Three sets of little feet pattered through the woods outside of District Twelve. "C'mon, Pete!" Gale called. Peeta Thresh Hawthorne giggled as his small hunting boots made footprints in the grass. He was nearly a carbon copy of Gale complete with tan cargo pants, a dark green henley shirt, and a bright orange hunter's vest. The Hawthornes were hunting as they walked to their cabin near the lake in the woods. It was the day before Mockingjay Day also known as Rebels' Reunion day. The other Victor-rebels plus the rest of the Everdeen and Hawthorne families would be there.

"Rue hunt! Rue hunt!" Fourteen month old Rue Cinna Hawthorne squealed as she speared a worm with a stick. She tugged on her mother's hunting pants. "Ma! Rue hunt!"

"I know. I see that my little Mockingjay." Katniss laughed picking her up. She was dressed nearly like her brother and parents in little cargo pants, and a green shirt. Her dark hair was in a side braid like her mother's.

"Mikey! Mikey!" Pete called to a three year old boy with golden hair and bronze skin who was running around in toddler sized swimming trunks. "Wait! Don't swim yet!"

"We're not starting swimming lessons yet, Pete, don't worry buddy!" Michel Phelps Odair's father called from the shore of the lake where Gale and Katniss had their vacation cabin. Hazelle, Mrs. Everdeen, Posy and Prim were inside baking bread and cutting vegetables for the sandwiches. Rory and Vic were building a fire to roast the meat that Gale and Katniss were currently hunting. Annie was sitting on the steps of the porch talking to Beetee about how his fishing pole manufacturing machine was working in Four. They could hear Gale and Katniss close by. Finnick was sunbathing on a grass mat wearing only his lime green speedo.

"Ok, hold onto this net here, buddy." Gale instructed little Peeta as they freed a skunk from a trap near the cabin. Pete helped his father put the animal in their hunting bag. An arrow whizzed by Gale's head before a squirrel fell from a tree.

"MOMMY CAUGHT SNACK!" Peeta squealed happily.

"She sure did!" Finnick laughed as Katniss came to the shore of the lake, bow in one hand and balancing little Rue on her hip with the other.

"We've been here for an hour already, brainless." Johanna chuckled after she chopped down a dead tree that would be used for making a new table. "Hey little redneck hunters, c'mere! Auntie Jo misses you brats!" She called as Rue and Peeta squealed and ran over to her outstretched arms.

"Shut up." Katniss laughed. "PRIMROSE EVERDEEN!" She hollered at a rustling bush. "YOU AND RORY GET OUT FROM THERE NOW!"

"Can't we get a little privacy?" Rory groaned red-faced as he and Prim emerged from behind a large bush. Prim wiped her mouth on her sleeve as Katniss glared daggers at her sister.

"Not when you're sucking the face off of my wife's little sister!" Gale growled.

"Katniss, when you were seventeen, you were in the arena twice. I think I can handle kissing a boy." Prim shot back. "Besides, I helped with a complex facial reconstruction surgery last week. Getting tongue is so not a big deal." Katniss groaned.

"Just - you're growing up too fast, little duck." Katniss said before ruffling her sister's hair. She gave her hunting bag to Finnick and the Hawthorne boys as they began roasting the game on spits.

"Jo and Prim have the kids." Gale said in his wife's ear. "Let's relax before lunch." Katniss smiled and took Gale's hand. They walked for a way along the shore of the lake to a tree. Gale sat with his back to the tree and Katniss sat in his lap. She kissed Gale as his arms encircled her. They could hear their children and Mikey Odair giggling as they played near the cabin. Katniss smiled. Her dream of living by the lake with Gale Hawthorne at her side and her children growing up in a peaceful Panem had come true indeed.