Ahsoka's POV

"Miss Tano, do you have a reasonable explanation for starting a fight with Chelsea?" my uncle asked, looking very professional behind his large wood desk.

"Sir," I responded, rubbing my back lek nervously. "I have been harassed several times by her."

"That is no excuse for you to…" he started, taking out some papers. "Give her two black eyes, a broken wrist, a twisted ankle, three concussions and five other broken bones."

I hung my head, words not at my disposal. He knew that I was family, but he still tried to maintain his role as Principal.

"Ahsoka…" he sighed, resting his jaw on one hand. "I know that this is hard for you."

I just stared at him for a moment before he continued.

"I have found evidence of Chelsea having several suspensions due to... prostitution," he said. He took out several papers and looked them over quickly. "Due to her…recent activity, she will be immediately expelled. This academy does not take such matters lightly."

"Thank you," I said with a smile.

"However," he continued. "Since you have some violent traits, you will be placed under surveillance, and will be continuing your studies in a controlled environment, Advanced Class."

"Thank you," I repeated with an even bigger smile. Advanced Class was only for the brightest kids in the school, and I was genuinely happy to join it.

"You may leave," he said with a smirk.

I grabbed my backpack and rushed out the door. I walked through the quiet halls until I came to a door in a secluded section of the school. I slowly opened it to see all the students inside stand, revealing their clean uniforms and books. They seemed to be at attention, so I nodded and they went back to their business. I closed the door as I walked in, behind the desks to the woman with a smile on her face.

"Welcome, Miss Tano," she said, shaking my hand. "We have been expecting you."

"Thank you," I said, slightly nervous about what she would think of me. "I'm glad to be here."

"Oh my," she sighed, looking at my dirty, old clothes. "Let's get you out of those dirty clothes. I believe I have some spare uniforms in the back." She continued, leading me to a cabinet near the back closet. When she opened it, I practically fainted. It was full of blue jackets, shining books, state-of-the-art datapads, and several gadgets I didn't recognize. She sighed and pulled out a dark blue jacket, holding it up to me to see if it was my size. She also handed me some black pants and leather shoes. "There's a restroom in the back."

I nodded and went into the restroom. It was just as clean and polished as the classroom. After I had changed, I came out to see the same woman talking to the class. She stopped and looked up at me.

"Class, this is Ahsoka, a new student here," she said with a smile. "You will be sitting over here," she said, patting a nearby and empty desk. I gulped before walking forward slowly and sitting down on the surprisingly comfortable chair. "Now, open your science book to page 56…"