can't be doing what he thinks they're d-

'Ah, fuck, Blaine!'

Kurt's gasp caught in his throat at hearing Sebastian's loud hissing voice. The sound of steady grunting now became clear, mixing with Sebastian's timely moans and 'Yes!'s. Kurt tried his best to curl into a ball, his hands digging against his ears to try and block out the sounds but they were so loud and clear. The car's rocking got faster and rougher; Kurt found himself roll over against his will but he refused to tear his hands away from his ears despite the fact they were doing nothing to help. 'No-no-no-no-no-no-!' Kurt said aloud, hoping against hope that his own voice, no matter how quiet in comparison, might distract him from the rhythmic thumping and the fierce pleasured cries of the two boys fucking like animals just a couple of feet away. Kurt wasn't sure why he was now sobbing, or why his heart gave way to even fatter tears when the unmistakable sound of Blaine gasping out in ecstasy broke into his head. Blaine did want Sebastian, after all. It now all made sense. Kurt had guessed that Blaine was only putting up with their kidnapper until he could gain the upper hand but each time the car jerked back and forward and the chilling sound of skin slapping against skin seeped into the trunk Kurt was forced to confront the truth. Blaine was right; Kurt really wasn't special.

'Ah-! Yes, oh God, Blaine, fuck-fuck-fuck-!'

A loud, strained groan. 'Harder, ride me harder. Faster! Shit, yeah, like that... Like that, ahh!'

'I-I'm coming-'

'Ride me harder, dammit!'

'I'm trying-! Ah!'

Sebastian let out a breathless, strained cry of pure pleasure as he seemed to achieve a powerful climax. Mere seconds later a ramble of curse words were elicited from Blaine's lips as he too rode out his orgasm. As if to rub salt in Kurt's already salty wounds, they continued their fucking slowly until at last the car fell still again. Kurt could hear them speaking in low seductive tones, laughing quietly between loud wet tongue-filled kisses. It turned Kurt's stomach. Maybe he really was going to be sick. He willed his stomach to be as still as possible and tried not to notice anything else. For the most part he succeeded. With his mind and heart racing, he only took note of when the car's engine roared to life and they took off back on the main road.

Kurt slept for a very long time. With no one else to speak to and no part of his own consciousness he wanted to stir, he had curled himself up next to where the car's rear lights were. They didn't offer Kurt any illumination but they did assure him that this was the furthest he was going to get from his captors. After all, with Blaine jumping ship, Kurt now had two of them instead of one. And no allies. No fellow hostage. He gave up all hope at some point bet drifting to sleep and waking up again. By the time the trunk's lid was lifted, Kurt's red eyes portrayed no emotion and his heart had cut itself off from his mind so he even allowed himself to utter a 'thank you' when Sebastian told him he was allowed to go to the restroom at their next pit stop. The incessant smirk on Sebastian's satisfied face did not shift even for a second even when Kurt accidentally fell into him when climbing out the car. The tall boy simply pushed him back and pointed towards the gas station restroom. Kurt was not followed in for the simple reason that Blaine had checked no one was around and that there were no windows Kurt could try escaping from. He needn't have bothered, though. Kurt had no fighting spirit in him.

After ten minutes of alone time in the restroom, Kurt at last splashed some cold water on his face and left. Sebastian tossed him a lukewarm chicken wrap he had bought from the station, halfway through eating his own. Blaine was messing about with the radio in the front seat when Kurt let himself in the back. Blaine turned his head to face him. 'We'll be on the road again for a while. Don't you want to stretch your legs?' Kurt shook his head, eyes staring blankly into the headrest in front of him. Blaine frowned. 'Kurt, close your door please.' It was that final word which spurred Kurt to obey. He reached out and closed his door. Blaine's eyes were on Sebastian - who was studying some of the newspapers for sale by the store - as he discreetly rolled up his window. The car was now in silence apart from the slight crackling of the radio. 'Kurt...listen to me,' Blaine began.

'I really...' Kurt interrupted, his voice broken and dry. 'really don't want to talk right now. Or listen. I'm just tired, can't I just get back in the trunk now? No one's watching...'

Blaine turned in the driver's seat and glared at him. 'Shut up, Kurt, I'm trying to speak to you.' Kurt stared out at the forecourt, emotionless as before. 'I know you know what happened. We fucked. Here. I'm sorry you had to listen.' Kurt let the words wash over him like they were waves. He let them be soothing and meaningless. 'You'll understand. Soon. I did it for a purpose. You have to behave a little longer - the stunt you pulled at the diner almost wrecked everything. You need to be quiet and let me take care of things.'

Kurt half listened. He had expected Blaine to take one of two routes: acting either harsh and cruel to keep Kurt in line out of fear, or using promising phrases trying to trick Kurt into believing he could still in some way trust him. Seems he was taking the latter route. Blaine had said it himself, though, just a couple of days earlier: Kurt was nothing, and Blaine was only going to be looking out for himself. Kurt wondered what had changed for Blaine to suddenly be a little kinder with him. Maybe something backfired. Whatever the reason, though, Kurt was not going to be fooled. Blaine tried to snap him out of his daze by shoving him hard against the door, and both he and Kurt were surprised when Kurt's hand flew out of no where and slapped Blaine across the face - just in time for Sebastian to see. The tall boy approached the car and leered down through the window. 'Something wrong?'

'No,' Blaine responded, Kurt's handprint forming on his cheek. Both Sebastian and Kurt stared at him with wide eyes, and Blaine heatedly turned away and started the car again. 'Let's go.' And they did.

Blaine indicated to pull in about a mile down the road from the gas station. It was beginning to be a routine of stopping a mile or so from pit stops or stores to kick Kurt in and out of the trunk. Kurt unbuckled his seat belt and prepared to say goodbye to his sight for another few hours, but Sebastian ordered Blaine to continue driving. Blaine turned to look at his passenger with a questioning look, but Sebastian just smiled and reached back to buckle Kurt in again.

Even in his startled yet otherwise emotionless state, Kurt knew he'd soon be facing fear again very soon.

'I don't get it.' Blaine was muttering as he pulled into a ditch under Sebastian's instruction. 'Why are we stopping here and not anywhere else in the last forty minutes? He's only getting out the backseat and getting in the trunk: what's the point of-?'

'Kurt is staying in the backseat,' Sebastian stated simply. He turned around to smile at Kurt. 'Is that okay with you, Kurt?' Kurt stared at him trying to keep all emotion from his face. It was black outside now. Night had fallen sharply within the last hour, and the moon was no where in sight. The only light source was the neon green and red coming from the dashboard and it lit up half of Sebastian's smirking face like a creepy sideshow spectacle. Kurt gulped taking the simple comfort that chances were no one would notice the bobbing of his adams apple. 'Thought so. Blaine, come with me.' Sebastian threw open his door and stalked to the trunk. Blaine tossed a confusing look back at Kurt - What was going on behind Blaine's eyes? - before joining his partner outside.

'What is it?'

'I think we need to baby-proof the trunk.'


Sebastian lowered his voice but Kurt could still make out the words even as he continued staring forward out at the dark road ahead. 'Do you want to dispose of the baby tonight?'

'I told you,' Blaine hissed back just as quietly, 'Not yet. Soon, but not tonight.'

Sebastian hummed. 'Then we need to make sure he can't get out. I'm tired of sleeping in a car, we need to make our next stop a motel. That means leaving him in here overnight. Hours worth of opportunities he could take if we haven't checked for possible exits.' Blaine sighed deeply, but from the padding sounds coming from behind Kurt the younger boy had to assume Blaine agreed.

'I don't see anywhere he could escape from.'

'Get in.'


'C'mon, Blaine, I'm cold. Do this quick. Get in and check the back. Make sure there's no lever that opens to the backseat.'

'This is ridiculous...' Blaine muttered, but the car dipped back just a little and Kurt could hear Blaine move around and his hand batted blindly against the back of the Kurt's seat. 'Nope. Nothing. Trust me, if he's in here there's no way of him getting-'

SLAM! Kurt jumped and twisted in his seat. Sebastian stood alone by the trunk lid, which was now firmly closed. 'Hey!' Blaine shouted from inside the trunk. Kurt stared at where the voice was coming from, shocked and confused as to what was going on. 'Fuck, Sebastian, open up!' Blaine kicked at the lid but it remained locked. 'Sebastian!'

'Sorry, Blaine, but there's something I have to do first.' Kurt's body went icy cold immediately when Sebastian's smirk and half-lidded gaze lifted and faced him through the back window. Pulling his handgun out of his coat's inside pocket, the kidnapper rounded the car until he reached Kurt's door. 'C'mon, ladyboy. C'mon out. Let's make this quick, hmm?'

Kurt shook in terror. He couldn't believe this was happening. Not even in his worst thoughts did he imagine it happening like this. Slippery tears formed and fell from his eyes at an alarming speed, soaking his already sweat-covered hands in the process. Sebastian opened the door and cocked his gun, motioning for Kurt to move. 'Sebastian!' Blaine yelled again. 'Let me out! Kurt!'

Growing tired of waiting, Sebastian leaned forward and grabbed Kurt by his shirt and dragged him out of the car, tossing him to the ground. 'I'm sorry, Blaine, but I can't help but think you'll continue to put this off. Maybe you just don't want to see it happen to someone so young, but then, that's what I'm here for.' Sebastian grinned and took a fistful of Kurt's hair. 'I'll do it for you. And I'll do it somewhere out of the way. This way, Toto.'

Kurt let out a series of panicked cries as he was pulled along the ground towards the thicket and forest. The trees out here were as black as the shadows and almost indecipherable. Kurt's legs pummled against the ground and hands desperately tried to pry the older boy's fingers from his hair, but it was a vice grip. 'N-no, please!' Kurt sobbed, earning himself a merciless blow on the head by the butt of Sebastian's gun. The wound he sustained back at the diner cracked open again and suddenly blood was pouring down one side of his face. 'P-please, I-I won't say anything! I- please, stop-!' His pleads were soon overtaken by uncontrollable heaving and choked wails. He cried so hard his head throbbed in pain and his throat felt as raw as when Blaine's own hands were clamped around them only a matter of days ago. If only Blaine were here now.

Blaine's screams from the car grew fainter and fainter as Sebastian dragged him further into the woodland. By the time Kurt was finally thrown against a fallen tree, not even the thumps of Blaine's kicking against the car lid could be heard. Kurt tried to stand - tried to run, but his legs shook too bad for him to do anything but stumble. The unmistakable sound of a gun cocking made him freeze in fear at last. Sebastian stood with his feet a little apart, his arms raised in a relaxed fashion with the nozzle aimed straight for Kurt's fallen form. 'Head...or heart?' Sebastian made a 'tck-tck-tck'ing sound with his tongue. 'Do you have a preference, Kurt? If it's all the same to you...' Kurt raised his arms uselessly, causing the other boy to laugh. 'Don't worry, either way it'll be quick and painless. Or, at least...' He smirked. 'That's what I'll tell Blaine. Poor guy has felt sorry for you. Trust me, I could tell. But he needed you dead. I know he's mad now, but he'll understand. He's just like me. A murderer. You wouldn't understand.'

Kurt wasn't sure why such a nothing phrase could bother him so much when he was mere seconds from dying. Actually, he knew all very well why it bothered him. The trees. The slight clearing. The darkness, and the still life which seemed to exist only at nighttime: this is exactly like the place he plunged his knife into David's body. How many days ago was that? Three? Four? Was it as much as four? To be honest, with all that had happened since meeting Blaine and Sebastian, it seemed like an eternity ago that he watched his football-playing tormentor bleed to death and those eyes - so drowned in tears - go from gut-wrenching to glassy within moments. What made this murder any different to the one Kurt himself committed? Both he and Karofsky, the victims, would both be considered defenceless. Both did not see the attack coming, at least not immediately for Kurt. Both were scared. Both wished it to stop and for it to be over with. Both wished it would all just...disappear.

Kurt's weeping turned almost silent and he bowed his head. Sebastian gave a small 'Aw.' as he stalked up to stand in front of him. 'I can sort of see what Blaine saw in you now...' He muttered. 'So young and innocent.'

But I'm not. Kurt argued in his head. He wasn't innocent. He was guilty. Like Sebastian was about to do, Kurt murdered someone. He took a life which wasn't his to take. But -Fuck it! - he had his reasons! His guilt draining away quickly as he felt the nozzle gently push some hair from his forehead. Kurt was not a victim. Not anymore. That was the whole point of him leaving Lima in the first place. And there was no way he was dying now without putting up some type of fight. His hand lightly felt over his side. It was still there...

'Nice knowing you, Kurt. I'll be sure to say goodbye to Blaine for y-' CLANG! 'SHIT!' Sebastian crumpled to the ground, his gun-free hand clutching at his leg where the crowbar had smashed into. Kurt threw himself on top of his wannabe-killer and tried wrestling the firearm from him, but Sebastian growled loudly and put up a fight. Their legs thrashed against each other and the taller boy's fist battered out as hard as it could against any part of Kurt it could reach as the teen forced his elbow into the other's throat. They rolled over once - twice - three times until finally Kurt was on top using the fallen tree trunk to lean on. Sebastian clenched his teeth together tightly, feeling Kurt begin to win in the fight for the gun. His own hand was wet with mud and sweat and he was losing his grip. In a final charge of energy, though, he took hold of Kurt by his hair once again and forced it into the side of the trunk. Kurt's eyes widened but then closed over a little. He dropped to the side, groaning as he held his battered head. Sebastian scurried to his feet and aimed a firm kick into Kurt's side. The younger boy yelped in pain and turned over due to the force. 'Little bitch...' Sebastian panted, venom lacing his tone. 'Fucking little bitch...' With no other desire left in him to waste any more time, he raised his gun and moved his finger to shoot.

A shot rang out throughout the woods. Kurt squeezed his eyes shut and waited for the pain of death to seep over him. However there was no new pain - only that of the injuries from before. It was after realising this that Kurt heard the violent shuffling going on behind him. He forced himself up and turned to see Sebastian lurching back and forth across the dirt with a fury-driven Blaine straddling him tightly. 'B-Blaine?' The dark haired man didn't hear him, too wrapped up in firing his iron fists into the stunned man below. 'Blaine-' Kurt managed to get to his feet and stumbled in their direction. 'Wait-'

Sebastian caught sight of him through his bloodied haze and his shaking hand reached for his fallen gun just inches away. Kurt gasped, but Blaine spotted it too. He grabbed the gun out of Sebastian's reach, turned it round, and then brought the butt of it down on the trapped boy's skull. A loud cracking noise pierced the air, immediately followed by a ripping scream. Kurt had to turn away before his weak stomach made him throw up. He had seen something - either bone, blood or flesh - be jerked away with the gun. He didn't want to know. His tears were back with a vengeance and he lowered himself to the ground and covered his ears, trying to block out the sound of metal meeting bone and mush. Kurt gripped himself tight until Sebastian's screams had died down to mere pitiful moans. Just a minute later and all he could hear was Blaine panting as he continued to batter the gun and his fist into the lifeless young body. 'Blaine...' Kurt choked out. The battering sounds ceased, and the panting became more even, more controlled. He heard Blaine stumbled over behind him but he still jumped when his hands clutched at his shoulders.

'Kurt...' Blaine mumbled, his voice shaking badly but still with more control than Kurt had. 'I-I didn't know he... 'm sorry-'

Kurt shook his head and let his body fall back against him. He cried. And cried. And cried.

It was almost a full half hour before Kurt finally felt able to move. He had asked Blaine to stop him from seeing Sebastian's battered body and smashed head. Blaine agreed without question. Having regained composure faster than the smaller boy, Blaine practically carried him out of the clearing and through the woods. There was one point Kurt remembered Sebastian had taken his cell phone and Blaine left him for about ten seconds to go back and get it. Kurt knew it was ten seconds because counted, desperate not to be alone.

'How did you get out?' Kurt asked shakily as they neared the road.

Blaine gave a humourless laugh and held up his red hands. 'Not all of this blood belongs to Sebastian. Kurt finally saw the rear of the car and understood; a whole panel had been knocked out of place and was hanging precariously from the half-destroyed lid. 'There's no way it's legal to drive it like this. Thankfully Sebastian let me keep my wallet; we'll trade the car in for a new one in the next town.'

'Next town...?' Kurt let himself be tucked into the front passenger seat. 'Where are we?'

'Michigan. I've been circling around this one area for the past day, he didn't notice. If we're still headed back to Lima.' Kurt turned to watch Blaine climb into the passenger seat. That first night they met... It seemed like years ago. Kurt had almost forgotten Blaine promised to take him back home. Blaine caught his gaze and offered a smile. 'What? Just because when I offered to take you all the way to Lima I was planning on killing you, you think I won't follow through on my promise now?'

Kurt smiled a little, but then it faltered. Blaine had saved him, yes, but it didn't seem obvious why. 'You said to Sebastian you were happy to kill me.' He said quietly. 'You told me I was nothing special.'

'Kurt, I said a lot of things.' Blaine sighed.

'You had sex with him.' was Kurt's simple reply.

Blaine looked round at him with a guilty expression. 'I know. It...it was a means to an end.' Kurt continued to stare at him. 'When I admitted to myself that I did give a fuck about you, and that I cared about what he might do, I had to be proactive. He was going to kill you. I was holding him off by telling him it would be too dangerous, too reckless, but after what happened in the diner he wasn't accepting my reasons anymore. He was losing his trust in me, and that was one fatal mistake I couldn't let happen. Guys like him... Sex is key. I convinced him that I wanted him and I'm sorry.' Kurt tried not to let his heart believe Blaine so easily but those big eyes seemed so unguarded and so honest. 'It wasn't meant to go that far. I faked my side of it. I felt disgusted with myself, knowing you were there. Listening.'

'You should have just let me run.' Kurt turned away when he felt his eyes sting as he wanted to cry but there were no tears left.

Blaine's warm fingers forced Kurt to face him again. 'I couldn't.' He said roughly, and Kurt shrunk back a little. 'I-I'm sorry, it's just... I'm selfish! I'm a self-centered, self-confessed sadist who didn't want to trade you for someone like Sebastian. I know I put your life in danger but I couldn't lose you. What if I never found you again?' Blaine unknowingly allowed himself to dip his head so his mouth was just inches from the other boy's. Kurt bit his lip and stayed quiet and still, not trusting himself to speak because he was almost certain he'd just start crying again. Blaine swallowed hard but understood. 'We have a long drive to Lima ahead of us.' He said, pulling back into his own seat. 'That's plenty of time for you to try and forgive me.'

He threw Kurt a small smile before pulling out onto the road. Kurt wrapped his arms tightly around himself in a defensive manner but couldn't help but give a slight smile in return.

'Is Kurt there?'

'Yes, Mr Hummel!' Rachel insisted for the second time, pacing around her room with her landline phone pressed against her ear. 'He's in the shower. We were designing some new Glee club costumes when the glue fell all over him. He's in there right now scrubbing it off.'

'Why hasn't he called? It's been nearly five days-' Five days? Rachel's brows rose in surprise. Burt continued, 'I'm not mad at him, I just expected him to at least check in with me. He hasn't been answering his phone, either.'

'Well, I assure you,' Rachel said with a voice of steel as she eyed her own cell phone lying on her bed. 'I will personally run his ear off for that; that's totally unacceptable. I'm sorry, I didn't know you had tried to call.'

'Just...tell him to call me back. I want to know when he's coming home.' Burt finally sighed. He really didn't sound mad, just tired. And Rachel pitied him for that. 'Thanks for letting me know he's okay, Rachel.'

'No problem, Mr Hummel. Bye!' Rachel finished brightly before turning the house phone off and leaping on her cell. 'Five days, Kurt!' She demanded. She could practically hear the boy wince over the phone. 'What the hell have you been doing for five days - not even calling your dad! And you told him you were with me?'

'No! No, I didn't. I just said I was staying with a friend. It seemed most likely that friend would be you.'

'You better have one hell of a story, Hummel,' Rachel warned. 'Where have you been? Where are you now?'

'Almost home,' Kurt assured her. 'And it's less of where I've been, and more about who I've met...'

Immediately Rachel's anger evaporated into eager interest. 'Why? Who have you met? Tell me!' She heard Kurt laugh, and the sound of a second amused person could be heard speaking to him. 'Who's that? Are you with someone?'

Again, Kurt laughed and told her to calm down. 'I'll tell you everything in person, I promise. Thanks for covering for me, Rachel, I'll come round tomorrow morning as soon as I've stopped my dad having a panic attack.'

Rachel tried to argue for information but her best friend hung up before she could string a sentence together.

Kurt laughed lightly as he slid his cell back in his pocket. Blaine threw him an amused look as he turned off at the sign for Lima. 'Everything smoothed over, baby?'

Kurt nodded. 'You heard her. A future Broadway actress, desperate for any opportunity to put her talents to use. I'll call my dad when we're about ten minutes away and tell him I'm leaving Rachel's house.'

Blaine hummed and they sat in comfortable silence as they listened to the radio. Their hands were clasped firmly between them, fingers intertwining. The late afternoon sun gave the perfect amount of warmth to match the faint breeze coming from their opened windows. It had been a strange journey getting here from the rural area of Michigan they had been driving around, but the last few hours were gloriously peaceful and promising. 'It's a shame,' Blaine said after a while, bringing Kurt's hand up to his mouth. 'If only we had one more night. I feel like we were cheated.'

Kurt thought about it. The last night they had spent together, with the exception of the nights stuck inside the old car, was in the motel which Sebastian interrupted. 'We were.' He said simply. 'I mean, think about it: three very similar murders take place in the one area on the one night. The chances of that are quite unlikely. Then two of the murderers meet on one stretch of road, one needing a ride and one willing to offer one. The odds of that are even rarer, but in our case, not unwelcomed. Then they decide to stop off at one motel hours and hours from the crime scene only to have an ajoining room with the third murderer. The chances of that are-'

'Idiotic.' Blaine finished. 'Ridiculous, unnatural, inconceivable.' He grinned at Kurt. 'Can't make shit like that up, can you?'

Kurt shifted over in his seat and pressed a lingering kiss against Blaine's cheek. 'No, you cannot.' He agreed. 'But then, how else would I have won you?' Blaine chuckled and Kurt knew instantly what he was about to say. 'Don't even start, mister.' Kurt instructed. 'It was I who won you, and I'm not embarrassed about it.'

'You're adorably stupid, you're the most beautiful guy in the world.' Blaine muttered quietly but with complete honesty. 'When do I get to see you again? Are you sure your dad wouldn't notice if you just...ran away with me?'

Kurt laughed, fishing out his cell phone again with the reminder he had to call his dad. 'I think he would. Don't forget, I still need to graduate before I can run off with you. Until then all I can do is pray you don't get bored with just having me on weekends and after school.'

As his lover put his phone up to his ear in preparation for speaking to his dad, Blaine clutched at his hand. 'Baby, I could never be bored with you.'

He let Kurt speak to his dad in peace and he silently considered how all of his plans changed due to one decision he made just a few nights ago. A night he then considered to be a night like any other. Blaine stole a glance at the boy beside him and smirked. Boy, how wrong he had been.

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