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Stiles didn't know where he was running to, he had no destination or any real place to be. He didn't really know why he was running at all.

But regardless of having no rhyme or reason for running like he was, Stiles didn't think he could stop.

Maybe he was trying to escape reality or the new world that has just opened up for him. He's a werewolf now, everything has changed for him in his eyes. The perfect world he thought that he had made for himself seemed to have collapsed in his hands.

Maybe it was fate or sheer coincidence but eventually Stiles found himself at home, the Stilinski home. For some reason as he approached the house he felt like a college kid that was just visiting for the holidays. This house doesn't feel like it belonged to him anymore.

Of course the front door was locked, if Stiles had known he would be coming here he would have brought his keys. Stiles didn't need them though as he accidently pushed a little too hard on the door knob and opened it by accident.

"Oops." Stiles said lowly looking down at the completely broken door in front of him.

Stiles didn't know why he felt as if he needed an invitation to enter his own door but he spent at least five minutes staring at the open door before he finally went in.

"Maybe sleeping in my own bed can perk me up." Stiles suggested to himself aloud stuffing his hands in his pockets and strolled in the room with really no rush.

In an instant a familiar smell of coffee and vanilla hit Stiles' nose. He immediately related the smell to his father (although he couldn't tell you why exactly). That must mean that he's still in the house probably in his room still asleep.

Stiles' heightened sense of smell didn't just stop with his father's scent. Every familiar smell that had always been in the background in his mind, something he never really paid attention to, practically ran up to him and smacked him right in the face.

He could smell his own scent bouncing up the stairs mostly likely to his room. He could smell Jackson's cologne that he always wears, he could even point out Isaac's deodorant despite him having not been here in a while.

Those last two scents calmed him somewhat, Stiles guessed that the smell of pack can make you feel more comfortable in an area.

However, it wasn't their scents that got his full attention. No, it was the scent of rosemary and caramel that made him pick up his feet.

"Mom." Stiles said longingly as he moved into the kitchen.

His mother's cookbook immediately caught his attention. It was on its stand like it always was just waiting to be opened.

Gently, Stiles picked up the cookbook and held it in his arms. He was careful not to hold on to tightly to it as to not accidently crush it.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm a horrible son." Stiles sniffed with a shake of his head wanting nothing more than the earth to just swallow him up.

Stiles' ears perked up as he heard his father's footsteps. He was already on the last stair and was making his way to the kitchen. He was surprised that he didn't hear him when he left his room.

John came into the kitchen not looking the slightest bit surprised to see his son there.

"Hello son." John greeted mildly.

"Hey dad." Stiles grunted setting down his mother's cookbook and taking a seat at the kitchen counter. He stared straight ahead trying not to look in his father's direction.

With a heavy sigh, John sat down next to his son holding his head up with his hands.

"No work today?" Stiles said trying to make normal conversation just knowing that he wasn't acting like his regular energetic self.

"I called in sick today, I have something more important to take care of." John responded.

"Really?" Stiles was astounded by how much sarcasm he could put in just one word.

"Derek called me earlier this morning," John said announced looking over at his son, "He told me everything that happened with that Kale guy."

Stiles winced. He had no idea how his father was going to respond to him being a werewolf. In the back of his mind, he hoped his father would take this well but he wasn't sure. Maybe he would act differently now that his own son had become a werewolf.

"Maybe I should-"

"You're lucky that I can do nothing to you right now because if you were still human I would have smacked you in the back of the head for whatever ridiculous thing you're about to say." John said eyeing his son exasperatedly.

Stiles found himself smiling despite himself. "So violent daddio. Keep it up and you might become a disciplinarian."

John snorted. "Oh please, you remember the last time I tried to spank you when you were seven? You locked me out the house."

"I don't even remember how I got you out the house." Stiles shook his head snickering to himself. "That was one of the first instances of me being sneaky."

John rolled his eyes. "You were born sneaky, your mother used to call you her adorable little snake pie."

At the mention of his mother, Stiles became somber once again.

John gave his son a pitied look. "You know, your mother would be proud of you if she were alive right now."

"Proud of what?" Stiles grumbled.

"Of how amazing you've turned out." John corrected. "Granted she might be upset how much you're like her, but she would be proud nonetheless."

"How am I like her?" Stiles couldn't help but ask. His mother had been an amazing woman that was loved by all and he was just Stiles.

"It's more like how are you not like her?" John told his son with a smirk. "Your attitude, your personality, your looks, even your smile, you got all of that from your mother. I have people tell me every day how much you're steadily starting to look like her."

Stiles blushed because his mother had been an extremely beautiful woman. Even when he had been interested in Lydia he still based beauty on how his mother looked.

"Why would she be upset because how much I'm like her?" Stiles asked, "She was awesome and everybody knew it."

"For the same reason you think your mother wouldn't be proud of you, you're oblivious to your own accomplishments." John said pointedly. "Both of you are so busy thinking about everyone else you never take the time to see what's happening to yourself."

Stiles always thought that constantly broadcasting how smart you were or how talented you were was incredibly arrogant. Sure, sometimes he says obnoxious things but he's always joking when he does it, Stiles has never once thought that he was better than anyone else.

"How you are today would have been a real eye opener for her if she were still alive," John said with a sigh, "she would have wanted to kill you for being so involved with werewolves, wanting to hug you for being so brave, and wanting to strangle herself once she realized that you react to situations the same way she would act."

"Hey now, I didn't get my bravery and stubbornness just from mom," Stiles protested, "who's the guy that works his ass off every day to keep this town safe?"

"Watch your language," John said almost automatically before he gave his son a smile, "and thanks."

Stiles nodded. His dad really shouldn't sell himself short. If it hadn't been for him he probably wouldn't have been able to handle his mother's death like he had.

"Don't ever lose that light, don't ever change yourself." John said making Stiles wince. "I believe those were the last words your mother said to you weren't they?"

"It was her mantra." Stiles said neutrally trying to keep the despair out of his voice.

"Yes it was," John nodded, "and I see that its meaning went completely over your head."

"It's really not that deep dad," Stiles replied with a pout, "she just meant that I should always stay the same person no matter what. I kind of fucked that up with my being a werewolf now and all."

"Completely over your head." John repeated with a shake of his head.

Reaching past his son, John grabbed his late wife's cookbook and opened it.

"When you have children you never want them to grow out of how they acted when they were younger." John stated. "Kids are so carefree and just happy all the time. That's what parents want their kids to be, happy all the time. You were an especially happy kid, you could never stop moving, could never stop joking around, and could never stop smiling. Your mother thought your smile was the greatest thing in the world."

"That's what she meant Stiles," John turned to his son sternly, "she wanted you to always be as happy as you were as a kid. As long as you can still smile like you use to then you are making her happy, werewolf or not."

Was that what she really meant? Stiles didn't know if that was true of not. He would have loved to know if she would have seen him the same way with him being a werewolf now. She had always meant the world to him.

"Are you happy Stiles?" John asked his son.

In an instant the faces of the pack all came to Stiles' mind. The joyous look on Jackson's face when Derek brought him that Rolex; Isaac's happy smiles as they cooked together; Scott and Allison's encouragement when he was trying to get everyone together; Lydia's satisfied smirk once she finished a long night of researching; Erica annoyed but amused face when everyone found out about her teddy bears; Boyd's rare but beautiful smiles whenever he notices that he can talk about his sexuality without fear of being judged; Danny's incredible grins whenever he's successfully able to shoot a target at training; and, despite him being new, Trendz' Derek like smirks.

Being around the pack has made Stiles the happiest he's ever been in his life. He wouldn't trade the moments he's had with the pack for any amount of money or fame in the world. Stiles loves them so much.

Especially Derek, with how much they've been through Stiles couldn't help but love that man with all his heart.

"I'm more than happy dad," Stiles said decidedly turning to his father and giving him bright smile, "more than happy."

"I'm glad," John smiled back at his son before enveloping him in a hug.

"I think I better go." Stiles said hating that he couldn't stay longer but he knew that the pack would be worried about him.

John nodded in understanding. For a brief second he looked down at his late wife's cookbook before handing it to his son.

"You can have it. You can use it as a model, but I want you to promise me that you're going to make your own cookbook, it's what your mother would have wanted." John stated.

Stiles furrowed his brow at his father. "I can't take mom's cookbook from you dad."

"You're not taking anything from me," John denied, "your mother's in my mind and heart, not this book."

"Nice one," Stiles praised before he grinned and took the book from his dad, "and I promise I will."

Giving his father one last small hug, Stiles walked out of the house with his mother's cookbook safely in his arms.

"Has anyone ever told you that listening to other people's conversations is rude?" Stiles asked as he walked past Derek who had been leaning on the wall beside the door.

Stiles had caught his mates scent as soon when he was a few feet away from the door. He felt that he should have recognized Derek's scent, he was his mate after all.

"Given that you were just recently turned it's astounding you were able to recognize my scent at all." Derek grunted getting off the wall and walking beside Stiles.

'Looks like being around you guys before becoming a werewolf gives me an edge." Stiles said with a smirk. "And I love how you ignored my eavesdropping question."

Derek snorted and folded his arms. "I told you that I was going to come after you once a few minutes had gone by. Just be lucky that it was me and not anyone else in the pack, you startled them with your howl in the forest."

Stiles winced. "You guys heard that?"

"How could we not?" Derek looked over at his mate as they walked into the forest to the Hale Mansion. Derek felt that the walk would do them some good and they could talk all of this out this way.

"I didn't mean to do that," Stiles apologized, "it just sort of came out."

"After it set in that you were a werewolf." Derek said bitterly his eyes blank.

Stiles glared at his mate. "Don't do that, don't make this into more than it is. You know why I was upset, it had nothing to do with being a werewolf specifically. I was upset because of the promise to my mother and you know it."

Derek breathed through his nose and nodded.

Stiles stared down at his mother's cookbook longingly. "You ever wonder what life would be like if it didn't have bad times?"

Derek looked over at him.

"Could you imagine a world where nobody died, no one was abused, no one was raped, no one was assaulted, no one could feel pain?" Stiles asked curiously.

"No, I don't think of that." Derek said with a shrug. "Sure, all of those things are terrible but they help make us who are."

"No two people have the exact same story." Stiles said rewording Derek's words.

Derek nodded. "Without the bad times we can't appreciate the good times. I've come to see that recently."

"I wonder if that has something to do with a certain new pack of yours." Stiles said with a grin.

"That and a new mate of mine." Derek said enjoying the blush on Stiles face.

Stiles stared up at Derek for a brief moment. He was deep in thought, his mind going in to many directions for Derek to tell what he was thinking about.

"I love you." Stile blurted out.

Derek froze staring at Stiles in unconcealed surprise.

The Filikos Alpha could feel Derek's emotions going haywire. Derek clearly didn't know what to do with this or how to handle it. Apparently Derek still had a lot to learn.

Stiles put a comforting hand on Derek's shoulder. "You don't have to say it to me now, you don't even have to say it to me in the next couple of years. I may be impatient with a lot of things but I can wait for this."

"Just promise me that when you do say it that you'll mean it." Stiles asked walking closer to his mate until they were but a hair away from each other.

"I promise." Was all Derek said before he pulled Stiles by his waist and kissed him gently.

Stiles sighed as Derek joined their lips together. He moved his free arm around Derek's neck as their lips danced an eternal dance.

Now, that tiny spark that both of them had felt was now a roaring fire, a fire that couldn't be put out by anyone or anything. Even as they broke apart and Derek rained kisses down Stiles face and neck the two of them still felt that burning passion for each other, one that was more powerful than lust, sadness, maybe even the world itself.

Stiles chuckled running his hand through Derek's hair as he played with his neck. "Derek."

"Hey lovewolves." Hemsworth greeted once again appearing right out of nowhere.

"Dude, I swear you are a master at cockblocking." Stiles groaned as Derek glared daggers at the blond werewolf.

"Well, consider me cockblocked out because I'm hitting the road." Hemsworth announced throwing his bag on his shoulder. "The reason I came here is because of my brother and now that he's dead it's time for me to leave."

Stiles raised both his eyebrows at him. "Where are you going to go? Are you going to stay an Omega or are you going to join a pack?"

Hemsworth shrugged. "I might join a pack someday. Who knows what's going to happen in the future but for right now I'm gonna fly solo, if only just to get my head together."

The Filikos Alpha nodded understanding completely where he was coming from.

"Well, don't be a stranger blondie. Call us sometime, visit us even. You're more than welcome back." Stiles said with a grin. "Right Derek?"

Derek mumbled something incoherently. Stiles elbowed him.

"Sure, you can come back," Derek said begrudgingly, "but if you keep valuable information from us again I'll have your head."

Hemsworth nodded at both him and Stiles before he ran off out of the forest and even further out of Beacon Hills.

"You know, I think he should be in movies." Stiles proclaimed for absolutely no reason at all.

All Derek did is roll his eyes. "Let's just get back home."

"You know you never told me what happened after Kale was killed, beside my wolfing out that is." Stiles stated.

"Nothing much," Derek said with a shrug, "though Jackson and Isaac are finally getting along."

"Really?!" Stiles said excitedly. It was almost like a dream come true for him. "That's great!"

Derek smirked. "Yeah, they quickly found out that they had a common enemy, in what they call 'the devil spawn'."

Stiles furrowed his brow not having a clue what he was talking about. He opened his mouth to respond but then he heard the shouts of Jackson and Isaac.

"Get back here you little brat!"

"You're going to pay for that devil spawn!"

"What the hell?" Stiles mumbled as they finally came up to the house.

He saw Jackson and Isaac chasing Trendz around the Hale Mansion, the two of them were soaked in water and completely enraged. Meanwhile, Trendz was just grinning like a psychopath and easily out speeding them.

"Stiles!" Jackson said with tired breath as the caught his Alpha's scent. "We need to talk about this little brat you brought into the pack."

"Yeah, he's pure evil." Isaac stated angrily.

"Don't listen to these losers, they were getting on everybody's nerves worry about you so I solved the problem." Trendz said innocently though you could clearly see a hint of mischief in his eyes.

Stiles looked on as Jackson and Isaac yelled at Trendz who didn't seem to care about how angry they were. In the corner of his eye he saw the rest of the pack all sitting on the porch with popcorn and snacks just watching this whole thing unfold.

Stiles leaned on Derek's shoulder unable to hold in his laughter.

"You ready to rein them in?" Stiles said through his chuckles.

"Always." Derek said with a feral grin.

With that both of them walked to their home, their family, and their happiness.

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