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A/N: This is the sequel to the Panem Online: The Victors' Chatroom.

Beetee woke up sore all over. He groaned before his eyes shot open and he struggled to sit up. Someone was screaming. A young girl. He remembered when Wiress came out of her induced coma after leaving the arena. He was there holding her hand and telling her she was safe as she screamed and tried to attack her caregivers. "PEETA! PEETA!" It was Katniss, not Wiress who was screaming this time. Tears came to Beetee's eyes as he realized that Wiress was gone. Forever. He cried until the sedative administered to him knocked him back out.

When he woke up again, he was more alert and less confused. Tears trickled down his cheeks behind his glasses. "Hey." Haymitch said quietly standing by his bed.

"Hi." Beetee said. Haymitch put a familiar looking rectangular device on Beetee's blanket. "You still have these?" He asked smiling.

"Yup." Haymitch said. "You said you could use them down here in Thirteen." Beetee nodded. "Though the only people who can really use them now are you and I for now." Beetee nodded again as tears streaked down his face. He felt Haymitch's hand on his shoulder. "I know this is terribly insufficient, but I am truly sorry about Wiress."

"Thank you." Beetee said softly. "Thank you." Haymitch nodded.

"Get some rest." Haymitch said before walking away from Beetee's bed unscrewing a small flask.

Programming the iPhone to work in the barracks of District Thirteen gave Beetee something to do and keep his mind off his physical and mental pain. He watched as Katniss was repeatedly taken back to her hospital bed and restrained or knocked out or both. Finnick was mostly in his own world, but he would come by Beetee's bed and chat. He gave a phone to Finnick and Haymitch before he was scheduled for his first meeting with Plutarch, Coin, and other leaders of the rebellion.

MissingmyWire: Hi everyone, this is Beetee. You all had to get new screen names because I had to put up a new network and such... can everyone read this?

NeverMentoringEverAgain: Yeah. This is Haymitch.

WhereisAnnie: Yeah. This is Finnick.

MissingmyWire: [sigh] we have real cheery screen names don't we? (sarcasm)

NeverMentoringEverAgain: Well, Thirteen is quite the cheery place (sarcasm). But hey, the plan worked. Sort of. Mostly. Katniss is here and that's really all Coin and Plutarch want. We've always been her support team.

WhereisAnnie: Can Katniss get Annie out of the Capital?

MissingmyWire: Eventually the rebels will. Hang in there, Finnick. Just hang in there, buddy. So, I know this originally was a Victors' group, but Gale Hawthorne is willing to help us out. He knows Katniss obviously, so maybe he can help us help her as things progress. What do you think of adding him to the group?

NeverMentoringEverAgain: Dunno what Katniss would say, but they keep on having to knock her out, so sure.

WhereisAnnie: Ok. Gale understands what it's like to not have his girl :( :( :(

MissingmyWire: I'll buzz him now as a matter of fact.

WeaponsRawesome: Hi everyone. Gale Hawthorne at your service. OMG, Beetee, have you SEEN the weapons room? OMG! it is SOOOO AH-MAZING! You, Me, and Hay HAVE to blow stuff up together once you're out of the hospital! OMG! I want to go to the Capital and BLOW STUFF UP SOOOOOO BAAAAAD!

NeverMentoringEverAgain: Since when did I become 'Hay?' and not Catnip's Drunk Mentor?

MissingmyWire: As you can see, Mr. Hawthorne is very excited to begin in weapons design. I will actually help too. I have a meeting in a few hours.

WhereisAnnie: Whoa, you're being discharged?!

MissingmyWire: Um - no, but they'll wheel me in to the meeting rooms. Wanna come?

WhereisAnnie: Um - I have to clear it with my psychiatrist. I sorta flipped out and punched one of the aides this morning, and then someone jabbed me in the shoulder and - um - and - what were we talking about?

MissingmyWire: We were talking about - oh dear - Gale in our chat group and such. I'd better get a nap in before my meeting. Chat with you all later!

[end of chat]