Sorry it took so long to update but I was really busy over the last few weeks and I know this was short but I wanted to focus on this part mainly.

It was a very quiet week. There weren't many jobs to do weren't any cases, no post-mortems to perform. It was the day that Ruby was leaving to go back to work, and Julia and Ruby were at the train station.

"It was funny you being here Ruby, it really was." Julia sighed smiling.

"It was good to be here."

"You helped me... a lot!"

"Yes, you never need thank me..."

"Yes I need. Anyway did you say good bye to father didn't you Ruby?"

"Yes I went over yesterday."

"Oh here comes the train." Julia said hugging her younger sister. "You really should visit more often Ruby..."

"I'll try, anyway, goodbye Jules. Oh and one word of advice..."


"Don't lose him again will you?"

"Believe me I don't want to... Goodbye!" Julia said as Ruby got one the train.
Julia decided to walk home instead of getting a carriage. It gave her some thinking space.

The next day Julia was in the morgue and was reading through some past reports. She heard the morgue door go and looked up. William walked in the doorway. "Good morning Julia." He said smiling.

"William, good morning." She said standing up and walking over to him. He kissed her briefly. "Are you all right?" Julia asked smiling.

"Yes, and you?"

"Yes fine."

"Would you like to go to dinner tonight?"

"I would love to. Special occasion?" Julia asked smiling even more.

"No, just thought it would be nice. See you later then seven?"

"Yeah see you later."
William kissed her again and then left. Julia was still smiling, and then returned to her reports. The day went a bit like the last week very slow and quiet. Julia was getting very bored and just wanted to see William later. It was five thirty. It was finally the time she could go. She walked out of the morgue and locked up. She just wanted to get home. She got home at six o'clock. It took her half an hour to get ready it was six forty five and Julia was just about to leave the house when someone knocked on the door. She answered it and saw William.

"William! We were meeting in fifteen minutes weren't we?"

"Yes but I fought I would pick you up."

"Oh thank you. I'll get my coat." Julia said turning to the coat holder.

They went to a little restaurant in the city centre. The evening was really peaceful and quiet but it was calm and loving quiet then William started talking. "Julia?" He said quietly.


"Before you left for Buffalo I was going to ask you something but I was too late..."

"Oh... What was it?" She asked trying to study his emotions.

He reached into his pocket and brought out a sliver case. He opened it to reveal a ruby on a sliver band. "Marry me?" Julia gasped and a broad smile crept across her face.

"Of course! Of course I'll marry you William!"Julia literally shouted. William took her hand and put the ring on her finger. "I love you William."

"I love you too Julia."

Julia couldn't help but smile for the rest of the evening and fiddle with the ring on her finger.


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