Ahsoka's POV

Don't you get tired of your routine? Day after exhausting day? Well, I do. I never really like my childhood situation. Most don't. But, unlike my negative friends, I have hope, and I believe that there is more to life than this.

"Ahsoka!" my father called, obviously drunk by the sound of it. "Get your ass down here or you'll be late for class!"

"Coming!" I answered, grabbing my dirty backpack and my data pad before sliding down the small flight of stairs. A familiar sight lay before me, my father with a bottle in his hand, wrappers and empty beer bottles on the floor, everything covered in some level of dirt.

"Why are you always so fucking annoying?" he asked with a hiccup before I ran out the door to become drenched by the cold rain of Corarcant. As I ran to the public school, I noticed that none of the other apartment lights were on. I ignored it and kept running. When I burst into the school, everyone stared at me as if I had grown a third eye. I sat down and took out my datapad, before scribbling down today's assignments.

"Miss Tano?" a gravely, old voice called. I looked up to see an old woman with mean-looking eyes, very different from our usual teacher. "You are late."

"Look, my apartment's power got shut off-" I started.

"That is no excuse for you to be late!" the substitute interrupted. "I will have to contact your parents."

"I don't think-"

"I don't care what you kriffin' think!"

I looked back at the datapad, trying to hold back my tears. After several hours of class, a bell rang, and I exited the room for lunch. Everyone was keeping their distance from me, partly because I was the poorest kid in the school, and I was known for some…violent tendencies.

After I had gotten my glop of a lunch, I sat down at an unoccupied table. I started to look over some notes while I ate. I kept hearing people whispering about me. I heard the clip clop of heels, and I turned away from the group near my table.

"Well, well…well," a snotty voice broke the silence. I looked up to see a purple T'wilek that I knew all too well. "Look what shit I found."

"How's your slut business?" I rumbled before I heart a heartless laugh from her direction.

"You wouldn't dare try to hurt me," she sneered, bending over slightly, causing her miniskirt to rise ever so slightly. I heard some whooping and whistling slowly rise behind her. "You hear that?" she snapped, grabbing my right lek, pulling me so I could hear her loud laughing. "That's the sound of popularity. Heard of it?"

I snapped, pushing her against the wall by her throat. I heard the crowd gasp before I leaned in so I could talk to her.

"You listen," I said, mocking her slutty tone. "That is the sound of fear. Heard of it?"